This page contains the entire story of Johnisdead. While the Timeline contains more hard data, the goal of this page is to present the story in a more easily understandable way. Johnisdead is a fan continuation of Jadusable's Haunted Cartridge ARG, more commonly known as Ben Drowned. Johnisdead is divided up between six different arcs, and the story is currently ongoing.

Jadusable's ARG and Within Hubris


In order to understand the events of JohnisDead, you must first have a basic understanding of Jadusable's Haunted Cartridge ARG, also known as Ben Drowned. Below will be a summarized retelling of the ARG, though if you want a more comprehensive look at the events of Ben Drowned, the Jadusable Wiki is the perfect place. Begin here, and be sure to continue reading on through the other two arcs as well.

The Haunted Cartridge

In September of 2010, a college student named Alex Hall bought a Majora's Mask cartridge from a strange old man. This man was described as having a 'glazed over eye', and said "Goodbye, Ben!" whenever Alex walked away. It soon became apparent that the game was haunted by a malevolent spirit known as BEN. Alex began recording these strange happenings and uploading them to a YouTube channel named Jadusable.

BEN traveled through Jadusable's wires into his computer where the two of them would have tense discussions. Jad discovered that BEN was an evil entity who stole the name of a child who drowned, and wasn't actually Ben himself.
Tinyjad"I'm beginning to think that this "thing" maybe isn't Ben at all, in its sadistic nature I wouldn't be surprised if it took the boy's name after it killed him."
Jaduable's friend Tyler soon took notice of his deteriorating mental health. Though Jad refused to tell Tyler anything, he still let him accompany him to the old man's house. Strangely, the old man was nowhere to be seen. At this point Jad had amassed a rather large following online from his recordings. He decided to upload one final file to the internet - a culmination of all his notes in a document titled 'TheTruth.rtf'. Users quickly downloaded TheTruth.rtf, hoping for answers. However, something was wrong. This file had been tampered with by BEN, and thanks to thousands of users downloading it, BEN was now free to spread his chaos across the internet.

The Moon Children

Odd things began happening on Jadusable's YouTube channel. Strange codes and cryptic messages were being posted. These codes were actually ciphers - garbled messages that must be deciphered to become readable. These ciphers led users to a website,, or for short. was the home of the Moon Children, a cult that worships the moon goddess Luna. Many Majora's Mask references were found on the site along with a strange user named Drowned. Drowned's profile picture was of a man wearing a gas mask, though once hovered over with a mouse cursor, it changes to an image of the Elegy Statue. Various other cultists were found on the site such as Matt (Ifrit), his sister Rosa, Spencer (Duskworld23), Kevin (Insidiae), and Chris (Nekko). Users also spoke of the leader of the cult known as The Father and another mysterious entity known as Mr. D.

The Moon Children all seemed to highly value a ritual known as Ascension. What exactly ascension consists of isn't exactly known, though it seems to result in the participant dying. Whenever someone is ascended they seem to have the ability to possess and exist within technology - just like BEN. Sure enough, Ifrit confirmed that Ben was indeed a member who ascended, though his body was never found. While users were searching the site, they discovered that one of the younger Moon Children, Nekko, had a successful ascension. This surely meant that Nekko was now dead.
BenClose"You shouldn't have done that."

Kelbris as he appeared on

A new, terrifying entity soon made itself known - Kelbris. Kelbris was a horribly disfigured green creature who often left threatening messages on YSHDT. When browsing the website, users actually found Kelbris's backstory. Apparently Kelbris was once a prolific Moon Child who heard whispers from Luna herself. However, his life was cut short when he was found electrocuted. Some suspected that he was murdered in cold blood.

A more harrowing discovery was made - a countdown. This was found on BEN's contact page. No one knew exactly what would happen once it reached zero, but it probably wouldn't be good. The other contact pages were much more helpful. Users found Ifrit's email and began asking him a ton of questions. We learned that there was a Moon Child named 'Alex' who mysteriously went missing in an event known as the 'Blackout'. Whether or not this Alex is Jadusable is unknown, though it is likely. Ifrit's email also revealed that his name was actually 'Matt Hubris'.

Caught in a Loop


'Rosa' from some gameplay footage Jad had uploaded.

As the countdown was nearing its end, someone began banging on Ifrit's door. What happened next was something that would become a staple for all Ben Drowned related content - someone uploaded a gameplay video of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The clip featured Link playing the Song of Time on his ocarina.. Just like the Song of Time's effects in Majora's Mask, all events of the ARG were reset to three days prior. The link to TheTruth.rtf was reuploaded to the YouTube channel. The same posts appeared on Essentially, we had all gone back in time with one major difference: Ifrit was still gone.

It appeared that Ifrit was now gone for good - going back in time would help us, but it wouldn't bring back people who we couldn't save. Instead Insidiae, a rather mysterious Moon Child, had taken Ifrit's place making announcements. Users also discovered Alex's contact page, the missing Moon Child. It was here that users made the discovery that the user who posted the Song of Time, TheLinkMissing, was actually Alex himself.

Players began experimenting. They submitted a video of Link playing the 'Inverted Song of Time', which had the same effect the song had in-game - the time on slowed down. This meant that players indeed had the ability to submit songs and videos from the Legend of Zelda to affect the ARG. Unfortunately, it didn't take long for a few users to begin abusing this power. A few misused songs caused Alex to be killed and Rosa to go missing, just like her brother.

The Song of Time was played once again to send us back in time. However, this time Rosa was missing as well. We were told that 'We didn't save her', implying that she met a fate similar to Ifrit's. Fortunately, players were able to revive Alex by using a fairy in a bottle. The final cycle came to a close as the ARG entered a brief hiatus. The next update would become known as 'The Glitch' as became very corrupted. Users soon found a large number of hidden files on the site, most of which were password protected. The most important of these was File 59 - a message from Ifrit directed at all of us. Ifrit warned us about BEN and how conniving he was. He also told us that BEN's greatest weakness was his Hubris, and that we had strength in numbers. After this the site would undergo a few more updates, though it had mostly become a non-canon archive for the ARG around this time.
Ifrit"Do not ever let It use you. It thinks It is in control, yet despite all the omnipotence in the world, there is nothing more dangerous than the illusion of compliance."


At the very end of Ifrit's message was another ciphered message: "KAYD HENDRICKS YOU ARE IN DANGER." Kayd Hendricks was the name of a fellow player who went by the username Ryukaki. Ryukaki was in danger because he was the only player to receive the username and password to The Truth, an elusive page on Ryukaki began uploading videos of strange happenings to his YouTube channel, the first of which had caught some strange sounds in the middle of the night. Ryukaki even filmed a pair of glowing eyes watching him from outside his home, which many speculated to be either BEN or Kelbris. Ryukaki also began receiving strange phone calls that played the Song of Unhealing on the other end.

He later uploaded two videos of himself running through the woods from what seemed to be barking dogs in the distance. While he's running he passes by what is said to have been one of the Moon Children's bases - the Orchard. A few days later Ryukaki gives players a final message. He realizes that there is no hope for him, and that all he can do now is pass on the information Rosa had given him. He gave the players the login information for The Truth before disappearing forever.

The Within Hubris Forums

Within hubris

The banner of the Within Hubris forums.

A new site appeared - Within Hubris. This was a message board created for players of the ARG to meet up. It would act as a Hub for the upcoming third and final arc of the ARG. There were a few oddities on the message board. Users discovered a strange user group known as the 'Tenors'. The Tenors were all characters from the ARG, even very obscure ones like Tyler who had only appeared once or twice in passing. The Tenors never interacted with players, though some ciphers found on Rosa's Tenor page led to users making their way into the password protected sub-board: Wayward Horizon.

Wayward Horizon contained posts from previously deceased characters such as Nekko and Duskworld23 as if they were stuck in some sort of limbo or purgatory. Posts from Kelbris and another unknown entity were also discovered. Is seemed as if this was a prison for the ascended souls of the Moon Children.

Nothing else of importance happened after this. Jadusable previewed a short video of the Unity game that was going to be used for arc 3, and a few OoC videos were uploaded, but there were no other canon updates. Jadusable's ARG has been on an indefinite hiatus since 2011. For four years there was no activity until the fan-continuation known as JohnisDead was kicked off by an introduction Arc known as

Brief Summary

Here is a very brief summary of the events above.

  • An old man sells Alex Hall (Jadusable) a cartridge of Majora's Mask haunted by a spirit named BEN
  • Jadusable's friend, Tyler, worries for his health - meanwhile, the old man disappears
  • Players discover Moon Children, a cult that worships the moon goddess Luna
  • Cultists are 'ascended', a ritual that involves death - Ben drowning was a failed ascension
  • Players contact two cultists, Ifrit and Rosa, before they go missing - presumably killed
  • Players discover they can use songs and items from the Legend of Zelda games to affect the ARG
    • Song of Time is used to go back in time
    • Fairies revive characters
    • New Wave Bossa Nova allows us to speak to characters
    • Ect.
  • Within Hubris forums are created - to be used for arc 3

Character Recap

Image Name Affiliation Status Description
Tinyjad Jadusable Harbingers Unknown A college student who was given a huanted Majora's Mask cartridge. Is tormented by the spirit known as BEN.
Currently Unknown. He is last heard of in his notes, 'truth.rtf', which were tampered with by BEN.
Tinyben BEN Himself Active The evil spirit that was sealed in the Majora's Mask cartridge. He later escaped onto the internet.
Currently Unknown. Presumably watching the players and waiting to cause more havoc.
Tinyhand Ben Unknown Dead A kid who drowned during an Ascension. He is not the same as 'BEN', the evil spirit who is said to have stolen his name.
Currently Unknown. We are unsure whether or not he is conscious.
Tinyhand Old Man Unknown Alive The mysterious old man who gave Jadusable the haunted cartridge. Disappeared afterwards and knew of BEN's existence.
Currently Unknown. Missing.
Tinyhand Tyler Unknown Unknown A friend of Jadusable who was briefly mentioned.
Currently Unknown. Presumably doing fine.
Tinyifrit Ifrit / Matt Hubris Moon Children Missing A high ranking Moon Child. He often posts on and emails players.
Currently Unknown. He is missing after being persued by Kelbris.
Tinykelb Kelbris Moon Children Ascended A former Moon Child who died via electrocution. He begins coming after various Moon Children, often knocking on their doors before capturing them.
Currently Guarding the souls trapped on Within Hubris in Wayward Horizon.
Tinydusk Duskworld23 / Spencer L. Moon Children Ascended A high ranking Moon Child who was seen making announcements on
Currently Trapped within Wayward Horizon on Within Hubris, implying that he has Ascended.
Tinynekko Nekko / Chris Moon Children Ascended A very young Moon Child who has ascended. Seemed very eager to ascend in his final post.
Currently Trapped within Wayward Horizon on Within Hubris in fear and regret.
Tinyinsidiae Insidiae / Kevin Moon Children Unknown A mysterious member of the Moon Children. His username translates to 'Treason' and his real name is 'Kevin'.
Currently Unknown.
Tinyrosa Rosa Moon Children Unknown Ifrit's sister. Began emailing users after his disappearance. Might have prophetic powers like her game counterpart in Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines.
Currently Unknown. Missing after Kelbris knocked on her door.
Tinyalex Alex Harbingers Unknown A former Moon Child who served as our link for a short while. He later went missing and we could no longer use him.
Currently Unknown.
Tinyhand Mr. D Moon Children Unknown Someone mentioned by the Moon Children. High ranking Moon Children warn others to not anger him by breaking any rules.
Currently Unknown.
Tinydrowned Drowned Moon Children Unknown An entity that appeared on Possibly either BEN or Ben, though the exact details are unknown.
Currently Unknown.
Tinyryu Ryukaki / Kayd Hendricks Harbingers Unknown A player who was harassed by the Moon Children and Kelbris.
Currently Unknown.
Tinyfather The Father Moon Children Unknown The mysterious leader of the Moon Children. Seen as a holy figure much like Luna.
Currently Unknown.
Tinyluna Luna Moon Children Immortal The goddess of the Moon Children. Will bring about the end times when she descends.
Currently Unknown.

Arc 1.


The arc of JohnisDead is the only arc created by a different GM - The Man. Despite this, it is still considered an arc in the larger JohnisDead ARG, not a separate ARG in and of itself.


By 2015, activity on Within Hubris had dwindled. The original forum itself had been shut down and the remaining users resided on a fan recreation. One day, a new user named 'thelaw' posted a strange website: Users speculated that this might be the long awaited continuation of Jadusable's Ben Drowned ARG, though no one was sure if this was actually created by Jadusable or not. "YSHDT" was obviously a throwback to the acronym of the Moon Children's site - ''. This new site displayed an image of a creepy looking Link from Twilight Princess. Text on the site hinted that this was BEN returning.


One of BEN's taunts on

The more users explored the site, the more strange things were found. Quotes like 'The sky is falling, the people are crying', the fact that the game over theme can be heard, and the image found that displays the text 'Game Over' all hints that this ARG is starting off in the future, likely in a timeline that ended badly. Users also found some newspaper clippings of articles about some sort of 'religious discovery' written by someone named 'Douglas P.'. The front page of the site changed, now linking to a blog named letschasethemouse ran by a user named DandP.

Meet Doug and /Patrem\

Users began contacting DandP. When shown the newspaper clippings, DandP said that he'd never seen them before despite them originating from his high school. He also states he had considered joining the newspaper staff along with some sort of 'religious club'. Users were also able to get a confirmation that his name is Doug - Douglas P., confirming that took place in the future while letschasethemouse took place in the past. Our objective must be to save Doug from this 'religious club' and to stop the world from being destroyed.


One of Doug's photos of the fishery.

In order to learn more about this 'religious club', users began asking if they could join. One user from the Internet Detectives, Jacob Anthony, asked if he could join. Jacob ended up being the only user considered for membership as he was apparently the only one living close enough. It's important to note that Jacob lives in Florida, indicating that this new 'religious club', which is most likely a cult, is located in Florida as well. Doug posts some photos of an old fishery out in the woods. This place is apparently important to the cult and he had to hide from the other members to even take pictures of it.

It was around this time a new character appeared - a mysterious new Within Hubris user named Patrem. Patrem began posting cryptic things such as "Three of you are not as you seem," and "I heard my children cry," This combined with the fact that Patrem is latin for "Father" implies that he is The Father - the leader of the Moon Children from Jadusable's ARG. Patrem continued, "I came to the fishery, and the fools trapped me inside him. Vincent, return to your slumber now. There is no home for you brats," Vincent is a character we've never heard of before. If he does not have a body and is 'trapped' in someone, that would make him similar to BEN - a spirit trapped within a vessel.

Patrem"I came to the fishery, and the fools trapped me inside him. Vincent, return to your slumber now. There is no home for you brats."

/Patrem\'s avatar on the Within Hubris forums.

Patrem continued posting. "He also enjoyed music. o n urn d. Now he has ascended," Users weren't sure what to make of this yet, but all would be made clear in due time. When asked about Doug, Patrem says he does not care for him and that Vincent is someone we already know. He continues, “Some children have drowned, others will burn. I am through giving you my pity,", and "Go back child, go back, and try to wet the ashes; Say hello to your composer for me. I already have been,"

'Going back' and 'wetting ashes' were clearly hints for us to do something, but we weren't quite sure what yet. Users took it as a sign to start submitting songs like players did in the original Ben Drowned ARG. The Song of Storms was submitted to Within Hubris. It took effect immediately, though not in the way we had hoped. Doug's room started to flood as rain poured down outside. Users quickly played the Song of Storms once again to end the flood, saving Doug. Players had to be careful with the songs they submitted or else they might get characters killed.

It was around this time that some of the characters became more involved with speaking to players. Because of this we must go into a bit of detail about the players themselves, or more specifically, the group of players. The remaining users on the Within Hubris forums had formed a Skype group known as the Internet Detectives. Because this group was the largest collection of players, the GM's often targeted them specifically.

One night a mysterious user named '31071157 356670' joined the Internet Detectives Skype group. Their name was a cipher that translated to Drown, though some simply refer to this person as 'Numbers Guy'. The name Drown instantly associates them with Ben. Drown began conversing with us over Skype while strange sounds from Jadusable's videos and the Song of Unhealing played in the background - further connecting them with Ben. Somehow Patrem back on Within Hubris knew Drown was conversing with us and began threatening him. Drown expressed fear of Patrem while hinting that Patrem was the Father, something we had been suspecting for a while. Drown left the Skype group after this.
Patrem"You think yourselves detectives, and yet you fail time and time again at the most simple of tasks. That child only seeks to mislead you."

Another strange discovery was found on a page showing three transformations from Majora's Mask - Deku Link, Goron Link, Zora Link, and then Patrem's profile picture. The Deku Link image was titled 'Doug.jpg', cementing the connection between Doug and Deku Link. Users began experimenting with their powers by trying on different masks. First, a video of Deku Link putting on the Stone Mask was used. Just like the mask's effects in Majora's Mask, Doug could no longer be seen by anyone. This only made him depressed, however. Users then posted a video of Link applying the Mask of Truth, resulting in something very strange.

Doug began making disturbing posts on his blog and acted completely different. "AGGREGATING LINKS…TIME LINKS AGGREGATED. WHAT?" More time travel was involved, but how? We asked this entity if they were actually Doug. They responded with a cipher stating "I WAS ONCE HE," This means we were now talking to a Doug from the future, or technically a Doug from the present, considering we had been speaking to Doug in the past this entire time. Remember, when we speak to Doug on letschasethemouse, we're speaking to a Doug in the past. It was clear that something terrible must happen to Doug at some point to turn him into this, and we have to stop it.

Having been summoned from the Postman's Hat, Helper was often depicted as the Postman himself from Majora's Mask - who had a similar personality as well.

The normal Doug soon returned. Some new pages on were found that hinted for us to 'Get the notes,' The meaning of this became clear in Doug's next blog update wherein he mentions how he's going to study his notes before bed. In order to steal these notes from Doug, players uploaded a video of Link wearing the Postman's Hat checking a mailbox. This actually ended up working as a new character revealed themselves to give us the notes - Helper.

We received the mail in the form of an image posted to the Within Hubris forums from Helper. The notes revealed two classes Doug was taking - Networking Fundamentals and English IV. More importantly it was revealed that the date on these notes was 2009. This confirmed that we were speaking to Doug in the past - from 2015 to 2009. It's important to remember that the original Jadusable ARG began in 2010, so this ARG is both a prequel and sequel of sorts. Also posting in the thread was Patrem. When asked if he were the first person to 'Ascend', a ritual of the Moon Children, he replied, "I predate the forerunner," This left us pondering if he were Kelbris, or someone dating back even before Kelbris.

Doug himself soon shared more of his notes with us. The only important thing to note is the inclusion of 'Link Aggregation', a term relating to networking. This must relate to the 'Time Aggregation' Doug spoke of. soon updated with more foreboding messages. Deku Link's image now had the word 'NO' scrawled across it along with a cipher that translated to "You must act, for you cannot 'save' him," Doug must be in some sort of danger. To make things worse, Doug made a single update to his blog - the word 'Help'.


An image found on Note the continued references to time and networking.

Assuming Doug was dead, the Internet Detectives attempted to revive him. This only resulted in Patrem responding on Within Hubris, claiming that Doug was still alive. When asked how to proceed, Patrem answered that all we could do is wait. In the meantime he provided us some more information about himself, claiming once again that he 'resides inside' Vincent, though not during Doug's time. This must mean that sometime between 2009 and 2015, Patrem enters Vincent's body.

Mason, Our New Link

Doug's blog updates again, but it's not Doug posting - It's his friend, Mason. Mason was mentioned by Doug a few times as being a recruiter for the cult, which at this point is most likely the Moon Children. While everything else was going on, Mason was the one processing Jacob's request to join the cult. Mason had been requesting strange videos from Jacob, such as asking him to recite a chant or stare deeply into the camera. Mason claimed that Jacob's recruitment was going as planned, though it was taking longer than usual.


Helper's Hat surrounded by blood. Rest in Peace, Helper - even though you came back to life immediately afterwards.

