All times below are in EST.

May 14th, 2015

·  At 9:51pm, /Patrem\ posted on WH. He wrote “The time is coming children

·    At 10:07pm, /Patrem\ posted again: “The boy, the deceiver, he is approaching you. He is upon you all yet you cannot even see.

·    At 10:27pm, /Patrem\ posted again: “That damaged boy who knows himself now by numbers. Ignore him, he is foolish.

·    At 10:29pm, User “31071157 35667145 310” (#’s Guy) joined the ARG Call Group and posted:

00100000 00100000 01101000 01101110 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01100100 01100101 01100001 01100100” (translated: “hn is dead”)

·    At 10:36pm, #’s Guy posted “01011001 01110011 01101000 01100100 01110100 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01101101 01110101 01110011 01110100 00100000 01100110 01101111 01101100 01101100 01101111 01110111 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01101001 01101110 01110011 01110100 01110010 01110101 01100011 01110100 01101001 01101111 01101110 01110011 00101110 00100000 01001001 00100000 01100001 01101101 00100000 01100010 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01100010 01110101 01110100 00100000 01001001 00100000 01100011 01100001 01101110 00100000 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 01101101 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 01110010 01100101 00101110” (translated: "Yshdt you must follow the instructions. I am blind but I can feel them there.")

·    At 10:39pm, /Patrem\ posted on WH in response to #’s guy’s post in the ARG Call Group: “BE SILENT BOY IT IS NOT YET TIME!


·    At 10:46pm #’s Guy posted in the ARG Call Group: He is hurting me


·    #’s Guy then begins a series of posts in the ARG Call Group. The transcript is:

·         I’ll show you

·         I

·         Father is very mad

·         Im not allowed to talk right now

·         You did it

·         01101010 01101111 01101000 01101110 01101001 01110011 01100100 01100101 01100001 01100100 00101110 01100011 01101111 01101101

·         (translated:


This new website features an image of a foggy road titled "foggyworld248.jpg".

It has an audio file titled “uploads/background.mp3”, the title of the page is “WAKE UP”.


·    At (unknown timestamp), /Patrem\’s status changes to "exsecutus",
which translates to "lazily"

·    At (unknown timestamp), Drowned ( #’s Guy) began to contact the ID’s via Skype. The transcript is as follows:

o   Drowned joins the Skype call (Skull Kid's laugh is played)

Drowned leaves the call


Drowned posts in the Skype chat:  "I’ll show you"


o   Drowned joins call again. (Plays Song of Unhealing)
Drowned posts "I" in text chat.
(More Song of Unhealing is played)

Drowned whispers into the mic. Words are hard to make out, some guesses are "Yes", "Cannot", "Secret", and “Isn't it"
(Drowned then begins to speak clearly)
Drowned - "I'll show you."
Drowned - "He's hurting me."
Mugen - "Who's hurting you?"
Drowned - "He's hiding now."
Mugen - "Who's hiding now?"
Drowned- "Father"
Drowned - "Quiet, he's coming now."
Mugen - "Understood."
(Song of Unhealing plays, loud noises are
"Please don't hurt me."
"Please don't hurt me."
"Please don't hurt me."
(A loud noise is heard, and Drowned
leaves the call


Drowned joins call again "Father is very mad"
"Im not allowed to talk right now"
(More Song of Unhealing is played)
"Father said "
"I'm hiding from him."
(Corrupted music plays)
"Please let me go, please stop."
(Drowned is quiet for a long time)
Drowned - "Four"
Mugen - "What is your name?"
Drowned - "I can't remember anymore."
Mugen - "Message corrupted. Can you repeat that."
Drowned - "He's trying to..."
(Loud corrupted messages come from Drowned)
Mugen - "He's trying to what?"
(More corrupted noises)
(Drowned says something very quietly)
Mugen - "Speak up, we cannot hear you."
Drowned - "I'll show you."
Mugen - "Lead the way."

(Drowned speaks sobbingly)
Mugen - "Calm down, we will do what we can."
Drowned - "Father is angry."
Mugen - "I can see him. The fool."
Drowned - "Free our God."
Mugen - "Mission Accepted."
Drowned - "Three are gone now."
Drowned - "Father sent three of you."
Wolf - "Who are the three?"
Drowned - "I can't tell you."
Drowned - "They were never really there."
(Drowned whispers things very quietly)
Mugen - "Standby."
Mugen - "Speak up a bit it's hard to hear."
Drowned - "Father will hurt me."
Mugen - "Do you think it's worth it?"
Drowned - "I will do it."
Mugen - "If that is your wish."
Drowned - "Do you think I am?"
Wolfcat - "Kelbris?"
Mugen - "Could it be that you are Kelbris?"
Drowned posts more binary in the text chat, it translates to the same as before:
"Yshdt you must follow the instructions. I am blind but I can feel them there."

(A deep voice comes out of Drown's call)

(Drowned leaves the call, and posts the following in the text chat)
"You did it"

·    At 11:52pm, #’s Guy posts in the ARG Call Group, and is apparently now taken over by /Patrem\ the transcript is: 

I have silenced that boy for now.

I am still in him in this time.

This worthless meat puppet

I have silenced the boy

I sent my neophyte first, the grand child to silence him.

But I must do all myself it seems.

All of you

Are damned

My child, you know who you are child, I speak now to you.

You have lost fellow detectives now

But, They were never here

Don’t worry children

Expect one back soon

But you must find him first

In this time

We made him forget

You shall not find him

The child known as Vincent

Due to your foolishness

The one who is dead

Has left words for you

Be aware

The grand one is coming



May 15th, 2015

·    At 12:21am, /Patrem\ (#’s Guy) PM’ed wickedlady4180 on Skype and gave her a choice. He asked her to choose between 3 options and find out information about that option. The options were:

·         > The one who was taken

·         > The one who died

·         > The one who has forgotten

·    Wickedlady4180 chose option #2, and was given this information:

He will never return

You knew him as mesic



/Patrem\  then left for the night.


May 16th, 2015

·    At 12:13am, A new user on WH by the name of “SKM” posted in the ARG thread. “I can't talk long but I am a friend. This encryption is good but not that good. /tyler


·    At 12:48am, Wolfcat posts a new link: This new page features a black page, nothing hidden its source code, and an audio file named “findhim.mp3


·    At 1:01am, “SKM” posted again: “That purple bastard and his "neophyte" regimins can't see what I am saying for now but I have to be fast so you better be taking note. There is a lot going on right now you could not begin to understand, you guys really did it with that time jumping shit (who in the bloody hell gave you control of such dangerous shit?). Those 3 were never there to begin with, have you bothered to listen to the beginning of your "theme". The rabbit hole goes deep my friends. If things go as planned I will be setting up a secure communications point with you all on sometime between the 19th and 20th (yes in 2015 because the purple bastard can never be exact in his reference to time)

·    At 1:11am, Wolfcat asked: “Who is this 'neophyte'?”. SKM answered: “Well you will have to be a bit specific. He has had a handful of neophytes and "grand children". Ha I'm just pissing about. I know you are talking about ol regimipiss. Well all I know about him personally is that he wasn't always called that, regiminis I mean. He was dedicated really strongly to "The path of parallelos" and all the other various teachings of the lunar children. He was ready to die for the purple bastard. Then father vincent over at the fishery compound up and decided the kid was ready for ascension, by decree of the purple bastard himself.”


·    At 1:17am, Sengi asked: “By those 3... Do you mean John, Tyler and jayckup or Mason, Doug and Vincent?”. SKM answered: “Tl;dr, the 3 are jayckup, tyler and john.

I can't exactly get to into detail about this but when regiminis hijacked the "portal" as it has been called (the purple bastard is a bit silly with his need to mystify) and called it what he did, it was for a damn petty reason. But it is what it is, john is certainly no longer around and has not been since the accident on 11/11/11.

Tyler is perfectly fine at the moment. However, fuckery from the purple bastard and his children brigade has caused him to forget this whole mess. Worry not, I'll be doing some work soon to make him come out into the open again, just try not to scare the "broskino".

I actually have no intel on this jayckup person other than he was closely associated with tyler and john and vanished some time before the 2011 accident, nor do I have any intel on mason.

Doug is still around, but let us just say that a lot has changed since 2009.

I don't think you ever knew vincent before 2015, but I can't be sure since he wasn't always named vincent either and I have no intel on him before that. But since the 11/11/11 bs he has still been doing the same thing, being blissfully un aware of his role as purple bastard vessel (but a little fun fact I know that no one else does, he can't get the hell out of vincent either, and THAT is bloody hilarious XD )


·    At 1:55am, SKM posted: “Times up, I hope you were taking note of this. See you all again soon hopefully.” He then proceeded to deleted all of his messages, and replaced them with: “Catch me if you can purple bastard XD

·    At 5:56am, /Patrem\ posted to WH: “Fool who dares to mock his god, my sight is without limit. While you may have obscured your words, I can sense you. I test you to tread once more in this domain, and I shall show you why those under me would sooner choose to bleed themselves than invoke my wrath.


May 17th, 2015

·    At 12:13am, a new player by the name of Zack Nelson discovered a change to the main page of The page now featured green text that read: “NNSXSNJZGI”. Wolfcat used Base32 to find the translation: “key592”. This leads to a new page on the site: This new page (titled: Index of /key592), has three links:

o Parent Directory (leads to main page)

o  _o_n__urned.png (shows a corrupted image, the blanks fill into: John Burned)


o  Fate.txt (the text reads: February 19th, 2015 Check your notes)


·    The Internet Detectives then check the notes from Feb.19th. They discover that this is the day we first met /Patrem\, one of his messages to us was: “He also enjoyed music. o n   urn d. Now he has ascended.” We first thought that message meant Vincent was burned, now we realize it was Mesic (John) this whole time.


·  At 3:14am, Zack Nelson discovered that “Fate.txt” had changed. It was now a wall of text that read over and over: “He also enjoyed music. John Burned. Now he has ascended.” The same words as /Patrem\.


·    At 3:20am Oceanstuck discovered that “Fate.txt” had changed again. It now said: “Too late…


·    At 3:31am it was discovered that the image and background music of the main page of had also changed. It now featured an image of Transmission Towers named: “DSC_0488.jpg”, and an audio file named “uploads/background.mp3”. The audio played is reversed. (Audacity was used to un-reverse the song. The title of the song was discovered to be: “@90” by artist: “k3v1n”). The page title was renamed to “Research”.


·    The extension on the audio file lead to a new page: “/uploads”. The new page features an image similar to the favicon.ico on the main page. It’s a pink block with a digital “Y” in the center, the image is titled: “GOH.png”. Above the image, red text reads: “UPLOADED FROM REMOTE SOURCE 8/29/2014 4:44 AM”. The title of the page is: ”8/29/2014 4:44 AM”. Nothing is hidden in the source code.


·    At 3:52am, ArgDov discovered a new link on “/key592”. The new link was titled: “firekid.jpg”, and linked to a corrupted image of John Mesic.


·    By 3:55am, the photo “firekid” was removed. ArgDov commented: “you think we might be getting messed with?” to which Oceanstuck replied: “clearly”.


·    At 4:00am, Archery2000 discovered that “Fate.txt” had changed once again. It now read: “you think we might be getting messed with? clearly”. The Internet Detectives realized, they were being watched!


·    By 4:04am, the entire “/key592” page was deleted.


May 18th, 2015

·    At 12:03am, ArgDov noticed the site’s main page had changed. The green lettering, in smaller font size, one again read: “key592”.


·    The directory of /key592 featured a link titled “fishery.jpg”, an audio file called “firekid.wav”, and a link titled “i.txt” which read: “one page remains at this moment...You tryed but got it wrong...” Meaning that there was an undiscovered page we had yet to find.


·    By 12:14am, /key592 was purged of links. The Internet Detectives will from now on refer to the GM as “The Guy”


·    At 12:45am, wickedlady4180 posted in the Skype: “GM we can't find it, give us a hint


·    At 12:53am, a new link appeared on /key592, the new was: “threei.txt”. This document read: "A brand new name", meaning The Guy was giving us a hint.


