This video was discovered in a password protected .rar file on The hint was 'WhoWasTheFirstAccount', with the answer being 'DandP', also known as Douglas P.. The video acts as a warning and threat from Regiminis directed towards Tyler. The images of someone in glasses looking at windows coupled with Regiminis's red face at the end of this video makes that clear. This video also contains constant references to the elegy statue and '423'.


Details such as the description and tags are unavailable as the original video was uploaded directly to


Always Watching You

Always Watching You


The video begins with some dark footage of what appears to be either the inside of a room, or the outside of Tyler's trailer. It is difficult to make out. Slow, backwards music plays in the background. We are shown what appears to be an oven clock counting down from 4:34. Text appears.

"The time is coming"

The video turns purple. Footage of Tyler picking up the recording device left by Daniel is seen. Text overlays the video:


"Regiminis, te nostrae vos" ((Translates to 'Regiminis, you are ours"))

The video cuts to purple once more before showing someone, presumably Tyler, reaching for a door knob. Once he grabs it, a green version of 'D.gif' can be seen, and the whole screen is enveloped in a green tint. The video fades into footage of someone's ceiling. The video distorts, morphing into a purple screen with the text:


The camera pans up into a window. Through the window we can see the same bathroom seen in 'Fun Night with John and Kevin' as if someone were spying from outside. The video suddenly cuts back to the oven clock, now counting down from 4:28. The video cuts to a dark image of someone wearing glasses. In the reflection of the glasses we can see the number '423'. The number looks as if it's on a 'state highway' sign hanging in someone's room. The video cuts back to the oven clock, now finally reaching 4:23. When the number hits, the video cuts back to the view of the bathroom, now with a purple tint. A barely visible image of someone's face appears as Tyler walks into the bathroom. Tyler turns on the sink faucet as two images appear - one of Majora's Mask, and the other of a distorted elegy statue. Another image of the elegy statue fades out, followed by what appears to be a pig mask. What appears to be a faint video of a fire can be seen playing in the corner - possibly John's house. Tyler walks towards the camera, exiting the bathroom. He takes a moment to stop and look back at himself in the mirror. Once he reaches to turn out the lights, we can see Regiminis's red face overlayed on the footage.


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