Kevin is a former friend of Tyler and John. He disappeared without a trace, just like Jacob. Kevin is actually a member of the Lunar Children and his holy title within the group is Regiminis. He also infiltrated the Moon Children as a spy named Insidiae. He is experienced in the 'Path of Parallelos', having the ability to travel between parallelos.


Kevin was a longtime friend of Tyler's. Kevin, Tyler, and John often hung out together as seen in Fun night with john and kevin and Fun night with john and kevin 2. However, it would seem that even as early as this Kevin was a member of the Lunar Children. His 'obscure religion' is brought up once or twice in these videos and conversations with Tyler on Skype also mention a 'secret religion' he never really liked talking about.

11/11/11 was the date of Kevin's ascension. This was when he obtained the title of 'Regiminis'. He is also often referred to as the 'Grand One', 'The Neophyte', or the 'Red Man'. Regiminis was first mentioned in Patrem's 'Bedtime Story', in which he was referred to by the 'Grand Child'. This bedtime story recounted the day of Kevin's ascension, 11/11/11.

He was next mentioned near the beginning of the Dead Arc in a warning from John relayed by Patrem - "Be aware. The grand one is coming. Regiminis.", indicating that Regiminis was now active and out for blood. SKM claims that Regiminis 'hijacked' the 'portal' - the 'portal' being another name for Patrem also states that Regiminis 'governs' the portal, a fact that is backed up on the 'Devium' page of the Lunar Children site.

Regiminis's face faintly visible over a video of Tyler.

We can see this by how the Deviums on the /tyler page of are all in fear of Regiminis's arrival. Despite this, SKM still managed to set up a safe place to chat with players on Johnisdead, though he still required Drowned to distract Regiminis during the chats. Regiminis eventually tracked down where the chatroom was hidden causing SKM and Drowned to flee.

Patrem claims that Regiminis's 'true awakening' will occur once he has separated John and Tenebris. Regiminis makes his first physical appearance in 'alwayswatchingyou.wmv', as he keeps a close eye on Tyler. Users catch a glimpse of his iconic 'red man' form at the very end of this video.


7/18/16 - Email 1

((Player asks about the empty moderator spot on
Kevin: "No need to ask, I have a close friend who I wanted to take this spot."
Kevin: "Well not want but rather HAVE to."
Kevin: "If I can just set things up the right way this instance. Thank you for asking."

7/18/16 - Email 2

Player: "I do not know you and you do not know me but let's not let that get in the way here..." 
Player: "The giants are a lie, or so you say, but perhaps there is a larger threat here?" 
Player: "a bigger goal of the Moon Children? Sorry not my place to ask..." 
Player: "I was only meant to deliver this, whatever it is. Perhaps a game changer, perhaps a whisper."
Kevin: "No one really knew what was going on on either side it seemed. But we know, will you?"

7/18/16 - IRC 1

[11:42:11] .:@Kev: "Do not worry this is a private ((Unknown)). No one can see what we say here. But yes, I can confirm success. We have Matt with us."
[11:47:19] .:@Seth: "But at what cost? You allowed him to be awoken, and while ((Unknown)) this asset to our movement through this terrible offer?"
[11:50:23] .:@Kev: "The Giant story is a lie. Made and spread by the misguided "moon children" in attempt to ((Unknown)) our glory."
[11:52:43] .:@Seth: "But several of our own remember they had in fact heard whispers ((Unknown)) this very prophecy in ((Unknown))."
[11:59:00] .:@Kev: "Again, I will inform you that whispers that should be heard ((Unknown)) Level of static are the ((Unknown)) from the day our Father ((Unknown))."

7/18/16 - IRC 2 ===

[13:12:13] .:@rem:. "yeah the jeremy guy caused a lot of trouble too on his way out. He was good friends with hank.
[13:15:19] .:@kevi:. "Alex needs to not go snooping around with the traitors again, SERIOUSLY."
[13:17:37] .:@seth:. "What ever happened to Jeremys brother though?"
[13:19:12] .:@rem:. "I dont really know actually, based on alex's description of a things he saw before we went to get him from his ordeal. He met with him unknowingly and was given the item in question by him. We are still trying to peice together what hank was doing. But that cartridge, which alex seems to have lost, is a big part of the puzzle. He really seems to have had a lot more access to power than we are ready for the full order to know."
[13:27:09] .:@kevi:. "Hey Mase did you get the invite to the private dev chat?"
[13:32:31] .:@seth:. "Yeah sorry I did, I'll be on later to discuss our work."
[13:35:33] .:@rem:. "Private?"
[13:36:42] .:@kevi:. "Hey hey just a game we are working on."
[13:37:19] .:@rem:. "Private is a bad work in this chat Insidiae, watch it."
[13:37:59] .:@kevi:. "Don't lose your shit Kayd, its just a game."
[13:38:23] .:@rem:. "Isn't it all? Again, watch yourself Kevin, you are new around here and a lot of people feel uneasy about you already."
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