John, also known as Mesic, was a friend of Tyler, Jacob, and Kevin. John died in a house fire on 11/11/11 causing him to become Kevin's conduit. However, before Kevin could reach him, Tenebris assimilated John. After this, John was Tenebris's puppet until Regiminis took him back.

First Mention

The first mention of John (as a character) was on 2/19/15, during the Mason & Doug Arc, when /Patrem\ posted a cipher on WH that translated to: "He also enjoyed music. o n   urn d. Now he has ascended" (The corrupted words read John Burned).

Circumstances Surrounding John's Death

As told by Drowned in the conversation of 3/17/16, John was mistakenly killed by the Lunar Children as a "Sacrifice Conduit" for Regiminis.

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