·    At 12:59am, a new link was added to /key592: "R I I I S.txt". Then yet another link was added: “REG I I I S.txt”.


·    At 1:01am, Wolfcat posted a link to a new page: “/regiminis”. This new page featured a flash video of John Mesic called “deadjohn.webm”. The flash was not saved, but a .gif exists.


May 19th, 2015

·  At 9:10pm, Seeker discovered an update on the main page of This new page featured a black background with floating green text that read: “HP/NCLEC/ T:LAHDNOT/URIR.M”, the audio was called: “l_nar__il_ren.mp3”, and nothing was hidden in the source code.


·    At 9:17pm, Wolfcat discovered a new file on /key592. The new link was titled: “output.wav”, and was a Morse Code that translated to: “safehaven”.


·    At 9:19pm, The page /tyler was updated. The page read: “Please stay in the line, your next. Link will be arriving shortly”. The audio was titled: “linebusy.mp3”. There was a video on the page called; “operator.webm”. The page also featured a falling marquee of text in several different languages, that read: “Father of lies, Save from GOVERNANCE/Regimins, We 're stuck here, Give us our Savior, Help us, Our Savior, Save us from GOVERNANCE/Regimins


·    At 9:37pm, Adult Link discovered a new audio on /tyler. The new audio was titled: “dial.mp3


·    At 10:02pm, Mugen Kagemaru decoded the cipher on the main page. It was a url link to: “”. The new page featured a black background with green text that read: “Drezzed again you bloody shazbots, you'll have this place back when I damn well please. -SKM”. The page also featured a video that was titled: “MAXYHAXXXY.webm”.


·    At 10:20pm, Wolfcat discovered a new page on, this new page was (no longer a link). On this new page was a chat box, in this new chat, SKM was waiting for us.


The chat with SKM was long, and a lot of things were discussed.

The link to the chat is here.


May 20th, 2015

·  At 12:03am, SKM link us to a new Youtube channel “” and tells us to keep watch on it for updates.


·    At 12:45am, a new page was given to us: “/lostmemory423”, it featured a picture titled “hisgoal.jpg”. The audio file on the page was “icanfinnalybreathe.mp3”


·    By 12:53am, in the SafeHaven chat, SKM introduces the Internet Detectives to his helper, who he calls “Kid”. The Kid then changes /lostmemory423. The page now features an icon of the original character “Drowned” from Jadusable’s Moon Children ARC. In the background were multiple .gif images of the glowing eyes from Ryukaki’s video.


·    By 1:42am, SKM is panicking, trying to save his helper. Someone called “The Red Man” (aka: Patrem’s Neophyte; Regiminis) takes over /lostmemory423. /lostmemory423 then changes again, to a black page with red falling marquee text that reads: “Drowned”. The text eventually becomes smaller and smaller, until it disappears entirely. The page then features a new video: “R.webm”. This video features a black and white skull-like creature. The name “R” refers to the beloved “Red Dot” (whose image name was also R).


·      At 2:14am, Regiminis finally enters the SafeHaven chat and posts: “I found you!” SKM flees the chat. And the pages were once again purged from the site.


·    At an unknown time, the main page of changed to an image of a burned down home called “HOME.JPG”. The title of the page is: “JOHNIS”. Nothing is hidden in the source code.


May 21th, 2015

·  At 3:36am, Zack Nelson discovered a site update. The main page of changed to an image of a purple cloud, The image is called “hewaits.jpg”. The title is “T”, and the audio file is titled: “FRIEND.mp3


·    At 3:45am, Wolfcat discovered a new link on /key592. It was an image called “DELAPITATED.jpg”.


·    At 3:47am, SKM posted on WH: “I only have a thin window to talk. Tyler is about to upload those videos seeing as connection with him was drezzed, meaning he probably replaced his hard drive. Be on the look out.” He then deleted the message, and replaced it with binary: “01001000 01100101 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101101 01101001 01101110 01100111 00001010 00100000 01110011 01100001 01111001 00100000 01101110 01101111 00100000 01101101 01101111 01110010 01100101” (translated: “He is coming  say no more”)


·    At 3:52am, /Patrem\ posted on WH: “You thought you could hide from me child? I knew I would draw you out. Now Let us see what it is you truly are!” He then posted: “49 20 41 4d 20 47 4f 49 4e 47 20 54 4f” (translated: “I AM GOING TO”)


·    At 4:05am, SKM responded to /Patrem\: “Oh come off it purple bastard, do you think you can drezz me right now while you are still booting back up? I didn't bloody think you would try me in the condition your in but whatever, your funeral shazbot! XD” He then posted a large block of binary (view post here) that translated to: “592”.


·    At 4:07am, /Patrem\ posted a cipher that has not yet been solved: “áþ­áý´ãžã^x”. This is likely a continuation of his previous post.


·    At 4:09am, /Patrem\ posted again: “45 67 6f 20 44 65 75 73 20 74 75 75 73” (translated ” I am your God”)


·    At 4:15am Mugen Kagemaru posts an incredibly pretentious display of self-importance. To which /Patrem\ replies: “53 53 45 4c 54 49 4d 49 4c 20 53 49 20 52 45 57 4f 50 20 59 4d” (translated: “My power is limitless”)


·    At 4:20am, /Patrem\’s status on WH changes to “fluxus”, which is latin for “flowing”.


·    At 4:34am, Wolfcat discovered a new file on /key592: “tempdrezzed.png”. This image is a corrupted image of /Patrem\’s avatar.


·    At an unknown time, Tyler’s youtube channel (, uploaded 3 video’s:

o (Jacob), Featured Tyler having a casual conversation with Jacob.


o (Fun night with john and kevin), Featured Tyler, John, and Kevin playing Bloody Mary and Candy Man, in their bathroom.

o (Fun night with john and kevin 2), Featured the same 3, playing the Ouija board.


May 22nd, 2015

· At 2:03am, Drowned posted to the main Skype group: “01001001 01110100 01110011 00100000 01110100 01101001 01101101 01100101” (translated: “it's time”).


·    At 2:11am, Drowned posted again: “He is there, Tyler.” And “silentdork active


·    Tyler then began answering posts made to his youtube comments by ID members.


Notable comments from these video’s include:

·    Wolfcat: ‘Any of this stuff ever work? Did spookies come after you?”

·    Silentdork: “I have not logged into it in forever ever sense I moved over to just using facebook a while back. But damn now I am really sad actually. I just went racing through everything and yep I lost the old skype logs from my previous drive.  That is a hell of a lot of convos with john and jacob lost. Kevin wasn't much about social media though to my understanding.

·    Wickedlady4180: “Love that t-shirt, I'm a Nintendo addict too! Do you like Zelda?”

·    Silentdork: ”I love that series! I know john and kevin liked it more though. Kevin even had every thing zelda there was to obtain up until 2011 when he went missing. I preferred windwaker myself, but john and kevin both liked majoras mask the most. However my favorite games series is actually silent hill.

·    Wickedlady4180: “Majora's Mask is my personal favorite in the series, but Windwaker was awesome too! I never got into Silent Hill though, it's too spooks for me :(”

·    Silentdork: “I don't know if you know the other people who have been commenting on my videos or something. But I am pretty happy I guess that a few broskinos have suddenly taken a liking to my new vids out of the blue. I'll honestly add you all on skype seeing as I don't think I really have anyone else to talk to at the moment.

·    At 9:28pm, Zack Nelson discovered an update on This new update featured a background called “fwoogrglyd.gif”, and flashed various parts of the video “fog.webm”. There were two videos on the page: The first was called “FIREKID.webm”, and featured a loop of John from Tylers’ 2nd Youtube video. The second video is called “FOG.webm”, and is a badly corrupted video that appears to be the three guys walking down a street. On the page was green text that read: “watch?v=”. Hidden in the source code was: “9bZHz5PhHxM 1:41 WATCH THE SKY”


·    At 9:43pm, Adult Link rewatched Tyler’s 2nd Youtube video at the 1:41 mark, and noticed in the sky was the moon from Majora’s Mask.


·    At 10:39pm Wolfcat discovered a new page “”, however the page was blank.


·    At 10:43pm, Sengi checked /lunar and discovered a message that said: “Wait”. It seemed we found a page that was currently being created & edited.


·    The page /lunar then began update and purge:


o 11:01pm: “I'm in the phone lines


o 11:04pm: “Nothing could stop the irritation


o 11:06pm: “Fire... burning flesh and melting bones...


·  At 11:09pm, John Mesic initiated a call in the ID Skype Call Group, but disconnected before anyone could answer.


·    At 11:10pm, /lunar updated again: “...I cannot speak...


·    At 11:12pm, Wolfcat suggests in the ID Main Skype Group that New Wave Bossa Nova should be played, as it had worked in allowing us to communicate with players in the past.


·    At 11:15pm, /lunar updated: “Your old ways will not work...“ This means that we cannot use the Ocarina.


·    The ID’s then began to ask a series of questions in the Main ID Skype Group Chat, the answers were provided on /lunar. Below are the exchanges:


o Wolfcat: “John what caused the fire? Or should we talk at a different time


o Answer: “...that is not my name...


o Mugen Kagemaru: “Who is it, then...? If you're not John Mesic then who are you?


o Answer: “Sorry of this, the various inhabitants like playing around. Don't trust all you hear. He is not the one who burned.”


·  By 11:43pm, /lunar was purged.


May 23rd, 2015

·  At 11:55pm, Wolfcat discovered a change on /tyler. The page was black, with an audio file called “callwaiting.mp3”.


·    At 11:55pm, The background to the main page of changed to an image called “NOTTHEONE.jpg”.


May 24th, 2015

·  At 12:04am, The page /tyler changed again. There was now an audio file called “dial.mp3”.


·    At 12:24am, Wickedlady4180 noticed the page /tyler had changed once again, it now featured an option to upload a file. Above the option was an address: “pididoip@”. However within minutes, the option to upload was removed, and the email remained.


·    The ID’s deduced that they needed to decipher the tones in the audio file “dial.mp3”. In the meantime, ID members began to email “”.


Below are the email exchanges between “K” and ID members:

o Spirkiroid: Hello? (Response: Upload.)

o Adult Link: Can I have my chocolate milk soon, guy? (Response: image of strawberry milk)

o Spirkiroid: (Response: LETTERS)

o Adult Link: (Response: dial.mp3 numbers and letters)

o Adult Link: (Response: You miss him already)

o Adult Link: (Response: Pick up the phone)

o Spirkiroid: (Response: The answer is right in front of you)

o Spirkiroid: (Response: Attachment)


Around this time, Spirkiroid deciphered the dial tones: “86274644462225”

(Trans: “To bring him back”)


o Spirkiroid & Adult Link: (Response: keyed tobringhimback not yet discovered)

o Spirkiroid: (Response: joghismemory tyler detectives)

o Oceanstuck: Sent a horrifying image. (Response: Another  horrifying image)

o Spirk, Link, & Ocean: (Response: Your call has been forwarded)




·    Between 12:46am, and 1:26am, “K” then sent a series of email’s to Adult Link. In them he revealed that he “travels through wires”, his name is “George”, and finally gave Thorin his beloved “Chocolate Milk


·    At 1:38am, Tylep joined the Skype group. Tyler did not remember us, he only knew us from our brief communication through his Youtube videos. We all introduced ourselves, laughed, and had a fun time. He promised to join us again at a later date.


The full conversation with Tyler can be found HERE.


May 25th, 2015

·  At 8:38pm, Spirkiroid discovered an update to The main page was now black, the title was changes to “PHONELINES”, and hidden in the source code was: ”CALL BACK LATER”.


May 26th, 2015

·    At 12:09am, Wolfcat discovered the main page to updated again. The site now featured an image we already saw before (firekid.jpg), in the source code was hidden: “PICKUP”.


·    At 12:14am, Spirkiroid discovered a new page: “/pickup”. Nothing was added yet.


·    At 12:19am, “/pickup” featured an image previously seen: “_o_n__urned.png”, but was renamed to: “(727).png”. This seemed to be an area code, from Florida.