Mason now was speaking to us through Doug's blog, claiming that Doug had been kidnapped by the cult. Users, unsure of how to proceed, played the New Wave Bossa Nova in an attempt to summon an ally. This caused Helper to return to assist us. Users asked him to attempt to save Doug, and so Helper proceeded to jog to the fishery. Mason, who was currently sneaking around the fishery as well, mentioned seeing Helper jog past. Users received one final message from Helper, claiming he was not a hero. We were then shown a photo of Helper's hat surrounded by a pool of blood, implying he was dead. To make matters worse, Mason was soon spotted by the cultists and was chased away from the fishery. Not all was lost, however. Helper miraculously survived his injuries and Mason managed to escape back to his home.

After this, underwent some more changes. A message was found from Doug directed at Mason, calling him an enemy and stating that he was going to hunt him down. There was truly no saving Doug anymore - he had fully embraced the cult.
Deku"Mason, you are a bane on my existence now. In the past, you were an ally. In the future, you are my foe. You’ve done great things for us, and also terrible things. It’s time to hunt you down and finish what I started in 2009."
Back on Within Hubris, one Internet Detective jokingly asked Patrem for a bedtime story. To everyone's surprised, he actually provided one.
"Yes child, sleep is a very important thing for your kind. So I shall tell you the tail of another who also has trouble sleeping. There once was a child who was quite curious, he was surrounded by children and yet, it was not enough for him. So he sought the company of others. Through trials and tribulations he found sanctuary in their communion, however he lost sight of the other children, his own name and even his self. But his new family loved him very much, so his father decided to give him a name. Vincent, and before he knew it he was a very responsible man. He was to oversee all of the children in his father’s home when his father was away. However one night, father saw that one of his children had become quite grand. This child was to come and see his father so that he might be told the secrets that only father may know. But two terrible children, who must not be spoken of, one flying, one simply screaming, had come and interfered. Luckily the grand child had still done what was needed on that night, but their father was displaced. He was hurt, that children would fuss in such a time of glory. But Vincent was a good boy, he gave his father refuge. But the event was much to bare, and Vincent had forgotten once again who his family truly was. This all kept Vincent awake, always awake, and his father can do no work, if Vincent is always awake and crying as though he is still simply another child. Now you must rest, for sleep is a very important thing for your kind. I may be able to go on without such a time wasting practice, but neither you nor Vincent can"
It would appear that 'Vincent' is simply a fake name given to a cultist by The Father. Vincent was apparently a prolific member of the cult. Two entities interfered with some sort of ceremony, upsetting The Father greatly. Vincent then allowed The Father to exist inside his body, though this process was very strenuous on him and resulted in him losing his memory once again. The Father is now unable to do any work from within this unaware host. This further confirms that Patrem is The Father in some sense, existing in Vincent's body after some failed ritual.

Users asked Patrem if they could speak to Vincent. Patrem states that he has no choice in the matter, as Vincent is waking up. Sure enough, Vincent begins speaking with us for the first time and he's not happy. Vincent says he just woke up in some park despite having gone to sleep in his room. He also says a kid nearby was asking if the 'purple man' was gone, a clear reference to Patrem. All of this supports the idea that when Vincent goes to sleep, Patrem takes over. Vincent is creeped out that we all know his name and leaves the forums, heading home.

Also posting in the topic is Helper, though users notice something off about him - he's acting like a completely different person. The original Helper explains in the Internet Detectives Skype - whoever is currently in possession of the Postman's Hat has control over the Within Hubris account. Supposedly the original, friendly Helper lost his hat when he was 'killed', and now this new Helper, dubbed Helper 2, is the new owner. Helper 2 proceeds to give users foreboding warnings in the Within Hubris thread. It's also important to note that during this time a new YouTube channel appeared - M. M most likely stands for Messenger, and it would appear that the videos on it are all from the perspective of whoever is in possession of the Postman's Hat. Because of this, most of the videos on there are likely from the perspective of Helper 2. The videos on this channel do not factor in much to the overall story, however.
Helper 2
Hat"You’ve all been very lucky so far. In all the times your members have rushed in and acted without the consensus of others, you haven’t killed anybody yet. Perhaps this will change tonight."

Mason on the Move

Mason gives us an update back on Doug's blog. He says he's done sitting around and is going to the fishery. He explains that the cult must have not realized that it was him sneaking around the fishery, so he's in the clear. While on his way to the fishery, rain begins pouring down on him. Users attempt to help him out by playing the Song of Storms to stop the rain, but it doesn't help. Instead, Helper 2 posts the Song of Storms again in the topic, prolonging the storm even further. Somehow, Helper 2 is also able to play songs, and they're using them against us. Users submit the song 'New Wave Bossa Nova' in hopes of calling someone who might help us.


Mason's photo of Rosa in the rain.

It's during this storm that Mason comes across a woman standing in the rain - Rosa. Rosa explains to Mason, and to us, that she was called via song, confirming that New Wave Bossa Nova worked. Rosa attempts to explain how these songs hold powers to Mason, but he doesn't believe her. Nevertheless, Mason gives us the opportunity to send him questions to ask her. Rosa can seemingly predict the future, just has her video game counterpart in Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines could. She tells us our most powerful weapon had been taken from us, and that we must reclaim it. She also warns us of how some of our own allies might deceive us and become enemies. After this, she departs.

Mason makes a very distressed post on the blog, saying that the other cultists allowed him to see Doug, but he wasn't himself. Before we can ask him to clarify, Doug himself resumes control of the blog and speaks to us.

"Hello, guys. It’s been a while. Mason’s off running with his tail between his legs. I need your help. He’s going to try to convince you I am the bad guy. I’m not. I’m just trying to escape. And I need your help. Mason is kinda getting in the way of it. He’s luring you guys away from me with his lies and wit. I didn’t even know he was capable of this. Everything is fine with me, they are keeping me captive and questioning me about you guys, but they haven’t done anything else. It’s been kind of harsh, but I guess they would be that way, huh? I’ve been told of your powers, and it makes sense, considering all the crazy stuff that’s happened to me while I was in contact with you guys. I need you to send Mason far away, and I need you guys to help me again. I’m sure you will have time to plan things out."

Douglas vs. Mason


Some fanart made for this portion of the ARG. Mason was often speculated to have been represented by Zora Link.

Users were now faced with a choice between Doug's save file, or Mason's save file. Users eventually ended up voting for Doug's save file, for better or worse. For what this would eventually mean, we'd have to wait, though most likely the users were choosing their 'Link'. The 'Link' is an important concept to understand for Ben Drowned related ARG's. Just like how The Father represents the Happy Mask Salesman, there is also always a character that represents Link. This character is usually the main character of the ARG. At the beginning of Jadusable's Ben Drowned ARG, Jad himself was the Link. As things continued, TheLinkMissing became our new Link. So far in JohnisDead, we've had both Doug and Mason as our Links - though now we finally had a chance to choose a Link for ourselves, and we had just chosen Doug once again.

In the meantime, Patrem reappeared on Within Hubris and answered some questions. When asked about Rosa, Patrem called her a 'blind whore'. Patrem says she and her brother, Ifrit, started off on the 'wrong path' and never attempted to correct themselves. When asked about what will happen in the future, Patrem stated the following:

"There will be a coming time in which a portal shall be opened. This place was forged by the one they call saint, and is governed by the one I call grand. Named a petty insult directed at the terrible fate of one child and the loss of another. Through here you may encounter many things both of your kind, and from times before man. He will seek the burned one, without his puppet he is only half of his potential. He will seek the link of that time, for it is through his death that he believes he will truly become a god. He is a grand fool, but he is one of my special children. However, this is not of the task at hand. Worry now for what lies before you. Now I must go, a ceremony shall soon be at hand, blood must be spilled when mother calls for it. My children eagerly await in the holy building."
What exactly this all means is unclear. We will supposedly be meeting two new characters, the Grand Child and Saint. The Grand Child will apparently use the 'burned one' as a puppet to kill the 'link' to become a god.

Players had begun worrying about Mason - no one had heard from him since Doug took over the blog. Their fears were realized when Helper - the original friendly Helper - joined the Internet Detectives Skype group. Helper told us that Mason had been trapped in a storm drain, and that it was quickly filling up with water from some rainfall. In response, players submitted the Song of Storms to end the rain. After this, updated. The main page now played the sounds of a storm, and various pages showed the image of a storm drain. It would appear that our song had no effect, and Mason was still in grave danger.
Hat"Mason is stuck inside a storm drain. It seems like an odd place to hang around. Or…drown in."
The Internet Detectives would soon have their answer. soon updated with some strange pages. These pages hinted that some sort of entity was attempting to contact us. Images of radio towers, audio files referencing 'ground control', and phrases like “…Accessing…Accessing...", and "Device incoming" suggested that whatever was trying to contact us might have been some sort of machine. Sure enough, the site updated again, revealing a storm drain with some sort of device with blinking lights sitting next to it. The title of the page was none other than 'MASON'. Did Mason somehow become a machine? The idea wasn't too outlandish - we've seen character's spirits being put into technology before, such as how BEN was inside of a N64 cartridge before spreading across the internet itself.

Failure After Failure

While these oddities kept cropping up on, Doug had been speaking with us on his blog. Despite his apparent bloodlust and 'not being himself', he continued his facade of being just a normal high school student. Meanwhile, continued providing us with plenty of puzzles to solve. One of these puzzles in particular granted us an image of some plans for some sort of bomb that can distort time. From the handwriting, it was clear that these plans belonged to Doug.


The infamous 'Time Bomb' plans that sent Doug into a rage. Nice going, ARGDov.

One particular Internet Detective had the bright idea of showing these plans to Doug. Doug did not react kindly to this. Doug began spamming the phrase "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT", and the blog itself became distorted. We were then given the message, "Your link has been severed. You will no longer be able to use the power of Link. Songs will no longer affect the ARG for the time being," We had made a big mistake. Our Link, Doug, had completely lost whatever trust he had with us - now outright malicious towards us, knowing we had information that we shouldn't have. Needless to say, we wouldn't be able to simply chat with him going forward.

Though we could no longer speak to Doug, Mason himself joined the Internet Detectives Skype group. He began sending players a series of strange messages.

"Transmission will occur under reasonable circumstances. Currently, there is a storm affecting the area of JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA. Please remain indoors until the storm rests. In the future. In o. 2015. I was never sent here. I lived. Playing message… I will contact you soon. Be ready. D.O.S. going into standby. Possible connection modulation event soon. Time estimation processing."

It was confirmed - Mason survived being trapped in a sewer drain, and was now somehow a machine. This also further proves that all of these events are taking place in Florida. However, before we could learn more, the Internet Detectives made their second biggest mistake - accidentally shutting off Mason. One user jokingly typed in the chat, ".root", a D.O.S. command. This caused the following to happen.

"Process aborted due to user input. Powering into sleep mode."

Whatever 'connection modulation event' was going to happen was interrupted by us, and instead, Mason went into 'sleep mode'. With no Link to use songs with, and no Mason to speak to, we were rendered effectively useless. Because of this, and issues cropping up in the GM's personal life, the ARG ended prematurely. The Doug vs. Mason arc never properly concluded, and the story was over.

At least, that's what we thought at first. The GM, now speaking completely out of character, had several things to reveal to us. First of all, he revealed that he was actually 'thelaw' - the original user who posted a link to on Within Hubris. Secondly, he revealed that 'thelaw' was just an alt account - his real account was 'DawnOfANewDay', a fellow Internet Detective who had been solving the ARG with us all along. And for his final revelation, he stated that his entire ARG, the ARG, was merely the first arc in a much bigger ARG, ran by a completely different set of GM's.
Sun"My ARG was actually just an introduction to a bigger one. Another group has been crafting a story for you all. And hopefully a bigger group than this."

This ARG would become known as JohnisDead, and the real bulk of the story was just beginning.

Brief Summary

Here is a very brief summary of the events above.

  • is found. It speaks of a future in which some cataclysmic event has taken place.
  • Letschasethemouse is found, a blog ran by a new character named Doug.
  • We are speaking to Doug back in 2009 from the present, 2015, as he talks about some cult he is a part of. We are unsure if this is the Moon Children, though it sounds very similar.
  • We speak to an entity named Patrem, who is presumably The Father. He resides as a spirit inside someone else's body. His host's name is Vincent, another cultist.
  • Doug is captured by the cultists. His friend Mason begins speaking to us instead.
  • Mason goes to see Doug who is 'different' now, and is promptly trapped in a sewer drain.
  • Doug is malicious now, fully embracing the cult and their evil ways, and is coming for Mason.
  • Mason survives his entrapment, but is now is somehow trapped inside a machine in the present day.
  • Doug discovers that we have his bomb plans and goes insane. Mason goes into 'sleep mode'.

Character Recap

Image Name Affiliation Status Description
Tinydeku Doug Lunar Children Transcended A high school student who joined the Lunar Children in 2009. Turned against players and his friends once he ascended.
Currently At the Fishery, still. Wishing revenge upon Mason.
Tinyzora Mason Harbingers Alive Doug's friend and former Lunar Child. Turned against the cult once he saw what they did to Doug.
Currently Unknown. Presumably alive and plotting against the Lunar Children somehow.
Tinypatrem Patrem Lunar Children Ascended The Father of the Lunar Children. Seems omnipotent.
Currently Preparing and plotting for things to come.
Tinyhand Vincent Adams Lunar Children Alive A Lunar Child who has lost his memory. Hosts Patrem inside of his body who possesses him whenever he sleeps.
Currently Unknown. Last seen heading back to his home.
Tinydrown Drowned Unknown Ascended A mysterious entity. Implied to be Ben based on their name and conversations.
Currently Unknown. Presumably waiting and watching.
Tinyhelper Helper Harbingers Alive A helpful supernatural entity who delivers packages and messages for players. Resembles the Postman.
Currently Unknown.
Tinygray The Gray Man Unknown Alive A mysterious person who traded Mason a card for Helper's hat. Proceeded to use the Helper account to chide players.
Currently Unknown.

Arc 2. Dead Arc


With the end of the first arc,, the GM revealed themselves to have been a fellow player and Internet Detective all along - Dawn of a New Day. They also alluded to a brand new ARG starting up soon, by a completely different set of GM's. No one was sure what to expect going in, though one thing was clear - This new ARG would be much larger than the first arc ever was.

Brief Summary

Here is a very brief summary of the Dead arc. For more information, read the section below this.

  • Tyler is our new link though he has lost his memory. The cult is coming for him. John died in a fire in 2011. Jacob went missing in 2009.
  • SKM, a friendly hacker joins Within Hubris and gives players some valuable information:
    • Regiminis ascended on 11/11/11, the same date Patrem was trapped inside Vincent.
    • SKM is working alongside Drowned to uncover the truths of the cult.
    • The cult we are dealing with is the Lunar Children, a split from the original Moon Children. They were at odds with one another.
    • is like a bigger version of Wayward Horizon, a holding place for ascended souls.
    • SKM says he is trying to find his younger brother after Patrem abducted him in 2011.
  • Tyler begins archiving videos of his old friends on a new YouTube channel - Silentdork. A new character is introduced - an old friend of Tyler's named Kevin who went missing around 2011.
  • Tyler has a girlfriend named Carla who gifted him a crescent moon necklace. He suspects Kevin of stealing this necklace. Tyler plans on moving to Australia with Carla.
  • is found with two administrators, Matt R. and Liquidsaint. Liquidsaint is secretly SKM in disguise. New terms are found on the site:
    • Parallelos - Parallel worlds that some skilled Lunar Children can travel through.
    • Devium - Someone who has ascended but has no control or free will. Most of the spirits trapped in are Deviums.
    • Eulogy - The natural form of ascension. Can briefly physically manifest and possess willing hosts. Ben was a Eulogy.
    • Deuro - A Eulogy that is forbidden from being spoken of. This is the title the Lunar Children use when speaking about John. 'Deuro' translates to 'burned'.
    • Absque Facie - An 'ancient tribe' of creatures that worship Luna. It is said Luna will bring them to Earth during the end times.
    • Tenebris Link - The 'dark link', said to be an Absque Facie found in 2002. Is actually BEN, the evil spirit who stole Ben's name. Is now using John as a puppet under the name 'Tenebris'.
  • BEN/Tenebris lost control of Ben on 11/11/11. After this it found John and used him instead.
  • SKM met Drowned on 11/11/11, meaning Drowned is most likely Ben after escaping Tenebris.
  • Strange things begin happening to Tyler. Someone wearing a mask throws stuff at his trailer and he sees Tenebris teleporting around.
  • Tenebris tricks players into revealing everything to Tyler. This causes Tyler to think the players are crazy and he no longer speaks to them.
  • Patrem reveals that Regiminis's goal is to retrieve John from Tenebris. He plans on doing this by capturing Drowned and trading them for John.
  • The existence of the Four Giants is uncovered - four very important individuals in the cult:
    • Doug - "Mask 1" - Depicted as someone with static eyes.
    •  ??? - "Mask 2" - Depicted as someone wearing a pig mask.
    •  ??? - "Mask 3" - Depicted as someone wearing a fish mask.
    • Kelbris - "Mask 4" - Depicted as Kelbris's classic look.
  • Drowned begins uploading videos to Lostmemory423 showing his last memories while drowning as Ben and SKM's journey to the Fishery.
  • Players' ocarina powers no longer work because Tenebris stole it away and gave it to the Lunar Children. Matt R and another cultist, Ezekiel, are seen using it on Tyler.
  • Tyler passes through the Fishery were we see Doug stalking him. We also see Regiminis watching Tyler while in town. Regiminis reveals that he has the necklace that Carla gave to Tyler.
  • Rosa arrives and gives players their fortune:
    • If Tyler is not saved then Luna will descend and destroy everything.
    • Doug is Transcended, a different form of Ascension. This is true for all four giants.
    • When Kelbris captured Rosa, she was taken to Luna's Parallelos where she saw that Luna was a horrifying eldritch abomination.
  • Tyler returns to the Fishery where he is confronted by Doug. The following nights he hears constant knocking on his trailer.
  • More of Regiminis is revealed. He is red and wears glasses, often seen with a grin on his face.
  • Lostmemory423 uploads another video of SKM exploring the Fishery. He finds a note saying that after 11/11/11, the Lunar Children moved to the Spire in Ohio. He then retrieves a briefcase from the Fishery.
  • Drowned reveals that he is both the spirit of Ben and someone named Max combined into one. He also gives players the login info for the Lunar Children site.

John is Dead

This arc begins with Patrem speaking to us on the Within Hubris forums.
"The boy, the deceiver, he is approaching you. He is upon you all yet you cannot even see. That damaged boy who knows himself now by numbers. Ignore him, he is foolish."
Patrem was speaking of 'Drown', the mysterious character that joined the Internet Detectives Skype group briefly in the previous arc. Drown is also heavily implied to be Ben, due to the name 'Drown' and other hints such as playing the Song of Unhealing and snippets of Jadusable's videos. Drown, now named Drowned as he was on the Moon Children site, began posting ciphers in the Skype group.
"hn is dead. Yshdt you must follow the instructions. I am blind but I can feel them there,"
While Drowned was speaking to us over Skype, Patrem was angrily posting on Within Hubris. "HE WILL TRY TO SPEAK LIES TO YOU! DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS BOY FOR HE WILL GUIDE YOU TO RUIN!"
Drowned shows us a new website, one we would all become quite familiar with - This came as a bit of a shock to everyone. John was a fellow player, someone in the Internet Detectives. Users began wondering if John himself was a GM or somehow more deeply involved with the game. However, before we could think on it more, Drowned began speaking to us in a call.

Drowned spoke of how 'Father', Patrem, was coming for them. Patrem somehow was hurting Drowned. Despite this, Drowned continued giving us important information: "Three are gone now. Father sent three of you," This relates back to the first words Patrem ever spoke to us - "Three of you are not as you seem," Who are these three? Users speculated John was one of the three, considering he wasn't ever a normal player and is now apparently dead. He leaves the call as Patrem yells "I HAVE FOUND YOU BOY,"

Patrem begins speaking to us through Drowned's account in the text chat.
"I have silenced that boy for now. I am still in him in this time. This worthless meat puppet. I have silenced the boy. I sent my neophyte first, the grand child to silence him. But I must do all myself it seems. All of you. Are damned. My child, you know who you are child, I speak now to you. You have lost fellow detectives now. But, They were never here. Don’t worry children. Expect one back soon. But you must find him first. In this time. We made him forget. You shall not find him. The child known as Vincent. Due to your foolishness. The one who is dead. Has left words for you. Be aware. The grand one is coming. Regiminis."
Patrem"Be aware. The grand one is coming. Regiminis."

