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Johnisdead is a fan-continuation of the Ben Drowned ARG.
Active since August 10, 2015

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Johnisdead is an Alternate Reality Game that continues the story of Ben Drowned, an ARG created by Jadusable. The story follows Tyler, a young man who is being pursued by an evil cult known as the Lunar Children. The twisted history of the cult is slowly uncovered as players work together to discover the truth while keeping Tyler alive.

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"You do not deserve to be handed information. You must take it."


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  • Wolfcat222

    Undecim Nocte 2018

    November 12, 2018 by Wolfcat222

    Another year has passed, and so has another 11/11. This year had some interesting developments as two new YouTube channels were discovered belonging to Nocta and Moonman. While Moonman's channel doesn't have much, he seems willing to help us out.

    However, Nocta's channel held a startling revelation - Nocta's name is Kevin Hendricks. This means not only could he be Regiminis, but also be somehow related to Kayd Hendricks - Ryukaki. Tyler can also be spotted in Nocta's video. Only time will tell what this all means.

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