In this video Tyler gives a small update and checks out He says that John's cellphone now has a different response, only sounding out beeps now. He also says he's nearly ready to move to Australia. He checks and sees a message directing him to go to Kevin's house.


Details as of 9/16/18.


"I know whoever runs that thing probably watches my channel, so here you go. I might have over reacted a bit at first, but fine, I don't know who the fuck you are but Ill actually go to kevs house, I haven't been in a really long time anyways and was thinking of going by to reminisce."


"blood,moon,ritual,ground,I'll,see,you,soon,Harbingers Link"


Im going to

Im going to


The video begins with Tyler sitting in his room.

Tyler: "Alright, so since that point before where I called John's number it hasn't exactly, uh... done what it did before. (Sigh) But now it seems to have mysteriously done doing this."

Tyler calls John's number on his phone only to get beeping noises.

Tyler: "...I've basically got all that Australia shit all set up... Got my citizenship papers straight... I'm getting the fuck out of here."

The video freezes and stutters when Tyler pans the camera to his wallpaper which is presumably of Carla.

Tyler: "She's getting me more and more into anonymity bullshit now. (Laughs) She's got me using this, uh... this weird 'Pale Moon' browser. I mean it works just like, uh... my other shit did, so I don't give a fuck. ...Speaking of, why don't I check out the same old famous fucking place..."

Tyler goes to only to find a red screen. This appears only for him as players were not greeted with this page.

Tyler: "...Yep. Same as fucking usual. I don't know what the fuck was up before, but..."

White text appears on the page that reads:


Tyler: "What the fuck... (Sigh) (Laughs) Alright. Okay. I guess whoever the fuck's running this shit just knows my whole fucking friend group then. What the fuck is this shit..."

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