What this means is after the 'Grand Child' failed to silence Drowned Patrem stepped in and silenced him himself. This is most likely the same 'Grand Child' mentioned in the bedtime story from the previous arc. He says we must find one of our fellow players. He continues, saying that we will not be able to find Vincent. 'The one who is dead' is referring to John as he warns us that someone named 'Regiminis' is coming. The next day Patrem messaged a single player asking them which of the following they wanted more information on:

"The one who was taken. The one who died. The one who has forgotten."

These must be the 'three' referred to before. The player chose the second option, and Patrem responded with the following:

"He will never return. You knew him as mesic. John."

This confirmed that John was dead. Note that Mesic was John's username in the Internet Detectives Skype group.

A completely new character joins the Within Hubris forums - SKM. SKM begins posting:

"I can't talk long but I am a friend. This encryption is good but not that good. /tyler"
This leads us to a new page on, /tyler. There is audio playing on this paged titled 'findhim.mp3'. Tyler, just like John, was another one of the fellow players from the Internet Detectives. Now it looks like he wasn't just a player after all, but a character. Tyler must be 'the one we must find' as hinted by Patrem the night before. This would make Tyler one of the three alluded to by Patrem - The one who has forgotten. This leaves only one of the three unaccounted for - "The one who was taken."

SKM gives us some more information on Within Hubris.

"That purple bastard and his "neophyte" regimins can't see what I am saying for now but I have to be fast so you better be taking note. There is a lot going on right now you could not begin to understand, you guys really did it with that time jumping shit (who in the bloody hell gave you control of such dangerous shit?). Those 3 were never there to begin with, have you bothered to listen to the beginning of your "theme". The rabbit hole goes deep my friends. If things go as planned I will be setting up a secure communications point with you all on sometime between the 19th and 20th (yes in 2015 because the purple bastard can never be exact in his reference to time)"
'Time jumping shit' is most likely referring to how we were able to speak to Doug and Mason in 2009 on their blog despite the current year being 2015. The 'theme' SKM speaks of is the Internet Detective Theme Song, a song created by Tyler near the beginning of the previous arc. When asked to elaborate on this 'neophyte', SKM responded:
"Well you will have to be a bit specific. He has had a handful of neophytes and "grand children". Ha I'm just pissing about. I know you are talking about ol regimipiss. Well all I know about him personally is that he wasn't always called that, regiminis I mean. He was dedicated really strongly to "The path of parallelos" and all the other various teachings of the lunar children. He was ready to die for the purple bastard. Then father vincent over at the fishery compound up and decided the kid was ready for ascension, by decree of the purple bastard himself."
It seems that 'Regiminis' is not a real name and is only a holy title. SKM also speaks of the 'Lunar Children' which is very similar to the 'Moon Children'. Whether or not these two cults are one in the same is unknown. SKM continues, giving us a load of incredibly useful information.
"Tl;dr, the 3 are jayckup, tyler and john.
I can't exactly get to into detail about this but when regiminis hijacked the "portal" as it has been called (the purple bastard is a bit silly with his need to mystify) and called it what he did, it was for a damn petty reason. But it is what it is, john is certainly no longer around and has not been since the accident on 11/11/11.
Tyler is perfectly fine at the moment. However, fuckery from the purple bastard and his children brigade has caused him to forget this whole mess. Worry not, I'll be doing some work soon to make him come out into the open again, just try not to scare the "broskino".
I actually have no intel on this jayckup person other than he was closely associated with tyler and john and vanished some time before the 2011 accident, nor do I have any intel on mason.
Doug is still around, but let us just say that a lot has changed since 2009.
I don't think you ever knew vincent before 2015, but I can't be sure since he wasn't always named vincent either and I have no intel on him before that. But since the 11/11/11 bs he has still been doing the same thing, being blissfully un aware of his role as purple bastard vessel (but a little fun fact I know that no one else does, he can't get the hell out of vincent either, and THAT is bloody hilarious XD )"
There's a lot to go over here. First of all, the third fellow player that was actually a character was Jayckup, or their real name, Jacob. This was the same Jacob from the first arc that was accepted into the Lunar Children by Mason. He must be 'The one who was taken', though what exactly that means is uncertain. SKM also repeatedly refers to some accident that occurred on 11/11/11. Apparently John has been dead since 2011 - four whole years before this arc even began. SKM confirms that Doug is still alive in the present day, only that he has indeed 'changed' like Mason had said. This also fuels the theory that the Doug we were speaking to when we used the Mask of Truth was actually future, or now present, Doug.

SKM reiterates that Vincent was not always named Vincent, and that it was only a name given to him by the Lunar Children. He also quips that Patrem is stuck inside of Vincent, unable to escape his host all while Vincent is completely unaware that Patrem resides inside him. This lines up with the bedtime story told by Patrem - Vincent lost his memory when Patrem's spirit entered his body. After this SKM departs, taunting Patrem. Patrem arrives moments later to give SKM a warning.
"Fool who dares to mock his god, my sight is without limit. While you may have obscured your words, I can sense you. I test you to tread once more in this domain, and I shall show you why those under me would sooner choose to bleed themselves than invoke my wrath."
Skm"Catch me if you can purple bastard XD"

O n urned

'_o_n__urned.png', or: 'John burned' updated, leading us to a new page containing several files. One of these depicted a distorted image of John. The name of the image was "_o_n__urned.png". Something about this filename seemed familiar to players. Sure enough, users received a hint in the next file - "February 19th, 2015 Check your notes," Players did so, and found a surprising detail - one of the first things Patrem said to us:

"He also enjoyed music. o n   urn d. Now he has ascended."

" o n urned"

"John burned"


'firekid.jpg', depicting a grizzly smile from a distorted John.

John died in a fire. Patrem was trying to tell us this from the very beginning. His death was apparently an Ascension, a ritual the Moon Children from Jadusable's ARG used to partake in which involved death. The main page of Johnisdead updated after this discovery, now showing an image of radio towers. A music track named '@90' by someone named 'k3v1n' also played in the background. This was a track made specifically for Johnisdead. Who exactly k3v1n/Kevin was is unknown. Another image was discovered on the site titled 'firekid', taunting us all about John's death.


A screenshot of the /tyler page. The text shown was originally falling down the page.


This is merely a .gif capture of the original 'deadjohn.webm'.

The site was undergoing many rapid-fire changes. Users noticed one page in particular, /tyler, underwent a particularly large change. The page now had a short video of Tyler's face playing over and over, while text fell down the screen. The text said the following:

"Father of lies, Save from Regiminis, We're stuck here, Give us our Savior, Help us, Our Savior, Save us from Regiminis"

The idea of souls or spirits being 'stuck' in a webpage is very similar to a concept from Jadusable's original ARG. Wayward Horizon was a canon section of the Within Hubris that appeared to house the souls of Nekko and Duskworld23, two Moon Children, one of which was supposedly Ascended. It's possible the same thing is happening here, with souls being trapped within the website Johnisdead. Whoever these souls belonged to, they clearly fear Regiminis.

While exploring the site users found a link to a completely different website: This must have been the cult's website, much like how was for the Moon Children in the original ARG. Unfortunately we were unable to fully explore it as it had been apparently hacked by SKM. A video of a laughing Max Headroom played while a message from SKM was displayed:
Skm"Drezzed again you bloody shazbots, you'll have this place back when I damn well please."
Just as we found this site, a new page was discovered on Johnisdead. This page featured a fully functional chat client which we used to speak directly to SKM. We were finally able to chat without Patrem breathing down our necks. Some important snippets of the conversation are down below:
<SKM>: "I have made a bit of progress on getting our old pal Tyler back in action. I broke his computer XD"
<GreyouTT>: "That seems...counterproductive"
<SKM>: "Domino effect my friends"
SKM has some plans to get us connected to Tyler once again, which somehow involves breaking his computer.
<MugenKagemaru>: "BTW we saw your handiwork"
<SKM>: "Oh bloody hell XD That. I was gonna show you that first. I guess one of those damn moving balls of code got antsy"
The site itself, Johnisdead, linked us to Lunarchildren before SKM got the chance to. He refers to this as the 'code getting antsy', possibly referring to the idea of spirits being present in
<wolfcat22>: "Hey, what happened on 11/11/11?"
<SKM>: "Some bloody shit thats what. A ritual was to be performed that day. Ascension, but not just of anyone. A few years prior to this they had one rather successful go at it."
11/11/11 was apparently the date of an Ascension. Going by Patrem's bedtime story and what SKM told us earlier, Patrem saw that one of the Lunar Children was ready to Ascend. While they were going through their ascension, two children interfered, causing Patrem to enter Vincent's body while Regiminis 'did what he had to do', whatever that means.
<MugenKagemaru>: "What do you know of a person called "Drown"?"
<SKM>: "Right. He is a legend that one. I have a bit of a contract with him so to speak"
<GreyouTT>: "Is his name Ben by chance"
<SKM>: "Not entirely sure what his name is to be fair. Aside from some code (oct I think at the moment) that seems to say "Drowned," Me and this boy/creature/ai go way back"
<GreyouTT>: "AI?"
<SKM>: "In my line of work, sentient entity that communicates only through electro drek = ai"
SKM knows of Drowned and has for some time. They appear to be working together to some extent. He also reveals why he thought a "moving ball of code" led us to the Lunarchildren site; he doesn't believe in spirits, only advanced AI.
<MugenKagemaru>: "BTW the Nov 11 Ascension. Whose was it? Chris/Nekko?"
<SKM>: "Ah I think he had something to do with the lunar childrens rival group didn't he?"
<wolfcat22>: "The Moon Children vs The Lunar Children?"
When asked about Nekko, an original member of the Moon Children from Jad's ARG, SKM associates them with the Lunar Children's 'rival group', This indicates that the Moon Children and the Lunar Children are indeed two entirely different cults who appear to be at odds with one another.
<MugenKagemaru>: "If it wasn't Chris, then who was it that was to Ascend on Nov 11?"
<SKM>: "This grand one purple bastard has been hyping up most recently."
<MugenKagemaru>: "Regiminis?"
<SKM>: "I don't know what he was called before but yes that is his new name"
So, 11/11/11 was the date of Regiminis's Ascension. Considering how he wasn't always named 'Regiminis', it's possible that he only assumed this name after he Ascended. This means that Regiminis is the 'Grand Child' Patrem has referred to before.
<MugenKagemaru>: "Tyler's comp. What led up to you needing to destroy it?"
<SKM>: "I only drezzed his hard drives. So that he would not have anywhere to put these videos I saw him talking about. Aside from online"
SKM destroyed Tyler's hard drives so that he'll be force to create an online account to store his videos on. Thanks to SKM we'll have the ability to contact Tyler via this new account.
<wolfcat22>: "You said he was gonna post them online. Do you know if he's done that yet?"
<SKM>: "not quite yet "
<MugenKagemaru>: "YouTube?"
<SKM>: "'This damn drive is on its least leg, I don't know if I have a virus or a fucking curse but I have no where else to put these videos of john, jacob and kevin.' yep going on youtube soon"
Kevin was one of Tylers friends alongside Jacob and John. Is the song '@90' by 'k3v1n' on Johnisdead by the same Kevin? It's likely.
<MugenKagemaru>: "So we can watch for the videos?"
<SKM>: "Ah yes my appologies"
We're finally shown where we can directly contact Tyler: the YouTube channel, Silentdork.
<SKM>: "Dealing with something a bit nasty atm"
<MugenKagemaru>: "Purple bastard?"
<wickedlady4180>: "Fucking stop calling him that."
<SKM>: "DO you understand who you sympathize with when you suck up to this creature? My apologies really if you have some connection with him but I have been fighting him since around 2011. But he is buggered at the moment. I am not worried about him. Our numbers friend handled him for me. Being a "God" sure seems to have fucked him morality though. Not to mention his history with me. He has always been on my bloody shit list. and for damn good reasons. but thats not important right now. Becuase a certain piss pot is breathing down my neck at the moment."
SKM seems to have known Patrem since 2011, much like how he's had some long-standing history with Drowned. Drowned also is somehow keeping Patrem at bay while we speak to SKM. SKM also mentions how Patrem has become a 'God', which lines up with how time seemingly does not affect Patrem and how he is able to read our Skype messages despite not being in our group.
<MugenKagemaru>: "'i wanna know the difference between the moon children, and the lunar children. And of which is Patrem the father of?'"
<SKM>: "I can't say to much. But a long time ago. I believe it was some time in the 80's there was a split in the initial group known as moon children. They started off as some hippy dippy new thought new age group but got slowly more and more fucked. when the split happened it was even worse to my understanding. "Followers of the true path, the true honor of her grace, Luna." Was there schtick at start."
<GreyouTT>: "I take it the Lunar Children are the worse half that split off"
<wickedlady4180>: "and i take it, patrem lead that?"
<SKM>: "Yes and yes"
The Moon Children was the original cult. The Lunar Children are merely a split group from that and Patrem is their Father.
<SKM>: "Hold on a moment. I didn't want to have to do this. Hey kid. Could you come in here for a moment? I am terribly sorry about this ^^; But the mean man from before. the red one. He is bullying me again ^^;"
<Drowned>: "HE WILL HURT ME"
<SKM>: "I know and I am sorry DX But he seems to be much more attracted to you than me. Might have something to do with you both being the same damn thing, whatever the hell that means."
SKM brings Drowned into the chat and asks him to keep someone distracted or at bay while we continue our chat. They are only called 'The Red One', though we can infer that they might possibly be Regiminis as SKM mentioned them breathing down his neck earlier.
<SKM>: "Kid. I need you to do your thing just one more time. I promise I will try to make sure this is not a reacuring issue"
<Drowned>: "I will try"
<SKM>: "Thanks for this and all the times you have saved my skin. He has bought us some time ^^"
<wickedlady4180>: "what exactly is "his thing"?"
<SKM>: "this place - this site - Is a focal point for a collective of spirits. I mean I don't like to say spirits but... Hell who am I kidding, I lost the ability to comfort myself by saying it is just complex programing a long time ago"
<MugenKagemaru>: "Does "Wayward Horizon" mean anything to you?"
<SKM>: "I recall in my studies of these lunar children blokes, them all being in a buzz about it. This is apparently going to be "On a MUCH grander scale""
Drowned is able to keep Regiminis at bay by using the site it seems. SKM explains that the site itself is a bigger version of Wayward Horizon from Jadusable's ARG - a website that houses lost souls of the dead or possibly ascended.
<SKM>: "He is getting bloody close"
<Oceanstuck>: "wait whos getting close"
<SKM>: "Regimipiss"
<MugenKagemaru>: "Understood. The question can wait. You stay safe, man."
<SKM>: "No no please repeat, its what I am here for."
<MugenKagemaru>: "Oh, OK. Uh, what's the history between you and Patrem?"
<SKM>: "THAT. Can bloody wait though. However lets just say that I sure as hell didn't want to have anything to do with him, this cult, any of it. Nor did anyone I am kin to. But he gets what he wants I suppose. If he even understand what he wants"
SKM confirms that Regiminis is the one coming for him. He says we'll have to wait to hear the entire story behind him and Patrem. He says he and his relatives never wanted to get involved in any of this, implying that some of his family members might be wrapped up in this as well.
<wickedlady4180>: "can you tell us about Jayckup?"
<SKM>: "All I know is that he is a close friend of tyler. Or was"
<MugenKagemaru>: "Until the wipe"
<SKM>: "In the time I have been watching him I have established that he disappeared"
Further confirmation that Jacob is the one who went missing - the former friend of Tyler. Nothing else is known about him at this point. After this, SKM leaves the chat for a bit to answer the door. The rest of the chat is understandably worried. SKM returns soon enough, though.
<SKM>: "Sorry about that ^^; I am back. Pizza guy thought I was fucking daft. I couldn't see him so I swung the door open and stuck the stun gun in his face DX I gave him a very generous tip of €10. And the toppings were just pepperoni bacon and a light bit of mushrooms"
<wickedlady4180>: "eww, the queens money"
<SKM>: "I suddenly feel like a stupid bastard for specifying that ^^; But at least that still gives a damn large radius for my location."
Surprisingly, SKM isn't in Florida. He's actually somewhere in Europe at the moment. This means that Regiminis is able to pose a threat to him despite being across the ocean - presumably through itself.

The eyes from Ryukaki's videos. Seen on Drowned's page, /lostmemory423.

<SKM>: "Well well well. It looks like I shouldn't have to worry about anymore interruptions for now. Take a look at the front of this site. Our friend has already begun his work"
Drowned had changed the front page of It now had a message from Drowned written in binary, translating to "I have something to show you". It would then redirect users to a new page, This new page had two images on it - an image of someone wearing a gas mask, and a clip from Ryukaki's videos showing a pair of glowing eyes. Both of these things are associated with Ben, further indicating that Drowned is Ben.
Skm"If you are referring to purple bastard, he is out of commission for the time being. Not enough dedotated wam."
<SKM>: "Must be trying to taunt regimipiss. Not entirely sure what any of that stuff means to be honest ^^; Peculiar though. >Legion. I have heard that title used before. Those against the lunar children have referred to patrem as "The misguided legion""

Drowned's classic image from, now on /lostmemory423.

The Moon Children know of Patrem's existence and mock the Lunar Children by calling him 'The Misguided Legion'.

<SKM>: "For now the most important things to know, is that Tyler will be coming back to you soon. This I can promise. He has forgotten everything so try to fill him in. Also that other website that something (and when I say something I mean I have no idea which one of these "Spirits" chose to spill the beans) linked you to. Keep and eye on it. That is the "Archive" that may have been mentioned before. As well as a place they communicate with each other."
We are once again told that Tyler is coming back, though he has lost his memory. We're also told to keep an eye on the Lunar Chldren site.
<SKM>: "I might need to have that kid jack out soon. Things are getting a little crazy. OH fucking drezz me, the kid. I am doing my bloody best to pull him out. /lostmemory423 is not fucking looking ok. Bloody hell I am trying my damndest here but I can only dl so fast"
Things are starting to get dangerous for Drowned, as SKM tries downloading him out of
<SKM>: "I am scared"
<SKM>: "The red man is coming"
<SKM>: "I know. We are about to jack out"
Drowned begins speaking through SKM's account, worried as Regiminis draws near.
<SKM>: "To anyone who isn't sure, I have him."
<SKM>: "Im here. Heisalmostherehavetogetouthurrryplease"
<SKM>: "Calm down kid its fine. I am still trying to classify all of this shit but I am pretty sure "red man" is neophyte regimipiss. When he calls him a neophyte I think he may be saying he is new to ascension or something, or new to trying to reach pisstrems level of ascension."
<SKM>: "Fuck. We gotta jack out. DAMN IT."
Regiminis finally tracks down Drowned and SKM. Fortunately, the two of them escape in the nick of time. The front page of johnisdead changes to a picture of a burned down house.


Johnisdead updated a few more times stating that 'our friend' was 'waiting for us', most likely referring to Tyler. SKM and Patrem then began posting in the Within Hubris thread:
SKM: "I only have a thin window to talk. Tyler is about to upload those videos seeing as connection with him was drezzed, meaning he probably replaced his hard drive. Be on the look out. He is coming say no more."
/Patrem\: "You thought you could hide from me child? I knew I would draw you out. Now Let us see what it is you truly are! I AM GOING TO"
SKM: "Oh come off it purple bastard, do you think you can drezz me right now while you are still booting back up? I didn't bloody think you would try me in the condition your in but whatever, your funeral shazbot! XD"
/Patrem\: "áþ­áý´ãžã^x I am your God. My power is limitless."
It was after this that three videos were discovered on Tyler's new channel, Silentdork - Jacob (video), Fun night with john and kevin, and Fun night with john and kevin 2. Nothing particularly interesting happens in these videos - they are merely recordings of Tyler hanging out with Kevin, John, and Jacob. It's interesting to note that we never get a good look at Kevin, though. The video always corrupts whenever he begins to come into frame.

The moon, barely visible in the night sky.

