Helper is a friendly entity that delivers messages and packages. He has helped players on multiple occasions throughout the ARG. It was later revealed that he has existed since the beginning of time, having once been a servant to Luna that rebelled against her.


Helper's personality and appearance evokes that of the Postman from the Legend of Zelda series. Helper always had a friendly demeanor, using fairly polite language and often holding the players in high regard. Despite this, he didn't back down when calling out ineptness or bad behavior, which the Internet Detectives often displayed. He has the habit of referring to things with video game terms, such as calling players 'Adventurers', calling the GM a 'Quest-giver', or labeling players who want the story to have a bad ending 'demons'.

Helper has more oddities about him, such as how he communicates with players. Though we communicate with Helper via Skype and message boards, it seems as if he 'hears' our messages. He also states that he does not know what 'forums' are, implying that his means of communicating with us are supernatural, and we are merely perceiving them as forum posts and Skype messages. His highly values his mask, the Postman's Hat. It would seem as if whoever is in possession of this hat would receive the title of 'Messenger'.

The Beginning of Time

Long ago before Helper met any of us, he used to be known as "Auxiliatis", an Absque Facie that served Luna. He was said to have been Luna's most sacred assistant, spreading her word and testament across her parallelos. Helper could deliver anything as long as it wasn't comprised solely of her power alone.

One day, Luna tasked Helper with spreading her word to mankind in the Overworld. However, much to her surprise, Helper refused. He desired to enjoy the world of man instead of that of Luna's. He felt betrayed and tired, having served Luna since his creation. Luna was furious, and entrapped him in the Overworld, forever in servitude of man.

Modern Times

The Lunar Children still have the ability to call upon Helper, though he is often considered a taboo subject - even speaking his name is forbidden. Despite this, they are permitted to use him in desperate times. In 2009, Helper began contacting us through time in the present, 2015. Players first called upon him by using the Postman's Hat, which led to him stealing and sending us Doug's mail. He also responded to the New Wave Bossa Nova, asking if we needed help once played.

Players asked Helper to save Doug from the fishery. Helper agreed to do so, but he warned us that he was no hero. Shortly after this, Mason spotted Helper jogging into the fishery. Mason threw a rock in an attempt to distract the guards, however this rock unfortunately ended up hitting Helper in the head, killing him. This wasn't the end of Helper, though. Being an Absque Facie, Helper was able to still live on without a corporeal body.

Sidequest - The Search for the Hat

Helper, despite being only a spirit, was able to contact players over Skype. Not only had he lost his body, but he also lost the Postman's Hat, which is said to allow whoever holds it the ability to send messages through time and space. Whoever has the hat also has access to the Helper account on Within Hubris and the 'M' YouTube channel. Helper asked players to find his hat for him, something that would act as a small sidequest to the main ARG.

Helper's avatar on the Within Hubris forums.

Strangely enough, Helper told us that he was unable to find his body. This is backed up by how in the image we see of his hat at the fishery, his body is nowhere to be seen - only a pool of blood. How exactly his body went missing is unknown, though Helper states that he is currently searching for his body so that he may reanimate it. The trail goes cold for a short while, though we know that Mason currently holds the hat, having picked it up while running away from the fishery.

However, before we could get Helper's back from Mason, he ends up trading it to someone who claims to be from the future. This person would become known as The Gray Man.

Helper eventually managed to find his body. However, before he was free to search for his hat, he had to carry out tasks for the one who 'claimed' his body before him. Helper explains that he's tasked with delivering drugs and Nazi gold for the cartel. How this exactly came to be is unclear, though it's possible that the Lunar Children at the fishery discarded Helper's body which then was found by someone in the cartel.

After his illegal duties are finished, Helper brings us another message, this time from Mason. Helper explains that, even though he is not the 'Messenger' anymore, he can still deliver messages normally, just at a much slower pace. He tells us that Mason is trapped in a storm drain, and will most surely die if not helped. Helper comes to us with another message a few weeks later from the GM himself telling us that someone died because of us. Who exactly this was is unknown, though it's confirmed that Mason was not this person.

Helper would deliver a few smaller messages to us throughout the rest of the YSHDT Arc, though most of these are just simply hints on what we should do next, nothing plot related.



Seeing how Helper's sole purpose was originally being a messenger for Luna, it's no surprise he is excellent at delivering messages. Several times throughout the ARG Helper has delivered players important documents, such as Doug's mail, Doug's school notes, and larger packages such as the camera. In addition to this, he is an excellent runner, even without his supernatural abilities.

Postman's Hat

Though the exact details are unknown, Helper's mask, the Postman's Hat, seems to hold some powers of its own. Whoever holds the hat is the 'Messenger' and is granted the ability to relay messages and packages across time and space. This enhanced Helper's delivery abilities, adding a supernatural element to them. Being the 'Messenger' also granted one the ability to communicate through the Helper account on Within Hubris and the M YouTube Channel.

Ethereal Body

Even after Helper died at the fishery, he was still able to contact us. It was during this time that he attempted to track down his corpse so that he may be revived, meaning that he must have been wandering the world as a spirit. This is most likely due to his status as an Absque Facie.


Helper spoke with us a few times on the Within Hubris forums, though most of our chats occurred in the Internet Detectives Skype group.


Our first contact with Helper was him delivering Doug's stolen mail to us.


 Helper: Do you have need of assistance, adventurer?
wickedlady4180: We need to help Douglas, how can we?
Helper: I'm not particularly sure. Has he lost his mail?
ADULT_LINK: No, he seems to have gone missing. He may have lost his mail as well though.
Helper: Ooh, that's droll. I may be able to find him, which will take me a fair bit.
Helper: However, I will find the perpetrator who has taken his mail! Thank you for bringing this information to light, adventurer!
TheSeekerOfLight: Dont forget his marbles.
Helper: That reminds me of when I was a child, fair maiden!
Helper: I used to love my marbles, with small hornets encased inside.
Mugen Kagemaru: Beware the Twelfth Tribe, they observe too much.
Helper: That's dumb.
Dawn Of a New Day: How heavy is the package that you carry?
Helper: I am not currently in possession of any package.
Helper: However, I assure you that I deliver quite large packages, demon.
Dawn Of a New Day: y
Helper: You know why, villain.
Helper: You seek to create what the others do not.
Mugen Kagemaru: What would that be?
Helper: The near opposite of what you wish, adventurer.
wickedlady4180: Helper, if you find our friend Douglas. Can you deliver him to his home?
Helper: I am not sure he would be able to survive with a lack of oxygen, maiden.
Mugen Kagemaru: And what would be the near opposite of what we wish?
Helper: Obviously the near opposite of what you wish, adventurer!
Helper: I have found what you seek.
Helper: HO LXLRPO.
Helper: He is where you imagined he would be, adventurer.
Helper: i am not a hero
((Helper then posts the image below: his hat surrounded by a pool of blood))
Helper: That insect has been dealt with.
((It's unknown who exactly says the above, as it is very out of character))
((It's also very out of character for Mason, who picks up the hat around this time))
((It's possible this is a Lunar Child who picks up Helper's hat, or Patrem))

((From this point onward, the Helper account on Within Hubris is used by The Gray Man instead. Because of this, the messages sent from the Helper account from this point forward will be archived on their page instead))


Helper's first chat in the Skype group. He confirms that he is dead and has lost both his hat and his body, meaning he is communicating with us as a spirit. Helper states that Mason is currently in no need of help. Helper himself does require help, though, as he is no longer a 'Messenger' without his hat.

[4:00:22  PM]  ***  Helper  joined.  ***  
[4:00:35  PM]  ***  Kidpichu  is  confused  ***  
[4:00:36  PM]  ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ:  helper?  
[4:00:37  PM]  Wolfcat:  We  should  Mass  Debate  together  over  this  issue  
[4:00:37  PM]  Archery  2000:  o.m.g.  
[4:00:48  PM]  Archery  2000:  they  really  are  listening  to  the  chat  
[4:00:57  PM]  Helper:  Hello  adventurers!  
[4:00:58  PM]  ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ:  Hi  helper!  :D  
[4:01:00  PM]  Wolfcat:  Hello!  
[4:01:01  PM]  Archery  2000:  hi!  
[4:01:03  PM]  Captain  Desdinova:  Hey!  
[4:01:04  PM]  Kidpichu:  XD  
[4:01:09  PM]  Helix  236:  hi  
[4:01:10  PM]  ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ:  so  what  happened?  
[4:01:12  PM]  Le  lune  'Jayckup':  Helper!  
[4:01:14  PM]  Archery  2000:  who  is  the  postman?  
[4:01:14  PM]  Kidpichu:  oh  hello  ^-^  
[4:01:24  PM]  Helper:  You  seem  to  be  excited  to  meet  me.  
[4:01:25  PM]  Grey:  What  was  that  pixie  picture  I  don't  even  
[4:01:32  PM]  Archery  2000:  yes  we  are  
[4:01:33  PM]  Helper:  Again.  
[4:01:33  PM]  ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ:  Indeed  we  are  
[4:01:42  PM]  Archery  2000:  indeed  
[4:01:45  PM]  ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ:  so  what  happened  a  while  ago  
[4:01:56  PM]  Kidpichu:  are  you  well?  
[4:02:11  PM]  eve  sim:  Hi,  sorry  I  killed  you  
[4:02:13  PM]  Wolfcat:  Are  you  dead?  
[4:02:29  PM]  Skype:  do  you  like  yugioh?  
[4:02:54  PM]  ***  Skype  gives  helper  premium  ***  
[4:03:09  PM]  Helper:  Sadly,  I  am  no  longer  a  messanger.
[4:03:12  PM]  ***  Skype  premium  ***
[4:03:23  PM  |  Edited  4:03:29  PM]  ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ:  did  you  lose  your  hat?
[4:03:23  PM]  Grey:  I  actually  haven't  met  you  before  Helper.  So  I  can  be  excited  if  I  want.  
[4:03:33  PM]  Archery  2000:  did  you  lose  your  hat?  
[4:03:56  PM]  Kidpichu:  why?  
[4:04:30  PM]  Helper:  Yes,  I  have  lost  an  important  part  of  my  person,  adventurer.  
[4:04:35  PM]  ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ:  Aww,  that  sucks  
[4:04:35  PM]  Le  lune  'Jayckup':  helper,  Im  happy  that  you  are  alive.
[4:04:44  PM]  Le  lune  'Jayckup':  Can  we  get  it  back?  
[4:04:49  PM]  Helper:  I  do  not  feel  alive.  
[4:04:54  PM]  Helix  236:  can  we  help  you  get  it  back?  
[4:05:00  PM]  Archery  2000:  can  we  help  you?  
[4:05:10  PM]  Helper:  I  do  not  have  a  person  any  longer.
[4:05:18  PM]  Le  lune  'Jayckup':  How  do  you  mean?
[4:05:21  PM]  ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ:  Were  you  ascended?  
[4:05:24  PM]  Skype: 
[4:05:27  PM]  Le  lune  'Jayckup':  Ill  give  you  a  person.  
[4:05:29  PM]  Archery  2000:  who  was  your  person?  
[4:05:29  PM]  Kidpichu:  D:  
[4:05:38  PM]  Wolfcat:  Such  as  in masks.txt I'm  guessing  
[4:05:41  PM]  eve  sim:  Again,  I'm  sorry.  
[4:05:52  PM]  Helper:  I  am  without  a  body.  A  most  peculiar  predicament.  
[4:06:11  PM]  Grey:  Must  be  hard  to  chat  on  skype  from  the  spirit  world.  
[4:06:45  PM]  Helper:  I  do  not  know  what  has  happened  to  me.  
[4:06:46  PM]  Archery  2000:  what  is  the  last  thing  you  recall  from  when  you  have  your  body?
[4:06:47  PM]  Wolfcat:  Who  sent  you  to  the  shadow  realm?  [4:06:50  PM]  Archery  2000:  ah  I  see  
[4:07:15  PM]  eve  sim:  Can  we  help  you  somehow?  
[4:07:36  PM]  Helix  236:  did  something  happen  when  you  sleep?  
[4:07:43  PM]  Archery  2000:  is  there  anything  you  can  recall  that  might  help  us  aid  you?  
[4:07:52  PM]  Helper:  I  do  not  remember  much  past  yesterday.  
[4:07:59  PM]  ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ:  I'm  sorry  D;  
[4:08:03  PM]  Archery  2000:  what  was  the  last  thing  you  were  doing?  
[4:08:05  PM]  Le  lune  'Jayckup':  Do  you  remember  your  name?  
[4:09:21  PM]  Helper:  Skype?  
[4:09:32  PM]  ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ:  ?  
[4:09:38  PM]  Le  lune  'Jayckup':  What  about  skype?  
[4:09:39  PM]  Skype:  yes?  
[4:09:50  PM]  ***  Skype  updates  ***  
[4:09:54  PM]  Archery  2000:  lol  
[4:09:56  PM]  ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ:  lol  
[4:10:00  PM]  Captain  Desdinova:  lol  
[4:10:00  PM]  Wolfcat:  I'm  guessing  you  don't  know  what  medium  you're  speaking  to  us  in  
[4:10:22  PM]  Helper:  What  is  skype?  
[4:10:44  PM]  Skype: 
[4:10:52  PM]  Wolfcat:  It's  how  we  are  communicating  with  you,  no  big  deal.  
[4:10:58  PM]  Helper:  Your  questions  clog  my  ears,  adventurers.  
[4:11:07  PM]  ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ:  Sorry  about  that  
[4:11:19  PM]  Helix  236:  yeah  We're  sorry  T.T  
[4:12:01  PM]  Archery  2000:  do  these  numbers  make  any  sense?
[4:12:02  PM]  Archery  2000:  25  11  17  14
[4:12:48  PM]  Archery  2000:  well,  I  was  looking  at  the  message  that  was  unsolved,  and  those  are  the  numbers  needed  to  make  sense  of  each  word  from  Caesar  shifting  
[4:13:14  PM]  Helper:  I  am  a  corporeal  spirit.  Not  a  mathematician.  
[4:13:23  PM]  Archery  2000:  apologies  
[4:13:53  PM]  eve  sim:  Helper,  how  can  we  help  you?
[4:13:54  PM  |  Removed  4:14:52  PM]  Wolfcat:  This  message  has  been  removed.  
[4:14:24  PM]  Kidpichu:  guys  one  at  a  time  XD  
[4:16:49  PM]  Archery  2000:  helper,  are  you  still  there?  
[4:17:43  PM]  Helper:  I  do  not  imagine  you  will  be  able  to  help  me,  adventurers.  
[4:17:54  PM]  ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ:  D;  
[4:19:06  PM]  Grey:  Do  you  know  how  we  can  help  Mason?  
[4:20:17  PM]  Helper:  Mason  is  in  no  need  of  help  currently,  adventurer.  The  ones  in  need  of  help  are  yourselves.  
[4:20:25  PM]  Archery  2000:  How  can  we  help  ourselves?  
[4:21:05  PM]  Helper:  By  helping  yourselves,  of  course!  
[4:21:22  PM]  Grey:  There  is  logic  in  what  he  says.  
[4:21:37  PM]  ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ:  What  is  it  we  need  help  with?  
[4:21:48  PM]  Helper:  Everything.  
[4:21:52  PM]  Wolfcat:  Helper,  can  you  tell  us  what  all  you  remember  before  becoming  a  spirit?  If  anything  at  all.  
[4:21:53  PM]  Captain  Desdinova:  I  love  you,  Helper