·    At 12:21am a new file appeared on “/pickup”, the file name was: “otherline.txt”, and read: “1 5 6 - 0 ascending twice. a number you've already known”. The Internet Detectives had a hard time figuring this out, tried many combinations of numbers, and awoke many sleeping Floridians.


·    At 12:45am, after watching us fail-hard, John Mesic (“dead guy-firekid”), posted to the ID Main Skype Group: “8-2”. This baffled the Internet Detectives even more.


·    At 12:59am, John Mesic posted again: “78-2”, this sparked an idea! (1560 ascended by 2 = 3782 + “a number we already know” 592) The number was formed: (727) 378-2592.


·    At 1:07am, Wickedlady4180 called the number over a Skype Group Call. An audio was played over the phone, it was the song “@90 by K3v1n”. The whole song played, then the line cut off. Immediately, the number called back, and demonic laughing could be heard. When other people tried to call, only beeping was heard. Several members of the Internet Detectives then texted the number with simple hellos.


The Internet Detectives then began to receive text messages from “75973”

The name on the texts was: “dustesilverwolf”

The text log is recorded below in blue:


·    (text) 1:20am to WL4180: “NOTTHEONEWHOBURNED”

·    (text) 1:26am to Sprikiroid: “JOHNBURNED”

·    (text) 1:40am to WL4180: “DON’TSCARETHENEWGUY”

·    (text) 1:42am to WL4180: “HISMEMORYISBAD”

·    (text) 1:45am to WL4180: “DONTSCAREHIMOFF”


·    At 1:45am, Tylep joined the Main ID Skype Chat and said: “Is all well?”.

·    (text) 1:46am to WL4180: “HE’SHERE”

·    Between 1:50-1:54am, Tylep posted: “I just got home from work. But I got the rest of the week off cause its my 6 year aniversary at the place. The pay is almost worth it. Just enough to keep me in this shitty trailer. But hey, the place is back up in the woods away from most everyone so I am cool with it. I have been in these woods since I was born'.

·    (text) 1:55am to WL4180: “HEHIDINTHEWOODS”

·    1:55am Tylep: “I like to think I am none of the country stereo types

·    (text) 1:57am to WL4180: “FORWEEKSONEND”

·    1:58am Tylep: “It is kind of lonely around here though. My grandparents used to live here with me. But not anymore, so the place can admittedly be a bit spooky.”

·    (text) 1:58am to WL4180: “he got clever…”

·    2:00am WL4180: “Ever think about moving, Tyler?”

·    (text) 2:01am to WL4180: “No… GET OUT OF MY HEAD!”

·    2:04am Tylep: “The land I am currently on is mine because I inhereted it from my grandparents, we have our own well so we got no water bill either.”

·    (text) 2:04am to WL4180: “IT’SNEARTHEFISHERY”

·    At 4:00am, WL4180 announces that she’s going to quit for the night.

·    (text) 4:06am to WL4180: “DONTSTOP”

·    (text) 4:07am to WL4180: “HURRY”

·    (text) 4:09am to WL4180: “THEWORLDBEYONDISUNSTABLE


There is a long pause between Tylep’s posts.

It’s implied that he fell asleep.


·    (15 texts in a row!) 4:20am to WL4180: “key”

·    4:22am WL4180: “Hey Tyler, you still here?”

·    (text) 4:23am to WL4180: “HELURKSBETWEENWORLDS”

·    4:25am Tylep: “Dozzing off a bit sorry

·    (text) 4:35am to WL4180: “KEY 592 IT’S A FAIL SAFE”

·    (text) 4:38am to WL4180: “CONTACT THE HACKER”

·    (text) 4:39am to WL4180: “HE KNOWS MUCH MORE”

·    4:50am Tylep: “woah fuck sorry guys I fell asleep at the keyboard

·    4:52am Tylep: “Woah weird. I am kinda spooked now. I remembered closing both the doors to my room, they are now both wide open

·    (text) 4:55am to WL4180: “CLOSETHEDOORS”


At 5:12am, Tyler left the Skype chat for the night.

The Skype chat discusses the in-depth relationships between Tyler, John, Kevin, and Jacob.

The transcript can be found HERE.


·    At 11:42pm, The website updated. It has become a blog, and the first entry is by a user named: “Matt R”. The post read: “Due to technical difficulties, we have been going on and offline as of recent. We just secured our servers for the time being, nothing else should go wrong with father on our side. The archive was lost, around August of 2012 and we are just now rebuilding the new lunar children website. We will hold a ceremony at our holy place tonight as another milestone has been reached within this year! Expect new content soon children. -Operator”.

May 27th, 2015

·    At 12:00am, Tylep posted in the Main ID Skype Group. The chat was long, and is very important to read! The transcript can be found HERE. Tyler tells a story about meeting a strange man on the way to Kevin’s house and a video he recorded of the encounter, and also about a strange note he found at his house.


·    At 11:27pm, Spirkiroid discovered an update on the main page of The background was an image of a 1st quarter waning moon called: “LCD249.bmp”, and had text below that read: “WATCH THE MOON”. There was also an audio file called: “CHILD.mp3”.

May 28th, 2015

·    At 12:37am, Wolfcat discovered a new file on /key592. The file was called “update.txt” and simply read: “lunarchildren”.


·    At 12:38am, The ID’s found that had updated. A new post titled “Update” by Matt R.  read: “Hey guys, working on getting up the terminology page tonight! It’ll include three terms tonight: Tenebris Link, Deuro, and The Absque facie. Remember to check up on those pages when they are done as they hold important information. -Operator ps: Our member communication forums are on the backlog, but should be up in the near future!” There was also a drop down menu titled: Terminology. The links lead to descriptions:

o Parallelos – (page empty)


o Deuro – “An extremely taboo eulogy, not to be spoken of under any circumstances without permission from an elder member. To be discussed ONLY during the most dire or appropriate of times. Disregard for these rules is grounds for IMMEDIATE termination.


o Tenebris Link – “Commonly referred to as “it” by the misguided, he has been known of since sometime in 2002 but is thought to have potentially descended to our realm even earlier then that. Unlike the link the Harbingers hold on the sacred parallelos, he may act on his own. He is one of the darkness of our mothers night. It is said he was once nothing more than one of the Absque Facie, but was said to have been gifted the vessel of the first eulogy and then took on his name. It was not until the event on the night of Undecim Nocte, that he would lose control of that eulogy and revert to his true form in search of another spirit to assimilate. It is thought now that he seeks to assimilate the Deuro, however due to the nature of Tenebris, direct communication is next to impossible. Just as well it is highly doubtful he would ever give any direct input, as his goal it seems for the longest time has been to obscure the truth in the eyes of the Harbingers.”


o The Absque Facie – “Servants of the holy mother Luna who have existed in her realm since before the dawn of mankind. It is said that they hold great power, however those who work under the will of father and mother can attain power even greater. Little is known of this ancient tribe aside form the fact that they currently have minimal access to our parallelos, it is there will to serve Luna for her benefit and there own, and that it is part of Luna’s will to bring them with her in her descent during the true end times.


o Undecim Nocte – “November eleventh 2011, thought by many lower ranking members to be the end times prior to its passing due to limited knowledge of what was to occur. In depth discussion is even now highly restricted do to the nature of what occurred on that night. However what is allowed to be said is that on that night the parallelos in all of space and time is thought to have been in perfect alignment, while an unknown growing time anomaly caused instability in time, giving opportunity for many unusual happenings to occur. It may also be known an ascension was performed on this night and was extremely successful, however no more may be spoken of on the matter. Anyone who asks of that night out of turn, or is revealed to hold forbidden knowledge of the 11/11/11 night shall be terminated immediately.


·    At 1:15am, The main page to changed. The background was black, and in green text, read: “Safety”, the title was “/727/”. Nothing was hidden in the source code.


·    By 1:20am, a new link was discovered: “”, and was a new chat page set up by SKM. The chat discussed SKM’s history with /Patrem\, and some advice about Tyler. The full chat can be read HERE.


May 29th, 2015

·    At 9:33pm, Tyler joined the ID Main Skype Chat. He talked about his encounter with the police, and how they questioned him for 6 hours, and made him delete the video he’d taken of the Spooky guy. During the chat, the ID’s took SKM’s previous advice, and tried to persuade Tyler from going to the police again in the future. Towards the end of the conversation, ArgDov inadvertently mentioned the site, causing Tyler to inquire about it. The full chat can be read HERE.


May 30th, 2015

·    At 12:21am, Wolfcat noticed the main page to had updated. The page featured a video titled “itwasme.webm”. The video is of a Skype call screen capture of Circlehunter drinking a coke, corrupted and tainted red. Super imposed in the video is an image of the figure that Tyler saw walking home from Kevin’s house. Nothing was hidden in the source code. (EDIT: It has since been confirmed that the person in the video is NOT Circlehunter!)


·    At 10:52pm, Wickedlady4180 noticed an update to the main page of The page still had the video itwasme.webm”, but now beneath it was text that read: “12121May 30th, 2015 You are wrong”. The title of the page was changed to: “12121” and a new sound file was added: “laughter.mp3”.

(The theory was that the update was pointing to a timestamp in the ID Main Skype Chat, in which Wolfcat wrote at 12:21am on May 30th 2015: it looks a bit like circle” referring to the video “itwasme.webm”. In response, Eve edited the timeline, to show that we had confirmation that the person in the video was indeed NOT Circlehunter.)


·    By 11:50pm, The update to the main page was removed, following the correction in the timeline.


May 31st, 2015

·    At 9:49am, Wickedlady4180 noticed an update to, the page had a new drop down menu titled Ascension, and two new links:


o Devium – “One who has died or has been killed under specific conditions, but has not undergone the training required to control the spiritual power within ones self, may later re manifest under the most basic of prerequisites for the definition of ascension. However such a status is not to be sought after. In Devium status you are in a state of minimal power and the environment is found to be   difficult to control or predict because of unusual or perverse behavior brought forth by ‘novum ascensionem’ otherwise known as ‘newly ascended syndrome’. The only sure way to avoid such a terrible fate is to study the path that mother has laid out for us, and abide by fathers instructions. This alone will harden your soul and prepare you for the glory of ascension.
(Side note: There has been no seen cases of one who has manifested on the devium level ever rising above said level.
The majority of those found in ‘The portal’ under the rule of Regiminis are prime examples of Deviums.)


o Eulogy (the same as in the terminology tabs, but with extra info) A eulogy is defined by its capabilities as an ascended child. One who has simply Ascended may communicate to this realm by some means, however one who has more capabilities (such as minor manipulation of this reality, minor physical manifestation etc…) is to be seen as a eulogy capable of even greater power.
But more often than not, a eulogy will remain a capable as it is upon awakening in its ascended form.
(Side note: The term Eulogy was coined by the Lunar child overseer of the orchard compound, during his controversial speech on the ascension of a previous child of Luna’s teachings.”Though he may no longer be under total control of his own fate, in his short time he was a eulogy to his death. His sacrifice to Tenebris will prove to put us far beyond the harbingers.”)


o Finitor – (Page empty)


o Transcendence – (Page empty)


·    At 7:38pm, Tyler posted on the ID Main Skype Chat: “Fantastic news. I don't know what the fuck is going on right now or who is outside my fucking house but I am about to take care of this problem my god damn self. For the past 20 minutes I have been hearing a constant knocking. I would look outside but I put tinfoil on the windows so no one could watch me. There was just a loud ass bang a second ago, someone threw something. I am going to find out who the fuck it is and do something about it myself.”


·    At 10:44pm, Tyler posted again to the ID Main Skype Chat: “Im staying in a motel tonight. Im leaving my house now. There was a person outside my house, I caught it all on video. I have been back for a while now but I am very shaken. He left a recorder on one of my grandfather’s old broken trucks. I didn't want to kill him. I just wanted him to leave. But he was all over the fucking place. I chased after him, to try and scare him away, and everywhere I would go, it seemed like he would vanish and appear somewhere else. I chased him a decent ways into the woods to make sure he was off my property, and then it seemed like I was going to have him out in the open because we were reaching the road. Once I had him out on the road, he was just gone.” He then answered some questions from the ID’s:


o Circlehunter: “What did he throw earlier?”