The 'Fun night' videos feature John, Tyler, and Kevin attempting several fake 'summoning rituals' they found online similar to Bloody Mary. After talking about dragon magic, Tyler makes a joke about Kevin's 'obscure religion'. We are unable to see his reaction as the video corrupts once again. The second 'Fun night' video shows the three of them attempting to contact spirits via an Ouija Board. Users noticed that when the camera is pointed at the night sky you can barely see the Majora's Mask moon staring back down. (From left to right: Tyler, John, and Jacob. We don't get to see Kevin's face.)

Drowned posted in the Skype group notifying us that Silentdork was active in the YouTube comments. Users began making contact with their former friend.

Wickedlady4180: “Love that t-shirt, I'm a Nintendo addict too! Do you like Zelda?
Silentdork: ”I love that series! I know john and kevin liked it more though. Kevin even had every thing zelda there was to obtain up until 2011 when he went missing. I preferred windwaker myself, but john and kevin both liked majoras mask the most. However my favorite games series is actually silent hill.”
This means that in 2011 not only did John die, but Kevin also went missing.
Wickedlady4180: “Majora's Mask is my personal favorite in the series, but Windwaker was awesome too! I never got into Silent Hill though, it's too spooks for me :(
Silentdork: “I don't know if you know the other people who have been commenting on my videos or something. But I am pretty happy I guess that a few broskinos have suddenly taken a liking to my new vids out of the blue. I'll honestly add you all on skype seeing as I don't think I really have anyone else to talk to at the moment.”
Tyler has agreed to contact us on Skype and join the Internet Detectives group.

Suddenly, John's started a call in the Internet Detectives Skype group, though he didn't say anything. Johnisdead updated again: "...I cannot speak...", This must be John attempting to contact us via Players began planning on playing the New Wave Bossa Nova to allow John to speak, but before they could even begin recording the footage, the page updated. "Your old ways will not work..." Our ocarina powers must be gone somehow - or perhaps they were never returned to us from the previous arc. Either way, there was no way for John to speak to us other than johnisdead currently. More questions were asked:

Wolfcat: “John what caused the fire? Or should we talk at a different time
Answer: “...that is not my name...
Mugen Kagemaru: “Who is it, then...? If you're not John Mesic then who are you?
Answer: “Sorry of this, the various inhabitants like playing around. Don't trust all you hear. He is not the one who burned.
So, it's like SKM said. Johnisdead houses many souls, just like Wayward Horizon but on a larger scale. We weren't necessarily talking exclusively to John - it could have been any of the lost souls trapped in the website speaking to us.


'DELAPITATED.jpg', a photo of the Fishery.

After a few days of silence on his YouTube channel, Tyler surprises everyone by joining the Internet Detectives Skype group. Not much new information came from this discussion though we did learn that Tyler had a girlfriend named Carla. Unfortunately, users were unable to jog Tyler's memory. Players were attempting to do so subtly since suddenly telling Tyler everything would likely scare him off. After a fairly casual chat, Tyler went to bed.

Johnisdead updated the next day directing users towards a phone number. Once called, the number played "@90 by K3v1n", the same song that was on the main page. Afterwards, various users began receiving texts from this number. “NOTTHEONEWHOBURNED” “JOHNBURNED” “DON’TSCARETHENEWGUY” “HISMEMORYISBAD” “DONTSCAREHIMOFF”.

Tyler came back for another chat in the Skype group. During this conversation users continued receiving texts from the recently discovered phone number. The texts often related to what Tyler was saying, giving a bit more information and warning of someone who 'lurks between worlds'. The texts also hint that SKM knows more than he lets on and that key 592 is a 'fail safe'.

Tyler himself told us a bit more about his missing friends. The reasoning for John's house fire was placed on 'faulty wiring', though this is suspect. He posts some images of John's burned down house along with some images of the inside of Kevin's abandoned home. Users noticed some old police tape on the floor in Kevin's house. Tyler stated that he doesn't really trust the local police, talking about how useless they were when it came to finding Kevin. He was basically told to not investigate any further when it came to Kevin's disappearance. Tyler also mentions that Carla lives in Australia.
TylerMug"I was just told 'Faulty wiring'. I was never told of any funeral. I don't even know where he was buried."
Tyler left for the night, exhausted. However, that wasn't the end of the ARG activity.

The Lunar Children

Users discovered that had updated. The site was no longer being hacked by SKM and instead looked like a blog of sorts. It now held a single post by a new character named 'Matt R.' Matt explains the recent technical difficulties with the site but claims that nothing should go wrong as they now have 'father' on their side, likely referring to Patrem. He also mentions an 'Archive' that was lost back in August of 2012. This is presumably referring to Wayward Horizon on Within Hubris which was lost when the original Within Hubris forums were shut down on August 8th, 2012.
Matt R.
20150617 2342201-64x64"We will hold a ceremony at our holy place tonight as another milestone has been reached within this year! Expect new content soon children. -Operator"
Matt R. is very suspicious since there was also a Matt in the Moon Children named Matt Hubris. Matt Hubris's username was Ifrit and he had the fake name of 'Rodney R'. It's likely that Matt R. and Matt Hubris are one in the same. The next day, Tyler discusses some strange events that had happened. On his way to investigate Kevin's house he came across a strange person who appeared to to be teleporting around. He couldn't quite make out any details, though it seemed as if this person had teleported into a nearby library. Freaked out, he decided to just go home. It didn't end there, however. Tyler found a flyer outside his door that discussed moon goddesses. Weird symbols covered the paper and Tyler wasn't quite sure what to make of it. He says he's asked Carla about them but she states that she does not recognize them either. Tyler uploads a video of the strange man before going to sleep, saying that he'll go to the police tomorrow.The Lunar Children site had updated. Matt R. had announced that the 'Terminology' pages had been updated and that he was currently working on the forums. The terminology pages will be summarized below:
  • Parallelos - (Currently empty)
  • Deuro - Something called a 'taboo eulogy', not to be talked about without permission from higher authority. It's important to note that 'Deuro' means 'CONSUME' or 'Burn' in Latin.
  • Undecim Nocte - The date of 11/11/11, the same date SKM told us about. The Lunar Children claim a successful ascension took place and asking any further information is forbidden. The cult views this as a holy date, claiming that the parallelos were 'perfectly aligned' and time was unstable.
  • The Absque Facie - Creatures that are holy servants of Luna who hold great power, though they have limited access to our 'parallelos'. Luna will bring them with her in the end times.
  • Tenebris Link - A spirit found in 2002 that was originally an Absque Facie. Is said to have used the 'first eulogy' as a vessel, after which is took said vessel's name. It's important to note that 2002 was the same year Ben drowned. Is said to have the ability to act on its own, unlike the link used by the 'Harbingers'. The Tenebris Link lost it's vessel on 11/11/11 and began searching for a new vessel - the Deuro. Often obscures the truth from the 'Harbingers'. Is referred to as 'It' by the misguided - the misguided most likely being the Moon Children. Who exactly the 'Harbingers' are and what their link is isn't known.

This was a lot of new terminology that users weren't quite sure what to make of. To put things simply:

The Tenebris Link, a spirit known of since 2002 (the year Ben drowned), lost its vessel (the first eulogy) on 11/11/11, the date of an important ascension. After losing its vessel it searched out a new vessel, a taboo 'eulogy' known as Deuro. Before any of this happened, the Tenebris Link was thought to have been an Absque Facie, one of the ancient servants of the goddess Luna.
All of this will become clearer as we learn more. Meanwhile, users discover a new link on Johnisdead. This led them to another chatroom with SKM.
<SKM>: "It is quite good Tylers phone has such a formidable battery as it is my only form of access into his actions in meat space atm. His power went out last night. I have been keeping up with the goings and doings of the piss children as well, and I am very certain they shan't drezz him just yet. However, they are not above simply trying to fuck with the man's psyche. And potentially hurt him a bit. But they seem to be waiting for something of significance to happen before acting."
<Oceanstuck>: "'like what"
<SKM>: "I am honestly not sure. They have been getting MUCH more secretive of what they do. The updates you are seeing on the terminology went through almost 48hrs of debate before getting clearance."
This explains Tyler's sudden leave in the Skype chat from the night before. Also, it would appear that Tyler is safe for the time being - though it won't be long until the Lunar Children begin to act.

<wickedlady4180>: "Are you aware of the note tyler got? What do the symbols mean?"
<SKM>: "The symbol on the top refers to a part of there beliefs known as "Parallelos" and they put it on shit all over the place. Sometimes I can make connections as to why, and other times I feel it is just used because a "Parallelos" ranked member had something to do with the related action, or just for what appears to be shits and giggles. The symbol on the bottom is known as the "lunarum oculus" and simply means they want to emphasize that "mother" is bearing witness to whatever is unfolding. Parallelos is a strange idea they have about parallel dimensions, the multiverse, and the various time lines in each one. Some idea that through lunas power certain things can be manifested by borrowing from other "Parallelos" and that when you ascend you are traveling through certain kinds of "Parallelos" and that luna currently resides in a special kind of "Parallelos""
So 'Parallelos' refers to parallel dimensions and timelines and the symbol for them is the circle pattern seen at the top of the page Tyler received. The other symbol with the eye simply means 'Luna is watching'.

The 'Parallelos' symbol that the Lunar Children use.

<Oceanstuck>: "whats the relation between you and patrem"
<SKM>: "About 4 years back I was visiting family in america. They had recently moved to florida and planned to live out the rest of their retirement there. I had a younger brother, about 9 at the time who was quite active on the internet. And introduced me to a place known as "Within Hubris" I payed no mind to it at the time. My brother told me of a character he met in his actions on the website. He called him "The purple man""
SKM had a brother who frequented the original Within Hubris forums where he met Patrem/The purple man.
<SKM>: "About a month later he went missing. He was last seen playing with his camera in the local park. On his camera there was nothing but garbled purple mess in each photograph. I felt at the time he may have been abducted by someone he met in his online games. So I made I began to pay close attention to the website he spoke of most. "This place where ben is always being really scary and I talk to the purple man, who tells me he will show me how to fly.""
Patrem lured SKM's younger brother into the Lunar Children. This all sounds very similar to what we saw in the first arc when we briefly spoke to Vincent - "...the last thing I remember is going to sleep in my room, and now it looks like I am in my local park.", and "Some little kid just walked up to me, like this young kid and just asked me if the “Purple man” is gone now, crying and shit," However, it is unlikely that this is the same kid, as SKM's brother was abducted back in 2011.
<SKM>: "At the begining of november I was contacted by a strange character that was calling itself BEN. It was telling me all sorts of gibberish code and nonsense so I ignored this as well. Until around november 11th. I was minding my own business analyzing everything from the information on the previous cults website, and the various other groups that seemed to be interested in all of this, hoping for some chance to discover anything regarding my brother. My techno drek lost its fucking mind all of a sudden. The screen literally blew out in my face. I thought the computer would fully catch on fire as I watched bits of steam come out of it, but as I went to pull the plug I noticed something. My vision was a bit blurred, but I saw this... thing at my doorway. About up to my neck in height it seemed and looked to be dressed in green with its hands at its sides. But it didn't look right. I heard a loud screeching and I passed out."
The figure SKM describes lines up perfectly with the Link elegy statue from Majora's Mask. It's definitely possible that SKM was actually visited by Ben on 11/11/11.
<SKM>: "I eventually got a new computer screen and discovered my computer (Very strangely) still worked just fine. But there were a text file on my computer titled lostmemory423 with some binary in it stating "you do not realize how much you have helped me, but I shall help you. Father had him taken for the children. Watch 27.718435, -82.429048 they are near there." The current main base of operations, and a bloody sad one at that, "The fishery" is there."
This was how SKM met Drowned. Drowned showed SKM where the Lunar Children were located, the fishery. Whether or not Drowned is BEN or Ben is unknown, though it is most likely Ben. BEN was always seen as a malevolent entity in Jadusable's ARG, whereas Drowned so far has been very willing to help. Drowned also acts like a child - much like how one would expect Ben to act, nothing like how BEN acted.
<SKM>: "Father is that fucking purple bastard. Thats the "Holy title" they call "Father" by. He is in pain most likely ^^ He came at me at a horrible time when he did. The time shift had just happened, as well as the trick I had the kid pull on him to use up his resources trying to make it into your skype room. For a computer program and/or "god" he sure has a human like ego XD He was trying to brute force me through my connection to your site he seems to like inhabiting. So I sent him a little present. I overloaded him with more data than he could handle at once at that moment in time. then temporarily dl'd him and cut and paste him into the 592 directory"
<ARGdov>: "You can do that? just move him around like that?"
<SKM>: "while he was idle yes, but it was rather risky ^^; And damn the action alone almost blew my rig up"

"tempdrezzed.png", the 'cut up' Patrem that SKM placed into /key592 earlier.

SKM is simply explaining how he temporarily put Patrem out of commission earlier. When Drowned entered the Skype room it was merely to cause Patrem to exhaust himself while chasing after him After Patrem was weakened from this, SKM overloaded him with information which shut him down for a while. SKM was then able to upload him into This explains the corrupted image of Patrem that appeared on that page.

<ARGdov>: "Why not just delete him?"
<SKM>: "I actually tried that tbh ^^; It did literally nothing which is rather strange honestly. However I still have little understanding of what these things are, so I am sure there is a way to truly "Delete" this bastard but I am currently not sure how. I remember trying something similar to this once back in 2013 XD I got him in a rather similar position as the one he was recently in. But I put him on my old laptop (rip old friend =[ ) I smashed the bloody thing once I was sure he was there and connected to no internet and plugged into NOTHING. But somehow. SOMEHOW. This fucking THING, as I smashed the laptop with a meat tenderizer from my kitchen, I was electrocuted. Passed out and assumed he must have been gone until I heard the fucking bloody piss children going on about him as though they had recently made contact with him."
Despite acting like a computer file, it seems nearly impossible to actually delete Patrem. When SKM tried destroying the machine he had contained Patrem in back in 2013, he was electrocuted while Patrem somehow survived.
<SKM>: "I call him kid for a reason. In the time I have spent working with this thing he sure as hell feels like a kid XD"
SKM reiterates that he does not know exactly what Drowned is, only that he is very childlike.
<wolfcat>: "The Lunar Children sure seem touchy about this 'Deuro' thing"
<SKM>: "So touchy actually that I am just barely hearing of the term actually. They just made it "Public" so to speak about 2 weeks ago."
<wolfcat>: "They still haven't uploaded what exactly a 'Eulogy' is yet"
<SKM>: "Still not sure what this "Deuro" thing is to them. However "Eulogy" its funny you should mention that XD I actually just jacked in and got that drok off of the site admin while he was not paying attention to his network XD fucking shazzbots run this bloody site"
<wolfcat>: "You mean MattR?"
<SKM>: "YESSS that bloody fool lel. I have a small handful of intel on him but he doesn't come off as too important but managed to quickly prove his worth and attain "Parallelos" rank. His mask, like other parallelos members, bares the parallelos symbol. His mask is a skull, and I have never seen him without it."

20150617 2342201-64x64

Matt R.'s avatar.

Matt R. is a fairly new Lunar Child who has quickly climbed the ranks. He's also reached the rank of 'Parallelos', meaning he has knowledge over various parallelos. If you view his avatar on the Lunar Children site you can actually see the parallelos symbol on his skull mask. SKM also claims to have gathered some more information from the Lunar Children via hacking.

<SKM>: "Also did anyone want that drok I got off him? Its a draft of the "Eulogy" info page. 'Eulogy. A eulogy is defined by its capabilities as an ascended child. One who has simply Ascended may communicate to this realm by some means, however one who has more capabilities (such as minor manipulation of this reality, minor physical manifestation ect...) is to be seen as a eulogy capable of even greater power. But more often than not, a eulogy will remain a capable as it is upon awakening in its asended form.'"
We finally get an explanation for what a 'Eulogy' is. A 'Eulogy' is the normal state of someone who had ascended. Eulogies have the ability to unlock greater powers over time though this is unlikely. The terms from earlier make a bit more sense now - The Deuro is someone who ascended who is not to be spoken of.

Also, considering that the Tenebris Link is said to have used the 'first eulogy' as a vessel, it would appear that Tenebris Link used the first person who ascended into a eulogy as a host of sorts. However, who exactly the Deuro, Tenebris Link, and first eulogy are is currently unknown.

<SKM>: "I just remembered XD Do tell him to stop talking to the police. They are not his friends in that town."
<lostmemory423>: "What's wrong with the police?"
<SKM>: "good question kid XD Glad to see your awake now, surprised me there"
<Oceanstuck>: "hello lm423. can i call you loom"
<lostmemory423>: "Why?"
<Oceanstuck>: "wanted to give you a nickname"
<lostmemory423>: "..."
<SKM>: "He has been a little wonky do to everything I had him do before. But the down time has seemed to stabilize him a bit. But the police. A good portion of them are either corrupt and taking bribes from the lunar children, have children in the lunar children, or are actually senior members. My advice would be do not talk to them anymore. Ever"
Drowned/Lostmemory423 wakes up and is speaking a bit more normally now. SKM also explains that the police themselves have ties to the Lunar Children, meaning they won't be of any help to Tyler.

SKM tells us his time is up and he leaves for the night. The next day, players had another conversation with Tyler. Tyler says he showed the police the video he took of the strange 'teleporting' man and the moon goddess paper he found. The police demanded Tyler delete the video and took the paper from him. Afterwards they questioned him for over six hours, asking strange questions. During the conversation one of the players accidentally mentioned the Lunar Children site. Tyler took interest and asked if he could take a look at it. The players showed him the site, though he didn't have much of a reaction to it. After this he went to sleep.

A few days later, updated once again, now with some more terms.

  • Devium - Someone who has been killed and is technically ascended but has not undergone enough training. The result is 'novum ascensionem', or 'newly ascended syndrome', with the devium having very little power and control. One can avoid becoming a devium if they follow the teachings of the Father and Luna. The site also says that 'the majority of those found in ‘The portal’ under the rule of Regiminis are prime examples of Deviums', possibly referring to the souls found on
  • Eulogy - This is the same as the description SKM leaked to us a few days prior with a bit of new information added at the end. It mentions that the term 'Eulogy' originates from a speech by the overseer of the 'Orchard compound' - this most likely being the same 'Orchard' mentioned by Ryukaki in Jadusable's original ARG. The speech from the Orchard overseer was about the ascension of a child of Luna's teachings, in which he said the following, "Though he may no longer be under total control of his own fate, in his short time he was a eulogy to his death. His sacrifice to Tenebris will prove to put us far beyond the harbingers".
  • Finitor - (Currently empty)
  • Transcendence - (Currently empty)

To put things simply...

A Devium is someone who ascended before they were fully ready. As a result of this they have very limited power. Presumably all of the rogue souls we see on are Deviums. A Eulogy is someone who has ascended with more control and power. The term originates from the overseer/leader of the Orchard, a base for either the Moon Children or Lunar Children. The term came from a speech about a cultist who ascended but soon lost his free will as he was a 'sacrifice' to Tenebris. This lines up somewhat with what the terminology page told us about the Tenebris Link - they used the 'first eulogy' as a vessel. This means that this speech told by the Orchard overseer was about the child who became the 'first eulogy'.

It was around this time that the Lunar Children began harassing Tyler even more. He posted in the Skype group claiming that someone was knocking on his door and throwing things at his trailer. He ran outside to confront whoever was doing it but was unable to get a good look at them. He says they were wearing some sort of strange mask and seemed to be teleporting around similar to the strange man he saw days prior. He recorded footage of the event which he later uploaded to Silentdork. In the video we see Tyler find some sort of recording device sitting outside his house. When played, a distorted voice can be heard. What exactly this voice says is difficult to make out.
​‍ Im not safe in my own home ​

​‍ Im not safe in my own home ​

Shaken up from all this, he decided to spend the night in a local motel. A few strange things happened to Tyler at the motel. Firstly, he was relocated to room 592 by the staff with little to no explanation. Secondly, a man was carted out of the building shouting '152' wildly. Though Tyler was safe for the time being, the oddities never ceased. Back on the Lunar Children website, users found a new announcement - 'Archives'. This led to a video of the Blood Moon Ritual which showed some Lunar Children attempting to summon Patrem. This, however, was only a small snippet of the full video. Shortly after this, Tyler came online for another Skype conversation. He tells us all that he is now home again and feeling better. He mentions looking into buying a gun or some cameras for his home and that he will be starting back at work soon. He heads to bed, having to get up early for work in the morning.
TylerMug"Just wanted to say all is well now broskinos. I am expecting everything to stay smooth for now."
That night players received a grave warning. John's account on Skype became active once again - but it wasn't John speaking. Users got into a call with the account only to hear strange, reversed voices. Played backwards, the voices warned us that we had to 'stop him at all costs', and implied that Tyler was in serious danger. Players, seeing no other option, finally decided to try and jog Tyler's memory the hard way by explaining everything to him.