Helper explains that whoever currently holds the Postman's Hat will be known as the 'Messenger', and control the Within Hubris Helper account alongside the 'M' YouTube account. He also repeatedly states that he no longer has the power to deliver messages, as he is no longer the Messenger.

[10:03:07 AM] *** Helper joined. ***
[10:03:15 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: !!!
[10:03:26 AM] Helper: Hello adventurers.
[10:03:36 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: hi helper
[10:04:06 AM] Helper: I would be pleased to know if you've found any leads on the whereabouts of my hat.
[10:05:19 AM] Wolfcat: I believe we know who has your hat, but we haven't been able to contact him yet.
[10:06:12 AM] Helper: I see.
[10:06:18 AM] Grey: Helper! You're back!
[10:06:33 AM] Helper: Hello, tactician!
[10:06:43 AM] Archery 2000: hey helper!
[10:06:46 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: so helper
[10:06:51 AM] Archery 2000: way to go! first thing I see when I wake up ^^
[10:06:53 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: any luck getting your body back?
[10:07:42 AM] Mando 寒山: Yo yo yo
[10:07:48 AM] Helper: I have not, sadly.
[10:08:02 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: aw
[10:08:09 AM] Mando 寒山: What's up helpman
[10:08:43 AM] Helper: Not my spirits, sadly.
[10:09:01 AM] Archery 2000: did something happen?
[10:09:21 AM] Mando 寒山: I have some free bodies if you want any
[10:09:23 AM] Helper: I do not have a body.
[10:10:00 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: any way we could help?
[10:10:27 AM] Helper: I do not see how, adventurer.
[10:10:40 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: darn
[10:11:02 AM] Grey: How will we get your hat back to you once we find it?
[10:11:02 AM] Mando 寒山: Where's your body now
[10:11:05 AM] Helper: However, I may have some information you might need during your future endeavors.
[10:11:13 AM] Archery 2000: and that might be?
[10:11:18 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: mando, not the time
[10:11:23 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: we can explain later
[10:11:45 AM] Mando 寒山: Sure, lay it on us
[10:11:54 AM] Helper: I do not know, adventurer. If I knew where my body was, I would be in possession of it.
[10:12:15 AM] Archery 2000: helper, what is the information you have for us?
[10:13:42 AM] Helper: The one you call mason is still alive.
[10:13:59 AM] Archery 2000: is he in trouble?
[10:14:09 AM] Helper: Absolutely not.
[10:14:20 AM] Helper: He happens to be doing nothing.
[10:14:32 AM] Eve Sim: That's good to know.
[10:14:41 AM] Grey: thank goodness he's alive
[10:14:46 AM] Archery 2000: is he unable to do anything? or is it his choice to do nothing?
[10:15:00 AM] Helper: I imagine it is his choice.
[10:15:08 AM] Eve Sim: I have a question.
[10:15:21 AM] Helper: Yes, adventurer?
[10:15:46 AM] Eve Sim: Do you know if "The Vile Man" will be back soon?
[10:16:21 AM] Oceanstuck: quickly refreshes yshdt thread out of curiosity
[10:16:32 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: ocean, helper is back!
[10:16:40 AM] Helper: I do not know of which vile man you speak.
[10:16:44 AM] Oceanstuck: finds an image with the words "azure rebirth" hidden in it and moogen flipping his shit
[10:16:45 AM] Archery 2000: patrem
[10:16:45 AM] Eve Sim: Patrem
[10:16:57 AM] Oceanstuck: o hai helper
[10:17:35 AM] Helper: His actions are far outside what I will ever be able to perceive.
[10:17:47 AM] Helper: So no.
[10:17:58 AM] Eve Sim: Ok, thank you.
[10:18:02 AM] Mando 寒山: Oh, I got my internet back. Cool
[10:18:24 AM] Mando 寒山: Okay so does this Azure Rebirth stuff have anything to do with whatever forum Mugen made or is this a coincidence
[10:19:00 AM] Helper: Azure Rebirth?
[10:19:16 AM] Oceanstuck: shrugs thats what it said
[10:19:33 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: Helper, im not sure how we could explain it to you without confusing you
[10:19:40 AM] Archery 2000: helper, do you know how our friend Doug is?
[10:19:45 AM] Grey: It was hidden in a clue we found.
[10:20:02 AM] Archery 2000: so azure rebirth was hidden in eyes
[10:20:07 AM] Helper: I do not know of any Azure Rebirth.
[10:20:11 AM] Oceanstuck: whats this azure rebirth thing mean anyway
[10:20:17 AM] Oceanstuck: those of you who actually know
[10:20:43 AM] *** Oceanstuck added Mugen Kagemaru (W♔♙) ***
[10:20:52 AM | Removed 10:21:10 AM] Archery 2000: This message has been removed.
[10:20:52 AM] Helper: Doug is, as far as I know, still in his prison.
[10:21:02 AM] Archery 2000: I see, is there anything we can do to help him?
[10:21:03 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: his prison?
[10:21:23 AM] Helper: The fishery.
[10:21:27 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: ah.
[10:21:29 AM] Oceanstuck: describe the fishery
[10:21:38 AM] Mugen Kagemaru (W♔♙): Helper did you get my message earlier?
[10:21:44 AM] Helper: My memories are still a little fuzzy.
[10:21:55 AM] Oceanstuck: try the best you can
[10:22:00 AM] Helper: It seemed to be a run down building.
[10:22:13 AM] Helper: I do not know how else to describe it.
[10:22:18 AM] Oceanstuck: oh
[10:22:20 AM] Oceanstuck: well you tried
[10:22:31 AM] Helper: I have not gotten your message, adventurer.
[10:22:38 AM] Archery 2000: is there anything we can do to help doug?
[10:22:46 AM] Helper: For I am not in possession of my hat.
[10:22:58 AM] Helper: I am no longer a messenger.
[10:23:01 AM] Mando 寒山: [10:21 AM] Helper: 
<<< It seemed to be a run down building.
I do not know how else to describe it.Are there any defining characteristics you can remember? Cars, a sign, etc.
[10:23:02 AM] Mugen Kagemaru (W♔♙): Helper, check your Private Messages on here and the forum
[10:23:06 AM] Oceanstuck: hey has anyone asked about that image with a bunch of our states of residence on it
[10:23:09 AM] Mugen Kagemaru (W♔♙): The message is for you
[10:23:13 AM] Helper: There were no cars or signs.
[10:23:27 AM] Mando 寒山: How did you know it was a fishery
[10:23:27 AM] Helper: It was near a forested area, I believe.
[10:23:28 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: the one who we believe to have your had has not been in contact with us for a while
[10:23:50 AM] Helper: Because it was a fishery, adventurer!
[10:24:08 AM] Helper: This is most odd.
[10:24:15 AM] Archery 2000: what is?
[10:24:15 AM] Oceanstuck: helper i suggest you try to cut down on the tautologies
[10:24:18 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: what is?
[10:24:23 AM] Helper: You have gotten messages, yes?
[10:24:33 AM] Mugen Kagemaru (W♔♙): No
[10:24:37 AM] Archery 2000: supposedly from you?
[10:24:38 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: from whom?
[10:24:58 AM] Helper: None whatsoever? Not even a video, picture, or hint?
[10:25:12 AM] Oceanstuck: what kind of messages are we talking
[10:25:17 AM] Helper: None other than the messenger, adventurer.
[10:25:18 AM] Mugen Kagemaru (W♔♙): Nothing we could consider as such, no.
[10:25:30 AM] Helper: I have just listed them, heroine.
[10:25:39 AM] Oceanstuck: oh
[10:25:42 AM] Oceanstuck: heroine, huh
[10:25:47 AM] Helper: This is most odd indeed.
[10:25:47 AM] Oceanstuck: i like the sound of that
[10:25:50 AM] Oceanstuck: ^.^
[10:25:50 AM] Grey: Do you mean the videos with that weird shadow?
[10:25:55 AM] Archery 2000: I suppose some could have received messages?
[10:25:59 AM] Wolfcat: Do you mean, 'M'? Are they our Messenger?
[10:26:10 AM] Helper: The one in possession of the hat can share messages.
[10:26:17 AM] Oceanstuck: mason?
[10:26:22 AM] Oceanstuck: huh
[10:26:26 AM] Archery 2000: you have been quite active for the past few days
[10:26:28 AM] Oceanstuck: kinda weird youd say that
[10:26:33 AM] Oceanstuck: considering hes gone quiet on us
[10:26:38 AM] Helper: I do not know what the messenger has sent you, or what they call themselves.
[10:26:53 AM] Oceanstuck: how would we contact this messenger
[10:26:53 AM] Mugen Kagemaru (W♔♙): Can you find out?
[10:27:14 AM] Archery 2000: would this count as a message?
[10:27:15 AM] Archery 2000: ?
[10:27:34 AM] Helper: Of course not, they are messages for you, not I!
[10:27:45 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: ....hwat
[10:28:01 AM] Archery 2000: was it sent by you?
[10:28:36 AM] Mugen Kagemaru (W♔♙): I have sent messages, Helper. Messages addressed to you. Did you receive them?
[10:29:07 AM] Helper: I do not understand your tongue.
[10:29:17 AM] Oceanstuck: he sent you shit
[10:29:21 AM] Helper: I am no longer the messenger.
[10:29:23 AM] Oceanstuck: he wants to know if you got it
[10:29:39 AM] Mugen Kagemaru (W♔♙): They are not for you to pass along
[10:29:51 AM] Mugen Kagemaru (W♔♙): They are for you to peruse
[10:29:57 AM] Grey: I believe it's clear helper hasn't gotten anything
[10:29:59 AM] Helper: The messenger has gotten them. You are trying my patience, adventurer, I have explained such.
[10:30:19 AM] Archery 2000: my apologies helper, we have been rather rude hosts
[10:30:23 AM] Kidpichu: hi ^-^
[10:30:23 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: Guys, lets calm down with all of the questions
[10:30:25 AM] Oceanstuck: sry
[10:30:28 AM] Oceanstuck: hi pichu
[10:30:43 AM] Mugen Kagemaru (W♔♙): It is my belief that I am not correctly wording my question. I am trying to correct this problem.
[10:31:01 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: Oh also helper, I'm very sorry for my persistence last time you were here, i did not mean to come off as impatient
[10:31:30 AM] Helper: I understand your question, rude one. I am not an idiot.
[10:31:41 AM] Oceanstuck: welp
[10:31:45 AM] Grey: Helper, if I may ask, how can we get your hat to you once we've found it?
[10:32:10 AM] Helper: The one who owns the hat is the messenger.
[10:32:21 AM] Oceanstuck: how can we contact the messenger
[10:32:21 AM] Mugen Kagemaru (W♔♙): Um, let me try this. Uh, Helper? Did the Messenger give you any messages from me?
[10:32:24 AM] Archery 2000: we have to get him to deliver it to you?
[10:32:26 AM] Helper: The messenger may relay messages across time and space.
[10:32:36 AM] Helper: You simply give me a message.
[10:32:43 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: I am very confused by all of this
[10:32:50 AM] Archery 2000: I see
[10:32:56 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: so when we get your hat, we have to use the hat to bring the hat to you?
[10:33:05 AM] Mugen Kagemaru (W♔♙): I wonder if that's the point Thorin
[10:33:06 AM] Oceanstuck: pfp
[10:33:19 AM] Helper: I have not gotten any messages, adventurer.
[10:33:27 AM] Mugen Kagemaru (W♔♙): There we go
[10:33:34 AM] Mugen Kagemaru (W♔♙): Did it right
[10:33:36 AM] Helper: The messenger gets the messages. They relay the messages.
[10:33:45 AM] Archery 2000: can they choose not to relay the messages?
[10:33:46 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: :^)
[10:33:48 AM] Helper: I have spoken such three times now.
[10:33:48 AM] Oceanstuck: how do we give them messages to relay
[10:34:06 AM] Mugen Kagemaru (W♔♙): You did not speak sense so we did not understand
[10:34:12 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: Oi
[10:34:13 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: mugen
[10:34:15 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: chill
[10:34:17 AM] Oceanstuck: nah i think that was just you
[10:34:21 AM] Grey: I do believe we are being a bit repetitive.
[10:34:22 AM] Oceanstuck: shot
[10:34:26 AM] Helper: It is the job of the messanger to do such things as giving you chances to relay. I am not he.
[10:34:28 AM] Wolfcat: Mugen stop being rude : /
[10:34:33 AM] Oceanstuck: dammit
[10:34:37 AM] Betrayed in the Octagon: Can we focus on something more productive
[10:34:43 AM] Archery 2000: Helper, can the messenger choose not to relay the message?
[10:34:51 AM] Helper: Yes.
[10:34:52 AM] Oceanstuck: is there anything we could do to get him to let us send stuff
[10:34:58 AM | Edited 10:35:05 AM] Archery 2000: should we trust the current messenger?
[10:35:08 AM] Helper: I do not know whom it is.
[10:35:14 AM] Helper: You claim to know.