Tyler: “It looked like a lid to a container, thinking back on it actually, it looked like it came off of one of my bait buckets. I’m going to try to upload the video to my channel straight from my phone.”


o ArgDov: “Do you guys think this guy may be supernatural?”

Tyler: “I don't know or care what he is. I have a night set up at an inn down the road.”


o Wickedlady4180: “Tyler, will/can you contact us as soon as you get to your hotel room?”

Tyler: “Yes I’ll try


A full transcript of the conversation with Tyler can be read HERE.


June 1st, 2015

·  At 1:25am, Spirkiroid created a new thread on WH titled “WITHIN HUBRIS EMPIRE PART 3”, it was a game non related to the ARG. However, /Patrem\ posted in the thread: “0elHm5;?Y72)IE@4Z?8+Bi\DQ3@O” (this was not immediately translated, not would be for nearly 24hrs)


·    At 2:01am, Tyler posted again on the ID Main Skype Chat: “Hey guys, Well I gathered some clothes and shit and threw them in a bag and hauled ass to the inn down the road from my house after I hastly booked a last minute room over the phone...I felt like I was being watched the moment I stepped outside. I wish I hadn't wasteds all the time chasing the guy through the woods before and I would have had some day light left to run to the inn. I think I dropped some clothes on the way, but I couldn't really see.” Tyler then posted the video he took of the man he chased in the woods: “”.


A full transcript of the conversation with Tyler can be read HERE.


June 2nd, 2015

·  At 1:01am, Oceanstuck decoded the cipher posted by /Patrem\: “0elHm5;?Y72)IE@4Z?8+Bi\DQ3@O” (translated: “fakeworld”)


·    At 1:06am, Zack Nelson noticed a change to The update featured a white background with a falling marquee of text that read: “0elHm5;?Y72)IE@4Z?8+Bi\DQ3@O”, the same text that /Patrem\ had posted in the thread on Within Hubris. There was also text on the page that read: “Come and See”, and an audio file: “orld.mp3”.


·    At 1:08am, Wolfcat discovered a new page: “”. The page featured a white background, on which was written in several languages: “How to get inside”.


·    At 1:38am, Tyler posted to the ID Main Skype Chat. He spoke of his time at the hotel, and how an old man was removed from his room by EMT’s while shouting “152!”


A full transcript of the conversation with Tyler can be read HERE.


·    By 1:40am, the page “” was discovered. The page featured a black background with the text: “YOUR NEW LENSE OF TRUTH lssm://bfitqup.kjh/” The cipher was a keyed; the key was “12121”. The cipher translated to a url: The website leads to a 3D virtual reality program.


June 4th, 2015

·  At 7:50pm, Wickedlady4180 got a series of texts from “dustesilverwolf”. The messages read: “I’m under control for now. E-mail. It’s the only way I can speak at this moment. I don’t know much.” The ID’s then went on to E-mail Below is a transcript of the emails:

o Eve wrote: “Can we help you? Tyler? Is that you?”

Answer: “No. I cannot speak my name…”


o Eve wrote: “Tyler hasn't been online to tell us he's safe. We want to make sure he's ok. What can you tell me, so that we can help Tyler? Any information is appreciated.”

Answer: “Tyler is doing just fine, despite current happenings. He is a busy man and has started up work again... He has had a rather unfortunate encounter with some very strange youth... They will stop at nothing. He should be back online soon.”


o Spirkiroid wrote: “You alright? What’s going on over there?”

Answer: “Nothing… I am fine. Don’t worry about me, I am irrelevant.”


Mass E-mail to: Oceanstuck, Seeker, Eve, Sengi, Spirk, Link: “JZHVIVCIIVHU4RI” (translated: “NOTTHEONE”)


·    At 8:41pm, Adult_Link discovered an update to The main page now featured a black background, the title was: “PLEASE WAIT”, there was a video named: “control.webm”, and audio named: “noise.mp3”. Nothing was hidden in the source.


June 5th, 2015

·  At about 12:00am, Zack Nelson found a new page on It was titled “Archives”, and was password protected. In the JanusVR program, a user named “DankyTooBlazed” was watching and reading our chat; he tried the translated password “NOTTHEONE”, and opened the locked page. The Archive page featured a download link to a video named: “blood-moon.avi”. It featured a 31 second scene of the Lunar Children summoning /Patrem\. The page also had a note: “Please note, this is not the complete video. We will have that up soon'.


·    At 11:01pm, Tyler joined the ID’s Main Skype Group, and informed us that he was back at home, and safe.


A full transcript of the conversation with Tyler can be read HERE.


June 6th, 2015

·    At 1:13am, The ID’s were called twice on the ARG Call Group by John Mesic’s account.


o The first call lasted less than two minutes, and can be heard HERE with a transcript.


o The second call was nearly an hour long. The audio file is currently being split up into several parts, so it can be uploaded to the Tumblr, where a transcript will be provided. The tl;dr is that someone is in control of John’s account (not John), and that person suggested Tyler was in serious danger and should be told about everything. (During the recording, there were things said backwards. A transcript can be read HERE.)


June 8th, 2015

·    At 6:06am, ArgDov posted the song of soaring on WH. The idea behind the song was that we needed to get Tyler as far away from danger (his home) as possible.


·    The Internet Detectives had laid out a splendid plan. They were set to tell Tyler everything thing they knew, and warn him against impending doom. At 10:51pm he was added to the ID Call Group. He told us he couldn’t stay to talk, but told us that he planned to move to Australia with his girlfriend. He then left, telling us he’d be back the following day.


·    At an unknown time, the /index page of changed to a blank page with an audio file named: “soaring.mp3”, and was an audio clip of a flying plane.


A full transcript of the conversation with Tyler can be read HERE.


June 10th, 2015

·    At 12:18am, Tyler returned to the ID Main Skype Group. ID member Sengi seized the opportunity and posted the full speech written by Eve, for Tyler to read. He did not receive the information well. When he asked for proof, the ID’s provided links to WH, johnisdead, lunarchildren, and the tumblr. However, while providing Tyler with the links, things were going wrong in order to prevent him from seeing the sites.


o Now needs a username and password to access it.


o Now says “Under Construction”


o WH: Not available to Tyler.


o Tumblr page: Not available to Tyler.


A full transcript of the conversation with Tyler can be read HERE.


·    At 1:59am, /Patrem\ posted on WH: “You fools may have turned from the path of salvation, but you shan't foil my destiny. From here on out, your failure is your fate.


·    At 2:12am, When asked what the ID’s have done wrong, /Patrem\ posted: “You let that bearer of falsehoods guide you, it is of no matter however. As you have already seen, I have the power to keep any and all under my veil. You will not enlighten that child, my children have worked hard to keep him as a good little sheep. He will stay under our observation until the time of the grand child's true awakening. Which will occur once I can pry the burned one away from that wayward cretin.


·    At 2:37am, After being asked if there was any other way to help Tyler, /Patrem\ posted: “IIII have gazed through many parallelos, and he has triedwill eht emitofDBC has trytryhastried to stand against my will. II speak of the one my children know as the Tenebris Link. Though they know his power can serve us as it has served me in the past. III was the one who first granted "it" power in this realm so I would know. As I have told my children he is not to be followed without the proper precautions and this is something you failed to do.


·    At 3:12am, After being asked what was left to be done regarding Tyler, /Patrem\ posted: “I shall not allow him to be enlightened, he will bring damnation. Soon nothing else will matter, the mother awaits, and her children watch over the harbingers until the time of descent.


·    Sometime after  the conversations with Tyler and Patrem, had been updated. The main page, purple text that read: “Under Control”, below which was a pixelated image of a person (unknown), the image was titled “V.jpg”, there was also an alt text added to the source code: “father”. There was an audio file named “patrem.mp3”.


June 11th, 2015

·    At 3:01am, Wickedlady4180 noticed numbers on the image “V.jpg”, and shared the discovery with the ID’s. The general consensus was that this may be the password to Spirkiroid suggested that the username might be “Nocturne”, because the piano piece that accompanied the image on /index was “Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2” by Chopin.


·    At 3:22am, While several ID’s were trying to identify the numbers on the image, Spirkiroid E-mailed, and asked for help identifying the numbers.


·    At 3:43am, “K” E-mailed Spirkiroid back: “2_1_52”.


·    At 350am, After the ID’s whether the user name might be “FATHER” or “Nocturne”, Spirk received another E-mail: “Night”.


·    By 3:52am, Entrance to was recovered! USERNAME: Nocturne / PASSWORD: 23152.


·    At 5:50pm, Wickedlady4180 noticed a new feature to the /fakeworld/ room in JanusVR. The area in the room where there was once a clock with the time 4:53 (backwards) was now replaced with a green landscape.


June 14th, 2015

·  At 12:01am, Wolfcat noticed music in the source code of The audio was titled: “theme.mp3”.


·    At an unknown time, the username and password to was changed. We no longer have access to the site.


June 16th, 2015

·  At an unknown time, The main page to updated. The page now featured a new title: “HIDE”, the page read:




They know you've been watching”


Nothing was hidden in the source code.


·    At 10:30pm, Spirkiroid tried “.pi;y+-$H{wa” as a password to, and gained entrance. The site has been given a new layout, and a new post was visible:

General site changes and security improvement

June 17, 2015 by liquidsaint

Sup chummers it’s Saint here, to those who didn’t catch it in the recent meat space meetings and irc talks. The site recreation has been rather slow as of late due to the rise in needed meat space activity. Our big star aka the “Harbingers link” has required lots of observation as of late, and we can’t afford for him to take too much note of it. The last child with observation duty (yes we are talking to you Daniel) did a fantastic job leaving the beacon with him. Just as well, the task was also his trial to be worthy of the Parallelos path (We all saw your fantastic use of jumping in the video he decided to show to the harbingers, really good work to be fair XD ). However having been seen Daniel’s position in the observation task has been retired and it has been passed on to an elder member, who needs no introduction (You all know who I am talking about XD ).

On another important note, I have been told to inform you all of the fact that some skiddies have been worming there way through our drok. So new security measures have been taken, and the previous sign up area has been removed and will be re added when our screening process has been updated. Just as well the site login info will be regularly updated now as more outsider ip’s are noted by operator, so keep in the loop via meat sace and irc.

Thats all for now, some time later tonight operator is going to forward more of the recovered blood moon ritual to me (he explained that tenebris may have been trying to communicate in it so be hyped ^^ ) and I will put it up in a post for now and he can move it to archive later.        -LS


June 17th, 2015

·  At 1:31pm, Zack Nelson alerted The ID’s to a new post on

'''Blood moon ritual part one

June 17, 2015 by liquidsaint

Wanted to get this out right now since you have all been waiting for it so bloody long. Shame about that new guy, but as you all may already know (as I do very well) when it comes to “her”, sacrifices must often be made.


The video posted depicts the murder of a Lunar Child, who’s holding the Blood Moon Ritual but is not aware of what’s about to happen to him. Within the video, there are several things hidden, and /Patrem\ makes an appearance. The following is a rundown of what we’ve found so far:


o 0:00-0:19 – A “device” is engaged.

o 0:20-0:40 – /Patrem\ is asked why the ceremony is taking place away from the            holy building.

o 0:41-0:52 – /Patrem\ answers: “To___ on this night, you must be nearest to me______on this night”

o 0:53-4:04 – the Ritual is prepared and performed.

o 4:05–4:06 – very briefly, an image of Ocarina of time Adult link, with one bloody missing eye, is flashed on the screen with the words: “I the true”.

o 4:07-4:09 – A second person appears to murder the ritual holder with a blade he removes from his back pocket.

o 4:10-4:22 – The screen blackens, and an image of the Happy Mask Salesman is shown with fading lines of text that read: “We honored her first, father of lies, He will bring on her decent with the death of three, He killed that boy for her, He will give us all masks, I gave him all he has, And my mask was a salesman, I am the true controller, He is lying to you all.”

o 4:23-end – We hear the death grunt of the victim, then the screen goes black and we see the words: “FUN GAME”.


