The fourth video found on the M YouTube account. It seems to be a direct continuation of the previous video, E.


Details as of 9/10/18.









The video begins exactly where 'E' ended. The person filming begins walking through the woods before the video cuts to a shot of the sun. The camera focuses on what appears to be a cellphone tower. The video cuts once again, the cellphone tower is now much closer. The person filming turns around - the further back they turn, the darker the footage gets. The footage cuts once again. The person filming is now walking down a road leading to the radio tower. As they turn around the video corrupts once again, this time much worse. We cut to the person now running down the same road. The video cuts several times as we see a portion of a link appear on the screen alongside a creepy face. A loud screaming sound is also heard.


Whoever is filming finally reaches the radio tower. They look behind themselves as the video cuts several more times. They examine the fencing and signs surrounding the tower as the video cuts to black. The remainder of the vocaroo link is shown before the video ends.


((This link led users to an SSTV audio file that hid an image. This image showed a card - the 8 of Hearts with the Major Arcana Taro Card “The Fool” photoshopped over it.))




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