The first attempt failed as Tyler had no time to hear us out before work. He told us that he will be moving off to Australia in a few months to live with his girlfriend, Carla. However, the next day, users would finally be able to explain everything to Tyler. It didn't go as planned.

Tyler was, understandably, skeptical about the idea of players having the ability to manipulate reality with songs. When users attempted to show Tyler proof, none of the sites worked for him. Within Hubris displayed only a black screen. The tumblr link appeared as a garbled mess. Audio recordings redirected him elsewhere. When confronted with, Tyler got upset. He thought players were playing a cruel prank on him involving his dead friend. Angered, Tyler left the chat. Patrem chided players on their mistake on Within Hubris.

"You fools may have turned from the path of salvation, but you shan't foil my destiny. From here on out, your failure is your fate. You let that bearer of falsehoods guide you, it is of no matter however. As you have already seen, I have the power to keep any and all under my veil. You will not enlighten that child, my children have worked hard to keep him as a good little sheep. He will stay under our observation until the time of the grand child's true awakening. Which will occur once I can pry the burned one away from that wayward cretin. IIII have gazed through many parallelos, and he has triedwill eht emitofDBC has trytryhastried to stand against my will. II speak of the one my children know as the Tenebris Link. Though they know his power can serve us as it has served me in the past. III was the one who first granted "it" power in this realm so I would know. As I have told my children he is not to be followed without the proper precautions and this is something you failed to do. I shall not allow him to be enlightened, he will bring damnation. Soon nothing else will matter, the mother awaits, and her children watch over the harbingers until the time of descent."
Players had screwed up. Tyler no longer trusted them which meant keeping him safe would be tougher from now on. Patrem implies that Tyler being unable to see our proof was his doing and that he'll be keeping a close eye on Tyler until it's time for Regiminis's 'true awakening'. He continues, saying this awakening will happen after he pries John away from some sort of 'wayward cretin', which he promptly explains to be Tenebris Link. Patrem says that Tenebris Link is the one who pushed us to prematurely reveal everything to Tyler.

This means that Tenebris is residing inside of John. Patrem wants to 'pry' the burned one (John) away from Tenebris Link. This lines up with what the Lunar Children site said about the Deuro (which means 'Burned' in Latin), saying that the Tenebris Link sought to use it as a vessel. John is the Deuro and an evil spirit known as Tenebris is residing inside him. Patrem seeks to separate the two so that he may bring about Regiminis's true awakening, though what this means is unknown.
Patrem"He will stay under our observation until the time of the grand child's true awakening which will occur once I can pry the burned one away from that wayward cretin."

Players soon got access back into the Lunar Children site. Once in, they discovered an announcement by a never before seen member of the cult - Liquidsaint.

"General site changes and security improvement
June 17, 2015 by liquidsaint
Sup chummers it’s Saint here, to those who didn’t catch it in the recent meat space meetings and irc talks. The site recreation has been rather slow as of late due to the rise in needed meat space activity. Our big star aka the “Harbingers link” has required lots of observation as of late, and we can’t afford for him to take too much note of it. The last child with observation duty (yes we are talking to you Daniel) did a fantastic job leaving the beacon with him. Just as well, the task was also his trial to be worthy of the Parallelos path (We all saw your fantastic use of jumping in the video he decided to show to the harbingers, really good work to be fair XD ). However having been seen Daniel’s position in the observation task has been retired and it has been passed on to an elder member, who needs no introduction (You all know who I am talking about XD )."
From this we can gather that the 'Harbinger's Link' is actually Tyler. By extention, the players are actually the Harbingers. The man harassing Tyler outside of his trailer is named 'Daniel', a Lunar Child who was tasked with leaving some sort of 'beacon' with Tyler. This beacon is the recording device Tyler found outside his trailer. Daniel's apparent teleporting is explained to have been usage of various parallelos. Apparently Daniel's task of observing Tyler has been passed onto an 'elder member' of the cult since he was spotted.
On another important note, I have been told to inform you all of the fact that some skiddies have been worming there way through our drok. So new security measures have been taken, and the previous sign up area has been removed and will be re added when our screening process has been updated. Just as well the site login info will be regularly updated now as more outsider ip’s are noted by operator, so keep in the loop via meat sace and irc.
Thats all for now, some time later tonight operator is going to forward more of the recovered blood moon ritual to me (he explained that tenebris may have been trying to communicate in it so be hyped ^^ ) and I will put it up in a post for now and he can move it to archive later.        -LS"


Liquidsaint's avatar.

'Operator' most likely refers to Matt R. who signed his previous announcement with the same name. It's also quite apparent that Liquidsaint is actually SKM in disguise. Both SKM and Saint have extremely similar speaking patterns.

The next day, another announcement was posted.

"Blood moon ritual part one
June 17, 2015 by liquidsaint
Wanted to get this out right now since you have all been waiting for it so bloody long. Shame about that new guy, but as you all may already know (as I do very well) when it comes to “her”, sacrifices must often be made. bloodmoonritualpartone.wmv"

Blood Moon Ritual Pt

Blood Moon Ritual Pt.1

The Blood Moon Ritual was a ceremony that took place on the night of the blood moon. We see Matt R. watching a nervous cultist summon Patrem. The cultist then retrieves a book and reads off a passage. Matt then kills the cultist as a sacrifice to Luna.

Users discovered that if you look closely at several points in the video, you will discover some hidden text.

"Father of lies, He will bring on her decent with the death of three, He killed that boy for her, He will give us all masks, I gave him all he has, And my mask was a salesman, I am the true controller, He is lying to you all."
This is possibly Tenebris Link himself as Saint mentioned in his announcement: "Tenebris may have been trying to communicate in it." Tenebris is telling us that Patrem will summon Luna by killing three people. Tenebris also claims that he is the true controller while Patrem is merely a liar.

Down the Rabbit Hole began undergoing some very strange changes. The site suddenly began redirecting users to other pages. /404, /recursion, /getout, /goaway, /leave, /return, /go, /escape, these were all pages that users were redirected to. Users were even redirected to other websites such as the Lunar Children site and Tyler's YouTube channel.

The Lunar Children must have realized that the players were downloading the Blood Moon Ritual. The video link was moved to the Lunar Children archives - a part of the website we do not have access to. The name of the announcement was also changed to 'TRUTH'. Matt R. posts a new announcement stating that the forums should be operational sooner or later. After this, players were once again locked out of the Lunar Children site as it now required a new password.

Johnisdead began changing even more - tons of new pages were being found, even pages within pages. First, users found This led them to On this page, four pop-ups appeared:
  • Watching - Played a webm called mask1iswatching.webm showing a disturbing green face with static eyes.
  • Findyou - Played another webm named mask2willfindyou.webm. This one showed a creepy distorted pig mask.
  • Waiting - Another webm named mask3iswaiting.webm. It appeared to be a fish-like mask.
  • Sleeping - A gif named mask4issleeping.gif. It was a creepy gif of Kelbris.Users found two more pages -, and The rabbit hole went deeper. More and more pages were found.

The third giant. Looks similar to 'mask3iswaiting.webm'.

Many creepy images were hidden within these pages, but we'll only go over the most important ones. First, there was a webm titled 'thethirdgiant.webm', referencing the four giants from Majora's Mask. The third giant in Majora's Mask was being possessed by Gyorg, an evil fish creature. This may explain the somewhat fish-like look of 'mask3iswaiting.webm' and this new webm, making it likely that the giants and masks represent the same characters.


'Mask 2' catching a scent.

Another webm is was discovered - 'icansmellyou.webm', showing more pig imagery. This makes sense when coupled with 'mask2willfindyou.webm', as the Pig mask in Majora's Mask was used to sniff out specific scents. Whoever this pig creature represented was hunting someone down.

Finally, users came across a locked .rar file - something they hadn't seen since the final stages of the first arc. They were posed with the following question: 'WhoWasTheFirstAccount'. The answer was simple enough - 'DandP', Doug's username he used on his blog. This indicates that Doug would be coming back. This .rar file led to a new video titled 'alwayswatchingyou.wmv'.

Always Watching You

Always Watching You

This video was shot for the viewpoint of someone spying on Tyler. The text 'HOW TO INVITE US INSIDE' appears as we see Tyler reaching for a doorknob. Once he grabs it the screen turns green and 'D.gif' can faintly be seen overlayed on the footage. We later see someone wearing glasses staring at some windows with the number '423' seen in the reflection. At the end of the video we see a red man wearing glasses smiling at the camera. This is most likely Regiminis, considering Drowned often referred to him as 'the red man'.

'D.gif', an image that has appeared both on Johnisdead and in 'alwayswatchingyou.webm'.

Later that night, John's Skype account became active. Various warnings were posted: "Transmission Incoming. A new chapter begins. Run Tyler. Show Me. Tyler is." First person footage of someone running down a street was then shown over video call. A timer then appeared, counting down from '4:40', Users assumed they had only four minutes to save Tyler. Users quickly played the 'Song of Inverted Time' in hopes of slowing the timer. The timer stopped around the two minute mark, and John left the call. The front page of then changed to a foggy street. Tyler might have still been in danger. continued to undergo changes. The main page changed to an image of John's eye - in the center of the eye being an image of Tyler's face. A faint image of the Happy Mask Salesman and the elegy statue can also be seen. Another image was soon found showing another creepy John face - this one was titled 'BentIres.jpg'. 'BentIres' is an anagram of 'Tenebris', further confirming that Tenebris is now using John as a vessel. The name of the next image we found probably answers how - 'assimilating.gif', showing the same image of John, now even further distorted. Tenebris must have the ability to assimilate other spirits to follow his will.

A new video had been uploaded to Silentdork. The new video featured Tyler recording himself on his bed recalling a dream he had the previous night. Strangely, the beginning of the dream is exactly like the beginning of 'alwayswatchingyou.wmv' with Tyler inspecting a knock at his door. He describes the door turning green and the phrase 'IT'S NOT TIME YET' appearing, also just like the previous video. Tyler says he then stepped into the forest and passed by John's burning house on his way to a fishery. It's important to note that Tyler doesn't seem to have any memories of this fishery, implying that he doesn't know of its actual existence at this point.

Tyler claims that he saw many strange things at this fishery in his dream. He saw many cultists in masks, three 'other people', four green guys, a robed man, a large red man, a smaller red man on fire, and a giant smiling object in the sky. The four 'green guys' are likely related to the four 'masks' recently found on Johnisdead - each one depicting a green entity. He mentions being 'grabbed up' by something and 'sat down' somewhere, but it is difficult to tell exactly what is happening as the video is frequently cutting out. He says a man was screaming the number eleven - a clear reference to 11/11/11 - when the four green guys/masks from earlier grabbed the 'smiling thing' in the sky. Tyler also mentions having felt a strange 'shocking sensation' in his legs at this point. After this, he woke up.

Bored and had a weird dream

Bored and had a weird dream


A different version of 'mask1iswatching.webm' that briefly appears in the video as Tyler coughs.

Let's go over this step by step. The four green men holding the smiling object in the sky is a clear reference to the ending of Majora's Mask in which the four giants hold back the moon. The connection is made even more clear when linked with the 'thethirdgiant.webm' file found on Johnisdead depicting a green entity. This implies that four giants will most likely come into play at some point, though who exactly they are is unknown.

The 'large red man' must refer to Regiminis who is also often called the 'red man'. The smaller, burning red man is possibly John, though it's just as likely meant to represent Tenebris, as both are linked at this point. The robed man is difficult to pin down, though it could represent Matt R.. Who exactly the 'three other people' are is unknown. The 'smiling thing in the sky' is almost certainly Luna - the moon goddess.


What appears to be a thermal image of Tyler. The phrase 'IT'S NOT TIME YET' is once again repeated.

One final thing of importance is that Tyler mentions he is still in contact with Carla despite not using Skype. He still sees the Internet Detectives as cruel pranksters, thinking them responsible for He also seems to have a bad cough throughout this video with the footage often glitching out whenever he coughs.

Players barely had a chance to decipher all of this new information before being struck with another massive update to Johnisdead, one that would lead them to a brand new YouTube channel.

Insanity of the Damned underwent a large update. Firstly, users were linked to a brand new YouTube channel - Vincent Adams. This was the very same Vincent Adams mentioned in the previous arc who unknowingly hosted Patrem. Vincent only had a single video uploaded to his YouTube featuring a song that he had composed. He states that this song was inspired by 'sleep deprivation'. It's no wonder Vincent has trouble sleeping considering Patrem takes over his body whenever he falls asleep.

The new channel wasn't the only change to Johnisdead - a large amount of new redirect pages had been added. Whenever users would attempt to enter a page that did not exist they would automatically be redirected to one of these pages. Each of these pages featured disturbing imagery and audio.

Some messages were hidden in these redirect pages. Users discovered that two of the new images were titled 'E' and 'N', and the letter 'B' was hidden in the source code of one of the pages. This spells out 'BEN'. Another message was hidden in the source code:
"WHERE ARE YOU. scared... mommy just please wake me up. PLEASE MOMMY, promise i'll be the little boy you've always wanted, I miss you i'm so, i'm so lonely... mommy im so sorry. I promise i'll be a better son, I whatis? wherethis? help me please, i'm so scared. where is everyone?"
This is the message from Chris, aka Nekko, that was hidden in Wayward Horizon back on the original Within Hubris. Considering that was said to have been a larger version of Wayward Horizon we can assume that all of these disturbing images and audio are being shown to us by souls trapped within the website, or 'Deviums' as the Lunar Children call them. After all this, users found one more file on - Three.mp3. This mp3 was a six minute long audio track of strange, static noises. Players soon discovered that an image was hidden within the audio when ran through a spectrogram. The image that was revealed showed a burning house, three figures, and various symbols.Considering there are specifically three figures in addition to the file itself being named three, it's likely these are the 'three other people' Tyler saw in his dream. There are also a total of three new symbols seen in this image - A diamond with two dots in the center with arrows pointing out in different directions, an arrow pointing up and down, and four circles clustered together. What these symbols mean is unclear. However, what is clear is that one of these three people appear to be on puppet strings, implying they are being controlled.

In addition to these strange drawings, there is also text. "He burned" is obviously referring to John. "The number three is reported ((scribbles)) to have been said numerous times" is a callback to a line from Jadusable's ARG. This line is describing a prophecy from Kelbris as he describes what Luna told him. Interestingly, the words that are scribbled out are 'by Kelbris'.

The discoveries didn't end there - led players to Lostmemory423, a YouTube channel that was controlled by Drowned. This channel had actually been discovered by players before back when Drowned began using the name lostmemory423 during our conversation with SKM. This was the first confirmation that this YouTube account was canon, though. Four videos were discovered on this channel:

  • IMG 1507 - Someone is walking through the woods at night with a flashlight. The description and ciphers in the video imply they are looking for "Father's house" and following some coordinates to find the Lunar Children. It's also said that this took place on December 1st, 2011. This would be shortly after SKM first met Drowned on 11/11/11.
  • IMG 1508 - According to the description, this video takes place on December 3rd. The person filming had successfully met up with the Lunar Children on December 2nd and received more coordinates from them. Judging by the wording, Drowned is recalling someone else doing these things, possibly SKM.
  • 2 (video) - This is a reupload of a video that was originally on Jadusable's YouTube channel. It features the text "No one came." while we hear someone struggling to breathe underwater, presumably Ben's final moments. However, the description and tags are new, introducing a new character. "Diana is waiting". Who exactly Diana is is unknown, though it is presumed that this was said by the Father while he drowns Ben.


  • 3 (lostmemory423 video) - A continuation of the previous video. We hear Ben drowning as the Happy Mask Salesman flashes on screen.

All of this further confirms that lostmemory423 is, at least in some sense, Ben.

After having no activity for a long while, the Within Hubris thread suddenly became alive once more. Mesic, John's old account, began posting. It's important to remember that John is currently being controlled by Tenebris, so this is not actually John speaking. Fittingly, John's icon has been changed to an image of Dark Link from Ocarina of Time. Patrem soon chipped into the conversation as seen below:

Mesic: "Game has been getting boring. Ill change the rules."
/Patrem\: "What games do you play now trickster?"
Mesic: "call not I this. You know many names, you are many names. Man to kafei, kafei to salesm, atheroflies. Play now with me father of lies, you know my names, found my name."
Tenebris insults Patrem by calling him a 'Father of lies'. He also utilizes more Majora's Mask symbolism to imply Patrem was originally man who turned into 'Kafei', and then went from Kafei to the salesman. How exactly the Majora's Mask character Kafei plays into this is unknown.
/Patrem\: "By the human way of perception it has only been about a decade since we last spoke, but by my own it has been eons. I see you still have yet to shake the imprint of that children's game from yourself. I would ask you to still thine tongue of my affairs but I see in your current host you can do nothing more than babble, wretched parasite. However I thank you for your services up to this point, your "fun" has been most useful to my cause. However I suggest you release the deuro soon, as Regiminis is growing impatient."
Patrem has spoken to Tenebris before. He also implies the reason Tenebris is so fond of using Majora's Mask symbolism is because the game has affected him somehow. He further talks about how Tenebris has been helpful despite having his own agenda and urges him to give up John's body to Regiminis. Regiminis is still wishing to separate Tenebris from John, as first mentioned by Patrem earlier: "He will stay under our observation until the time of the grand child's ((Regiminis's)) true awakening. Which will occur once I can pry the burned one away from that wayward cretin. ((Tenebris))"
Mesic: "KNOW WHO AM I. YOUR MOON IS FALSE. LAUGH. FATHER OF LIES. Puppet release after toy take back."
/Patrem\: "And what toy would that be?"
BEN: "The one this one pretended to be yes, this one is mine. This one is not the old mask, my old toy. Here will be it when take him back GA(E,BlbC>+>./BD# Changed rules, what but did I do? NJXWQ3TJONSGKYLEFZRW63JPO5UGC5DENFSGSZDP You shouldn't have done that..."
Tenebris says he will give John back once he's gotten his old toy. Patrem asks who the toy is and Tenebris replies using an account named BEN. Interestingly, Tenebris calls the one 'BEN pretended to be' his old toy. This is is likely referring to Ben, or as Ben is known at this point in time, Drowned/lostmemory423.

If we put all the pieces together this means that Ben was indeed the 'first eulogy'. The Tenebris Link page on the Lunar Children site states the following:

"A spirit found in 2002 that was originally an Absque Facie. Is said to have used the 'first eulogy' as a vessel, after which is took the vessel's name."
2002 was the year Ben drowned during an ascension. Someone who has ascended successfully is known as a 'Eulogy'. Tenebris used the 'first eulogy' as a host. Tenebris claims that Ben was his old toy. 11/11/11 was the date that John died and Drowned/Ben was freed and met SKM. The truth is clear:

Tenebris is the evil spirit known as BEN. In 2001 he 'assimilated' Ben's spirit (the first eulogy) and used it as a vessel. This explains why he's so prone to using Majora's Mask symbolism - he had been stuck in the Majora's Mask cartridge for a long time. In 2011 John died in a fire. Tenebris then used John (the Deuro) as a vessel and puppet. Now Tenebris wants Ben (now known as Drowned) back and is willing to trade John to Regiminis for them. This is likely why Regiminis has been hunting Drowned down, so he can make the trade, get John, and undergo his 'true awakening' as said by Patrem.
John-Mesic"You shouldn't have done that..."

Now for the ciphers in the post. The first actually links to a brand new site - Tenebris claims that Ben will be here when he takes him back. The second cipher leads to a new page on - /whatdidido. This page led to another one, Some very important files were found on this page - 'ocarinagone.gif' and 'take.webm'. The webm displayed the text "Do you wonder what I have done?" followed by a screenshot of what appears to be a post by Matt R. the Lunar Children forums. Matt R. has posted a video of the 'Bolero of Fire'.