[10:35:29 AM] Grey: We believe Mason has the hat
[10:35:34 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: i believe his name is "mason" but we are not in contact with him
[10:35:38 AM] Helper: Then he is the messenger.
[10:35:41 AM] Grey: and is being chased by some sort of Shadow
[10:35:45 AM] Oceanstuck: how do we gain contact with him
[10:35:53 AM] Helper: I do not know.
[10:35:55 AM] Oceanstuck: aw
[10:35:59 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: Hmmm
[10:36:04 AM] Helper: For I, once again, am not the messenger.
[10:36:21 AM] Oceanstuck: welp
[10:36:25 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: lets let soe of the other people ask some questions, don't want to be rude and hog all of the question time
[10:36:34 AM] Oceanstuck: ok
[10:36:37 AM] Betrayed in the Octagon: what's the meaning of the image you posted in the thread?
[10:37:21 AM] Helper: I have not given you any image.
[10:37:29 AM] Eve Sim: I understand helper. I'm sorry for the barrage by the others, we're not entirely organized at the moment
[10:37:37 AM] Oceanstuck: spirk, hes not the one posting in the thread
[10:37:41 AM] Betrayed in the Octagon: oh
[10:37:44 AM] Oceanstuck: eve were never organized
[10:37:44 AM] Betrayed in the Octagon: well shit
[10:37:45 AM] Grey: Told ya so
[10:37:46 AM] Archery 2000: Helper, is there any meaning when you call us hero/heroes/heroine?
[10:37:46 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: Our communication skills are not very advanced.
[10:38:01 AM | Edited 10:38:07 AM] Archery 2000: or is it merely interchangeable with adventurer?
[10:38:23 AM] Helper: Young archer, a rock will always be a rock, no matter what you happen to call it.
[10:38:48 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: Helper, I've been wondering. why were you calling some of us demons?
[10:38:51 AM] Helper: However, the demons seek to drive you off your course.
[10:38:56 AM] Helper: Be wary.
[10:39:07 AM] Archery 2000: are there still only two demons here?
[10:39:39 AM] Helper: I believe there are three now.
[10:39:50 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: any idea who the third one is?
[10:39:53 AM] Helper: One more by the name of link.
[10:39:57 AM] Oceanstuck: !!
[10:39:57 AM] Betrayed in the Octagon: how can we recognize them?
[10:39:57 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: what
[10:40:03 AM] Oceanstuck: hwat
[10:40:06 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: wait I am a demon?
[10:40:10 AM] Archery 2000: so ADULT LINK is a demon?
[10:40:11 AM] Mugen Kagemaru (W♔♙): Thorin is a demon? What?
[10:40:27 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: I'm not sure how i feel about this.
[10:40:28 AM] Oceanstuck: its because i made an awful injoke about him isnt it
[10:40:30 AM] Helper: This is only my opinion on the subject.
[10:40:40 AM] Oceanstuck: wait
[10:40:43 AM] Mando 寒山: Can I get a list of all known demons
[10:40:49 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: Mando
[10:40:50 AM] Oceanstuck: the other two demons, are they the same ones from before?
[10:40:57 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: Circle, Dawn, and i guess Me
[10:41:06 AM] Oceanstuck: yeah but circle and dawn arent here
[10:41:16 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: Oh that is true.
[10:41:19 AM] Helper: The potential demon speaks the truth.
[10:41:19 AM] Eve Sim: Ocean, it's doesn't matter
[10:41:19 AM] Oceanstuck: so im not sure if hes referring to them
[10:41:26 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: wait
[10:41:31 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: ocean is a potential demon?
[10:41:40 AM] Eve Sim: No guys Link is
[10:41:42 AM] Betrayed in the Octagon: I think he means you
[10:41:46 AM] Helper: No, you.
[10:41:47 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: oh
[10:41:49 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: alright
[10:41:51 AM] Oceanstuck: \(think)
[10:42:07 AM] Eve Sim: Seriously, Helper. I apologize deeply.
[10:42:11 AM] Archery 2000: Helper, I recall that the last time you spoke to us, you mentioned that people don't simply become demons
[10:42:13 AM] Oceanstuck: [10:41 AM] Helper: 
<<< No, lost who do you mean by "you"
[10:42:20 AM] Mugen Kagemaru (W♔♙): Eve knock it off
[10:42:28 AM] Archery 2000: No you was referring to link
[10:42:33 AM] Oceanstuck: ok
[10:42:37 AM | Edited 10:42:47 AM] Archery 2000: why is it that Link may now be a demon even though he wasn't previously
[10:42:45 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: well i mean
[10:42:50 AM] Helper: You ask him.
[10:42:51 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: i had been asking if i was one
[10:42:54 AM] Oceanstuck: maybe he just couldnt tell the first time
[10:42:57 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: and i ended up being called impatient
[10:42:58 AM | Edited 10:43:56 AM] Archery 2000: helper, being a demon is a matter of choice?
[10:44:02 AM] Helper: If that is all, I will be taking my leave of you.
[10:44:12 AM | Edited 10:44:43 AM] Oceanstuck: wait
[10:44:20 AM] Grey: I have one more question if that's alright
[10:44:21 AM] Archery 2000: helper, is being a demon a matter of choice?
[10:44:25 AM | Edited 10:44:33 AM] Helper: I would take an aspirin if I had hands.
[10:44:26 AM] Oceanstuck: me too
[10:44:45 AM] Eve Sim: Thank you helper.
[10:44:46 AM | Edited 10:44:56 AM] Archery 2000: Helper, are you in pain?
[10:44:58 AM] Helper: Yes, being a demon is a matter of choice.
[10:45:06 AM] Oceanstuck: how so
[10:45:13 AM] Oceanstuck: define this choice
[10:45:26 AM] Helper: Simply listening to all of you has given me considerable pain in my skull.
[10:45:32 AM] Archery 2000: My apologies
[10:45:35 AM] Oceanstuck: sry
[10:45:40 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: sorry about that helper.
[10:45:47 AM | Edited 10:46:15 AM] Archery 2000: I hope you do not hold it against us, we are just surprised at a second opportunity to speak to you
[10:46:05 AM] Grey: okay, now I have two questions
[10:46:14 AM] Eve Sim: Grey, he's leaving
[10:46:21 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: we really need to improve our communication skills, and decide what to say instead of barraging you with questions.
[10:46:26 AM] Oceanstuck: yeah
[10:46:37 AM] Grey: Yes, but I'm wondering why he has a headache if he's dead.
[10:46:43 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: he is a spirit
[10:46:50 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: he has a ghostly headache
[10:46:54 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: or so i would imagine
[10:46:55 AM] Archery 2000: helper, is there any final advice you can give us?
[10:47:00 AM] Mugen Kagemaru (W♔♙): Spirits feel pain too guys
[10:47:00 AM] Eve Sim: ^
[10:47:04 AM] Oceanstuck: yeah that
[10:47:15 AM] Oceanstuck: lol link ninjad you
[10:47:20 AM] Helper: The level of idiocy has reached paranormal levels.
[10:47:26 AM] Eve Sim: ^^^^^^
[10:47:30 AM] Oceanstuck: sounds about normal
[10:47:31 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: Sorry helper
[10:47:41 AM] Mugen Kagemaru (W♔♙): Anyway
[10:47:43 AM] Archery 2000: Sorry helper, but I still have to ask, is there any final advice you can give us?
[10:47:48 AM] Grey: It's a fact that the larger a group is, the lower their IQ gets.
[10:47:59 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: everyone shh
[10:48:04 AM] Mugen Kagemaru (W♔♙): Grey has one more question yes?
[10:48:04 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: please
[10:48:10 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: im starting to get a headache too
[10:48:19 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: and i imagine that Helpers is way larger
[10:48:25 AM] Helper: I will answer the tactician's last question.
[10:48:34 AM] Helper: And give one last piece of advice.
[10:49:30 AM] Oceanstuck: leans in to listen closely
[10:49:46 AM] Oceanstuck: which is kinda pointless since this is all text
[10:50:43 AM] Grey: Recently we've seen that the group of people who imprisoned  Doug have found where some of us reside. I just want to know, who's still safe?
[10:51:55 AM] Helper: Whomever they cannot get to. While the group may know your location, they might not have the means to get to it.
[10:52:22 AM] Archery 2000: and the advice?
[10:52:27 AM] Mugen Kagemaru (W♔♙): May I ask one final question before you give your advice?
[10:52:33 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: i believe that was the advice archery
[10:52:42 AM] Oceanstuck: too late moogs
[10:52:49 AM] Helper: I would protect your mailing addresses though. Just in case my hat is used for nefarious deeds.
[10:53:13 AM] Helper: I will allow one last question from the rude one.
[10:53:29 AM] Helper: But only to give him a chance to redeem himself.
[10:53:42 AM] Mugen Kagemaru (W♔♙): What is the goal of your current journey?
[10:53:59 AM] Helper: He has not redeemed himself.
[10:53:59 AM] *** Stevey "Wolfe" Freeman gasp ***
[10:54:02 AM] Stevey "Wolfe" Freeman: helper
[10:54:08 AM] Grey: Saw that coming.
[10:54:10 AM] Oceanstuck: this revelation surprises no one
[10:54:13 AM] Stevey "Wolfe" Freeman: My friend! :D
[10:54:26 AM] Oceanstuck: LE GASP
[10:54:40 AM] Eve Sim: Helper, what was your last word of advice?
[10:54:45 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: Well helper, i hope youquest to get you body back is successful, we shall continue to search for and regain your hat to you!
[10:54:49 AM] Oceanstuck: dont give your mailing addresses
[10:54:51 AM] Helper: I stated in the beginning, and throughout my replies, that I still no longer have my body, and am in search of it.
[10:54:51 AM | Edited 10:55:12 AM] Archery 2000: yes, if you've said your advice, could you repeat it?
[10:55:22 AM] Helper: I have not stated it yet.
[10:55:24 AM] Mugen Kagemaru (W♔♙): The question was to clarify this. I thank you for it
[10:55:34 AM] Helper: I am thinking up some good sage advice.
[10:55:35 AM] Mugen Kagemaru (W♔♙): Your advice, please?
[10:55:41 AM] Archery 2000: haha, we're all ears
[10:55:56 AM | Edited 10:55:58 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: Helper you have the greatest personality
[10:56:00 AM] Oceanstuck: i like you helper
[10:56:10 AM] Grey: Why does Mugen's comments read like a Phoenix Wright cross examination.
[10:56:25 AM] Oceanstuck: PFFPT
[10:56:48 AM] Mugen Kagemaru (W♔♙): Because I'm not rude, I am merely not intimidated.
[10:56:55 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: >_<
[10:56:58 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: stfu  the rude one
[10:57:00 AM] Oceanstuck: hahahahahahaha
[10:57:01 AM] Mando 寒山: Not mutually exclusive duderino
[10:57:01 AM] Wolfcat: Nah you're pretty rude
[10:58:39 AM] Helper: Remember that, while you change events in the past, the future may also contact you. Also, the rude one is very rude, and also easily intimidated at the mention of their past. This goes for your member, and theirs.
[10:58:59 AM] Archery 2000: theirs?
[10:59:04 AM] Archery 2000: oh
[10:59:07 AM] Archery 2000: thank you
[10:59:18 AM] Oceanstuck: huh
[10:59:20 AM] Wolfcat: Thank you very much, Helper.
[10:59:23 AM] Archery 2000: again, sorry for the badgering
[10:59:25 AM] Grey: Thank you Helper.
[10:59:30 AM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: Thank you for the sageful advice helper, i hope you get your body soon
[10:59:44 AM] Helper: I think that statement sets us at even odds, the one who calls themself Mugen.
[10:59:54 AM] Mugen Kagemaru (W♔♙): That past belongs to another. He may be connected to me, and it was he who was angered by the remider
[11:00:01 AM] Oceanstuck: bullshit
[11:00:01 AM] *** Helper has left ***


Helper updates us, telling us that the person who originally had his hat, Mason, has given it to someone else. This person would later be known as the Gray Man. Helper then accuses several users of being 'demons', or players who desire the ARG to have a bad ending. Helper then indicates once again that he is not using technology to communicate with us, but other more supernatural means.

