Igaluk was a Lunar Child who appeared very briefly on the Lunar Children Forums. Not much is known about them, only that they supposedly used to do cult related business at The Spire. Because of this, it is very likely that they died in the cataclysm that took place on 4/23/16, though this has never been confirmed.


Not much is known about Igaluk. They apparently don't do much fieldwork for the Lunar Children, instead opting to work within The Spire. Other than this, nothing is known about their personality.


Igaluk was first seen on the Lunar Children Forums. Their forum bio says nothing and they only have a single post on the forums. They claim that they haven't done much work outside of the holy building, referring to The Spire.

Considering how much time they apparently spend there, it is possible that they died in the cataclysm that took place there on 4/23/16. However, their fate has never been confirmed.


Forum Post 1

Below is the only post Igaluk made, congratulating Hina for finding a necklace.

Igaluk123: "I honestly can't remember the last meaningful thing I did outside the holy building, so congratulations I suppose."


  • Igaluk is the name of the lunar God of the pantheon.
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