·    At an unknown time, began re-routing known pages to random other ARG locations such as: johnisdead/index, lunarchildren, or tyler’s youtube page. While re-routing, the URL bar shuffles through various extentions: /404, /recursion, /getout, /goaway, /leave, /return, /go, /escape. (It is not known if these extensions existed before) Currently, no pages besides /index will work on johnisdead.


·    At an unknown time, the two known bloggers on lunarchildren uploaded avatars. The avatar for LiquidSaint seems to be an image of a person with inverted coloring. While the avatar for MattR is a person wearing the same skull mask worn in the blood moon ritual video. On the forehead of the mask is a symbol that was drawn onto the flyer that was left at Tyler’s house.


June 18th, 2015

·  At an unknown time, the layout to was once again changed. At the bottom of the page near the copyright, the single letter “L” in Lunar Children was a link to a new song called: “showmesad1.mp3”. The blog post with the link to the Blood Moon Ritual was renamed to “TRUTH”, and the video was moved to the archives page. We currently do not have the password to the archives.


·    At 4:30am, a new blog post was added to

Theme Update, Security and Forum Progress

June 18, 2015 by MattR

Matthew here, we recently updated our theme and layout of the main site, as well as some new security features. Our user database has been fixed once again as recent attacks disabled it. If you can’t login, your account has been compromised temporarily for your protection, however, you should not have any issues accessing your account. Security now requires you to update your password once you login. We expect you to use numbers and letters, as well as upper and lowercase and other characters. Our site will never go down again with our new security protocols!

About the forums, they are coming together quite nicely and should be up soon, so expect that soon! -Operator


·      At 5:00am, The audio on changed to: “whoishe.mp3”.


·    At 5:30am, The main page of updated. The title changed to: “Run”, had a background image: “finduswaitinginthe.jpg”, and an audio file called: “searchfornewpaths.mp3”.


·    At 5:37am, Eve found a new page on /asleep/. This page featured an image called: “a_different_sleep.gif”, and an audio file called: “sleeptalk.mp3”. After a few seconds, the page is once again redirected to: “/asleep/rememberme/index.html”. This page featured an image: “D.gif”, and an audio file called: “LEAVE.mp3”.


·    As of 6:23am, the password to no longer works. We once again lost access to Lunar Children.


June 20th, 2015

·  Sometime on this day, the JanusVR room /fakeworld/ was updated. The wall that read “GET OUT” was removed, and opened up a new section of the room. Many of the wall decorations were removed, as well as the audio.


June 23rd, 2015

·    At an unknown time, The main page to johnisdead updated. The background image   was of a green colored moon, named: “FTP0592.jpg”, and the page’s title changed to “Soon”.


·      At 4:19pm, The ID’s found an update to the page “/fakeworld/”. The page now featured a video named “see.webm”, the video was of a chair and a swinging noose. Nothing was hidden in the source code.


·      At 4:35 Thorin was trying to find more pages, and was redirected to a new page /where. This new page was titled: “MORE TO DISCOVER”, the background image was named “index.gif”, and had an audio file named “she.mp3” which has been un-reversed in audacity. In the source code was approx. 15k lines of script that read: hr size="5000". The HR tag is a line break code, and the size set to “5000” at 15k lines of text meant the page scrolled 4EVER!!!


·      At about 5:00pm, the main page to reverted to its original front page. The image was once again “foggyworld248”, and the music was once again “[[|background.mp3]]” (which is the reversed audio of K3v1n’s song @90). The page’s title was also named “MORE TO DISCOVER”.


June 25th, 2015

·  At 11:35pm Lighting struck Zach Nelson’s house. He burst into flames and died.


·  At 11:49pm A ritual was performed by the Id’s, and Zack’s soul was ascended. He will never return. Rest in Peace.


·  At 11:52pm Eve spilled her blood for /Patrem\, in Zach’s honor. She is now a hideous specter, haunting the Skype group.


·  At 11:59pm Stevey was sacrificed to Luna. He will never return. Rest in Peace.


*Let us have a moment of silence in remembrance of this bloodbath*


June 26th, 2015

·  At 3:18am, The Ghost of Eve discovered a change to the main page of johnisdead. The title of the page was changed to: “KEEP SEARCHING”. The background to the page “foggyworld.jpg” was minimized and repeated, so that it looked like the page was covered with orange dots. There was 5 different audio files playing all at once: “background.mp3”, “lost.mp3”, “hiding.mp3”, “keeplooking.mp3”, and “KEEPLOOKING.ogg”. In the source code was hidden “”.

·    At 4:01am, Thorin found a new page on johnisdead: “/hole”. This new page lead to a series of redirects:

o /hole – Title:“Welcome”, background image:“hole.gif”, audio:“hole.mp3”.

o /hole/fall – Tile:“terriblefate”, background image:“falling.gif”, audio:“fall.mp3”. From this page, a series of pop-ups emerge:

o  Watching – mask1iswatching.webm

o  Findyou – mask2willfindyou.webm

o  Waiting – mask3iswaiting.webm

o  Sleeping –  mask4issleeping.gif

o  /hole/fall/lostinforest – Title:“Lost?”, background image:“lost1.gif”, audio“areyoulost.mp3”. There was hidden text in the page: “est/5 '***** IS SHE'?”.

o hole/fall/lostinforest/they – Title:“Lost?”, background image:“old2.gif”, audio:“wowuk.mp3”.


*OOC time begins for 48hrs*


June 27th, 2015

·    We were informed that there are missing pages yet to be discovered.

·    We learned that /Patrem\’s dong measures ∞².

·    /Patrem\ finally acknowledges Eve’s love for him, and asked for nudes.

·    Wolfcat spoke his first words in call: “Mugen sucks”.


June 28th, 2015

·    At 1:00am OOC Night  officially ends.


·    At1:05am, the ID’s discovered the clue to finding the missing pages on johnisdead. The clue was hidden in “/lostforest”: “est/5 '***** IS”. Assuming the “est” was the end of “forest” the ID’s discovered: “/hole/fall/lostinforest/where/” This page featured another series of redirects:

o /hole/fall/lostinforest/where – Title:“STOP IT”, background image:“struggle.jpg”, audio:‘Icannot.mp3”.


o /hole/fall/lostinforest/where/whataretheydoingtome – Title:“STOP IT”, background image:“eetneq4.jpg”, audio: NBSWY4DVON3WKYLSMVUHK4TUNFXGO.mp3( cipher translation: “helpuswearehurting”)

o  (popup) whataretheydoingtome/stopit/ – Title:“STOP IT”, background image:“letmegoplease.gif”, audio:“LETMEGOPLEASE'.mp3”.


o  /hole/fall/lostinforest/where/whataretheydoingtome/weareinpain – Title:“STOP IT”, background image:“suffer.gif”, audio:“5.mp3”.


o /hole/fall/lostinforest/where/whataretheydoingtome/weareinpain/woods – Title:“STOP IT”, background image:“finduswaitinginthe.jpg”, audio:“NRXXG5A.mp3” (cipher translation: lost) , hidden in source:“fakeplace, here, I”. (these lead to more urls branching off from /woods/)

o  /woods/fakeplace/ (popup page – “___n_/index.html”)

o  /woods/here/

o  /woods/I/


o  /hole/fall/lostinforest/where/whataretheydoingtome/weareinpain/woods/itis/ – Title:“STOP IT”, background image:“fury.gif”, audio:“GOAWAY.wav”.


*Below are the sub pages of /woods/*


o woods/fakeplace - Title:“FAKE”, background image:“fakeplace.gif”, audio:“faraway.mp3”, text on the page:
















o /woods/fakeplace/___n_/ (popup) - Title:“WHERE”, background image:“maiden.gif”, audio:“ 45_-_NeverCould.ogg”, text on page:“Who am I?”.


o woods/here/ - Title:“STOP IT”, background image:“uotls.gif”, audio:“___.wav”.

o woods/here/popup – Title:“STOP IT”, background image:“help.gif”, audio:“screaming.wav”.


o woods/I (redirected to new urls) – Title:“Father”, background image:“hidden.gif”.

o woods/I/am – background image:“am.gif

o woods/I/am/true – background image:“true.gif”.


·    At 1:27am, Sengi posted the three links mentioned in “/woods/fakeplace/”:

o /woods/fakeplace/thethird/ - Title:“THIRD”, video:“thethirdgiant.webm”, audio:“GETOUT'.wav”.


o /woods/fakeplace/sickness/ - Title:“flight”, background image:“1hgy65r.gif”, audio:“air.mp3”. (opened popup from this page)

o /woods/fakeplace/sickness/giant – Title:“2ndGIANT”, video:“icansmellyou.webm”, audio:“ KILLYOU'.mp3”.


o /woods/fakeplace/find/ - opens a number of popups titled “laughing” with the image “D.gif”. (redirects to “/find/you/”)

o /woods/fakeplace/find/you/ – This page was a directory (image), that had a password protected .rar file called “WhoWasTheFirstAccount.7z”. (The password was discovered to be DandP, the account that Doug used in the first arc of YSHDT.) When opened, the file contained a video called: “alwayswatchingyou.wmv”.


·    At 2:18am, John Mesic’s Skype account displayed video image during a call. There is no video of the things displayed on his screen, but here is a description: The screen was black, text began to appear that read: “Transmission Incoming”, “A new chapter begins” (@90 by K3v1n begins to play) “Run Tyler”, “Show Me”, (an image of a street appears, and someone running in first person perspective), “Tyler is”.


·    At 2:38am, Suddenly a timer begins to count down on John Mesic’s screen. The timer is the same one displayed on the JanusVR /fakeworld/ room. The Internet Detectives suddenly panic, we have 4mins :40sec to possibly save Tyler.


·    At 2:40am, Thorin suggests playing the Inverted Song of Time.


·    At 2:41am, Dawn play’s the Song of Inverted Time through the Skype call. The timer stops around the 2min mark. (the exact number was not recorded)


·      At 9:19am, Master Swordsman Faut discovered a change to the main page of The title now reads: “TIME”, the background image is now “FoggyWorld223.jpg”, and the audio is still “background.mp3”. Nothing is hidden in the source code.


June 29th, 2015

·    At 8:25pm, Thorin used Transmutation to bring back Eve. RIP Mugen Kagemaru.


·      At 9:27pm, The ID’s reanalyzed the video “alwayswatchingyou”. The red text in the video reads: “Regiminis te nostrae vos means” in Latin (translated: “you are our governance”).


·      At 9:40pm, Eve reversed the audio of “alwayswatchingyou” and discovered a music track with laughing and whispering that has yet to be translated.


June 30th, 2015

·    At 1:02am, Eve noticed the page /key592/ was back on johnisdead. It was a blank directory.


·      At 1:12am, an image file named “heistryingtohide.gif” was found on /key592/. This image (as pointed out by ARGdov) is a screen shot of a boy wearing a gasmask, from a Dr.Who episode.


·     At 1:16am, A new ID member Mr.Pancake3 noticed the .gif image was removed from /key592/.


·       At 2:38am, Circlehunter discovered posts on reddit by the user “shnnhs223”. This user had been following the ARG for some time, and was looking for answers. Circlehunter posted an introduction to the internet detectives of reddit, to possibly shed light on us, and the ARG.


·       At 4:56am, Thorin noticed an update to the main page of the title of the page has changed to: “mymasks”, the background image is: “BinReset.png” (features and image of John’s eye, with a face in the blackness of his cornea, in the image the Happy Mask Salsesman and Ben can be seen), the audio file is: “t.mp3”, and hidden in the source code is binary that translates to: “Every game has rules, he chose this game when he chose the boy.” 


·       At 5:18am, Circlehunter noticed a new thread on reddit titled: “donottrusttheinternetdetectives” (link), in this thread a user by the name of  25046151_334654” (translated: “TLink”) posted a cipher: “c2VlYTovL3V6c3l0ZG9wbG8ubnp4L3d0ZGVweS8=


·      At 5:22am, Thorin translated the cipher to: “”. This new page’s title was: “trustme”, and the background image was “Bentlres.jpg”, also on this page was a .gif image: “assimilating.gif”, the audio file was: “htaed.mp3”.