[10:29:31 PM] *** Helper joined. ***
[10:29:39 PM] Oceanstuck: ohai
[10:29:53 PM] Helper: Hello, adventurers!
[10:29:59 PM] Grey:
[10:30:02 PM] Grey: wait what
[10:30:03 PM] Kidpichu: (>_<) my whole little pichu life has been a lie?
[10:30:10 PM] Oceanstuck: sup bruh
[10:30:20 PM] Grey: Hi helper!
[10:30:23 PM] Helper: Has it been, heroine?
[10:30:26 PM] Oceanstuck: logging all of this before i forget
[10:30:33 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: ... oh...
[10:30:41 PM] Kidpichu: hi ^-^
[10:30:42 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: is this the sassy, amazing helper that I know and love?
[10:31:04 PM] Helper: It seems that my hat has exchanged hands.
[10:31:10 PM] Oceanstuck: so ive heard
[10:31:17 PM] Grey: Indeed, a Grey man has it now.
[10:31:20 PM] Grey: Not me
[10:31:26 PM] Grey: Even though my name is Grey
[10:31:31 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: A douchier .... Greyier.... man
[10:31:36 PM] Helper: I cannot say I am pleased by this, but it seems the hat is closer to your grasp than you think.
[10:31:45 PM] The Sun: No, Grey has it.
[10:31:47 PM] The Sun: Kill him.
[10:31:51 PM] Oceanstuck: oh?
[10:31:55 PM] Grey: hrm?
[10:32:03 PM] Oceanstuck: huh
[10:32:06 PM] Oceanstuck: if its so close
[10:32:09 PM] Oceanstuck: how might we get it
[10:32:21 PM] Helper: How might you get it?
[10:32:28 PM] Oceanstuck: yeah how
[10:32:34 PM] Helper: How?
[10:32:54 PM] Oceanstuck: yes im asking how we could potentially get the hat
[10:32:57 PM] Grey: Who?
[10:33:11 PM] Helper: By taking it from this grey man!
[10:33:18 PM] Oceanstuck: ok
[10:33:20 PM] Oceanstuck: but first
[10:33:28 PM] The Sun: Seems like a simple concept.
[10:33:40 PM] Oceanstuck: how do we figure out exactly who and/or where the grey man is
[10:33:40 PM] Grey: Alright, here's the plan
[10:33:44 PM] Grey: I run up
[10:33:48 PM] Grey: and kick him in the nuts
Dawn, you run after me
[10:33:57 PM] Grey: and grab the hat
[10:34:04 PM] Oceanstuck: hahahaha
[10:34:06 PM] The Sun: But I am in space.
[10:34:07 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: I'LL TBAG THE PAINED BODY!
[10:34:14 PM] Grey: Explain MArio 3
[10:34:18 PM] Helper: By asking them who they are!
[10:34:27 PM] Oceanstuck: how do we know who to ask
[10:34:40 PM] Helper: The grey man, of course.
[10:34:44 PM] Helper: Who else?
[10:34:45 PM] Grey: Fine, Ocean will grab the hat
[10:34:48 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: .... ho boy
[10:34:55 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: but we've had no contact with this grey man.
[10:34:57 PM] Grey: Then we flee to mexico
[10:34:59 PM] Oceanstuck: you guys are hilarious
[10:35:01 PM] Grey: where we make the exchange
[10:35:04 PM] Kidpichu: could circle be the greyman? 3: he used to be a greyman but circle wouldn't take hats
[10:35:52 PM] Grey: The name of this operation will be called Ocean's 423
[10:39:05 PM] Helper: Once I gained my body back, I had to perform tasks for the one that claimed it before.
[10:39:24 PM] Oceanstuck: "the one that claimed it before"?
[10:39:25 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: ... intresting
[10:39:38 PM] Kidpichu: ....yaoi's...I'm sorry
[10:39:40 PM] Helper: They took my talent for running and used it for a thriving business they happened to have.
[10:40:04 PM] Grey: So it was pot
[10:40:09 PM] Helper: I simply had to run white powder cross-country!
[10:40:17 PM] Grey: or coke
[10:40:20 PM] Grey: or both
[10:40:26 PM] Oceanstuck: omai
[10:40:27 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: you're ... serious, arent you?
[10:40:29 PM] Oceanstuck: :O
[10:40:52 PM] Helper: I have no idea why I would not be serious, adventurer!
[10:41:12 PM] Oceanstuck: for amusement maybe
[10:41:17 PM] Oceanstuck: but i dont really think thats your thing
[10:41:28 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: I dont know how you supernatural beings.... function... but, where in the country "are you" ?
[10:41:47 PM] Helper: I am no longer supernatural.
[10:41:54 PM] Oceanstuck: was he ever supernatural
[10:41:59 PM] Helper: I currently reside in Jacksonville.
[10:42:04 PM] Helper: Florida.
[10:42:10 PM] Grey: Well now that you have your body we can get your hat back to you easier.
[10:42:11 PM] Oceanstuck: florida?
[10:42:22 PM] Helper: That is what I said.
[10:42:22 PM] Helper: That is what I said.
[10:42:29 PM] Oceanstuck: huh
[10:42:30 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: Oh hi Helper
[10:42:35 PM] Helper: Hello!
[10:42:38 PM] Oceanstuck: we have a friend whos from florida
[10:42:44 PM] Oceanstuck: interesting
[10:42:53 PM] Helper: Yes, Mason, I take it?
[10:43:05 PM] Oceanstuck: mason is from florida?
[10:43:11 PM] The Sun: Wait so
[10:43:13 PM] The Sun: Helper runs coke
[10:43:16 PM] The Sun: For a living
[10:43:24 PM] Grey: Yes he does
[10:43:32 PM] Oceanstuck: apparently
[10:43:35 PM] Kidpichu: i think it was to pay his debt though XD
[10:43:40 PM] Helper: Yes.
[10:43:44 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: Run the coke, wipe away the debt
[10:44:05 PM] Grey: SAy helper, do you think you could give Mason some back up if he ever needs it?
[10:44:12 PM] Kidpichu: circle dawn is a moon 3:
[10:44:19 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: i knew it
[10:44:22 PM] The Sun: I'M NOT
[10:44:25 PM] The Sun: UR A MOON
[10:44:26 PM] Oceanstuck: yeah you are
[10:44:27 PM] Oceanstuck: B)
[10:44:40 PM] Helper: Last time you asked me of this task, I died!
[10:44:47 PM] Oceanstuck: good point
[10:44:53 PM] Helper: Also, the demon is a male.
[10:44:58 PM] Oceanstuck: demon?
[10:45:01 PM] Kidpichu: 3'8 I don't want to beleaf it
[10:45:04 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: ... which demon?
[10:45:04 PM] Oceanstuck: circle?
[10:45:16 PM] Grey: I wasn't around for that, but wasn't the task to find doug and not help Mason?
[10:45:19 PM | Edited 10:45:36 PM] Oceanstuck: dawn?
[10:45:19 PM] Helper: The one called "BlackLuigi7".
[10:45:24 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: Well I am a demon and I am male
[10:45:24 PM] Oceanstuck: dawn
[10:45:28 PM] The Sun: wat
[10:45:29 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: Oh
[10:45:38 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: dawn.. what makes them a demon?
[10:45:42 PM] Grey: Working together with mason probably wouldn't cause you to die again
[10:45:47 PM] Helper: Yes, but you asked me to provide help.
[10:45:49 PM] Grey: probably
[10:45:50 PM] Oceanstuck: what are the defining characteristics of a demon
[10:46:01 PM] Helper: I do not wish to take this risk.
[10:46:11 PM] Helper: Well, I am glad you asked!
[10:46:12 PM] Grey: Alright, I won't force you.
[10:46:36 PM] Helper: Demons usually are in possession of horns and red skin.
[10:46:56 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: and... you think dawn looks like that?
[10:47:01 PM] Grey: Dawn, have you been hiding horns this entire time?
[10:47:04 PM] Helper: They are creatures of sin, whom try to entrap their victims in...
[10:47:05 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: If I could convey a sigh faithfully through text
[10:47:12 PM] Helper: Heavens no!
The one called Dawn is a metaphorical demon.
[10:47:31 PM] Oceanstuck: oh
[10:47:32 PM] *** Kidpichu climbs onto dawns head pats pats ***
[10:47:35 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: oh..?
[10:47:43 PM] The Sun: Ur a demon
[10:47:47 PM] Grey: Metaphorical?
[10:47:48 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: I'm assuming it's the same for me
[10:47:53 PM] *** Grey tilts his head ***
[10:47:55 PM] Helper: Yes.
[10:47:59 PM] Helper: However
[10:48:09 PM] Helper: The one you call "Mando". Is a literal demon.
[10:48:28 PM] Kidpichu: dawn your still a sun to me~ ^-^
[10:48:33 PM] Oceanstuck: i shouldve guessed as much
[10:48:36 PM] Kidpichu: o:
[10:48:37 PM] The Sun: I am a sun though. ;-;
[10:48:40 PM] Grey: It was the punch wasn't it
[10:48:41 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: ... are demons capable of camoflaguing their true form?
[10:48:53 PM] Helper: I do not see why not.
[10:49:08 PM] Helper: Currently Circle and Dawn are doing such.
[10:49:14 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: ...
[10:49:15 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: :c
[10:49:18 PM] The Sun: :D
[10:49:24 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: Thank god I'm not a demon
[10:49:29 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: Could you imagine a british demon?
[10:49:31 PM] Oceanstuck: that explains things i guess
[10:49:36 PM] Grey: yes actually
[10:49:39 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: "I'm goin to fukin kick ur hed in and take u thell"
[10:49:41 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: there are two kinds of people
[10:49:45 PM] Oceanstuck: heheh
[10:49:52 PM] Helper: I happen to think all brits are demons.
[10:49:56 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: ...
[10:49:59 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: screw you too :c
[10:50:01 PM] Kidpichu: D: circle you can be a nice demon~
[10:50:03 PM] Oceanstuck: SHOTS FIRED
[10:50:04 PM] Grey: rekt
[10:50:16 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: dawn can't even provide sick burns that hot
[10:50:23 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: I see...
[10:50:25 PM] The Sun: Yes I can. ;-;
[10:50:28 PM] Kidpichu: D: stevey
[10:50:29 PM] The Sun: British people sound dum
[10:50:33 PM] The Sun: c?
[10:50:35 PM] The Sun: rekt
[10:50:43 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: that was hot
[10:50:45 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: So mando was always a demon, huh?
[10:50:56 PM] *** Kidpichu rests on stevey's head pat pats ***
[10:50:58 PM] Helper: I believe so.
[10:51:06 PM] Oceanstuck: so
[10:51:12 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: .. so your information may not be correct?
[10:51:19 PM] Oceanstuck: if dawn and circle are metaphorical demons...
[10:51:21 PM] Oceanstuck: so?
[10:51:23 PM] Kidpichu: you sound cool to me~