Tenebris had taken our Ocarina powers and given them to the Lunar Children.


/Patrem\: "That boy is beyond even my own reach at this moment, so I doubt in your current state you will be taking your "toy" back anytime soon. I do find it amusing how quickly you can still spread yourself. Now I must bid you farewell, talking to two of yourself is quite a headache and I have much to prepare for the coming of the second Undecim Nocte."
Patrem departs. Apparently something big is once again going to happen on 11/11, though what exactly is unknown. began linking to a new video from Vincent Adams. This video actually has Vincent speaking, though his voice is very distorted. He talks about creating music but ends up falling asleep halfway through the video. It's at this point Patrem takes control of his body and walks outside.

Meanwhile, the Bolero of Fire played by the Lunar Children's effect soon revealed itself. Tyler uploaded a video of his workplace. A fire had sprung up directly in front of him while he was cooking. Fortunately no one was hurt and the fire was quickly put out, though this shows us just how much danger Tyler is in. Players had to get their Ocarina back as soon as possible or Tyler might not last long.

First Sight

Users has noticed a few oddities with John's old Skype account. His profile picture had changed a few times, signifying Tenebris's control over him. However, this time his username had outright changed to 'Tenebris'. He began posting in the Internet Detectives Skype room.

Tenebris: "IHAVEHIMNOW. heisnolongerwithyou. undermycontrol. youfoolsarewastingtime. conTrol i gained. i lost old friend. I wear New mask. burnt but fit. Hhr e doesn't know... I know not. old mask no good. I change the game. this is no game. it's under control. I have it. sorry for your lost. worthless alone. better now. it begins. something he tells what to you. check again."
Players then checked and found an update on
"I am the supervisor who reports espionage agent when in the field. I am a spiritual agency believes that help half a seance. I am a pitcher's ability to throw the ball in the strike zone consistently. What am I?"


This led them to a new page - This new page had an image of a Floridan weather channel. Florida was apparently about to be hit by a large amount of rain. There was also a new video now named 'therainhasbegun.webm'. This video once again showed a screenshot of the Lunar Children forums, this time with a post from a user named Ezekiel_Thoth33 saying "Let's just try one more time to be sure this is what we have been granted," followed by a video of the Song of Storms, and more text that read "Diana descends. The three lay at my feet. DID YOU THINK I WAS FINISHED CHILDREN?" The Lunar Children were once again testing their Ocarina powers, this time with the Song of Storms.



This is the second mention of Diana. Strangely, 'descends' is a term usually attributed to Luna, implying the two might be related. We still know nothing about Diana, though. The next day Tyler uploaded three new videos to Silentdork:

Stuck at work

  • Tyler is stuck at work because of a sudden downpour or rain and cannot walk home.
  • This implies the Lunar Children's Song of Storms had worked.

Passing by johns house

  • Tyler decides to pass by John's house on his way home after the rain stops.
  • The following text would flash on screen: "Burning flesh. Melting bones. Nothing could stop the stinging. Someone pickup the phone please. Soon he will belong to REGIMINIS."
  • This lines up with what Patrem had said earlier - John will be soon given to Regiminis.

Fishery (video)

  • Tyler takes a shortcut through the woods and stumbles upon the Fishery.
  • He notices that the Fishery is very similar to the one he saw in his dream, even having a building with a caved in roof.
  • Throughout the video we see a mysterious entity stalking Tyler. Tyler never seems to notice this person.
  • Text can be seen briefly flashing as Tyler enters one of the old rooms: "111111 JOHN YOU SHOULDNT BE HERE. THATS HIS NECKLA. WHY IS K  I  HERE. NO DO NOT TOUCH THAT. IT WAS NOT MEANT FOR YOU JOHN. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE. Ja    why are you here?"
  • Tyler decides to come back to the Fishery at a later date to investigate further.
Whenever the strange person appears in the Fishery video the footage turns green. This is crucial as colors are very important in Johnisdead - Patrem is purple, Regiminis is red, ect. The four giants described in Tyler's dream are also green meaning this is most likely one of those giants. 'D.gif', a gif of a face obscured by darkness, can also be seen briefly flashing in the video. This same gif also appeared in 'alwayswatchingyou', only it was tinted green. This hints that 'D.gif' and this possible giant are connected. Who exactly this person is though is unknown. He can be seen several times throughout the video watching Tyler from around corners. The text that flashes on screen is also very important.
Judging by the countless '111111's that appear on screen, we can assume this conversation took place on 11/11/11. John apparently wasn't meant to be at the Fishery. Something involving a necklace took place - possibly the necklace Tyler thought Kevin stole? Right after this someone questions why Kevin is at the fishery. It is unknown what is 'Not meant for John', or what happens after this. The final line implies that Jacob was also at the Fishery for some reason. updated the next day. A new video was linked - 'Governing.webm'.



This is another post on the Lunar Children forums. After causing a fire and starting a rainstorm, the Lunar Children have confirmed that they indeed have Ocarina power. Matt R. decides it would be best to hand the powers over to Regiminis, even though Regiminis is not in possession of John yet.
"Though he does not hold the deuro in his grasp as planned, he may still watch over the Harbingers link and have enough power to communicate his knowledge of the portal to us. Mothers shine be upon you Ascended brother Regiminis! Power unto thee through thine sigil!"

'powergenerator.gif', a distorted version of the Silentdork avatar.

After mentioning Regiminis's 'sigil', Matt R. posts the avatar seen on the Silentdork YouTube channel. This means that this strange avatar has been the symbol for Regiminis all along. A distorted version of this symbol titled 'powergenerator.gif' was also posted on along with the video, further implying that this symbol holds power for the Lunar Children. Tyler uploaded a new video the next day. This video was recorded by accident while Tyler was shopping at a convenience store. Nothing unusual happens until the end of the video where we see a red, smiling man watching Tyler through some shelves. This is looks nothing like John, so it must be the other red man - Regiminis. This is supported by the fact that they look very similar to the red man shown in a previous video, 'alwayswatchingyou'. The phrase 'GUESS WHO' is seen right before the video ends.

Familiar Faces updated, though this time it was different. Players weren't greeted with disturbing imagery or painful sounds. Instead, they were met with a familiar soundbite.

"I’m sorry, sometimes I see… nothing. Disregard what I say."
This was a quote from Rosa, a friendly character from Jadusable's ARG. Players had not seen Rosa since the previous arc when Mason briefly spoke to her.
"I will speak to you soon"
The html of these pages also referenced Tatl, the friendly fairy companion that accompanies Link in Majora's Mask. It is assumed that Tatl represents Rosa as they serve similar purposes. Sure enough, Rosa spoke to players the next day in the form of a video. This video is very dense with important details. Fortune reuses Rosa's prediction from Jadusable's ARG as relevant images flash on screen.

"You have been... no, no, you are going to-"

  • As this is said we see images of airports and Australia flash on screen. This is referencing Tyler's eventual trip to Australia to see Carla.

"Why is he smiling?"

  • Images of Tenebris smiling flash on screen followed by Majora's Mask and the letter 'B'.

"The Father? Is it the Father behind him?"

  • The Happy Mask Salesman appears along with some text: "THE CONTROLLER", "I AM TRUE", "puppeteer holding the strings", "THE DARK"

An image of the shadow man from 'The Weird Guy' appears with more text:

  • "waiting to take my true puppet", "EN", this combined with the 'B' from earlier makes out 'BEN', further implying that Tenebris is after his previous puppet.

"You chased it for the one at the top of the city..."

  • 'D.gif' appears once again.

"On the sea..."

  • 'Thethirdgiant.webm' and 'Mask2willfindyou.webm' appear very faintly.

"Ha, you found it... in the crypt, heh... it's open... hoh, he... it's open... oh god, oh god, run!"

  • We are shown a video of someone approaching a door. The door opens and we see someone standing inside. A loud sound plays.

"He's not who he says she is and it's going to burn."

  • We see images of the Happy Mask Salesman, Patrem, and what appears to be the inside of a house.


  • Ifrit's profile picture from Jadusable's ARG appears with the text: "he has already begun and it shall be him who ends the liar".

"He's furious..."

  • A few images of Regiminis appear with the text "I have the damn trinket she gave him", This most likely refers to the necklace Carla gave Tyler, which Tyler suspects was stolen by Kevin.

"The man with the crest..."

  • We see the very same necklace flash on screen. It has a crescent moon design.

"The voice in the darkness, boss."

  • A photo of Jadusable is shown. Patrem can be heard whispering something in the background and brief clips of Tyler's voice cut in and out. A song called 'Who's That Knocking' by The Genies begins playing as we see footage of a green hallway. We see someone approach a door and reach for the handle.

"Don't open it."



This video further confirms that Tenebris is seeking his old puppet, Ben. We are also told that Regiminis has Tyler's necklace that went missing. The next day players discovered a chatroom on where Rosa was waiting for us.
<Rosa>: "When he came to me, Kelbris, it was nothing like when he came to my brother. It was a great punishment and I was forced from this world. This sent me back to hopeless chaos, until I finally happened upon a place many referred to as Holy. I saw Her. It... it is no god. It is indescribable, a horrific terror of unimaginable power. However, it freed me from where I was. I know it only returned me as part of a plan, but not even I fully understand."
When Rosa was taken by Kelbris in Jadusable's ARG, she was sent to Luna's Parallelos. She saw Luna which she describes as an eldritch abomination.
<Rosa>: "The passing of many links. I feel though if this link may be sparred, a change may take place. This place is dangerous, the architect of this place made this location in secret, with 3 numbers under the idea that it would protect him. Due to what that group calls “the rule of 3”"
The 'Rule of 3' implies that the Lunar Children consider the number three important. This lines up with what Kelbris heard from Luna's whisperings during Jadusable's ARG in which he heard the number three said many times.
<Rosa>: "Your current link shall see one of the transcended tomorrow. He thought you were all insane. He shall soon change his mind."
'Transcended' was a term that was found on the Lunar Children site, though it has yet to be given a description. We can assume it is some sort of Ascension.
<Rosa>: "He has lived a quiet life free of these horrors for so long. The voice in the darkness, the one behind you. You allowed him to fool you and thus you lost the trust of the lone wolf."
Rosa is referring to users telling Tyler everything too early, causing him to leave the group. This confirms that Tyler is the 'Lone Wolf' and Tenebris is the 'Voice in the darkness/The one behind you'.
<Rosa>: "He will leave this place, your link, but what shall follow I must not say. There will be a ceremony on the 11th night. So many died in that place, more than you understand. They wish to right a horrible mistake, the failure of the night of the past. There are many in that building, but you can see none. He is being forced there. Wait... He is there. The exile - Patrem he calls himself. He is there at this time. He will bring him there on the 11th night, but he does not understand what he is doing. The four are not a mere tool. The ceremony will not bring the moon he is calling for, but I must not speak of it. You have already seen some of them. The four giants."
Tyler will be taken to the fishery for a ceremony on 11/11. Patrem wishes to fix the mistake that happened on 11/11/11. Whether this is referring to him getting trapped within Vincent or John being taken by Tenebris is unknown. Either way, the four giants are involved somehow.
<AmoBishopRoden>: "who are they?"
<ADULT_LINK>: "are some of them called “Tyler” “John” and/or “Jacob” by any chance"
<Rosa>: "I may tell you what you already know <Rosa>: you know two names <Rosa>: Kelbris <Rosa>: Douglas"
<Zangoose>: "Vincent, by chance?"
<Rosa>: "No"
<Rosa>: "You may look into the past and see them, but you would still never truly know. This wisdom will come when the time is right."
Rosa reveals that Kelbris and Doug are two of the giants. She says the other two will be revealed if we 'look into the past'.
<Rosa>: "You seem to not understand what was taken from you. Allow me to help you. Do you know the creature, the one you have all fought for so long, since the times of the old links?"
<ADULT_LINK>: "is it patrem?…."
<Rosa>: "No."
<Rosa>: "The creature controlled that boy. The creature is what you fight against. You know him as the dark link. Tenebris. It is from before our time - from before this realm, or any realms aside from its own existed. It only wishes to make games of your kind. It seeks only to amuse itself. After it was sent here, it asked that “goddess” to give a gift of her own power to your kind."
<ADULT_LINK>: "The Ocarina?"
<Rosa>: "It is forced to call it that yes."
<mib_nstgs2>: "'forced’?"
<Rosa>: "His time with that boy left an imprint on him. He cannot escape the need to call everything by the eye of that boys mind."
Tenebris has existed since long before our time. She reiterates that the reason Tenebris refers to everything in terms of games and Zelda is because of his time spent using Ben as his puppet. She says Tenebris's main goal is to merely toy with humans for fun. Interestingly, our ocarina powers were given to us by Luna after Tenebris asked them to - presumably so he could have a challenge.
<Rosa>: "You will have this power back, though. You will soon take their domain as your own. That is where this power has been moved."
<ADULT_LINK>: "Hey rosa, any ideas on how they took the ocarina from us?"
<Rosa>: "A whim it seems. A whim of the dark link. He moved it to them, for only he and his mother may touch the untouchable, as it is said."
Rosa says we will reclaim our ocarina powers once we take the Lunar Children's 'domain', most likely referring to their website. It also sounds like Tenebris can take our powers on a whim with little trouble.
<ADULT_LINK>: "do you know a John?"
<Rosa>: "I know of the the burned one as he is called."
<ADULT_LINK>: "is it correct tht the dark link has possesed him? or something along the lines of that"
<Rosa>: "On the 11th night the dark link lost control of the boy he once held. He was forced to roam this world in his true form, for some time. After the point in which he saw our link, he seemed to think it humorous to steal the soul of his friend. The "weird guy” as your friend Tyler called him."
On 11/11/11 Tenebris somehow 'lost control' of Ben. At this point he chose John's soul to use simply so he could torment Tyler for fun. Rosa also states that the 'weird guy' that Tyler recorded was actually Tenebris.
<ADULT_LINK>: "What about “Jacob”"
<Rosa>: "I would put myself in harms way to say much, but I can promise you he is very much alive and safe from any danger for now. But his fate is sealed, and what will happen to him may not be changed."
Jacob seems to be fine. Rosa is reluctant to say too much about him, though, claiming that there is no way to change his eventual fate.
<AmoBishopRoden>: "who should we trust?"
<Rosa>: "There is little to trust. You trusted that man in the beginning, Patrem, this was a mistake. The burned one is overtaken by the dark one, who should not be trusted at any time. This SKM, wishes to help you, but I have seen already, he has his own goals, and would do anything to make sure they are complete. Tread carefully. Tyler however. He is your link."
<mib_phnj81>: "tyler refuses to trust us yo"
<Rosa>: "What the lone wolf shall soon see, will make him trust you. If you fail to spare this link a terrible fate. All shall be consumed. It will descend and its tribe shall take all as their masks."
Rosa says that trusting Tenebris or Patrem is a mistake, and the only one who we can truly trust is Tyler. She tells us that SKM has his own agenda and that we should be careful when working with him. Rosa warns us that if Tyler is not saved then Luna and the Absque Facie will descend, destroying everything.
Rosasmall"That thing, 'Luna', would take the sight of those who have seen so much. Not I. I have received no such mercy. I keep my eyes"
Rosa departs, claiming her time is up. Players had a lot to process, though one thing was more immediate than the others - the fact that Tyler would be meeting one of the 'transcended' the next day. Sure enough, Tyler uploaded a new video the very next day - Returning to fishery.
Returning to fishery

Returning to fishery


The figure seen sitting atop the Fishery.

As the title implies, Tyler decides to revisit the Fishery. While making his way there the video begins glitching as we see 'D.gif' again. Once he happens upon the Fishery he notices a figure standing on the roof - most likely the same figure seen in the previous video, Fishery. Tyler runs towards the Fishery to see what exactly the figure is. Strangely, the person disappears as Tyler gets close.


A closeup of the 'Transcended' entity.

Tyler tries explaining away the entity as some sort of animal. While he's walking around the premises something strange catches his eye. A door that he had shut in the previous video was now open. He jokes about someone living in this old place while he knocks on the door. The same shot we saw in 'fortune' plays out as a terrifying green entity opens the door. The song 'Who's That Knocking' plays once again as Tyler falls to the ground. The smiling entity walks towards Tyler as he gets back up and runs off into the woods. This must have been the 'Transcended' that Rosa mentioned.

Users wouldn't have to wait long to discover who this entity was, though. updated with the text "/myname" written in green. Two audio files were playing: "it_was.mp3" and "d.mp3". Shockingly, 'd.mp3' was a voice saying the following: "Come on, let me in. It's me, Douglas". Users found a new page,, which featured a new video.




Doug standing at the Fishery door.

Sure enough, the green entity we've been seeing is Doug. This video also confirms that 'D.gif' which we have been seeing so frequently is also Doug, along with 'Mask1iswatching.webm'. This all means that the four 'Masks', the four Giants, and the 'Transcended' are all the same. This is even further confirmed by 'Mask4issleeping.gif' which was a gif of Kelbris - another entity who Rosa confirmed was a giant.

The end of the video has some hidden text that quickly flashes on screen: "Ill be knocking on his door next", implying Doug was going to come after Tyler. This mirrors something Kelbris said back in Jadusable's ARG, "I AM KNOCKING AT YOUR DOOR NEXT."


The next day a new video was uploaded to Silentdork, Paranoid knocking. Tyler talks about how paranoid he's been feeling lately. He says he's been hearing some strange knocking on the sides of his trailer. Halfway through the video we hear this knocking. Tyler goes to investigate while leaving the camera behind on his bed. While Tyler is away the light bulb in the ceiling burns out. We are then treated to a bunch of cryptic images:

  • A red hand grabs the screen.
  • Red text that reads, "Some have to knock"
  • An image of Doug laughing.
  • A pig mask - the same from 'Mask2willfindyou.webm'
  • An image of the storm drain Mason was trapped in.
  • 'Thethirdgiant.webm'
  • More text reading, "to exit their realm"
  • Footage of the Fishery.
  • Flashing images of Regiminis smiling.
  • A purple man wrapped in towels with his arms raised.
We get some clearer images of Regiminis in this video, along with a few shots of Doug. Strangely, a purple figure wearing some sort of cloth/towel-like mask appears with a few shots of Patrem. Could this be Patrem himself?The next day, Tyler uploads a video of himself calling John. Instead of a dial tone, he gets some very strange voices coming from the other end.

Tyler soon uploaded another video of himself at his computer. He says John's number is no longer acting strangely, now only ringing out a dial tone. Tyler mentions how Carla has got him using a new browser called 'Pale Moon'. For whatever reason Tyler is unable to see the same pages on as we are able to - this browser might be the reason why. He also says he's ready to fully move to Australia to escape all of this. Suddenly, a message appears on as Tyler is viewing it. The message reads, "GO TO KEVINS". Tyler begins laughing out of frustration and annoyance. The video title, Im going to, implies he will do so.