·       At 4:46pm, Wolfcat discovered a new file on /key592/: “number.txt”. This file contained the same phone number we received on May 26th. New ID members Mr.Pancake3 and Ryfoxx called the phone number, and both experienced similar outcomes: When the phone picked up their call, it played the Song of Unhealing. When they hung up, it immediately called back and played static noise with demonic whispering (words not understood).


·     At 9:14pm, New ID member Ryfoxx discovered a change to /key592. The page now featured a new .txt file named: “gate.txt”. The file contained coding which was translated to the direct link of the Main Skype Group. It was removed within minutes.


July 5th, 2015

·    At 4:45am, Eevee noticed an update on /key592. The page now featured two new links, an image file: “BeReTins.jpg”, and a text file: “ILLUSION.txt” which was filled with text that read “LIES” over and over. Thorin, used Ctrl+f and found several words misspelled: “LTES, LRES, LIEU, TIES, LIEH”.


·      At 4:47am, ARG Dov noticed a change to the main page of The page now featured a new title: “Tlink” (a call back to the name of the person who posted on Reddit’s /r/arg), the background image: “BitEnsRe”, and a video: “TL.webm”.


·      At 12:09pm, Sengi discovered a JanusVR firebox code in the source of the main of The new Janus room was a red landscape with a blue cloudy sky, and a red structure in the middle of the landscape. (image)


July 7th, 2015

·   At 1:20am, Eevee was re-checking the updates of the 5th, and noticed that the misspelled words of the illusion.txt file (“LTES, LRES, LIEU, TIES, LIEH”), spell the word “TRUTH” when you read the mistaken letters in order.


·    At 1:36am, new user Leslie remarks that the replaced letters are “IISLS”, then suggest we try using /truth as a url extension.



·    At 1:40am, is discovered by Leslie, as not a 404 (as previously thought), but an actual page that redirects. The page redirects almost instantly, which is why no one noticed it before. Leslie used “noscript” and was able to see the source. The title of the page is “LIES”, nothing is hidden in the source code.


·      At 11:34pm, Leslie destegged the image “BinReset.jpg”, and found a cipher: “aHR0cDovL3ZvY2Fyb28uY29tL2kvczFFbVE1aUhyajVJ” (Translated to a vocaroo link: “ The audio file seems to be a still undetermined weird noise.


·      At 11:49pm, Wolfcat changed the audio file in Audacity to spectrogram and discovered an image that seems similar to the message “GET OUT” in the JanusVR room /fakeworld/.


July 8th, 2015

·    At an undetermined time, the /fakeworld/ page changed. The new page was black with green text that read: “LOADING ASSETS”, and an audio file: “bones.mp3”. The JanusVR /fakeworld/ room was also changed. The room was expanded beyond the two enclosed rooms, and now included a purple-ish landscape.


July 12th, 2015

·  At an undetermined time, Tyler uploaded a video to Youtube titled: “Bored and had a weird dream”. In the video he discusses his current life, his reasons for not using Skype (apparently the internet detectives are “bat-shit insane”), and a strange dream he recently had. There are several images within the video, one was during a scene where Tyler is coughing (image).


July 13th, 2015

·    At an undetermined time, the main page of updated. The new page featured an image called: “TIME.jpg” it was a thermal vision(ish) image of Tyler, with the words “It’s not time yet” hidden in the picture. The title of the page was now: “seeyou”, and a new audio titled: “36.mp3”.


·  At 4:45pm a spontaneous OOC time occurred.


July 15th, 2015

·   At 4:30am, OOC time ended.


July 20th, 2015

·     At 1:58am, Thorin discovered an update to The main page’s title changed to “thetimeisnear”, the page had an image titled: “v.gif”, an audio file called: “forever.mp3”, and hidden in the source code was a cipher: “366363333666363336663633366633333366636333636666336366663666366636663666366636663363666336666336366366663666363636663633366636363663336336633636336366633663336636636666366366363363666636663666366333363666363336633366366363333366666636663663336666363633633336333663363336333633363636366336363633363663366336363336336663363636363336363636” The cipher translates to a Youtube video: The account that uploaded the video is named Vincent Adams. (This is the same ‘Vincent’ who hosts /Patrem\)


·     At 2:08am, John/Mesic posted in the ID Main Skype chat: “1Helpme


·     The ID’s began to discover new redirect pages:


Below is a list of new redirects and their images/audio/hidden-text



·         BG image: "sign.gif", audio: "say_goodbye.mp3".



·         BG image: "hold-on.gif", audio: "holdon.mp3", hidden: "ADTINEO".



·         BG image: "limbo.gif", audio: "lost_forever.mp3".



·         BG image: "noentry.gif", audio: "anotherone.mp3".



·         BG image: "mislead.gif", audio: "misleading.mp3". Hidden in the audio (reversed) are numbers: 6802.



·         BG image: "listen.gif", audio: "mute.mp3".



·         BG image: "engulf.gif", audio: "blue_flame.mp3".



·         BG image: "smile.gif", audio: "occasions.mp3".



·         Audio: "imagine.mp3".



·         BG image: "oYz2ZF0icHXn.gif" (translated: “”), audio: "pray_for_rest.mp3".



·         BG image: "fantasy.gif", audio: "fantasy.mp3".



·         BG image: "smoke.gif", audio: "breathe.mp3".



·         BG image: "back.gif", audio: "back.mp3".



·         BG image: "N.gif", audio: "goback.mp3".



·         BG image: "water.gif", audio: "cant_swim.mp3", hidden in the source code: "B".



·         BG image: "inmyhead.gif", audio: "in_my_head.mp3".



·         BG image: "E.gif", audio: "getout.gif".



·         BG image: "angel.gif", audio: "gone.mp3".



·         BG image: "oooooo.gif", audio: "oooooo.mp3", hidden: "".



·         BG image: "WHATIS.gif", audio: "lost_my_mind.mp3".



·         BG image: "trappedinside.gif", audio: "forever.mp3", hidden: "IFVPWSBFUkEgRVJFSFcNCg0KWU1NT00gRVNBRUxQIGVzYWVscCAucHUgZW0gZWthdyBlc2FlbHAgdHN1aiB5bW1vbSAuLi5kZXJhY3MNCg0Kb3MgbSdpIHVveSBzc2ltIGkgLGRldG5hdyBzeWF3bGEgZXYndW95IHlvYiBlbHR0aWwgZWh0IGViIGxsJ2kgZXNpbW9ycA0KDQppICxub3MgcmV0dGViIGEgZWIgbGwnaSBlc2ltb3JwIGkgLnlycm9zIG9zIG1pIHltbW9tIC4uLnlsZW5vbCBvcyBtJ2kNCg0KP2Vub3lyZXZlIHNpIGVyZWh3IC5kZXJhY3Mgb3MgbSdpICxlc2FlbHAgZW0gcGxlaCA/c2lodGVyZWh3ID9zaXRhaHc= ". The cipher translates to: “WHERE ARE YOU. scared... mommy just please wake me up. PLEASE MOMMY, promise i'll be the little boy you've always wanted, I miss you i'm so, i'm so lonely... mommy im so sorry. I promise i'll be a better son, I whatis? wherethis? help me please, i'm so scared. where is everyone?


·      Sometime during the redirect discoveries, The ID’s notice that there are 3 single letters in the redirects. The image in /getout/ “E”, the image in /go_back/ “N”, and hidden in /cant_swim/ is “B”. Put together, they spell out BEN.


·     At 7:58am, Thorin played New Wave Bossa Nova on WH to help “unsilence John”.


·     Sometime later the GM’s super encoded the redirect script, so we could no longer view the list of redirect pages.


July 21st, 2015

·     At 1:20am, Eevee received a text message from dustesilverwolf: “3”.


·     At 1:30am, “K” responded to an e-mail sent by Spirkiroid. He wrote: “BQS?8F#ks-GB\6`H#IhIF^eo7@rH3;G@>T'BKpZ'G]R%b1iu5_D-AbC@”, it translates to another video by Vincent Adams:


·     At 2:03am, Eevee received a new text: “T05FIFRXTyBUSFJFRQ==” (translates: “ONE TWO THREE”)


·     At 2:16am, Spirkiroid found a new page: “”. This new page had an image: “”III.gif”, an audio called: “up_in_flames.mp3”, a password protected .rar file called: “three.rar”, and hidden in the source code was: “32661557 33067165 10067564 10074545 32620101 10062563 252” (translated: “kcolnu ot yek A esU”).


·    At 2:59am, after exhausting every possibility, the ID’s realize the password was “A key”. The file opened up to an audio file called: “three.mp3”. It’s a 6:38 long audio track with hidden spectrogram. The words in the spectrogram are a call back to Jad’s arg: “It's worth noting that the number three is reported by Kelbris to have been said numerous times, sometimes in-between words and even between letters.”


·    Sometime before midnight, Tyler uploaded a video on his youtube account. In it, he takes us on a walk around his property, and down a main road. He also talks about his family, and other subjects. The video is glitch, and has things hidden in it. Towards the end, Tyler sees a Help wanted sign, and begins to comment on it. He say’s “Helper” a number of times, and a calling sound can be heard with each utterance.


July 22nd, 2015

·     At 10:42am, Master Swordsman Faut discovered a new page on /help/. This new page featured an image called: “andagain.gif”, and an audio file called: “help_me_out.mp3”.


July 23rd, 2015

·     At an unknown time, updated. Below the words “Loading Assets” was the word “Distending”.

·     Sometime later, Thorin discovered that the JanusVR room /fakeworld/ was considerably larger than it had been previously.


July 27th, 2015

·     At 4:50pm, Ryfoxx decoded the obfuscated redirect script. The new list of redirects numbered nearly 100 links. Many of the links were ones we’ve seen already, but some were brand new ones, and their meanings were very interesting.


A list of the redirects links can be found HERE.


July 30th, 2015

·     At 6:34am, John starts a Skype call in the ID Main Group. No one was available.


·     At 6:40am, John posts a code: 24040522 20242111 246424.


·     At 6:41am, Thorin decodes the cipher to: "paradise", and finds a new page /paradise/. The page has an image called: "paradise.gif", and an audio called: "paradise.mp3". (The page has a password box, the pass is the same numbers that Spirkiroid found in the audio of /misleading: 6802). The password box then asks if you like to disable future dialouge (The same results happen if you check the box or not)


o   The page then redirects to: "/paradise/tricked/". This page features a background image: "mislead.gif", and a video: "FOOLEDYOU.webm".


o   /paradise/tricked/, then redirects to a .txt file: “enlightenment.txt". The text file features a long wall of binary code.


At the time, the code could not be deciphered. However, Thorin did a google search of the code itself and discovered a match in the description of a youtube video: "". The Youtube account is "lostmemory423", the same account “seems” to be associated with the original Remember.exe game. The youtube page featured 4 videos uploaded within the previous two weeks. Each video featured ciphers in the descriptions, and one with ciphers throughout the video itself.


o   Video #1) Title: “IMG_1507”, the cipher in the video description box translated to: “Was looking for father’s house. The masks were waiting.” This video featured a shaky, night-cam view of a wooded area, and a structure within the vegetation. There were ciphers within the video itself, listed is order of appearance:



(trans: I could see everything)



(trans: I could finally think)



(trans: I could finally breathe)



(trans: It was December 1st 2011, you went to the numbers to find the masks.)



