/Patrem\ is the main antagonist of the ARG and the Father of the Lunar Children. Patrem was originally a human named Hank Hubbard who later became known as Kelbris among the Moon Children. Patrem does not have a physical body of his own, at least not at this point in time. He is currently using the body of Father Vincent Adams as his host.


Patrem was originally a man named Hank Hubbard who was born on July 5th, 1937. Not much is known about Hank's early life, only that at some point he met a woman named Diana. The two later married and became a happy couple.

Diana had complications giving birth and the couple thought they might never be able to have a child. This was when they adopted Matt Hubbard who Hank cherished greatly. At some point Hank and Diana both become members of a cult known as the Moon Children. Surprisingly, Diana gave birth to a baby boy in 1990. The two of them named this child Ben. Hank was an incredibly proud father and cherished Ben deeply, though this led to Matt being heavily neglected. Because of this, Matt began resenting his father.

Hank had a close friend who was also in the Moon Children - Jeremy Jarvis. In 1998, Jeremy's brother, another good friend of Hank, also joined the Moon Children. It wasn't too long after this when Diana passed away. Hank, now known as Kelbris among the Moon Children, was unable to cope with this and slowly lost his sanity. It was around this time that Luna began speaking to him.

Luna began using Kelbris by telling him about Ascension, though whenever he tried to pass on this knowledge to the Moon Children he was seen as a blasphemer. Nonetheless, Kelbris's words did manage to inspire a movement among the cult as a small portion of the Moon Children began following him. This was the beginning of the Lunar Children.

In 2002, Luna commanded Kelbris to drown his son, Ben. Kelbris did so, believing Ben's death would only be temporary. The result was Ben's spirit being trapped within a Majora's Mask cartridge which the evil spirit Tenebris used as a conduit. During this same year his adoptive son, Matt Hubbard - now known as Ifrit, killed Kelbris as a part of his initiation into the Moon Children. However, Kelbris's death resulted in his ascension into a Transcended. This sent shockwaves through the Moon Children as they realized that much of what he had said years prior was actually true. In order to cover up his traitorous actions and their own shame, the Moon Children officially claimed that Kelbris had died back in 1998.

Kelbris's body was buried by a pond near his Fishery, though he would later rise from his grave and begin pursuing Ifrit. Once Kelbris finally tracked down Ifrit, he did not kill him. Instead, Kelbris forced him to wear a mask and follow the will of Tenebris. He commanded Ifrit to teach the Lunar Children about the four giants. After this, Kelbris tracked down Rosa who he sent through various parallelos before she eventually ended up in Luna's own parallelos.

Around this point in the story, various timelines begin converging and splitting. In one timeline, players manage to reach The Truth where they voted to cut off Luna's access to our realm. Doing this caused the four giants to disappear. During Kelbris's final moments, he expressed his regrets. He apologized to Matt, Ben, and Rosa before passing on.

Though Kelbris is now gone, an instance of Hank still exists known as Patrem. It is unknown how exactly Patrem exists despite Kelbris being destroyed. It is possible that Patrem only existed in a timeline in which Kelbris was never destroyed. It is also possible that Kelbris was merely the shell of Hank, while Patrem was his ascended soul. Nevertheless, an ascended version of Hank known as Patrem is still active years later and is collaborating with the Lunar Children.

Being ascended, Patrem does not have a body. This changed on 11/11/11 when one Lunar Child named Vincent Adams became Patrem's host. Patrem now had a physical form, though he was only able to control it whenever Vincent was asleep. Patrem claims that the experience on 11/11/11 was so traumatic for Vincent that he had lost his memory, meaning that Vincent now has no idea Patrem resides within him.



This conversation took place on where players were allowed to ask Kelbris three questions. This canonically happened in 2010.

Player: "Hello, Kelbris. I will speak for us. Here are our questions:"
Player: "1) What did you want to speak with Matt about?"
Player: "What did the traitors do to act against The Order?"
Player: "What knowledge from beyond this realm can you pass on to us?"

7/11/16 - Testimonial

Hank highly praises the Moon Children. He confirms that his wife is Diana who will soon give birth to Ben. This canonically happened in 1990.

Hank Hubbard (1990): This has been the most enlightening and inspirational experience of my short and yet long life. Even now at age 53 I am but still a child. I spend my more recent days with  my now wife Ana, as she prefers, awaiting the birth of my son later this year contemplating the ways of our Goddess. I hope that soon as a family we may together experience the glory of ascension, the euphoria of flying as gods in the realms beyond. To shape worlds as we see fit. Glory unto our most exalted Goddess.”


Kelbris approaches Matt and tells him to teach the Lunar Children the ways of the four giants.

Kelbris: "No child this is his body but I am not him. You are to be just like this corpse however. You will bear this mask as well and work for Its will. Know the ways of the 4 and work it slowly into the new covenant. Through your work you will unlock the truth both here and in the world for all. Can you hear it? Those are the whispers of your salvation. Come Matthew, you have a task to complete. LISTEN TO THE SOUNDS WITHIN"


Did I in my madness lose sight of whom which I called upon?
Of Whom I requested such power? I wish to be Father,
or did I believe this already to be true?
I knew not of the truth of the beasts vassal until now.
In my hubris I have brought forth not my reign as Father,
to reunite me with my maiden, but the birth of the Father.
I struggle in this wayward void sans sights and sounds,
I struggle to open my eyes. My body is no longer my own,
I have not the vitality. What was I doing all this time,
the testimonies I made, were these words truly my own?
I struggle to open my eyes. Yes and no, the words I spoke
in living were my own, transcribed from this great beast
beyond us all. Some were merely my ramblings but then
the words spoken by my body in death.
I struggle to open my eyes, I cannot. I have no eyes.


Kelbris: "I was foolish. In her death I was driven to insanity. We longed greatly for a child of our own."
Kelbris: "When we thought it was impossible we adopted... but we could only afford one."
Kelbris: "I am sorry for this, Rosa."
Kelbris: "When she was to give birth I was so proud and so happy, but I did neglect my first son."
Kelbris: "Matthew... I am so sorry. She... It. That thing lied to me."
Kelbris: "That's why I did it. I thought it would only be for a short time, that's why I killed you Ben."
Kelbris: "I'm sorry."
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