Non-Canon Warning:
The following content is not canon to the ARG, or only affects it in a meta sense, and thus should be disregarded during gameplay.

The Internet Detectives, commonly shortened to ID, is a group of users currently playing the JohnisDead ARG. The ID has been playing the ARG since it's inception with the YSHDT Arc, and is currently the largest known active group taking part in JohnisDead. Because of this, a multitude of canon activity has involved the ID, with some players getting directly involved with the story in multiple ways.


The earliest recorded date of the ID's inception was in January of 2015, the same time the YSHDT Arc began. However, the ID actually predates this, as the original purpose of the Skype group was to solve Remember.exe. The Skype group quickly increased in activity as users from the Within Hubris forums discovered the newly created, and decided to use the Skype group as their new hub.

Canon Activity

Being the largest group of players for the ARG, it's no surprise the GM's singled them out. On multiple occasions, players were specifically targeted or referenced by characters. Some characters would even join the ID Skype group and have conversations with the players.

However, it was later revealed that this was all planned from the beginning. The Internet Detectives turned out to not just be some random group that happened to become popular, but instead one that was created by the GM's from the start. The beginning of the Dead Arc revealed that Tyler, John, and Jacob weren't just normal players, but actual canon characters in the story. This was alluded to from the very inception of the ID, as the Internet Detectives theme song contains someone whispering the phrase "John Is Dead" as the song begins.

This twist caused many Internet Detectives to become suspicious of one another, not sure who might be a normal player or a canon character. Canon interactions with the group would continue as the ARG progressed, with some players even working alongside the GM's.


The Internet Detectives are still active today. If you want to contact them, or become an Internet Detective yourself, follow the links below.

Notable Members

Below are some of the most active or most notable members of the Internet Detectives, for one reason or another.


Currently a main character in the Dead Arc. He lost his memory, and thus doesn’t remember being our resident Vaporwave addict. His amnesia is enforced by /Patrem\ so enlightening him is futile, as he'll just think we're insane and obviously lying.

John / Mesic

Currently a main character in the Dead Arc. Dis’ nigga straight up ded.


Currently a main character in the Dead Arc. Is the acid hitting you yet?

Dawn / The Sun

Creator of YSHDT (aka - The Man), also played the character “Helper”. Is too cool for us now, and only comes around to call us nerds and fags.

CircleHunter / Captain Desdinova / Wyatt

Long time ID member, owner of the Jadusable wiki. Also played the Character "Grey Man" in the YSHDT arc. Refuses to wear clothes on cam, showing us his glorious pectorals at every opportunity.

Eve / Wickedlady4180

The Keeper of the Scrolls of Time. Is loyal to /Patrem\, so therefore is a BITCH and a TRAITOR.

Thorin / ADULT_LIN

Is noted for psts of randomness. Completely believes he’s Link, but he’s actually a Lonk.


Creator of Weenie Licked, the infamous ARG on Within Hubris. He’s an overrated piece of garbage…. still good though.


The Boss of #TeamFlan. Refuses to get in call with the group, “too shy” possibly sounds like Dr. Girlfriend.

Mugen Kagemaru (K♦)



The only ID member to get younger with each minute that passes.


An oldfag of the early Jadusable. Now he's back, and this time it's personal. Makes vlogs of himself doing normal things like running through the woods.


Jos? Su? Giorgio hackers? Jacob_porrito_tocho? Mugen postman? /Pattersonn\? No one knows who this guy is except he is a spianard, we went to ask him about it, he said "Judt Jokkign no offense". (I'm open to any kind of Discord server infiltration service ~Jos)


The unforgiving and brutal leader of ID-en-Espanol, keeping the rowdy masses of newcomers from Jordi Wild's fanbase in line with his relentlessness.


The number one supplier of JohnisDead fanart that usually involves gay acts of sexual deviancy. Is soul linked to Dense.


Who even is this guy? Where did he go? Who knows. Every now and then he'll pop in witness the faggotry that is the ID Discord Server. Probably the chillest guy in the ID.


A great artist. Too pure for the darkness that is the Internet Detectives, brightening up the place with her pastel colors and kawaii 'tudes.


A complete enigma. No one is truly sure what goes on inside his mind, and we aren't sure if we want to know.