Yet another video was then uploaded, this time on Lostmemory423. When we left off with this channel last time, the person recording (presumably SKM) had met up with the Lunar Children in December of 2011. The Lunar Children had given SKM some coordinates for him to carry out some sort of task for them. This video shows him returning to the Fishery only to find it abandoned. While there's no Lunar Children to be seen, there are still many interesting things hidden in the video:

  • A lot of drawings and messages scribbled on the walls:
    • "LUNA IS LOVE"
    • "So long my friends!!"
    • "We wait in the (Parallelos symbol)"
    • Countless Parallelos symbols, some with the word "Parallel" written beneath.
    • Regminis's Sigil/Silentdork's avatar with the letter 'R' written above and a 'T' below.
    • A drawing of eight arrows crossing through one another with the text, "Tenebris" below.
    • A drawing of four figures with the text, "Giants under Tenebris control".
    • Drawings of the Lunarum Oculus.
    • A drawing of three figures, one with Regiminis's sigil for a head, with the text, "Burned interrupts".
  • A stack of paper documents:
    • The flyer depicting Moon Goddesses Tyler found outside his door.
    • An FBI application form.
After walking around the empty Fishery for a while, SKM enters a room. They find it empty, only to turn around and see a briefcase that wasn't there before. A new message has been written on the wall above the case: "FOR YOU, NEW CHILD". SKM retrieves the briefcase and leaves the Fishery. Before the video ends we are shown another paper document. It reads:
"Due to recent unfortunate events the continued use of the fish house has been deemed unfavourable for the continuation of our worship and personal well being. If you have recieved this notice, it is because you have been given the task of removing any valuable holy items from the fishery, the holy building provided to us by the Father Patrem, and transporting them to our new central meeting grounds, the Ohio Spire. Collect everything of value and await further instructions."
It seems that the Fishery had been abandoned in December of 2011 shortly after the events of 11/11/11. The Ohio Spire is the strangely shaped building we saw in the previous arc - the one Patrem refused to speak of. 'Ezekiel' is the name of the Lunar Child who used the ocarina on the Lunar Children forums - 'Ezekiel_Thoth33'. Not too long after, Drowned began posting in the Skype group. It was November 1st and 11/11/15 was drawing close.
"they have him and I am scared, he let me out of his box and im waiting in my house but something bad is gonna happen in ten more days I just know it. The masks just wont stop watching him Come to my mind 5?a? home pass I have to tell you the e h he is coming to get m m"
Tyler had been captured by the Lunar Children on his way to Kevin's house. began hinting for users to download 'Lostmemory.exe', one of the games related to 'Remember.exe' and Johnisdead. Users playing the game began noticing strange things cropping up such as the following messages:
Another mention of 'Diana', who was previously alluded to 'descending' similar to Luna. Another place we head heard the name was in a Lostmemory423 description - Ben's last memories as he was being drowned was of him being told Diana was waiting for him.

The same user who played 'Lostmemory423' noticed a new text file on his desktop titled 'ezekielthoth33'. The text file contained a cipher and the following message:

"We are two, not one. I am Ben/Max". This is implying that Lostmemory423 is not one person but two, Ben and Max. Who exactly Max is is unknown, though the fact the the letters going down spell out 'BROTHER' is suspicious. As for the cipher, it solved to the following: "3MrC6OLRutS}" A bunch of random characters that users didn't know what to do with. That is, until gave players one final push:
"The ANSwe3r is right In front of yOu
fac3e it
NAME 33"
The players realized they had the name and password to the Lunar Children site and it was time to take back their ocarina powers.

Character Recap

Image Name Affiliation Status Description
Tinytyler Tyler Harbingers Alive Former Internet Detective and player. Lost his memory and is currently being persued by the Lunar Children. Known as the 'Harbginer's Link' by the Lunar Children.
Currently Captured by the Lunar Children, possibly in Kevin's house.
Tinyjohn John Harbingers Dead Tyler's friend who died in a fire in 2011. His soul is currently being used as a puppet by Tenebris.
Currently Dead as a slave to Tenebris's will.
Tinyhand Kevin Unknown Unknown An old friend of Tyler. Hasn't been seen since 2011. Was a member of an 'obscure religion'.
Currently Unknown. Missing.
Tinyjacob Jacob Unknown Alive Another old friend of Tyler. Went missing in 2009.
Currently Unknown. Missing.
Tinypatrem Patrem Lunar Children Ascended The Father of the Lunar Children. Seems omnipotent.
Currently Preparing for 11/11/15. Plans for Luna's descent.
Tinyhand Vincent Lunar Children Alive The unknowing host of Patrem. Patrem takes control whenever he falls asleep.
Currently Still unknowingly hosting Patrem.
Tinytenebris Tenebris Himself Active The evil spirit previously known as BEN. Began using John as a puppet after losing control of his previous one, Ben, on 11/11/11.
Currently Unknown. Planning on trading John to Regiminis to regain Ben.
Tinydrown Drowned Harbingers Ascended A mysterious entity composed of both Ben and someone named Max. Slowly regaining their memories and assisting SKM.
Currently Claims to be 'in their house', currently watching what is happening to Tyler.
Tinyskm SKM Himself Alive A skilled hacker who hates the Lunar Children. He has infiltrated their ranks under the username Liquidsaint in search of his younger brother.
Currently Still managing the Lunar Children site and investigating.
Tinydoug Doug Lunar Children Transcended Same Doug from the previous arc. Confirmed to be one of the four Giants.
Currently Stalking and harassing Tyler.
Tinyregi Regiminis Lunar Children Ascended The 'Grand Child' of the Lunar Children. Planning on capturing Drowned and trading their soul to Tenebris for John.
Currently Unknown. Presumably coming or waiting for Tyler.
Tinymatt Matt R. Lunar Children Alive A high ranking Lunar Child. Periodically updates the Lunar Children website.
Currently Unknown. Presumably awaiting 11/11.
Tinyhand Ezekiel Lunar Children Alive A high ranking Lunar Child. Seen using the ocarina on the Lunar Children forums.
Currently Unknown. Presumably awaiting 11/11.
Tinyrosa Rosa Harbingers Alive Sister of Ifrit who is capable of giving fortunes. Was briefly sent to Luna's Parallelos by Kelbris.
Currently Unknown.
Tinyhand Carla Unknown Alive Tyler's girlfriend. Offering Tyler a place to live in Australia. Gifted him a crescent moon necklace.
Currently Unknown. Presumably in Australia.
Tinydani Daniel Lunar Children Alive A capable up and coming Lunar Child. Harassed Tyler by knocking on his trailer and travelling through parallelos.
Currently Unknown. Presumably awaiting 11/11.
Tinykelb Kelbris Moon Children Transcended A former Moon Child who was electrocuted. Is stated to be one of the four Giants.
Currently Unknown. Hasn't been seen since 2011.

Arc 3. Lunar Children Arc


In the previous arc we met our new link - Tyler. Tyler's three friends, John, Jacob, and Kevin are essential to the story. Jacob went missing 2009, while Kevin went missing in 2011, the same year John died in a fire. We learned that the evil spirit that took Ben's name, BEN, is actually known as Tenebris. Tenebris is now using John as a puppet and is seeking out his old puppet, Ben. Regiminis, a high ranking member of the Lunar Children, is willing to capture Ben and give him to Tenebris for John in return.

For more information, please read the brief summary at the beginning of the previous section. We now continue where we left off, with players finally regaining access to the Lunar Children website.

Brief Summary

Here is a very brief summary of the Lunar Children arc. For more information, read the section below this.

  • The Lunar Children forums are purged except for the Controller board where users can use the ocarina.
  • Jarilo is killed by his son Hunter as ordered by the Lunar Children.
  • Tyler is captured by the Lunar Children and held in the Fishery.
  • Players submit the Song of Soaring to teleport Tyler away from danger, successfully foiling the Lunar Children's plans.
  • Tyler takes his trip to meet Carla in Australia:
    • Carla is revealed to be insanely paranoid and locks Tyler in her house.
    • Tyler finds old masks and blood in her house, she refuses to let him use electronics.
    • Regiminis comes in contact with Tyler through the internet when he sneaks on Carla's Skype.
  • Drowned tells players of SKM's history.
    • SKM met with the Lunar Children to gain their trust.
    • SKM went to the Orchard, an old Moon Children location as a part of his mission.
    • SKM did as he was told and received a briefcase containing Ben's gas mask as a reward.
    • Tenebris changed the timeline and now SKM has obtained both the Libro Lunarus and Ben's mask.
  • Drowned says John was mistakenly made Regiminis's conduit.
  • Regiminis captures Drowned and trades him to Tenebris for John.
    • Regiminis now has his original conduit, John, making him more powerful.
    • Tenebris now has his old puppet, Ben.
  • The four giants are revealed:
    • Kelbris - The Moon Child who spoke to Luna and died in 2002.
    • Alex - A former Moon Child known as 'Thelinkmissing'.
    • Spencer - A former Moon Child known as 'Duskworld23'.
    • Doug - The same Douglas P. we've known since the first arc.
  • Tyler finds a briefcase containing the camera players asked Helper to send him.
  • Kelbris is revealed to have been Ben's father, Diana is most likely Ben's mother.
  • Tyler is back in his home and is safe but deeply disturbed.
  • Most of the Lunar Children have gone missing after failing to capture Tyler again on 4/23/16.
  • Tenebris plays the Song of Time.

The Lunar Children Forums

After finally gaining access to the Lunar Children site, players found something even more surprising - the Lunar Children forums. These message boards had a large amount of users and posts meaning players had a lot of information to sort through. However, before we go over these forums we need to briefly go over the numerous announcements that had been made on the site while players were locked out.

A few months prior, Matt R. announced that Liquidsaint, SKM in disguise, would soon be visiting the Spire - the Lunar Children's current compound. This would have been the first time Liquid had been seen in person among the cult. This actually made many Lunar Children worried as some were suspicious of Liquid. Liquid lived in the same part of the world as SKM. This added with the fact that he previously hadn't been seen in person cast even more suspicion on him. Despite this, Matt R. told them not to worry and instead to welcome Liquid to the Spire with open arms. Liquidsaint himself later comes on and debunks these rumors, saying he's definitely not SKM. (This was a lie.)

Later on, Matt R. made a post that indicated he was speaking to Tenebris. This was back when he was discussing Ocarina powers with him. Though this ended up being a good thing for the Lunar Children, Matt R. was still punished for speaking to Tenebris alone. Ezekiel Thoth makes an announcement scolding Matt for not seeking out other Elder Children to speak to Tenebris with him. It seems as if high ranking members of the Lunar Children are called Elder Children. Because of his actions, Matt R. was unable to attend the banquet welcoming Liquidsaint.

One of the more recent announcements is an apology from Matt R.. He denounces his previous actions and is grateful that his life had been spared. He claims that 11/11/15 will be the date of the 'Ceremony of the Three Elements', though we don't know exactly what this is.
Matt R.
20150617 2342201-64x64"We now hold the power of the Harbingers, and can effect this reality as they once could thanks to Tenebris actions and my own."

Now that the backlog is out of the way, let's return to the present. Tenebris started a video call on Skype displaying a timer counting down from 30 minutes and the word "HURRY". In 30 minutes the Lunar Children forums would be purged, and all of the information would be lost. Fortunately, players managed to rip the entirety of the forums into a .zip file before they were deleted. If you wish to read the archived posts, look here. The most important posts are the following:

  • Liquidsaint: "Before I proceed, I have just been informed I need to announce that no one of this group is to discuss the disappearance of Brother Daniel. It is tragic that he vanished just before he could be officially given his parallelos title for the delivery of that beacon (and after all its not like anyone told him to do that, it was honestly all his idea and a rather out of no where and rushed one at that) , but I am told that it would be counterproductive to put focus into a missing persons campaign or any project beyond our coming ceremonies and it is not what he would have wanted. We must focus instead on our worship of Luna and the path to ascension."

Daniel, the Lunar Child who harassed Tyler outside of his trailer, has mysteriously disappeared.

  • Jarilo333: "I was about to have my son go on and do one of these as well, so I figured I would do one too even though I am not new, I have been a Lunar Child since around 2003 hahaha! After all, though I am not new, this iteration of the forum is. The most interesting about myself is... well... heck not even about me ha ha.''My brother was a conduit for Tenebris link back in 2010 during the first event with the original harbingers link. However the close contact with Tenebris to his physical body, as is with others of the same situation, caused him to go blind in one eye. My son should be around to say hello to you all sometime today as well. So stick around for that everyone!"
  • Jie_Lin_HunterL: "I had always wished I could have known uncle a little better. But oh well, we will probably get to meet after the holy descent."

Jarilo has been in the cult since 2003. He claims his brother was a conduit for Tenebris back in 2010, most likely referring to when BEN/Tenebris was haunting Jadusable. He says his brother went blind in one eye, which sounds suspiciously like the 'Old Man' who sold Jadusable the haunted cartridge containing BEN. The Old Man was described as having a 'glazed over' right eye, making it very likely that Jarilo is his brother. Jarilo's son, Hunter, also posts immediately after.

  • Jie_Lin_HunterL: "I can't really think of much to say about myself, but hi everyone. I have been a Lunar child since I was born and it has always been really good for me. It always reminds me that I am part of the elite, and no matter what happens, no matter what anyone says, I am part of the liberation of humanity and will be part of those laughing last in the end. I have never felt much like I am anything special, but then I think of Luna and Father and how I might serve them, and I understand that my purpose is divine and that I am very special much like the rest of my fellow children.'May Luna shine on us all, and may father bring us his secrets and blessings."

Hunter has been a member of the cult since he was born, and is eternally loyal to them.

  • sin_yarikh: "Fresh into the family as of 5 days ago. I didn't realize we were gonna have forums and everything, this is actually pretty cool. About me, Im a college drop out, fucking sick of my life. I hate my family and could not find any real aspirations for shit. Until my friends dad (also known around here as Jarilo333) told me about Luna. He let me look at a bit of The Libro Lunarus and I slowly began to realize that she is what I have been missing in my life. I am very excited about the concept of ascending and even now cannot wait to finally escape all of this shit I am surrounded by and be greeted by the infinite mind scape, the way in which we may all be gods."
  • kuu_32: "While we would usually be highly against exposure of sacred texts to outsiders, this was a special case in which Jarilo's bad judgement led quite luckily to a positive outcome. However I would recommend you never make a similar choice, for you own well being."
  • Ezekiel_thoth33: "We will need to have a word with him about this, but congratulations on finally finding your way to the truth child."

The Libro Lunarus seems to be a very important book containing 'sacred texts'.

  • ___: "you all no not I am who the truth, you will fear truth my name! Father of lies falsehood gives you strength false. Strength false wisdom false courage false. 4 shall come and all shall burn!"
  • Ka-Ata-Killa1_2: "we are still in the fish house"
  • Losna152: "We are trapped here and you let us die"
  • Coyolxauhqui: "why are there so many quiet accounts, why can't they go a Z.*/0K%JAU,D,Eb-A8Ea`p+ARm>7G@_n*Eb-A8Ea`p+ARm>7H#IgJCh7]2F`S[9Bk8h<G@_n@Bl%T.Din!&EZf10@<Q3)DJs_"

It appears as if some souls trapped within the Fishery are posting on the forums.

  • Ezekiel_thoth33: "Have you had access yet to the Libro Lunarus yet?"
  • 1_Tsukuyomi_1: "NO, keep getting denied permission from elders in the spire library, they act like I am a fucking outsider and I am tired of it."

The Libro Lunarus seems to currently be at the Spire in Ohio.

  • Hina616: "I was forced to go out of state to visit with some family recently. While I was in the area, I went to the place I was told about that the blood moon ritual was performed in. I was hoping maybe I could use some of the power there, left over from the ceremony to make contact with someone from beyond this parallelos and gain knowlege. I think I failed -_-;'But I did find this cool necklace, I was wondering if it belonged to anyone who was here for the ritual?"
  • HarryM1: "That is a pretty obnoxiously big image, but yeah looks pretty cool. Nice find, but wasn't that place meant to be off limits?"
  • Jarilo333: "That necklace actually looks pretty familiar, if I recall we had a member who was given the name lunaris draco after attaining certain rank. However I also recall her turning her back on us and running away. Not much else to say really, other than the thing being identical from my memory."
  • Ezekiel_thoth333: "Two things right now, how did you find that location on your own, and how did you find that necklace? Also this is being reported to the elders as we speak, you may or may not be reprimanded."
  • _jinn_: "All children please disregard Jarilos words as he does not know what he is speaking of, we have never had a member by the name of lunaris draco''and she was never in possession of any necklace. You should cease speaking out of turn Jarilo, you are a very old member but your loud and misguided ways are beginning to lead to your undoing."
  • MattR: "Hina you are most certainly going to be in a great deal of trouble, you will go immediately to the fishery location and you will leave that necklace there inside the building tonight. Upon your return to us you will immediately receive your punishment for this offense."
  • Hina616: "But that place is really scary at night and I don't wanna go there alone DX"
  • MattR: "This thread is closing now, discussion of this topic shall cease immediately. Hina follow my instructions or face termination. You do not wish to anger Mother or Father! Goodnight to you my brethren."

A user named Hina found Tyler's necklace at the Fishery. Strangely, the necklace was last seen in possession of Regiminis. Jarilo claims a former Lunar Child named Lunaris Draco had an identical looking necklace. This throws some suspicion on Carla - is she actually a former Lunar Child? Matt R then demands Hina return the necklace to the Fishery, implying that it is very important.

  • Alignak: "Who were the misguided? I have been trying to consult the library about them but so much of the information seems to be lost or unavailable, all I really know is that they seemed to lie about a couple members living in california and that they had a meeting ground in what was known as the orchard."
  • HarryM1: "They were a group that thought that they knew luna, there really isn't much more to say."
  • sin_yarikh: "There was also an individual known as Kelbris,but information about him even amongst what was stolen from them during the time Regiminis infiltrated the ranks for us is basically zilch. I do know for a fact he was said to hold some affiliation with our father, the founder of our current group,based off what a elder said in a meeting last month."
  • Jarilo333: "I know a bit about them as well seeing as I used to be a member before I followed a friend of mine over here to the truth. But I will need to wait for permission to talk much about it, Im already on thin ice for being such a loud mouth, haha!"
  • HarryM1: "huh I guess maybe I am a bit ignorant, I had no idea kelbris was of direct relation to them! If I recall from my studies, a good portion of our current parallelos knowledge and the knowledge of transcendence is based off what Regiminis discovered about him back in 2010. Its a shame he died in what I believe was 1998, he could have truly seen glory had he walked our path."
  • Jarilo333: "Ok I have permission to talk about a tiny a bit of what I know. I know Kelbris was the one who discovered the Ceremony of the three elements, also it ain't true that he died in 1998. The man who managed that group liked to spread misinformation at times for what almost seemed like the heck of it, but Ill get into that in a bit, hahaha! I do like how particular he was about the wording though,the misguided leader I mean, "later found electrocuted" hiding the truth in there with that lie, hahaha what a joker that guy was!''Kelbris made his discoveries in 1998 and the misguided initially denounced everything he said until around 2002 oddly enough, the point when he actually died. If I recall he was actually killed in order to silence what they thought was blasphemous talk by an initiate at the time known as Ifrit as part of his initiation. Whatever Ifrit did it triggered ascension and everyone began to realize, some of what Kelbris said may have had some weight to it. I was with them since around the beginning so you can trust that I know this kind of stuff haha! 
  • Now the leader of the group was a man we refereed to by many names, The Dark Shepard, The Happy Man, The Fuehrer. But the name applied to him the most was Mr.D, who he said was "the one I have consumed", I really never understood what he meant by that. He made us sure to know that he was our Link to Luna and that he was The Father, and that this knowledge was not one of his "games" that he liked to play with us.
  • As for what happened to him, well heck, I feel like I should not say much more! I have been going on and on and I have probably already said too much, hahahahaha! I will say though that he certainly wasn't a normal human being, and seemed a bit ahead of his time in a few ways."

The misguided are the original Moon Children - we know this because the Orchard was a meeting ground for them, and Kelbris was a Moon Child. It's said that Regiminis apparently 'infiltrated' the Moon Children at some point, and that Kelbris has some connections with Patrem somehow. It's also said that Kelbris discovered a lot about Transcendence and Parallelos, probably because he himself was transcended, considering he has been confirmed to be one of the four giants.

Jarilo claims that he used to be a Moon Child himself. He says Kelbris discovered something called the 'Ceremony of the Three Elements'. He also claims that there is a lot of misinformation surrounding Kelbris's death, saying that he didn't actually die in 1998. Instead, 1998 was the year Kelbris made many of his discoveries. Ironically, Kelbris was killed in 2002 by Ifrit, causing him to ascend into a transcended. Only then were his discoveries taken as fact.

The Father of the Moon Children was Mr. D. Considering Mr. D refers to himself as 'The one I have consumed', the fact that he calls himself a 'link' to Luna, and that he's know for playing 'games', we can assume that Mr. D is Tenebris. Jarilo finishes by saying that Mr. D definitely wasn't a normal human and that he seemed 'ahead of his time'.
Matt R.
20150617 2342201-64x64"Hina follow my instructions or face termination. You do not wish to anger Mother or Father! Goodnight to you my brethren."
  • Hina616: "I wanted to start getting deep into my study for the knowledge of Luna please.'Thank you very much <3"
  • Ezekiel_thoth33: "Incorrect spelling of Libro Lunarus and also no, there are only 3 Copies in existence and they will all continue to remain within the library under strict access policy."

