Daniel is a skilled Lunar Child who was tasked with observing Tyler. Daniel ended up harassing Tyler by throwing objects at his trailer and leaving a 'beacon' with him. Though he impressed his peers with his traversing skills, his duty of observing Tyler was replaced with someone else as he had been spotted. He later mysteriously went missing just before reaching the title of parallelos.


Virtually nothing is known of Daniel's personality. He is very adept in the ways of parallelos and is good at thinking on the fly, as leaving the beacon with Tyler was apparently entirely his idea. He is not without fault, however. For some reason he allowed himself to be seen by Tyler, causing him to lose his observer duties.


We know very little about Daniel. We first see him as the masked man harassing Tyler outside of his trailer. He successfully lured Tyler outside by throwing a bucket lid at the side of his trailer. Once outside, Tyler notices a small recording device sitting on an old truck in his yard. This recording device is actually a 'beacon' of sorts that Daniel decided to leave with Tyler.

After grabbing the beacon, Tyler notices Daniel standing at the edge of the woods. Tyler quickly chases after Daniel, though Daniel skillfully evades him by quickly travelling through parallelos. Daniel does this several more times throughout the video, teleporting in and out of sight by using the parallelos. Tyler eventually loses sight of Daniel and heads back home.

Daniel is praised for his hard work and excellent usage of parallelos, though he loses his duty of being an observer has he had been spotted by Tyler. It is unknown why exactly this happened, as it seems as if Daniel allowed himself to be seen. Nevertheless, Daniel was soon to be given the rank of parallelos. Unfortunately, Daniel went missing just before he could accept this new position. What exactly happened to Daniel is unknown.

Daniel's name finally came up again three arcs later as video tags and captions on Silentdork were suddenly being changed. Someone refers to Daniel as a 'tool' that they had used. The captions on the video question why Daniel allowed himself to be seen.
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