[10:51:32 PM] Helper: Just as any information may not be correct.
[10:51:38 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: .... true
[10:51:54 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: Helper, do you have a microphone? I want to hear dat sexy ex-mailman voice
[10:52:01 PM] Helper: Because they desire the opposite of you!
[10:52:05 PM] Oceanstuck: stevey we cant even do calls in here
[10:52:10 PM] Helper: I do not understand.
[10:52:16 PM] Oceanstuck: hm?
[10:52:19 PM] Oceanstuck: well dawn does yes
[10:52:22 PM] Oceanstuck: but circle
[10:52:28 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: hmm?
[10:52:33 PM] Oceanstuck: what desire exactly are you referrng to
[10:52:34 PM] Helper: If you cannot hear my voice, then how can you respond?
[10:52:37 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: ... what are you using to communicate with us, right now, helper?
[10:52:47 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: wait what?
[10:52:48 PM] Helper: I am speaking to you?
[10:52:50 PM] Kidpichu: D: so circle and dawn want what we don't want
[10:52:56 PM] The Sun: I want cake.
[10:52:56 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: ... speaking to us...?
[10:53:04 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: wait... what
[10:53:11 PM] Oceanstuck: well this is weird
[10:53:11 PM] Helper: ...Of course? How else?
[10:53:15 PM] Oceanstuck: anyway
[10:53:19 PM] Oceanstuck: what does circle want that we dont
[10:53:22 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: I just want to keep our guys alive
[10:53:22 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: I just want to keep our guys alive
[10:53:40 PM] Oceanstuck: anything else?
[10:53:47 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: Nope
[10:53:48 PM] Helper: I don't know. Ask him.
[10:53:59 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: I mean, that's the goal right?
[10:54:07 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: thats what a demon WOULD say
[10:54:11 PM] Kidpichu: I think i remember someone saying circle disagreed about something
[10:54:13 PM] Eve Sim: Hello guys
[10:54:17 PM] The Sun: (secretly Circle wants to make Mason and Doug fuse together and kill everyone)
[10:54:19 PM] Oceanstuck: hey eve
[10:54:23 PM] The Sun: Yo
[10:54:25 PM] Oceanstuck: pffpfphaha
[10:54:38 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: Mason and Doug will fusion dance and form...
[10:54:40 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: DOUGSON
[10:54:48 PM] Helper: That may kill most, yes.
[10:54:56 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: Hi Eve
[10:54:57 PM] Oceanstuck: im not fond of that mental image
[10:55:04 PM] Helper: I cannot think of a more volatile reaction.
[10:55:06 PM] Kidpichu: notp
[10:55:27 PM] Grey: I can only picture that ending with a lovecraftian horror.
[10:55:29 PM] Kidpichu: hi eve
[10:55:42 PM] The Sun: Guys
[10:55:44 PM] The Sun: Don't you get it
[10:55:48 PM] The Sun: Doug x Mason
[10:55:51 PM] The Sun: Doug enters mason
[10:55:57 PM] The Sun: And "fuses" with him.
[10:56:02 PM] The Sun: Causing a "volatile reaction"
[10:56:03 PM] Oceanstuck: hwat
[10:56:05 PM] Eve Sim: Are we being visited again? Hello Helper!
[10:56:09 PM] Grey: ......
[10:56:09 PM] Kidpichu: o////o  go ooon
[10:56:17 PM] Helper: Welcome!
[10:56:20 PM] *** Grey covers his ears ***
[10:56:22 PM] The Sun: It would cause a flood.
[10:56:25 PM] The Sun: A flood of semen.
[10:56:26 PM] Kidpichu: oh eve helper is alive again
[10:56:35 PM] The Sun: AND KILL ALL
[10:56:47 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: Yeah he's physically alive and it's awesome
[10:56:54 PM] Eve Sim: Did he get his hat back?
[10:56:55 PM] Grey: It's like chapter 16.5 of SAO
[10:56:57 PM] Kidpichu: no
[10:56:57 PM] Oceanstuck: no
[10:57:02 PM] Oceanstuck: grey dude still has it
[10:57:09 PM] Helper: That may be what Dawn wants.
[10:57:20 PM] Oceanstuck: thats nasty
[10:57:30 PM] Oceanstuck: 10/10 demonic
[10:57:39 PM] Grey: Dawn wants the world to be covered in semen? Dude watched too much Evangelion
[10:57:44 PM] Kidpichu: oh and dawns a moon
[10:57:45 PM] Helper: He would rather everyone die by male fluids.
[10:57:55 PM] The Sun: I'm not a moon. ;-;
[10:58:04 PM] Kidpichu: dawn is a soon
[10:58:04 PM] Helper: He is not a moon.
[10:58:11 PM] Eve Sim: Is Grey Man a bad person?
[10:58:12 PM] Helper: He is a male teenager.
[10:58:19 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: Helper... the grey man used your hat to deliver a mask to Mugen, unless that was you... he used that mask to his advantage.. hopefully this did not aid the grey man..
[10:58:29 PM] Helper: With the stink of demon about him.
[10:58:38 PM] Oceanstuck: thorin?
[10:58:40 PM] Kidpichu: D: no he isn't he is a sun...
[10:58:43 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: do you advise we use any futher items we get from  this grey man.. ?
[10:58:45 PM] The Sun: :<
[10:59:02 PM] Grey: Does that mean Dawn should take a holy shower?
[10:59:17 PM] Eve Sim: ... A golden holy shower
[10:59:22 PM] Kidpichu: i have a bottle of holywater
[10:59:25 PM] Helper: I haven't a clue, for I am not aware who or what this grey man is.
[10:59:42 PM] Helper: It would require much more than a shower.
[10:59:53 PM] Grey: save it, we need the holy water to test for fake floors while gather Dracula's parts.
[10:59:53 PM] Oceanstuck: repentance?
[10:59:56 PM] Helper: The only way to save that man is through death.
[11:00:02 PM] Kidpichu: hey circle did chu find a hat?
[11:00:04 PM] Oceanstuck: what man
[11:00:06 PM] Kidpichu: DDDD:
[11:00:08 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: ...that's a little extreme, dont you think?
[11:00:13 PM] Eve Sim: On 3/24/2015, at 1:59 AM, helpmail wrote:
> I haven't a clue, for I am not aware who or what this grey man is.
He has your hat
[11:00:15 PM] The Sun: Imma just walk away
[11:00:16 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: I have not found a hat
[11:00:28 PM] Helper: I do know of this, Eve.
[11:00:48 PM] Helper: And no, Dawn is too set along a path.
[11:00:58 PM] Oceanstuck: hm?
[11:01:04 PM] Helper: There is no saving him, as there is no saving Mando.
[11:01:11 PM] Oceanstuck: ohh...
[11:01:16 PM] Oceanstuck: well shit
[11:01:20 PM] Eve Sim: Poor condemned Mando
[11:01:21 PM] Kidpichu: >^< Dawn I'll protect you!
[11:01:33 PM] *** The Sun takes Pichu and leaves ***
[11:01:34 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: were they the two destined to die in the poem..?
[11:01:43 PM] Kidpichu: and ok circle
[11:01:44 PM] Oceanstuck: dawn and mando?
[11:01:44 PM] Helper: I do not know.
[11:01:54 PM] Helper: A demon is still useful.
[11:01:54 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: hmm...
[11:02:12 PM] Oceanstuck: true...
[11:02:32 PM] Oceanstuck: i mean circ is a cool guy usually
[11:02:37 PM] Oceanstuck: keeps us cohesive often
[11:02:42 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: aww stoppit
[11:02:49 PM] Grey: wait what if the GRey man is Circle from the future
[11:02:58 PM] Eve Sim: Ya big useful demon
[11:03:04 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: Helper, is that you on our forums...?
[11:03:07 PM] Oceanstuck: cmere circle
[11:03:10 PM] Helper: Circle can be saved.
[11:03:16 PM] *** Oceanstuck goes to give circle a big noogie ***
[11:03:21 PM] Helper: I do not know what these forums are.
[11:03:28 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: .... curious..
[11:03:29 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: my hair
[11:03:41 PM] Oceanstuck: the other place where we used to meet
[11:03:48 PM | Edited 11:03:53 PM] Grey: Yeah that
[11:03:54 PM] Kidpichu: maybe the other place we gather ?
[11:04:02 PM] Helper: I do not know what you mean.
[11:04:13 PM] Helper: I have always met you on your journey.
[11:04:28 PM] Eve Sim: Hey Circle, you can be saved! Isn't that nice.
[11:04:33 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: It is indeed!
[11:04:47 PM] The Sun: Through death you can be saved. :DDDDDD
[11:05:03 PM] Oceanstuck: dawn please
[11:05:24 PM] Kidpichu: =^= I-I'l still protect chu dawn
[11:05:34 PM] The Sun: (ง°ل͜°)ง
[11:05:51 PM] Oceanstuck: yeah im not intent on having him dead either
[11:05:56 PM] Kidpichu: ^-^ circle too
[11:06:03 PM] Helper: It is your decision.
[11:06:04 PM] Oceanstuck: and everyone else
[11:06:18 PM] Helper: However.
[11:06:42 PM] Kidpichu: ?
[11:06:51 PM] Helper: When I acquire my hat once more, I will lend you an item that may help you on your quest.
[11:07:09 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: will you give it to all of us?
[11:07:18 PM] Grey: Do we get a hint of what it is?
[11:07:18 PM] Grey: Do we get a hint of what it is?
[11:07:36 PM] Oceanstuck: wait wait
[11:07:39 PM] Helper: You will be able to use it to protect from a demon's powers.
[11:07:43 PM] Oceanstuck: our past is often your future
[11:07:49 PM] Helper: But only in times of need.
[11:08:07 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: ... are you saying mando and the rest will turn on us?
[11:08:08 PM] Kidpichu: XD i think we should find his hat first~
[11:08:12 PM] Oceanstuck: what if from our perspective we already have the item
[11:08:12 PM] Helper: It will be for the group.
[11:08:19 PM] Oceanstuck: well i guess we should get the hat anyway
[11:08:25 PM] Oceanstuck: to fulfill the time loop
[11:08:28 PM] Grey: I think I see what you mean ocean
[11:08:42 PM] The Sun: I don't. :P
[11:08:42 PM] Eve Sim: We'll try to get your hat back, as soon as we contact the person who has it.
[11:08:42 PM] Eve Sim: We'll try to get your hat back, as soon as we contact the person who has it.
[11:09:03 PM] Oceanstuck: hey question
[11:09:05 PM] Oceanstuck: the grey man
[11:09:09 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: This Grey Man takes an awfully long time to respond...
[11:09:12 PM] Oceanstuck: was he a literal demon or a metaphorical one
[11:09:15 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: Just like Patrem.. slow assholes..
[11:09:15 PM] Grey: Essentially, we don't have the hat yet, because we haven't gone back in time to get it