(trans: But r/u werH lostinforest)


The audio was reversed, a fixed copy can be heard HERE.


o   Video #2) Title: “IMG_1508”, the cipher in the video description box translated to: “It is december 3rd now. You found the masks and talked to them, they told you where to go yesterday but you got /lostinforest.    was you need to go here 33 32 34 324 32 34 2e 32 38 2d 20 2c 31 30 38 35 39 36 2e 37 324”. This video featured another shaky night time video, this time in the pouring rain. The person recording is walking with a flashlight towards a building in the woods. The audio was reversed, a fixed copy can be heard HERE.


o   Video #3) Title: “2”, the cipher in the description box translated to: “pleasestopidontwanttodothisanymoreITSTOLATENOWpleasesomeonehelpmeSILENCEBOYTHISWASYOURCHOICEyoudidntsayitwouldbelikethispleasesomeonehelpmeNOONECANHEARYOUNOWBOYITISTIMEFORYOUTOASCENDDIANAISWAITINGpleasehelpmeidontwanttodieNOHILDYOUSHALLBENOTDEADUTANEVERLASTINGGLORYTOYOURMO”. This video featured a black screen with the words “No one came.” The audio sounded like bubbling/gurgling underwater noise. (This video appears to be the same one uploaded to the Jadusable youtube channel on November 8th, 2010.)


o   Video #4) Title: “3”, the cipher in the description box translated to: “whathaveiforgottenwhoami”. The video was black with a high pitched screeching noise, and flashing images of The Happy Mask Salesman.


·           At approx. 5pm, OOC weekend began.


July 31th, 2015

·         Sometime during OOC time, during Q&A, the GM’s informed us that we failed to decode some things that were important. The ID’s discovered lines of coding that were overlooked; the hex code in the description of “IMG_1508”, the binary in the descriptions of the videos “IMG_1506” and “Void”, and a code within the video “void”.


o   The hex-code of IMG_1508 was solved by Sengi, and resulted in a set of coordinates: 27.695769, -82.4227423


o   The binary code of IMG_1506 was solved by Wolfcat, and also resulted is a set of coordinates: 27.718435, -82.429048


o   The binary code of “void” was solved by Thorin, and read: “The rules of my world”.


August 3rd, 2015

·         At Approx. 2am, OOC weekend ended.


·         At 4:34pm, A new user on WH named “Mesicposted in the johnisdead thread. His message was: “Game has been getting boring. Ill change the rules.


·         At 4:46pm, Tyler uploaded a youtube video titled: “Found a cool thing and now I am gonna go to work I guess”. The video features Tyler talking about a framed image of Max Headroom, a known reference to “SKM”.


August 4th, 2015

·         At 2:05am, /Patrem\ responded to Mesic: “What games do you play now trickster?”.


·         At 2:12am, Mesic responded: “call not I this. You know many names, you are many names. Man to kafei, kafei to salesm, atheroflies. Play now with me father of lies, you know my names, found my name.


·         At 2:22am, /Patrem\ responded: “By the human way of perception it has only been about a decade since we last spoke, but by my own it has been eons. I see you still have yet to shake the imprint of that children's game from yourself. I would ask you to still thine tongue of my affairs but I see in your current host you can do nothing more than babble, wretched parasite. However I thank you for your services up to this point, your "fun" has been most useful to my cause. However I suggest you release the deuro soon, as Regiminis is growing impatient.


·         At 2:29am, Mesic responded: “KNOW WHO AM I. YOUR MOON IS FALSE. LAUGH. FATHER OF LIES. Puppet release after toy take back.


·         At 2:58am, /Patrem\ responded: “And what toy would that be?


·         At 3:39am, BEN responded to /Patrem\’s question: “The one this one pretended to be yes, this one is mine. This one is not the old mask, my old toy. Here will be it when take him back GA(E,BlbC>+>./BD# Changed rules, what but did I do? NJXWQ3TJONSGKYLEFZRW63JPO5UGC5DENFSGSZDP You shouldn't have done that...” (Presumably, the entity that was responding as “Mesic” is now responding as “BEN”)


o   The first cipher: “GA(E,BlbC>+>./BD#” translates to: “whatis   .com”, this leads to a new website: This main page features an image titled: “it.gif”, and an audio file titled: “26.mp3”. The tile of the page read: “not so fast”, and hidden text on the page read: “we will be here soon. wait here.” Nothing else was hidden, and no further pages could be found on the new site.


o   The second cipher: “NJXWQ3TJONSGKYLEFZRW63JPO5UGC5DENFSGSZDP” leads to a new page on johnisdead: “/whatdidido/”. This new page features an image called: “it.jpg”, and audio file called: “it.wav”, and a binary code hidden in the source: “!!11!111 !!11!1!! !!1!!!!! !!11!11! !!11!!!1 !!1!!!!! !!11!11! !11!!!1! !!1!!!!! !!11!11! !!11!1!1” (translated: “take”)


o   The binary leads to a new page: “/take/”. This new page features a background image titled: “ocarinagone.gif”, and a video called: “take.webm”. The video shows text: “Do you wonder what I have done? ”, then shows what appears to be a test post on the Lunar Children forums by Matt R. The video also shows text saying: “Ocarina of Time: Bolero of Fire.”


·         At 4:42am, /Patrem\ responded to BEN: “That boy is beyond even my own reach at this moment, so I doubt in your current state you will be taking your "toy" back anytime soon. I do find it amusing how quickly you can still spread yourself. Now I must bid you farewell, talking to two of yourself is quite a headache and I have much to prepare for the coming of the second Undecim Nocte.


·         At approx. 3:00pm, Ryfoxx discovered an update to the main page of johnisdead. The title and background image was the same, but it now featured a youtube video centered on the page. The video was uploaded by Vincent Adams, and was titled: “Trip”. Hidden in the source code is: “key592”


o    The video “Trip” shows Vincent talking about making music. Then he seems to fall asleep, and awakens as /Patrem\. There was a cipher in the description of the video: “SSBjb250cm9sIHlvdSBjaGlsZCwgYW5kIHlvdXIg­ZnV0aWxlIGF0dGVtcHRzIHRvIHJlbWVtYmVyIHRo­aXMgYXJlIG5vdGhpbmcgYnV0IGEgZ2FtZSB0byBt­ZS4=” (translation: “I control you child, and your futile attempts to remember this are nothing but a game to me”).


·         Soon after, Ryfoxx discovers an update on /key592/. The page now had a link to a file called: “path.txt”, the text file read: “do/t”.


August 5th, 2015

·         At 12:30am, Tyler uploaded a video to his youtube account. The video is titled: “Fire at my work”. The text in the description box reads: “Today was a REALLY scary day at work. Idk what happened, but the fry vat I was working on just suddenly caught on fire right in front of me. I had to hold the camera weird and not talk much because I didn't want my boss to get mad at me for filming, but I didn't get the company logo in any shots so idk any reason for them to be mad. If anything I should be mad because that fire actually nearly hurt me really badly.”Apparently, The Lunar Children played the Bolero of Fire, and nearly killed Tyler.


August 6th, 2015

·         At an unknown time, the ID’s discovered an update to “/fakeworld/”. The page now read: “Loading Assets. Distending… Waiting for Authorization.” (image).


·         At an unknown time, the ID’s discovered the JanusVR room “/fakeworld/” had also changed. The open space, beyond the main room, was darkened so that you could not see more than directly in front of yourself. Nothing was found to be hidden in the darkness.  


August 8th, 2015

·         At 11:56pm, Faut discovered an update to /key592/. The page displayed a new link: “” (image). This link leads to a brand new website, although the main page redirects back to 


August 9th, 2015

·         At 12:17am, Thorin discovers a link to a new directory: “/key592/key59/”.


·         Soon afterwards, a link was added to the new directory: “/key592/key59/find.txt”. The .txt read: “ten b is.l   /_____”.  (


·         At 12:25am, after trying many urls, Wolfcat discovered: “”. The page featured a background titled: “line.gif” (which was a gif image of the police tape Tyler saw at Kevin’s house.) There was also the same video which played on “operator.webm”.


·         At 12:36am, Ryfoxx discovers a new link on /key592/: “moon.txt”. The text first read: “/5moon”, then later changed to “m-s_c”.


·         Soon afterwards, “” was discovered. This new page featured an image called: “eye.gif”, and a reused audio: “noise.mp3”.


·         At 12:37am, John’s Skype name changed to “Tenebris”, and a message was posted in the main group: “IHAVEHIMNOW”.


·         At 12:38am, Tenebris posted: “heisnolongerwithyou”.


·         At 12:39, Tenebris posted: “undermycontrol”.


·         At 12:43, Tenebris posted: “youfoolsarewastingtime”.


·         At 1:48am, Thorin was informed by Tenebris that the entity “George” was terminated. Killed by Tenebris himself.


( Game paused for approx. 3 wks )


September 4th, 2015

·         Between 12:47am & 2:00am, Tenebris (John) posts to Skype:

o conTrol i gained

o i lost old friend

o I wear New mask

o burnt but fit

o Hhr e doesn't know... I know not

o old mask no good

o I change the game

o this is no game

o it's under control.

o I have it

o sorry for your lost

o worthless alone

o better now

o it begins

o something he tells what to you

o check again


·         At 2:06am, Thorin discovers a site update on the main page of The page is black and reads: “WHAT DID I DO”, and there is audio on the page: “back.wav”.


·         At 2:25am, Thorin discovered an update to /whatdidido/. The page has an image titled: “it.jpg”, and an audio called: “it.wav”. There was also a binary code that translated to: “I am the supervisor who reports espionage agent when in the field. I am a spiritual agency believes that help half a seance. I am a pitcher's ability to throw the ball in the strike zone consistently. What am I?”


·         At 5:58pm, Eevee noticed text hidden in the source of /whatdidido/: “ido/To exercise authoritative or dominating influence over/”. The answer to the riddle was: “control”.


·         At 6:00pm, Sengi discovers a new page: This new page featured a .gif image: “itrains.gif”, this image shows a “weather channel” style graphic of a storm headed for the western coast of Florida. The page also has a video called: “therainhasbegun.webm”. The video has text that reads: “Let's just try one more time to be sure this is what we have been granted. Song of Storms”. There is also a screen shot of a new user name: “Ezekiel_Thoth33”, and a screen shot of text that reads: “Diana descends. The three lay at my feet. DID YOU THINK I WAS FINISHED CHILDREN?”


September 5th, 2015

·         Sometime during the day, Tyler uploaded 3 videos to youtube.

o Stuck at work: This video, Tyler shows a rain storm while he’s at work. This suggests that the Lunar Children have indeed used the Fairy Ocarina to manipulate the weather, and now know the power they wield.

o Passing by Johns house: This video shows Tyler walking home, past John’s destroyed home. There are corrupted messages in the video that read: “Burning flesh flesh melting bones. Nothing could stop my singing. Someone pick up the phone please.Soon he will belong to. REGIMINIS.” (images)

o Fishery: This video shows Tyler discovering the Fishery during a walk near his house. There are corrupted messages in the video that read: “That's his Necklace. Why is K I here. It was not meant for you John. What have you done. No do not touch that. John you shouldn't be here. Thats his necklace. Ja  why are you here?” (images)


September 6th, 2015

·         In response to the Lunar Children possessing and using the Fairy Ocarina, the ID’s try to take back the Ocarina by posting a video on WH, of Deku Link taking the Ocarina from the Scull Kid (MM). It is unknown if it has worked.


September 7th, 2015

·         Between 8:52pm and 9:57pm, Tenebris (john) posted to the Skype group a series of words: “Curiosity”, “I’ll send him”, “Confusion”, “Sabotage”.


September 9th, 2015

·         At an unknown time, the main page of updated. The title of the page changed to: “Manifest”, and there was a background image called: “powergenerator.gif”, hidden in the source code is: “Malagasy”. There was also a video titled: “Governing.webm”, which featured a corrupted view of the Lunar Children’s message board, and a post by Matt R., which reads: “It appears this is what had thought, and after careful planning and judgment, we have decided it may be in our best interests to apply this gift to his power, Regiminis. Though he does not hold the deuro in his grasp as planned, he may still watch over the Harbingers link and have enough power to communicate his knowledge of the portal to us. Mothers shine be upon you Ascended brother Regiminis! Power unto thee through thine sigil!” (This post signifies that the LC have confirmed their possession of song power, and will try to hand this gift over to Regiminis, who has been watching over Tyler.)