[11:09:15 PM] Grey: Essentially, we don't have the hat yet, because we haven't gone back in time to get it
[11:09:33 PM] Grey: And the one who goes back in time to get it
[11:09:37 PM] Grey: is the grey man
[11:09:51 PM] Oceanstuck: so
[11:09:57 PM] Oceanstuck: time loop
[11:09:57 PM] Helper: I do not understand.
[11:10:02 PM] Kidpichu: ack stevey is the greyman the one who is pretending to be helper on the forum?
[11:10:03 PM] Oceanstuck: god dammit this is gonna get so weird
[11:10:08 PM] Grey: time travel
[11:10:18 PM] Grey: which means
[11:10:20 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: .. I assume so
[11:10:27 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: Oh Stevey
[11:10:28 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: I asked him once if he was the grey man, and he responded with "I am the second"
[11:10:29 PM] Oceanstuck: as a homestuck, god fucking dammit
[11:10:29 PM] Grey: if we specify the place the grey man should leave the hat
[11:10:36 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: Oh nevermind that was the thing
[11:10:36 PM] Helper: You are in my timeline currently, as far as I can discern.
[11:10:55 PM] Grey: helper can go get the hat from that spot in the future
[11:10:55 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: I wasn't aware that he answered you
[11:11:08 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: yeah... he did :c
[11:11:16 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: he keeps quoting someone though... quite worrying
[11:11:17 PM] The Sun: Wait, I'm a little confused.
[11:11:17 PM] The Sun: Wait, I'm a little confused.
[11:11:22 PM] The Sun: I thought we already were in the past?
[11:11:22 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: seems to imply he's posessed..
[11:11:39 PM] Grey: we're in the future of the past
[11:11:43 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: I thought we were communicating into the past from the future
[11:11:48 PM] Oceanstuck: fucking time shit
[11:11:56 PM] The Sun: I don't get how that changes the items, though.
[11:12:08 PM] The Sun: We've been getting items with no need to go "into the past"
[11:12:11 PM] Grey: it doesn't
[11:12:16 PM] Grey: it's a bootstrap paradox
[11:12:17 PM] Eve Sim: Grey, I think your confused
[11:12:19 PM] The Sun: So this doesn't affect the hat at all.
[11:12:25 PM] Oceanstuck: i think we can interact with both 2009 and 2015 at will as if they were the present
[11:12:31 PM] The Sun: ^
[11:12:41 PM] Grey: how am I confused
[11:13:05 PM] Helper: I think I can solve your concerns.
[11:13:10 PM] Oceanstuck: oh thanks
[11:13:12 PM] Oceanstuck: in advance
[11:13:21 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: ... go ahead
[11:13:25 PM] Helper: Don't think about it so hard.
[11:13:42 PM] Oceanstuck: ...of course not
[11:13:59 PM] Kidpichu: oh
[11:14:20 PM] Kidpichu: helper got his body back so does that mean he has page 8 now?
[11:14:31 PM] Grey: page 8?
[11:14:45 PM] Oceanstuck: o shit that old thing
[11:14:46 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: The newspaper
[11:14:46 PM] Helper: I do not know of this page 8.
[11:14:48 PM] Oceanstuck: i almost forgot about that
[11:14:53 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: you people are so rude... talking as if helper is not here...
[11:15:03 PM] Kidpichu: the news article
[11:15:12 PM] Kidpichu: D: I'm sorry Q^Q
[11:15:19 PM] Grey: whatchu talkin about
[11:15:35 PM] Grey: I'm just planning out loud
[11:15:44 PM] Eve Sim: On 3/24/2015, at 2:15 AM, Kidpichu wrote:
> the news article
I think that has no relevance anymore
[11:15:49 PM] Helper: I will require a sacrifice of a girl who has a fascination of yellow mice.
[11:15:58 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: ...
[11:15:59 PM] Oceanstuck: pichu??
[11:16:03 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: what sort of sacrifice?
[11:16:08 PM] Grey: WEll, that came out of nowhere
[11:16:12 PM] Helper: Death.
[11:16:18 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: .... wait.. what? why?
[11:16:18 PM] Oceanstuck: HWAT
[11:16:21 PM] Eve Sim: Well pichu.. Time to hit the dusty trail
[11:16:26 PM] Kidpichu: Q^Q  I can't
[11:16:32 PM] Oceanstuck: are you fucking with us
[11:16:35 PM] Grey: Now hold on a second
[11:16:36 PM] Helper: I am just kidding, adventurer s.
[11:16:39 PM] Kidpichu: I gotta let wolf know
[11:16:47 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: ....ha ha... very funny, mailman.
[11:16:50 PM] Grey: :|
[11:16:52 PM] Oceanstuck: ill take that as a yes...
[11:16:53 PM] Kidpichu: but he's asleep
[11:17:02 PM] Oceanstuck: fuckin christ
[11:17:06 PM] Oceanstuck: you had me there
[11:17:08 PM] Grey: Ahem...Well then...
[11:17:29 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: Hey Eve, you copying all this?
[11:17:31 PM] The Sun: ...We're still gonna kill Pichu, right?
[11:17:36 PM] Kidpichu: Q^Q I'm not scared of death though~
[11:17:36 PM] Oceanstuck: im already logging it circ
[11:17:43 PM] Oceanstuck: ive been logging it since helper first got here
[11:17:47 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: I see what you mean by  demon now, helper..
[11:18:00 PM] Eve Sim: No, I'm on my phone. Thanks ocean
[11:18:05 PM] Oceanstuck: welcome
[11:18:11 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: I need sleep soon
[11:18:12 PM] Helper: If you say so, adventurer.
[11:18:22 PM] Oceanstuck: i should sleep too but this is just too interesting
[11:18:36 PM] Kidpichu: No dawn 3: wolf is not here
[11:18:41 PM] Helper: I need to take my leave now. One more job and my debt is lifted.
[11:18:49 PM] Grey: Alrighty
[11:18:50 PM] Oceanstuck: oh
[11:18:54 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: what is this job..?
[11:18:55 PM] Grey: Good luck Helper
[11:18:55 PM] Oceanstuck: one more question
[11:18:57 PM] Oceanstuck: real quick
[11:18:57 PM] Eve Sim: So this Helper isn't the one posting on the forum?
[11:19:00 PM] Helper: Have you any more questions?
[11:19:12 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: ... make this count
[11:19:21 PM] Helper: I count 3.
[11:19:26 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: ...
[11:19:33 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: ha.. ha..
[11:19:33 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: I get it
[11:19:35 PM] Grey: xD
[11:19:39 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: lol
[11:19:42 PM] Oceanstuck: dammit stevey now i dont know if i wanna ask what i was about to ask
[11:19:52 PM] Oceanstuck: fuck it
[11:19:53 PM] Oceanstuck: the grey guy, is he a literal demon or a metaphorical one
[11:19:53 PM] Grey: ask
[11:19:58 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: Now I remember why I missed this guy..
[11:20:00 PM] Helper: I do not know.
[11:20:15 PM] Oceanstuck: oh
[11:20:30 PM] Oceanstuck: i feel like i just wasted a question
[11:20:39 PM] Helper: You have.
[11:20:43 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: If nobody else had one, then I think you're fine
[11:20:48 PM] Oceanstuck: god dammit
[11:20:49 PM] Kidpichu: he's close though but how close is close
[11:21:00 PM] Helper: Close enough.
[11:21:10 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: He's among us?
[11:21:15 PM] Helper: If it is even a he.
[11:21:20 PM] Grey: IT's too bad we don't have anything that can pull that hat towards us.
[11:21:24 PM] Helper: Their figure is most feminine.
[11:21:24 PM] Grey: wait
[11:21:27 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: well grey MAN implies they're a man...
[11:21:39 PM] Kidpichu: O: its a chic
[11:21:40 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: y'know... just saying...
[11:21:41 PM] Oceanstuck: idk huge trenchcoat
[11:21:44 PM] Helper: You are the ones who mentioned it was a man.
[11:22:02 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: so they have a feminine build...h uh?
[11:22:18 PM] Grey: Well that rules me and circle out I assume
[11:22:23 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: This just got a hell of a lot more interesting
[11:22:36 PM] Grey: Looks like we have a trap on our hands.
[11:22:39 PM] Kidpichu: so are they in this group?
[11:22:42 PM] Helper: I didn't take you for a ladies man, demon.
[11:22:47 PM] Oceanstuck: man for a woman i guess
[11:22:52 PM] Helper: I do not know, rat lover.
[11:22:58 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: rat lover..
[11:23:05 PM] Kidpichu: 3: it's mice not rats
[11:23:06 PM] The Sun: Can I get amazing demon powers?
[11:23:48 PM] Kidpichu: a wolfcat really sorry
[11:23:49 PM] Helper: Demons are characterized by their wiles and powers.
[11:24:15 PM] Helper: I must take my leave.
[11:24:20 PM] Oceanstuck: wiles and powers huh
[11:24:23 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: what is this final job, helper?
[11:24:29 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: it's nothing.. extreme, is it?
[11:24:33 PM] Kidpichu: ^
[11:24:41 PM] Grey: I'm assuming it's moving more white stuffs
[11:24:42 PM] Oceanstuck: i guess those have to do with swaying people to their side away from us
[11:25:17 PM] Grey: I have to wonder
[11:25:27 PM] Helper: It is to run "nazi gold" across the border of Mexico into the united states, then moving through Canada into Russia by boat, then trading it off there.
[11:25:40 PM] Oceanstuck: hwat
[11:25:43 PM] Eve Sim: Bye Helper, thanks again.
[11:25:51 PM] Admiral Desdinova / CircleHunter: Good luck with your smuggling op, Helper
[11:25:57 PM] Helper: Yes. Bye!
[11:26:01 PM] *** Helper has left ***
[11:26:05 PM] Grey: Oh, goodbye Helper
[11:26:07 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: hmm..
[11:26:09 PM] Grey: aaand he's gone
[11:26:15 PM] The Sun: Helper got more badass.
[11:26:18 PM] Kidpichu: bye bye
[11:26:30 PM] Stevey "Hero Of Doge" Freeman: [11:26 PM] The Sun: 
<<< Helper got more badass.Silence, demon. No more from you.
[11:26:33 PM] Grey: So what if we used the hookshot to grab the hat?
[11:26:33 PM] The Sun: Less fun doe
[11:26:35 PM] The Sun: fuq u


Helper asks us for any updates on finding his hat. He's also completed his quest of delivering Nazi gold to Russia. Less interestingly, he tells us that a new messenger is going to contact us, but it's not the previous one. This probably means that it's not Mason contacting us, but the Gray Man instead, as he currently has the Postman's Hat.

[8:13:42 PM] *** Helper joined. ***
[8:13:48 PM] Oceanstuck: ohai helper
[8:13:53 PM] Wolfcat: Hello Helper
[8:13:54 PM] Mando 寒山: Oh hi mark
[8:14:00 PM] Eve Sim: Hi Helper <3
[8:14:04 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: hi helper
[8:14:11 PM] Helper: Hello there adventurers and demon!
[8:14:22 PM] Helper: I have completed my quest.
[8:14:23 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: ;3
[8:14:24 PM] Oceanstuck: i thought he was a half demon
[8:14:30 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: shh don't be picky ocean
[8:14:34 PM] Oceanstuck: ok
[8:14:36 PM] Mando 寒山: no I'm the super demon king remember
[8:14:38 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: at least im something
[8:14:39 PM] Helper: I would like to know how your travels are going?
[8:14:51 PM] Oceanstuck: wait so youre demise from skyward sword mando?
[8:14:56 PM] Mando 寒山: All good homie how's it hangin
[8:14:57 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: guys guys
[8:15:03 PM] Helper: I do not know of this sword.
[8:15:04 PM] Oceanstuck: (watch that go over helpers head lol)
[8:15:06 PM] Mando 寒山: [8:14 PM] Oceanstuck: 
<<< wait so youre demise from skyward sword mando?Tiny bit less homoerotic
[8:15:10 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: everyone pay attention to helper, no fuckery for a minute
[8:15:15 PM] Oceanstuck: ninjad
[8:15:19 PM] Helper: I do know of homoerotic.
[8:15:24 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: >_<
[8:15:24 PM] Wolfcat: Oh?
[8:15:29 PM] Grey: It's going fine Helper, I've discovered  Pumpkin Island
[8:15:36 PM] Mando 寒山: Alright so
[8:15:46 PM] Helper: There is no such thing.
[8:15:56 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: Helper, appearently Dawn has demon powers
[8:15:56 PM] Mando 寒山: You asked how we've been
And we gathered the facts
And we voted to take control of Doug's save file
[8:15:58 PM] Oceanstuck: so help what brings you here
[8:16:09 PM] Helper: Well, of course!
[8:16:25 PM] Helper: What would a demon be without powers?
[8:16:31 PM] Mando 寒山: Pretty shite
[8:16:39 PM] Oceanstuck: i thought he was a metaphorical one though
[8:16:41 PM] Helper: A red person!
[8:16:45 PM] Oceanstuck: do those count for getting to have powers
[8:16:45 PM] Wolfcat: Helper how do we become angels? Besides getting killed.
[8:17:01 PM] Helper: Angels?
[8:17:05 PM] Oceanstuck: people dont become angels when they die they become saints
[8:17:10 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: helper, im a demon
[8:17:14 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: but i don't have powers ;-;
[8:17:16 PM] Oceanstuck: wolf learn your christian dogma will you
[8:17:20 PM] Helper: You are half demon.
[8:17:27 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: ;(
[8:17:39 PM] Helper: And I do not sympathize with you, foul creature.
[8:17:47 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: Oki
[8:17:50 PM] Eve Sim: #shotsfired
[8:17:51 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: i luv u too
[8:17:52 PM] Mando 寒山: Helper do you want to play Mario Kart with me
[8:17:53 PM] Oceanstuck: harsh
[8:17:54 PM] Grey: Link, You must learn to control Tetsaiga and travel with a Japanese school girl.
[8:18:21 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: uhh
[8:18:26 PM] Oceanstuck: anyway helper
[8:18:26 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: i don't know much about inuyasha
[8:18:30 PM] Oceanstuck: whatcha doin here
[8:18:30 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: whatever
[8:18:54 PM] Eve Sim: Ocean, he came to ask about our adventures
[8:18:55 PM] Helper: I have came to see how the quest is going.
[8:19:00 PM] Oceanstuck: of course
[8:19:02 PM] Oceanstuck: what did i expect
[8:19:09 PM] Helper: I hope you all are having a venerable time.
[8:19:24 PM] Oceanstuck: venerable how
[8:19:55 PM] Helper: Do you know what venerable means, young lady?
[8:20:10 PM] Kidpichu: cough ok i think i swallowed a leaf
[8:20:21 PM] Oceanstuck: ven·er·a·ble
adjective: venerable
    accorded a great deal of respect, especially because of age, wisdom, or character.
    "a venerable statesman"
    synonyms: respected, venerated, revered, honored, esteemed, hallowed, august, distinguished, eminent, great, grand
    "the venerable Martin Steed joined our faculty in 1962"
        (in the Roman Catholic Church) a title given to a deceased person who has attained a certain degree of sanctity but has not been fully beatified or canonized.
        (in the Anglican Church) a title given to an archdeacon.
[8:20:22 PM] Eve Sim: ven·er·a·ble
adjective: venerable
    accorded a great deal of respect, especially because of age, wisdom, or character.
[8:20:26 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: jesus
[8:20:29 PM] Helper: That is not healthy!
[8:20:48 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: guys can we focus
[8:20:58 PM] Helper: In this instance, young lady, venerable simply means grand.
[8:21:06 PM] Wolfcat: But yes, our quest. We're currently trying to heal our friend Doug.
[8:21:10 PM] Oceanstuck: ok
[8:21:16 PM] Kidpichu: Q^Q i am never making tea alone again
[8:21:17 PM] Oceanstuck: we think theres something wrong with him
[8:21:21 PM] Oceanstuck: brainwashing maybe
[8:21:23 PM] Wolfcat: Well, he I guess he's still our friend.
[8:21:30 PM] Wolfcat: He's a weird kid
[8:21:40 PM] Oceanstuck: yeah i dont wanna give up on him
[8:21:44 PM] Oceanstuck: and i dont intend to
[8:21:48 PM] Helper: I do not know how I can be of assistance.
[8:21:53 PM] Oceanstuck: so i wont
[8:22:09 PM] Oceanstuck: hmm
[8:22:12 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: helper, to be honest i think we're very scattered about what we are doing right now.
[8:22:44 PM] Eve Sim: [8:21 PM] Helper: 
<<< I do not know how I can be of assistance.Why not run back in to the fishery to talk to doug?
[8:22:48 PM] Oceanstuck: hey what if we had helper hang out with mason
[8:22:52 PM] Wolfcat: Eve nooo
[8:22:56 PM] Oceanstuck: [8:21 PM] Helper: 
<<< I do not know how I can be of assistance.Helper, Today 8:21 PMWhy not run back in to the fishery to talk to doug?last time he did that he died
[8:22:59 PM] Wolfcat: Are you addicted to killing helper
[8:23:02 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: eve that sounds like a terrible idea
[8:23:12 PM] Helper: I will do that this instance!
[8:23:12 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: do you want helper to die again?
[8:23:15 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: NO
[8:23:21 PM] Oceanstuck: wait what
[8:23:27 PM] Oceanstuck: is that for me or eve
[8:23:29 PM] Mando 寒山: That's weird.
[8:23:34 PM] Wolfcat: Helper no I can't stand to lose you again
[8:23:40 PM] Oceanstuck: guys
[8:23:43 PM] Kidpichu: helper is gonna poof again D: ?
[8:23:45 PM] Oceanstuck: what if hes talking to me
[8:23:48 PM] Mando 寒山: Didn't know T-Mobile was allowed to put random cell towers so close to schools.
[8:23:49 PM] Eve Sim: Ok, Helper don't
[8:23:55 PM] Helper: I am not running to the fishery. I was simply joking.
[8:24:03 PM] Oceanstuck: oh
[8:24:08 PM] Helper: What are you on about, Demon?
[8:24:09 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: (whew)
[8:24:13 PM] Oceanstuck: what about hanging out with mason
[8:24:16 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: what?
[8:24:22 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: i don't want you to die ;-;
[8:24:23 PM] Eve Sim: My ribs are nearly broken from laughing so hard
[8:24:26 PM] Wolfcat: Mason's like, with Doug now right
[8:24:31 PM] Wolfcat: He's in danger too
[8:24:33 PM] Oceanstuck: is he
[8:24:35 PM] Wolfcat: I doubt that'd be a good idea
[8:24:42 PM] Helper: I am speaking to the demon. Not the half demon.
[8:24:50 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: oh
[8:24:51 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: ok
[8:24:59 PM] Mando 寒山: [8:23 PM] Helper: 
<<< What are you on about, Demon? (chuckle)
[8:25:00 PM] Kidpichu: chu?
[8:25:09 PM] Grey: Where exactly is Mason?
[8:25:25 PM] Oceanstuck: he said in one of the blog posts he was heading home
[8:25:26 PM] Mando 寒山: He's right where he has to be,
[8:25:31 PM] Oceanstuck: but that blog post was glitchy so
[8:25:55 PM] Kidpichu: he wasn't heading home
[8:26:03 PM] Kidpichu: its a trap D8
[8:26:20 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: Im not sure what we should do
[8:26:24 PM] Eve Sim: i've been assuming he's at the fishery
[8:26:26 PM] Oceanstuck: well yeah why do you think i made note of the fact that the post was hijacked
[8:26:29 PM] Mando 寒山: Do what we've always done
[8:26:49 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: mando
[8:26:51 PM] Oceanstuck: if its soaring im led to believe that might not be the best idea
[8:26:55 PM] Helper: I have been informed a new message awaits you from a messenger....but not the current one. How odd.
[8:26:58 PM] Oceanstuck: i mean
[8:27:02 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: what?
[8:27:21 PM] Oceanstuck: doug asked us to send mason away and dougs kinda compromised
[8:27:22 PM] Helper: What indeed.
[8:27:36 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: Indeed
[8:27:47 PM] Oceanstuck: mhm
[8:28:04 PM] Oceanstuck: so whats this about another messenger
[8:28:08 PM] Grey: Someone who isn't the Grey person?
[8:28:12 PM] Grey: how odd
[8:28:33 PM] Wolfcat:
[8:28:34 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: helper, do you know the identity of the messanger? or know what time period they are from?
[8:28:44 PM] Wolfcat: It is the video.
[8:28:56 PM] Oceanstuck: oh
[8:28:57 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: did that just get posted
[8:29:03 PM] Wolfcat: Yes
[8:29:08 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: o
[8:29:09 PM] Oceanstuck: yeah
[8:29:15 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: it hasn't been sent to my email yet
[8:29:25 PM] Wolfcat: He's looking at a radio tower
[8:29:33 PM] Wolfcat: something Mando just talked about
[8:29:38 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: oh my
[8:29:39 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: mando
[8:29:41 PM] Oceanstuck: hwat
[8:29:42 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: do you know things we dont
[8:29:43 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: also
[8:29:50 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: since im a demon can i get in on it
[8:30:00 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: HOLY CRAP
[8:30:09 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: That the video spooked me
[8:30:17 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: ;-;
[8:30:20 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: T-Mobile
[8:30:24 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: Mandooooooo
[8:30:27 PM] Oceanstuck: i havent watched it all yet
[8:30:49 PM] Eve Sim: fking jump scares...
[8:31:07 PM] Kidpichu: guys whats that red message at the scream?
[8:31:17 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: guys
[8:31:22 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: theres a vocaroo link that's broken
[8:31:31 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ:
[8:31:33 PM] Eve Sim: Yes, at the end
[8:31:33 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: thats at the end
[8:31:37 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: ill get the red text
[8:32:10 PM] Grey: what's s0K0II
[8:32:24 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: it coud be the missing part of the URL
[8:32:24 PM] Wolfcat: three blanks
[8:32:27 PM] Wolfcat: six I mean
[8:32:50 PM] Oceanstuck: plugging it in
[8:32:59 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ:
[8:33:06 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: this may not be it
[8:33:12 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: yeah not it
[8:33:20 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: maybe its a cipher?
[8:33:25 PM] Oceanstuck: ninjad
(grey posts a screencap of part of the video)
[8:34:32 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: Hmm
[8:34:51 PM] Oceanstuck: i sense an incoming moogle
[8:34:57 PM] Wolfcat: guys
[8:34:58 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: Kupo
[8:35:27 PM] Mando 寒山: Shhhhhh
[8:35:28 PM] Kidpichu: yes?
(wolf posts psychology notes)
[8:35:30 PM] *** Mugen Kagemaru (W♔♙) has changed the conversation topic to "Internet Detectives (Last Update: Helper Video - 3/30)" ***
[8:35:33 PM] Wolfcat: Six Blanks
[8:35:42 PM] Wolfcat: Look at the top right corner
[8:35:47 PM] Wolfcat: Six blanks in the vocaroo link
[8:35:51 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: oh my
[8:35:55 PM] Oceanstuck: o shit
[8:36:00 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: that alphabet is screwy
[8:36:13 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: could that be a different shift than the default one?
[8:36:26 PM] Oceanstuck: ??
[8:37:11 PM] Oceanstuck: do you mean like
[8:37:13 PM] Oceanstuck: a crypto
[8:37:17 PM] Oceanstuck: or a keyed caesar
[8:37:18 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: nevermind
[8:37:18 PM] Mando 寒山: Six blanks, sure But do you think they mean anything
[8:37:19 PM] Oceanstuck: or something
[8:37:24 PM] Wolfcat: [9:23 PM] Mando 寒山: 
<<< Didn't know T-Mobile was allowed to put random cell towers so close to schools.
[8:37:31 PM] Grey: what about the letters we got from the videos, channel, and that one page from YSHDT
[8:37:36 PM] Wolfcat: I always thought this looked like a school (posts orange)
[8:37:44 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: mando how did you know what happened in the video before it was posted
[8:37:52 PM] Grey: He probably saw and made a joke
[8:37:54 PM] Mando 寒山: [8:36 PM] Grey: 
<<< what about the letters we got from the videos, channel, and that one page from YSHDTI don't think so
[8:37:56 PM] Grey: and didn't tell us
[8:38:10 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: mando
[8:38:18 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: if you things they dont
[8:38:27 PM] Mando 寒山: [8:37 PM] Grey: 
<<< He probably saw and made a joke???
[8:38:27 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: can we make a truce as demons
[8:38:36 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: mando have you seen the N video
[8:38:37 PM] Oceanstuck: if you things they dont
[8:38:50 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ:
[8:38:58 PM] Mando 寒山: Of course I have dude
[8:39:07 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: mando, if you know things they ont, can i know some of it because im a demon too?
[8:39:11 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: demon buddies :D
[8:39:07 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: mando, if you know things they ont, can i know some of it because im a demon too?
[8:39:11 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: demon buddies :D
[8:39:26 PM] Oceanstuck: is helper still here
[8:39:26 PM] Wolfcat: counting the youtube page and the video titles, we get these letters
[8:39:26 PM] Wolfcat: M N E R S
[8:39:38 PM] Mando 寒山: I don't know what I know man
PS, remember to check your homes
[8:39:47 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: check your homes how....
[8:39:48 PM] Oceanstuck: hm?
[8:39:57 PM] Oceanstuck: why
[8:40:14 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: hold on somones knocking at my door
[8:40:20 PM] Oceanstuck: thorin no
[8:40:20 PM] Grey: wouldn't it be M S R E N
[8:40:35 PM] Wolfcat: If you go by upload date yes
[8:40:40 PM] Grey: ha Ms. Ren
[8:40:45 PM] Grey: wait what
[8:41:01 PM] Wolfcat: It could eventually spell out a scrambled version of 'Messenger'
[8:41:05 PM] *** Helper has left ***
[8:41:08 PM] Mando 寒山: Bye bye
[8:41:10 PM] Oceanstuck: and there he goes
[8:41:10 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: bai