September 10th, 2015

·         At approx. 2:00am, Tyler posted a new video on youtube. The title of the video is called Accidental Recording, and it features Tyler walking through a liquor store buying beer. In the last frames of the video, we see a figure behind a beer cooler, and the words “GUESS WHO”. The description of the video reads: “I was at a convenience store earlier and must have started recording on accident while I was holding my phone in my hand. I decided I would upload it though, because I didn't notice while I was there, but when I went to get some beer off the shelf in the end, it looks like some guy was smiling at me from the room behind the shelves. It is kinda hard for me to tell though since everything started getting fucked up near the end. Oh well, at least I shouldn't be seeing him again anytime soon.


September 15th, 2015

·         At 10:20pm, Spirkiroid discovered an update to the main page of The page featured an audio file titled: “beginning.mp3”, and was a sound bite of Rosa’s dialogue from the Vampire the Masquerade game. The sound bite was the line: “I’m sorry, sometimes I see… nothing. Disregard what I say.” There was also a background image code found in the source: “t_tl.jpg” (assumed to be Tatl, the fairy helper in Majora’s Mask) , but the image url only lead to the redirect pages.


·         At 10:23pm, The ID’s discovered the page /rosa/. This new page featured a title: “Listen Carefully”, a background image: “skyup.gif”, and text hidden in the source: “I will speak to you soon


September 16th, 2015

·         At 5:13pm, Eevee noticed an update to /rosa/. The page now featured a video: “fortune.webm”. In the video Rosa gives us our fortune, while showing us images of the future. Some notable highlights of the video include:


o Text in the video reads: “B. The Controller I am true. Puppeteer holding the strings. THE DARK. Waiting to take my true puppet. EN. I have the damn trinket she gave him.”

o Several flash images of the Sydney Airport in Australia.

o An ending scene of Tyler approaching a door, with 50’s Rock & Roll music playing in the background, with Rosa saying the infamous quote: “Don’t open it!”

September 18th, 2015

· Between 12:35am-12:38am, Tenebris posted to the Skype group. His posts were deleted, and missed by the group.

· At 12:39am, Tenebris posted: “Tatl speaks

· At 12:42am, Tenebris posted: “fingers on hand, three of three, twice” (592)

· The ID’s discovered an update to /key592/, a link to a chat. Where Rosa was awaiting them. Rosa gave the ID’s a glimpse into the future, and the story of what happened to her in the past. Some things of note: She foresees Tyler beginning to trust the Internet Detectives again. She suggests that Patrem does not understand what power he’s seeking to bring forth, and that the ID’s will soon reclaim our power that was stolen from us.

The entire chat with Rosa can be read HERE.

September 19th, 2015

· Sometime before 11am, Tyler uploaded a new video to his youtube channel. The video was titled: “returning to fishery”, and featured Tyler making a return visit to the fishery with the company of a baseball bat. At the end of the video, he encounters a man wearing a mask, before he begins to runs in terror. The description of the video is: “I am not going back, yesterday is the last time I go anywhere near that area of the woods. But damn it took me a long time to get the hell out of there after I saw that man. It felt like I was wondering through the woods for hours and fucking hours.

September 25th, 2015

· At an unknown time, Tumblr follower Sebastien alerted the ID’s to an update on the main page of johnisdead. The page featured a black background with the words: “/myname” in green font color. There were two audio files in the source:

o it_was.mp3 : This audio seemed to be slowed down ambient sounds.

o d.mp3 : This audio was someone speaking, but was reversed. The words spoken were: “Come on let me in, it's me Douglas”.

· At 11:22pm, Spirkiroid discovered a new page /douglas/. This new page featured a video called: “me.webm”. This video displayed a corrupted image (that we’ve seen many times in the past) of who we now know for certain is Douglas P. At the end of the video text is shown: “I’ll be knocking on his door next”. In the source code was a BG image that seemed to not exist. This image was called: “zed.jpg”.

o It should be noted that there was one other instance in which a BG image code was placed into the source, yet no actual image seemed to exist. That other image was t_tl.jpg, that appeared on the main page the night Rosa spoke with the ID’s. The connection between the two is unknown, or whether the img coding was a mistake.

October 8th, 2015

· At 10:08am, Tyler uploaded a video to YouTube called: “Paranoid Knocking”. A breakdown of the events of the video are below:

o The video opens with a first person view of Tyler’s home, he’s speaking about sporadic knocking on his doors at all hours of the day.

o At about the 1:00 mark of the video he passes a window, and a face can be seen in the window. It appears to be the face of Kelbris looking in the window.

o At the 6:00min. mark, knocking is heard and his lights begin to flash. Suddenly a barrage of images and sounds are shown on the screen:

§ Flashing lightbulb

§ High-pitched noise

§ A red/black hand closes over the screen

§ Red text: “Some have to knock”

§ Douglas (green man) laughing

§ The pig-mask (mask #2 “will find you”)

§ Mason’s storm drain

§ The Third Giant

§ A close up of Kelbris’ face

§ Undistinguishable red text

§ Footage of the fishery

§ Undistinguishable red text

§ Images of an unknown person (possibly Kevin)

§ An image of what appears to be a rose, or a man with a towel on his head.

§ /Patrem\

§ The same image of a rose/man with a different filter

§ A black screen with the audio @90 by K3v1n

o The imagery is stopped and Tyler once again gains control of his camera.

October 9th, 2015

· At 2:25am, ARG Dov discovered a new video uploaded to Tyler’s YouTube account. The new video was titled: “calling john” and originally had a description that read: “I accidentally stopped the recording early but yeah that was really weird. I had a dream last night I went to that website I was shown a while back,, made by those assholes who I guess wanted to make some joke out of my friends death or something. And in the dream it actually wasn’t just a blank red page with music or weird sounds, someone I talked to on the website told me to call john. So I looked through some of my old shit and found his old number. I was just expecting a disconnected message, or someone to already have the number taken over, but I guess whoever has it now also has a fucked up phone.” The video featured Tyler dialing John’s phone # and a spooky guttural noise was heard coming from the speaker.

· Earlier in the day, the Internet Detectives decided to begin to try and contact Tyler via his YouTube comment section again. ARG Dov, Thorin, and Eevee posted. Tyler responded to Eevee’s post:

o Eevee: “Tyler, you need to come back to us. We are not trying to hurt you, we care about you.

o Tyler: “Why the hell do you people always lose your shit so hard in my comment section? “We are not trying to hurt you, we care about you." Like jeez are you some kind of cult? Goodnight actually before I get sucked into whatever is going on here; I have work in the morning.

· At 2:38am, Spirkiroid noticed that the phone number dialed by Tyler was the same number we’d been calling and texting for months. So the ID’s began to call and text the number again.

· At 2:47am, the ID’s noticed the description of the video “calling john” changed. It now read: “TAGS”. By checking the source codes of the YouTube video’s page, we discovered hidden tags on multiple videos:

o Calling John: “Why, dont, you, check, again, old, friend”.

o Paranoid Knocking: “We, have, no, need, to, knock, child, regiminis, shall, be, watching, you, until, your, time, comes

o Accidental Recording: “Icanseeyounow, Iamherewaiting

o Jacob: “what, do, you, think, they, did, to, him?

o Found a Cool Thing: “The, hackers, message

o Bored: “the, four, will, come, and, open, way, for, goddess, on, november 11, you, have, to, make, choice

· At 3:03am, the description to “calling john” was changed again, it now read: “i hit the Fucking end button a bit to early. oh well, I called johnS old pHone ERlier because i had a strange dream about the website i was shown before but it doenst matter suppose Yeah i don't think i should call that again no ok llllll llllll 111111”. The capitalized letters spell out “FISHERY”.

· The ID’s rushed to check the tags to the fishery video and discovered a new hidden tag: “HELP THE ROOF IS COLLAPSING PLEASE DONT LET US ALL DIE

· At 3:06 the description to “calling john” changed again: “i hit the Fuckilledusing end button a bit to early. oh well, I called johnS old pHone ERlier because i had a strange dream about the websitdhne i was showwhereamin before but it doenst matter suppose Youknowwhereweareburriedeah i don't think i should theyarewaitingtocall that again no. You Know where we were buiried. they are waiting

· By 3:07am, the description box was wiped clean.

October 11th, 2015

· At 11:06pm, the ID’s noticed a new upload to Tyler’s YouTube page. The new video was called: “I’m going to”. The description reads: “I know whoever runs that thing probably watches my channel, so here you go. I might have over reacted a bit at first, but fine, I don't know who the fuck you are but Ill actually go to kevs house, I haven't been in a really long time anyways and was thinking of going by to reminisce.”, and it featured Tyler calling John’s phone number again and hearing a busy signal. He also spoke about a browser that his GF introduced him too. This browser makes him unable to view Hidden in the source code of the youtube video was: “blood moon ritual ground I'll see you soon Harbingers Link”.

October 12th, 2015

· At 10:14am the ID’s discovered a new video uploaded to LostMemory423’s YouTube account. The new video is titled: “IMG_1509”, and featured a camera-man filming the fishery. At the end of the video, there’s a note on the floor that reads: “Due to recent unfortunate events the continued use of the fish house has been deemed unfavourable for the continuation of our worship and personal well being. If you have recieved this notice, it is because you have been given the task of removing any valuable holy items from the fishery, the holy building provided to us by the Father Patrem, and transporting them to our new central meeting grounds, the Ohio Spire. Collect everything of value and await further instructions. AVOID THE FISH PONDS AND LEAVE NO SHREDS OF EVIDENCE TO ANY ACTIONS IN SAID LOCATION AND REPORT ANY ABNORMALITIES OR STRANGE SENSATIONS DURING YOUR TIME IN THE BUILDING! - Ezekiel”. There was a binary code in the description box, which has yet to be decoded.

· At 8:09pm, the ID’s discovered the main page to updated. The new page said simply: “Listen”, and a radio stream was imbedded to the page: link here. The stream played song of unhealing, had some spooky noises, and then played vaporwave Elton John.

· At 8:58pm, the ID’s noticed an update to “/key592”. A new link was added called “number.mp3”, and was simply an audio of a phone dialing numbers. The ID’s called the number, and it now works once again. Audio was played when called.

· At 10:20pm, Tenebris posted to the Skype group: “Run”.

October 13th, 2015

· After 12:00am, the ID’s noticed new redirect pages. A list of pages can be found HERE. One of the redirect pages had hidden text in the source code:

o /head: "trying to feed her son", who officials say by then had been "deceased for at least six days."

October 25th, 2015

· At 2:15am, Tenebris posted to the Skype Group: “Run”.

· At 2:18am, The ID’s discovered an update to /run. This new page featured a .gif image of train tracks called: “tracks.gif”, and an audio file called: “pastevent.mp3”.

· At 2:31am, The main page of was updated. The main page now featured a new image of train tracks called: “anomaly.jpg”, and an audio file called: “scared.mp3”. Hidden in the source was: “REMEMBER. THE HOUSE”.

· At 2:41am, The ID’s discovered an update to /key592. There was now a link called: “execute.txt”. The .txt file says: “ry.ex”.

It is presumed at this point, that we being instructed to download the game lostmemory.exe

November 1st, 2015



November 3rd, 2015

· At 12:50am, ID member Spirkiroid played lostmemory.exe, and wrote his experience: “I walked into the house, everything was regular, then the tv in the living room turned to static and the lights downstairs broke. I went upstairs and walked around a bit and then I was teleported behind the locked door on the first floor like Zack was. Cremia appeared floating, crying, and without a face. text appeared on the screen saying "hernamewas", and then "diana". I was teleported outside the house and text appeared saying "heisnotthefather". Then I was teleported under the map into water.”

· At 4:28pm, Spirkiroid noticed a .txt file on his desktop called: “ezekielthoth33.txt”. When opened, it contained:




















· At 9:48pm, The Ghost of Eevee solved the cipher, using the clues given in the second half of the .txt. What remained afterwards was: “3MrC6OLRutS}”.

November 4th, 2015

· At 9:48am, ID member Juplaylp discovered an update to /key592. The page now featured a new link called: “findthename.txt”, which read:

The ANSwe3r is right In front of yOu

fac3e it









· At some point during the night, the main page of changed, the title was now: “NAME”, and hidden in the source was: “33”.

This is the end of the Dead Arc

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