Helper gives us a message from Mason, who is stuck in a storm drain. Mason desperately needs help, or else he will most certainly drown.

[10:14:05 PM] *** Helper joined. ***
[10:14:11 PM] Oceanstuck: ohai
[10:14:35 PM] Helper: Ehrm.
[10:14:42 PM] Oceanstuck: is it just me or am i always here when you show up
[10:14:46 PM] Helper: Hello adventurers!
[10:14:52 PM] Oceanstuck: sup
[10:15:00 PM] Kidpichu: psst ocean who is black for helper?
[10:15:06 PM] Wolfcat: Hello... Helper.
[10:15:11 PM] The Sun: black for helper?
[10:15:15 PM] Oceanstuck: psst ocean who is black for helper?dont ask me
[10:15:25 PM] Helper: I do not recall if you have been in my previous meetings.
[10:15:36 PM] Oceanstuck: then pretend i didnt say anything
[10:15:43 PM] Kidpichu: ?
[10:15:58 PM] Captain King Kim-Jong CircleHunter Dedede Desdinova's Career of Evil V: Someone recording this?
[10:16:01 PM] Mando 寒山: Yooo Helpz
[10:16:02 PM] Oceanstuck: me
[10:16:04 PM] Oceanstuck: as usual
[10:16:39 PM] Oceanstuck: so what brings you here help
[10:16:39 PM] Kidpichu: thank chu ocean chu the best <3
[10:17:18 PM] Oceanstuck: helper?
[10:17:45 PM] The Sun: Jesus have some patience or some shit
[10:17:46 PM] The Sun: I mean
[10:17:50 PM] The Sun: He runs drugs 4 a living
[10:17:57 PM] Helper: I would like to inform you all of a message given to me. I am no longer a messanger, but I will do such tasks as this if the time calls for it.
[10:18:20 PM] Oceanstuck: a message huh
[10:18:49 PM] Helper: Tt lmhiw eemic elo
[10:19:03 PM] Helper: Is what I have been sent to say.
[10:19:19 PM] Oceanstuck: huh
[10:19:31 PM] Oceanstuck: gimme a sec
[10:19:42 PM] Helper: There may have been more to the message, but I could not hear under the gurgling noises.
[10:19:45 PM] Captain King Kim-Jong CircleHunter Dedede Desdinova's Career of Evil V: i didnt have the patience to save it but have this
[10:19:46 PM] Captain King Kim-Jong CircleHunter Dedede Desdinova's Career of Evil V:
[10:19:54 PM] Captain King Kim-Jong CircleHunter Dedede Desdinova's Career of Evil V: OH hello
[10:19:57 PM] The Sun: looks gay
[10:20:11 PM] The Sun: I like it
[10:20:22 PM] Captain King Kim-Jong CircleHunter Dedede Desdinova's Career of Evil V: yay
[10:20:27 PM] Helper: Hello, demon.
[10:20:42 PM] Captain King Kim-Jong CircleHunter Dedede Desdinova's Career of Evil V: tried to find the cheesiest fonts possible without using comic sans or papyrus
[10:20:53 PM] The Sun: Arial
[10:21:09 PM] Oceanstuck: perfect timing
[10:21:37 PM] Kidpichu: <3 i will watch it ever friday
[10:21:44 PM] Helper: Do you request more of me, adventurers?
[10:21:50 PM] Captain King Kim-Jong CircleHunter Dedede Desdinova's Career of Evil V: yeah i got a prime time slot on tbs' friday lineup
[10:21:53 PM] Captain King Kim-Jong CircleHunter Dedede Desdinova's Career of Evil V: hit the big time
[10:22:00 PM] The Sun: TBS?
[10:22:05 PM] The Sun: Almost as bad as fox.
[10:22:36 PM] Kidpichu: uuh is this a merperson message?
[10:22:37 PM] Oceanstuck: uh sure helper
[10:22:40 PM] Oceanstuck: um
[10:22:52 PM] Oceanstuck: i have a question
[10:22:56 PM] Helper: Of course not.
[10:23:13 PM] Helper: Merpeople no longer appreciate my company.
[10:23:16 PM] Oceanstuck: has anything unusual been flying in the area around the fishery
[10:23:37 PM] Oceanstuck: Merpeople no longer appreciate my company.also that sounds like an obscure incident that intrigues me in its bizareness
[10:23:45 PM] Helper: I do not believe so, but I haven't been there in a while.
[10:23:54 PM] Oceanstuck: oh
[10:23:58 PM] Helper: On account of the death and all.
[10:24:02 PM] Oceanstuck: i was just wondering since we tried something recently
[10:24:36 PM] Helper: The merpeople do not take kindly to the ones who save their quarry.
[10:24:47 PM] The Sun: What did you guys do?
[10:25:04 PM] Oceanstuck: merpeople exist?
[10:25:04 PM] Captain King Kim-Jong CircleHunter Dedede Desdinova's Career of Evil V: We kind of
[10:25:06 PM] Captain King Kim-Jong CircleHunter Dedede Desdinova's Career of Evil V: Stole Doug
[10:25:11 PM] Captain King Kim-Jong CircleHunter Dedede Desdinova's Career of Evil V: Or attempted to, anyway
[10:25:11 PM] Oceanstuck: wait what am i saying im a water spirit
[10:25:12 PM] The Sun: wat
[10:25:14 PM] Oceanstuck: of course they exist
[10:25:46 PM] Helper: They exist just the same as alligators and the bermuda triangle do.
[10:26:05 PM] Oceanstuck: describe them
[10:26:13 PM] Captain King Kim-Jong CircleHunter Dedede Desdinova's Career of Evil V: we did four actions at one time and i'm not even sure it did anything
[10:26:18 PM] Helper: They are pretty fishy.
[10:26:23 PM] The Sun: wat
[10:26:25 PM] Kidpichu: XD
[10:26:29 PM] Oceanstuck: :P
[10:26:33 PM] The Sun: Ah, it doesn't matter.
[10:26:39 PM] The Sun: #fuckthefish
[10:26:41 PM] Kidpichu: how about dragons?
[10:27:07 PM] Oceanstuck: ooh
[10:27:08 PM] Kidpichu: omg 8D
[10:27:12 PM] Helper: I am not sure dragons will help you.
[10:27:21 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: oh hi helper
[10:27:23 PM] Oceanstuck: that sucks
[10:27:25 PM] Helper: Happy birthday, adventurer.
[10:27:33 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: didn't realize you were here, sorry about screaming like that
[10:27:34 PM] Helper: I may get you a gift.
[10:27:36 PM] Kidpichu: HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY
[10:27:39 PM] Oceanstuck: hahahaha
[10:27:40 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: Ooh
[10:27:41 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: :D
[10:27:44 PM] Oceanstuck: ooh get him something good
[10:27:47 PM] Helper: Anyways.
[10:27:59 PM] Helper: I am surprised none of you asked whom the sender was.
[10:28:12 PM] Oceanstuck: i was gonna get to that eventually
[10:28:16 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: sorry for disrupting, I just was dropping in to share some rage. Somone fill me in on whats happening tomorrow
[10:28:19 PM] Wolfcat: Was it Mason by any chance?
[10:28:20 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: Cya guys
[10:28:25 PM] Oceanstuck: seeya thorin
[10:28:35 PM] Helper: The wolf man hit the nail on the point.
[10:28:45 PM] Oceanstuck: so it was mason
[10:28:46 PM] Wolfcat: He did say his basement was flooding
[10:28:48 PM] Wolfcat: oh no
[10:28:49 PM] Wolfcat: gurgling
[10:28:53 PM] Helper: It is Mason who has sent it.
[10:28:57 PM] Oceanstuck: ...shit
[10:29:05 PM] Helper: Soon it will be Mason.
[10:29:07 PM] Helper: Or...
[10:29:20 PM] Helper: You know.
[10:29:33 PM] Oceanstuck: You know.:?
[10:29:44 PM] Helper: He'll be dead soon if the weather doesn't change for the better.
[10:29:52 PM] Kidpichu: D:
[10:29:54 PM] Captain King Kim-Jong CircleHunter Dedede Desdinova's Career of Evil V: oh fuck
[10:29:58 PM] Oceanstuck: define better
[10:30:14 PM] Wolfcat: uuugh I can't solve this cipher
[10:30:15 PM] Kidpichu: dawn make it better please?
[10:30:21 PM] Helper: It is currently downpouring.
[10:30:26 PM] The Sun: Fuk no.
[10:30:28 PM] The Sun: He dies
[10:30:30 PM] The Sun: I win
[10:30:31 PM] Oceanstuck: ohh
[10:30:37 PM] Kidpichu: i'll let you eat a puppy?
[10:30:51 PM] Wolfcat: But other-helper will probably start the rain again
[10:30:51 PM] Kidpichu: and add a kitten?
[10:31:00 PM] Oceanstuck: are you sure
[10:31:03 PM] Wolfcat: But we can still try
[10:31:08 PM] Oceanstuck: ok
[10:31:28 PM] Kidpichu: is there a way to freeze other helper?
[10:31:29 PM] Helper: Mason is stuck inside a storm drain, if any of you were worried about what situation he is in.
[10:31:49 PM] Oceanstuck: how did he get in a storm drain
[10:32:01 PM] Kidpichu: D: did he try to meet the tmnt?
[10:32:02 PM] Helper: Yes, how?
[10:32:16 PM] Kidpichu: cause that's happened...
[10:32:16 PM] Helper: It seems like an odd place to hang around.
[10:32:50 PM] The Tylep: yes
[10:32:55 PM] *** The Tylep awakens ***
[10:32:57 PM] Helper: Or...drown in.
[10:33:01 PM] Oceanstuck: ifrit not now
[10:33:03 PM] Ifrit [KILL ALL NORMIES]: srsly tho what do u guys think of that
[10:33:13 PM] The Tylep: wo hot as fuk fam
[10:33:20 PM] Ifrit [KILL ALL NORMIES]: #fireemoji
[10:33:31 PM] The Tylep: like right off the bat in the first 5 seconds
[10:33:35 PM] Kidpichu: fritty can you not
[10:33:52 PM] Ifrit [KILL ALL NORMIES]: im trying to convince gf to scream nonsense about drugs and occultism over it a la crystal castles
[10:33:54 PM] Wolfcat: Someone wanna try song of storms?
[10:33:57 PM] Oceanstuck: i wanna post storms right now
[10:33:58 PM] Ifrit [KILL ALL NORMIES]: but she hasn't done it yet
[10:34:04 PM] Wolfcat: try it
[10:34:07 PM] Oceanstuck: but im looking for a video to save me the time itd take to record
[10:34:21 PM] Kidpichu: do eet
[10:34:34 PM] Wolfcat: meanwhile lets think of an alternative
[10:34:35 PM] Captain King Kim-Jong CircleHunter Dedede Desdinova's Career of Evil V: Helper 2 was able to use the OST video to keep it going
[10:34:47 PM] Oceanstuck: o yeah
[10:34:53 PM] Helper: I really must get going now, however.
[10:35:08 PM] Captain King Kim-Jong CircleHunter Dedede Desdinova's Career of Evil V: Thank you for the advice, Helper
[10:35:10 PM] Kidpichu: thanks helper
[10:35:18 PM] Wolfcat: Thanks Helper, and goodbye
[10:35:21 PM] Oceanstuck: buh bye
[10:35:30 PM] Helper: If the weather does change, I am unsure I would like to be outside when it happens.
[10:35:37 PM] Helper: Good day!
[10:35:41 PM] *** Helper has left ***


Helper gives another message, however since he no longer has his hat and is not the 'Messenger', it has arrived late. He says that someone died because we missed something big.

[7:31:00 PM] *** Helper joined. ***
[7:31:07 PM] Mando 寒山: oh no not this asshole
[7:31:18 PM] Mando 寒山: i mean
[7:31:18 PM] Mando 寒山: hello
[7:31:20 PM] Wolfcat: Helper <3<3<3
[7:31:20 PM] Helper: Oh, okay.
[7:31:23 PM] Helper: Bye, adventurers!
[7:31:27 PM] Mando 寒山: goodbye
[7:31:28 PM] *** Helper has left ***
[7:31:32 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: Oh hi
[7:31:34 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: whayt
[7:31:34 PM] Tylep the rotaerc: LOL
[7:31:35 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: aw
[7:31:38 PM] Tylep the rotaerc: DYING
[7:31:38 PM] Oceanstuck: nice going mando
[7:31:40 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: ;-; helper I love you come baaack
[7:31:46 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: also ocean
[7:31:47 PM] Wolfcat: :c helper (hb)
[7:31:49 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: my dropbox is full
[7:31:49 PM] Mando 寒山: no problem I'll be here all week
[7:31:50 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: again
[7:32:01 PM] Oceanstuck: nooo D:
[7:32:08 PM] *** Helper joined. ***
[7:32:12 PM] Oceanstuck: also we have 2 copies of fnafb so
[7:32:15 PM] Mando 寒山: Oh no not THIS asshole
[7:32:24 PM] Helper: Oh okay.
[7:32:39 PM] Helper: Anyways, hello adventurers!
[7:32:42 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: So, how's it going helper? :D
[7:32:49 PM] Helper: I am here to deliver a message.
[7:32:56 PM] Kidpichu: I like delivered messages
[7:32:56 PM] Mando 寒山: The message is
[7:33:00 PM] Wolfcat: WHAT COULD IT MEAN
[7:33:16 PM] Eve: Hi Helper!
[7:33:20 PM] Kidpichu: I keep dozing off
[7:33:24 PM] Helper: As I have lost my hat, and you heroes clearly are not on top of things, this message has been somewhat delayed.
[7:33:28 PM] Oceanstuck: hello helper
[7:33:29 PM] Helper: By about fourteen days.
[7:33:34 PM] Kidpichu: D:
[7:33:37 PM] Mando 寒山: Sorry buddy I tried telling them how to play games but they just don't listen
[7:33:47 PM] Helper: Yes!
[7:34:02 PM] Oceanstuck: ok this is just the worst time for my internet to stop working
[7:34:10 PM] Helper: As it just so happens, you have not gone down the rabbit hole!
[7:34:11 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ:
[7:34:11 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: :L
[7:34:20 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: is that a good thing?
[7:34:26 PM] Mando 寒山: guys this is important listen up
[7:34:29 PM] Oceanstuck: dont mind me helps im just frustrated grumble grumble
[7:34:47 PM] Kidpichu: Helper how do we find the rabbit hole?
[7:34:50 PM] Mando 寒山: Should I tell mugen
[7:34:52 PM] Helper: Or, more precicely, you guys "Missed something fucking big and apparent"
[7:34:52 PM] Mando 寒山: JK
[7:34:57 PM] Mando 寒山: Yes
[7:35:01 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: oh
[7:35:09 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: so in other words we're all idiots?
[7:35:16 PM] Mando 寒山: wel
[7:35:18 PM] Helper: And that "Someone died because of your fuck up".
[7:35:19 PM] Kidpichu: I'm sick
[7:35:24 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: oh god
[7:35:31 PM] Mando 寒山: Oh thank god we killed Patrem
[7:35:40 PM] Helper: Not my words, I tell you!
[7:35:40 PM] Mando 寒山: ARG saved
[7:35:42 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: Who did we kill?
[7:35:56 PM] Helper: This came straight from your questgiver!
[7:36:02 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: Oh god
[7:36:06 PM] Mando 寒山: Who's dead
[7:36:08 PM] Mando 寒山: Who got murked
[7:36:20 PM] Mando 寒山: Who dropped the spaghetti on the linoleum at papa johns
[7:36:32 PM] Kidpichu: can it be me
[7:36:33 PM] Kidpichu: ?
[7:36:42 PM] Helper: I have no clue!
[7:36:46 PM] Kidpichu: D: that was awful
[7:37:11 PM] Helper: I just know that finding out what it is should be priority number one.
[7:37:28 PM] Helper: Well, good day!
[7:37:36 PM] Helper: Try not to kill anyone else.
[7:37:37 PM] Mando 寒山: Seeya buddy
[7:37:39 PM] Helper: Murderers.
[7:37:40 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: Bye helper!
[7:37:43 PM] Mando 寒山: I can't promise
[7:37:43 PM] ₳ḎUL₸_ⱢINĶ: ;-;
[7:37:44 PM] *** Helper has left ***
[7:37:52 PM] Mando 寒山: So we killed someone
[7:37:54 PM] Mando 寒山: That's good
[7:37:55 PM] Mando 寒山: Progress
[7:38:02 PM] Wolfcat: Mason I guess


Helper joins the group to tell the players that they screwed up by showing Doug the bomb plans.

[2:48:37 AM] *** Helper joined. ***
[2:48:44 AM] Oceanstuck: its gone again
[2:48:45 AM] Oceanstuck: ohai helper
[2:48:49 AM] Helper: What did you do.
[2:48:54 AM] Archery 2000: hello helper
[2:48:57 AM] Oceanstuck: fucked up apparently
[2:49:08 AM] Helper: More than that.
[2:49:10 AM] Dovid Magady: We pissed off doug.
[2:49:15 AM] Helper: Fix it.
[2:49:18 AM] Dovid Magady: What were the repercussions of that?
[2:49:20 AM] Oceanstuck: how
[2:49:22 AM] *** Helper has left ***
[2:49:24 AM] Dovid Magady: How?
[2:49:35 AM] Oceanstuck: god dammit


Helper gives everyone a short hint for a puzzle.

[7:21:20 PM] *** Helper joined. ***
[7:21:46 PM] Helper: Hello.
I begrudgingly bring you all a message.
[7:22:16 PM] Helper: "Substitute for phone"
[7:22:19 PM] *** Helper has left ***

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