There are apparently three copies of the Libro Lunarus, all of which are heavily guarded.

  • Jie_Lin_HunterL: "I do not mean to make a deal of it, but I just wanted to bring attention to the fact that no has gotten around to assigning my next test to become Elder."
  • Ezekiel_thoth33: "I sent you an invoice Hunter, there is a task you must perform and a voice you must silence. It may be hard to break this bond, but remember who your true family is. That is all I shall say here."

Hunter is tasked with killing someone close to them, maybe even someone in their own family.

While not all of them were archived, there were several important accounts on the forum. Below are the administrators and elder children:

  • Matt R - No description
  • Liquidsaint - "Built this website, what more do we need to know XD"
  • Ezekiel_thoth33 - "I have been a follower of Luna since as long as I can remember. I am part of the family that had our current meeting place, the spire built many years ago. Other than this there is little to note of my personality, I enjoy video games from time to time, preferably rpgs and fps games. As well as tinkering with computers. My greatest goals in life are to eventually ascend, but who doesn't what that?"
  • _jinn_ - "An elder who oversees the library and other affairs. I have little interest for anything aside from Lunar child affairs therefore I have little more to speak of beyond this."
  • kuu_32 - "Just the local Elder of the library, I always enjoy a good book and I have a fascination with religious texts. They are always very fun for me to read because I love to see how Luna has effected the minds of those who are just on the edge of finding her but unable to find true knowledge of her, choose to make up stories instead. Alas they will never find the truth as we have. THINK NOT YOUR STORY IS FALSEHOODS NOT YOUR FATHER IS ONE OF LIES"

We've seen Matt R, Liquidsaint/SKM, and Thoth before. However, Jinn and kuu are new. They both seem to be elder children watching over the library in the Spire. The end of Kuu's description has been corrupted and once again references a 'Father of lies'.

  • Father Vincent - Not Archived

Father Vincent's profile image is the same purple man with a cloth head that we briefly saw in Paranoid knocking. This basically confirms that this is meant to be Patrem.


Father Vincent, Patrem's vessel.

  • Helper - No description
  • DandP - "This faith is based upon lies and Tenebris holds the truth, soon all shall bare witness to the true Luna and not the whore of sins begot to us by the father of lies. Soon Tenebris shall reunite with his true puppet and with his power he shall call forth Luna and the true goddess shall be upon us at last! Carry our Mother brothers! As it was in old times, so shall it be in this day anew!"
  • Jarilo333 - "Just a proud dad who has seen a fair share of crazy things in this world Luna made for us (and a couple things from beyond hahahaha) I am very proud of my son and can't wait for him to come with me to the parallelos beyond and even join me in Lunas majesty."
  • SheepDog - "I consider myself a decent artist, I make comics every now and then and I am a pretty enjoyable guy. However all of this is thanks to none other than Luna and my devotion to her. All of my art I dedicate to her and her greatness. Praise be unto her so that I may continue to improve and make better and better art in her holy name."

Helper and Doug both have accounts on the forums. Strangely, Doug seems to be speaking more highly of Tenebris than Patrem here. This possibly ties back into some of the graffiti we saw in the Fishery that said the four giants were under Tenebris's control.

  • Spencer_23 - "I think I'm hearing Luna, I'm not sure thought, my mind could just be playing tricks on me. But I could've sworn I heard her just now. Not sure what she said though. What a pig that whore made you to be Spencer, shoving that slop in your mouth while you are in the midst of glory. You are a knight of valor, RISE UP IN HER NAME! YOU ARE THE THIRD!"

Spencer was a Moon Child and a character from Jadusable's ARG - Duskworld23. The first half of his description is a snippet of one of his announcements made on the original The description then switches perspectives as if someone were speaking to Spencer, calling him a 'pig' as someone stuffs food in his mouth in the 'midst of glory'. This is a reference to a newspaper clipping found during Jadusable's ARG:

"One of the first officers on the scene would later recount entering the house to find Mrs. Lawman 'trying to feed her son', who officials say by then had been 'deceased for at least six days.'"
Spencer's death being described as him being in the midst of glory implies he had ascended, which explains his appearance in Wayward Horizon later on. "You are the third" is also suspicious, implying that Spencer might just be the third giant.

  • TheMLAlex2 - " where do you think I went He spoke unto me and I realized I am the second. I lay in wait drowning as that thing did. I saw a man named mason come into my home."

TheMLAlex2 was another character from Jadusable's ARG - Alex. Though Jadusable's name is also Alex, it was never said whether or not this Alex and Jadusable were one in the same. This Alex is definitely the Moon Child who used the account TheLinkMissing, though, judging by both his username and the fact that one of his videos is linked. Alex says that someone spoke to him and he realized he was the 'second'. Much like Spencer, this could very well mean that Alex is one of the four giants. Alex then says that he had drowned, just as Ben had. Strangely, he says Mason entered his home. Why this is is currently unknown.

Once the timer on Tenebris's screen hit zero, the forums were purged. All of the posts were deleted, and the only board available to us was 'The Gift - Controller'. This was the board that Thoth and Matt were seen using the ocarina in. Liquidsaint made a new post on the main page of apologizing for the purge. He explained the reason for the purge was due to an influx of troll accounts - clearly referencing all the players who had just created accounts.

Users discovered that the main page of had changed into a chatroom where SKM was waiting for us. SKM confirmed that he was indeed Liquidsaint, the Lunar Child administrator who created the website. He also said that once we get back onto the forums we'll have access to our ocarina powers once again.

Once in the 'Controller' board, players submitted the 'New Wave Bossa Nova' to test their powers. Sure enough, a character was soon summoned into the boards - Jarilo. Jarilo was actually surprised he was able to post on the Controller board. Players chatted with Jarilo for a while before noticing some strange things. Jarilo said his house was darker than normal, and that all of the clocks in his home were no longer working. He also says that he can't find his son anywhere.

Players noticed that his son, Hunter, was now an admin. This possibly meant that Hunter had successfully killed the person he was tasked with assassinating, rising to the status of 'Elder Child'. Players attempted to warn Jarilo about Hunter, fearing that he may attempt, or has already tried to kill him. This only angered Jarilo, saying his son would never do such things. However, on 11/11/15, Undecim Nocte, Jarilo posted the following: "Why did you do this to me hunter" Jarilo was dead the entire time and stuck in some sort of limbo. Jarilo posted again: "Your friend is next, I can see him now, young one what was done to me shall be the terrible fate of your link. They have him now, he cannot escape alone."
Lcfja"Why did you do this to me Hunter."

Tyler was in some serious danger, and players needed to act fast. Now that the ocarina powers had been retrieved, users submitted the Song of Soaring to teleport Tyler away from danger. Later in the day, a new video was uploaded to Silentdork. The video was a recording of Tyler saying that he was safe and that he had found his necklace at the fishery. However, a few things were off with this video. First off, the obvious question of who was recording Tyler saying all this is a big factor. Tyler has stated that he lives alone, so who could be in his house recording him? Secondly, the tags on the video were definitely not written by Tyler: "john died you are next tyler they make choices never realize NOONECANHELpYOU".

Later in the day, Thoth made a post on the main page of

The Harbingers Link is missing. He is no longer in his holding area at the fishery! I have been informed he uploaded a video from his home earlier today. There is little time, and we must hurry and move in on his location! Anyone with the capability to move in for capture, do so at once!
Worried that the Lunar Children would capture Tyler while he is in his home, players quickly played the Song of Soaring once more. They also threw the Stone Mask on Tyler to make him invisible, just in case. The players were successful and Tyler had been saved.

Players decided to try out their recently reclaimed ocarina powers by summoning an old friend - Helper. He appeared shortly after Epona's Song was submitted.
Hat"Hello, Adventurers! It sure has been quite a while. Has everything gone well for you? Do you need assistance? Perhaps the deliverance of a package?"
Players politely asked Helper to drop off the Picto Box/Camera in hopes that Tyler will share some images with us. They also asked Helper to steal Tyler's necklace, as it clearly is a part of the Lunar Children's plan at this point. Helper agreed to do these things and he departed.

Two Faced

Though players may have saved Tyler from 11/11/15, he wasn't completely out of harm's way. Tyler ended up taking his trip to Australia has he had been planning to, though it wasn't anything like he expected. Carla turned out to be a paranoid psychopath who locked Tyler up in her house and refused him access to electronics.
TylerMug"The Lunar Children she won’t even talk about. but she acts like she knows something about them. I don’t like the chest she has with all the masks covered in “fake blood”. I don’t think it’s fake."
Tyler suspects that Carla has something to do with the Lunar Children and takes note of all the masks she has around her home. This lines up with what Jarilo said on the forums - Carla used to be a Lunar Child named Lunarus Draco. It seems now that she's trying to keep Tyler safe but is going extremely overboard, basically holding him prisoner. Tyler is only able to contact us over Skype by secretly using her computer while she is away. He says she left in a hurry, saying something about 'keeping things under control', as if the Lunar Children are trying to close in on them.

While Tyler was messaging players over Skype, something strange began happening. Random letters were capitalized. When all these letters were put together, it spelled "KEVIN". Stranger still, messages he did not write began appearing:

"Dont worry old friend you wont be trapped here for long
It seems like the deal between Tenebris and Regiminis is being referenced here. Drowned from The Father, John from K. K might possibly be Kevin himself, and the message above might be directly from him. "Don't worry old friend..."

Tyler continued.

"I would try to get out of here, but this place is way up in the mountains.I keep having dreams over and over. Nightmares. Some burning guy telling me something, and then some owl telling me I need to ‘tell the rest of the story.' It’s the videos. I Know it is"
In his dreams, an owl is telling Tyler ot tell the rest of his story. He assumes this means uploading more videos, though he is currently unable to do so thanks to Carla's watchul eye.

Not much happened after this for about a month, until a new video appeared on Lostmemory423. This video featured someone walking through the woods reading some notes and carrying a key. The description read the following:

"If you wish to be called SKM from here on, fine that is what we will call you, but before we can let you come to the fishery we need you to prove your worth to us, record yourself going to the enclosed geo coordinates, this place was the meeting grounds of who we knew as the misguided. There should be a key, this key gathered the essence of the dying remnants of that place, find it, open the last standing building in that orchard with it and film what masks remain for our archives. If you succeed you will be answering to the man who ended them for us from the inside, Elder child Mathew."
This confirms that the person recording in the Lostmemory423 videos is SKM himself. He has been tasked with filming the remaining 'masks' that are in the Orchard, the old Moon Child compound. He's told that if he does this, he'll get to meet with Matt R., a man who ended the Moon Children from the inside. There was a Matt in the original Moon Children - Ifrit, also known as Matt Hubris or Rodney R.. More and more signs seem to be hinting that Ifrit and Matt R. are one in the same.

We can assume SKM did as he was told and this was how he secretly entered the Lunar Children as Liquidsaint. It is unknown how or why he used the name SKM, though. A few days later, Drowned himself entered the Skype group and spoke to players. Drowned says they were summoned by players submitting the New Wave Bossa Nova. Drowned says that they're slowly remembering things. They're also speaking much more coherently now.
Tinydrowned"I am becoming more aware to consciousness. We are coming closer and closer to self realization, and I am remembering many things."
"One of us drowned. Me drowned drowned drowned but this was before one of us was taken by a man named sikzjowned drowned drowned drowned drowned drowned. Truth."
Drowned reiterates that they are two souls, not just one - Ben and Max. Ben drowned while Max was apparently taken by a man.
"It was not his fault. They forced him. He didn't know."
Whoever took Max apparently didn't realize what he was doing.
"the man who has us wants to sell us to the who has worked amongst you all since before your inception. s a l e s m a n. The one who has us, reginimis, makes the deal."
Regiminis has apparently captured Drowned and will soon make the deal to Tenebris to retrieve John. Drowned may have been captured back when Tyler was captured.
"He will take john, and the harbingers shall return to CCC."
Once Regiminis has John, it will be over for the players.
"All the visions, the LOSTMEMORYs I had shown you, have been memories of what my juzapdh did in his search for the masks. He wanted to find the masks. He thought they had me. They had us. Have. He did their bidding to enter their ranks. He searched for it with the numbers we learned so he could find them."
The videos on Lostmemory423 are all memories of what SKM did to enter the Lunar Children. He wanted to find the 'masks', the Lunar Children. He thought they had his little brother, in reality they had both his little brother and Ben. He searched for the Fishery using the coordinates Drowned gave him when they first entered his computer.

What's interesting here is the phrasing of SKM's motives. "He thought they had me." SKM thought they had his little brother, he didn't know anything about Drowned other than the coordinates he was given. This would make no sense unless the unexplained character, Max, is actually SKM's brother.

It lines up fairly well. Max says he was 'taken by a man', just like how Max was kidnapped. The name Max is also suspicious, as SKM said that some people sometimes refer to him as Max. We have no definitive evidence yet, though it is very likely that Max is SKM's younger brother.

"He met with the masks and they told him what they wanted. They sent him to the Moonchildren who were already d killed them all but left behind something important. He found the list and, then the key, and went to the orchard my father used to play with the children in. the gift we asked the postman to leave him IMG_1509"
SKM met with the Lunar Children who sent him to the Orchard, the old Moon Children compound. The Moon Children were already all dead. SKM retrieved a list and a key and visited the Orchard to do what the Lunar Children told him to.
"what was in that container was once mine. He opened it and I was with him when he did. He returned from the orchard of the moonchildren to meet with the masks again, but then had already left for their Spire. He found the gift we asked the postman to leave him."
SKM returned to the Fishery but the Lunar Children had already left for the Spire in Ohio. However, SKM was still rewarded when Helper left him a briefcase. The following video is then posted:



The briefcase contained a gas mask that used to belong to Ben. From that point on, Ben was 'with him'. What this means exactly is unknown - perhaps before that point Drowned was only Max? Or maybe when Drowned escaped from Tenebris on 11/11/11, Drowned split between Max and Ben, with Ben hiding in his old mask and Max hiding in SKM's computer? It's unclear, but what's important is that SKM retrieved Ben's gas mask.

"somethings wrong some one changed something, this never happened. someone who plays with time has changed the story. he was never given that book he gave it to the masks."
Drowned then posts the following video:

This never happened

This never happened.wmv

According to Drowned, this didn't happen originally. Someone must have changed the timeline and gave SKM a book instead of Ben's gas mask. We can still see Ben's gas mask appear at the very end of the video, though, implying SKM still retrieved it. The book, which is most likely the Libro Lunarus, also has a note on it saying the following:

"You'll know what to do with this when the time comes. NEVER. OPEN IT."
After this, Drowned left the chat. No one was sure of the significance of the Libro Lunarus, only that it was very important to the Lunar Children.

One player decided to submit the Song of Time to see what would happen. Things were quiet for a few days until updated. The sounds of an airplane could be heard, implying that Tyler was leaving Australia and coming back to Florida. After this, Drowned rejoined the Skype group.

"you played song of time. The red man. He wants to take everthing. You have power I know this. Please hide us from him. Please stop him, this time he will take us, we will be offered to the salesman for trade of the burned one. SKM will be offered the salesmans conduit. his body. Save us."
Drowned then posted five videos:

Drowned - Please Help (PT

Drowned - Please Help (PT.1)

Drowned - Please Help (PT

Drowned - Please Help (PT.2)

Drowned - Please Help (PT

Drowned - Please Help (PT.3)

Drowned - Please Help (PT

Drowned - Please Help (PT.4)

Drowned - Please Help (PT

Drowned - Please Help (PT.5)

These videos feature a mysterious figure wearing a gas mask, possible Drowned themselves. We also see a grinning figure looking over the Libro Lunarus.
"Regiminis, the title of one to govern. He was to govern the portal, as its called. And portals there are many, but they sought to organize, he named it after what he did. But he was angered as all was not according to plan. This was only to taunt his destined kill: The link."
Regiminis governs over He named it 'johnisdead' because it was meant as a taunt towards Tyler. Drowned says Regiminis was apparently the one who killed John.
Oceanstuck: "Do you have an idea what the plan was?"
Drowned: "I cannot be sure. I know the woman of the clock tower knows more but she is frightened of returning to the portal."
Drowned: "Yes she has been once called this."
ARGdov: "What is she called now?"
Drowned: "Many things. They. He wished to make a great sacrifice to the mother. It wishes to consume. Consume everything. Their first plan was with the first portal, but due to what they called the harbingers, this plan failed years ago in your time before many could ascend to it." apparently was ran by the Lunar Children as a smaller version of It ended in 2009 due to the players.
ADULT_LINK: "Do you know who the harbingers are?"
Drowned: "All of you. The warriors of hubris before he lost himself. They have many now. Too many. The masks. The Children. So many they have, that they could not keep them confined to johnisdead. You have seen what happened to Their pride stops them from admitting their failure. There was a time in which the red man took me to be traded to the salesman. To be rid of the burned one as he was meant to be the red mans conduit and take me once more."
'Warriors of Hubris' makes on think of Within Hubris, though the second part, 'before he lost himself', must mean that Drowned is referring to Matt Hubris, Ifrit. Drowned says that there are so many souls on that some are overflowing onto He also says that John was meant to be Regiminis's conduit.
Eevee Reborn: "Will you be safe for long?"
Drowned: "Rosa has already spoken. You have only prolonged the inevitable. The salesman wants two things from red man; a body in exchange for the burned one, and MUCH more power than he has now."
So Tenebris is 'The Salesman'.
ADULT_LINK: "Why is the burned one important?"
Drowned: "The masks tell many lies, but between lies hides truth. Amongst their now twisted lore it is a truth that one who ascends can be promised much more power if they have what is deemed a conduit. A conduit is one who has been killed as a result of their own ascension. However beings beyond all of us may take sacrifices as conduits when lowering to our realms."
So, a conduit is someone who dies as a result of an ascension. Considering John died on 11/11/11, the same night Regiminis ascended, it's no wonder John would be a perfect conduit for him. There are also 'sacrifice conduits', conduits that are killed for beings from other realms to use.
Eevee Reborn: "So was John a sacrifice conduit?"
Drowned: "By mistake yes. The one who plays with time is laughing. The father spoke with beings beyond all of us during that year before that day. Before Patrem became bound to his vessel and before I could breath once more."
Eevee Reborn: "What can you tell us about Patrem?"
Drowned: "Patrem spoke to them and said 'He must be sacrificed to the mother as I have watched his existence break many things in my time, he will be used by regiminis as a conduit' I hate him. I will not talk about him."
So, John was a sacrifice conduit by accident, yet he is still considered Regiminis's conduit. How exactly this happened is unknown.
Drowned: "Regiminis."
Once users clicked on this link, they were shocked. Though Google Translate has recently changed their definitions, at the time Kevi translated to 'Governing'. 'Governing' is the literal definition of Regiminis if translated from Latin.

All of this means that Regiminis was Kevin all along.

Kevin went missing around the same time John did. Kevin was always said to have been in an obscure religion. Kevin was accused to have stolen Tyler's necklace which was next seen in possession of Regiminis. It was all clear now.

Drowned: "I am sorry that this cannot be changed, but the time is coming, it is nearly here. Sam will be spared, you managed this. You really do have the gift to change things. We are sorry."
It seems inevitable now. Drowned is going to be given to Tenebris and Regiminis will be given John, his conduit. Sam is most likely SKM, meaning that SKM must still be alive.


A new video was posted on Silentdork - Regiminis.



Regiminis, Kevin, reveals himself. Regiminis states that Tyler probably doesn't remember him. We see a clip of 'I am doing just fine' where Tyler was being recorded on his bed by someone. Regiminis says the following:
"How did you enjoy our quality time?"
This might mean that Regiminis was the one who recorded Tyler during this time.
"Shame you couldn't stay for the festival. Some brats decided to cut our time short."
This is referring to how the Internet Detectives foiled the Lunar Children's plans on 11/11. Following this, we see a lot of very important images flash by:
  • Rosa is Tatl, and she is aligned with the Harbingers. This makes sense as Tatl and Rosa are both seen as supportive and informative entities.
  • Ifrit is Tael, aligned with The Children, though he is also the Skull Kid being controlled by Tenebris, Majora's Mask. This one is a bit more confusing. The Tael part makes sense, as both Tatl and Tael and Ifrit and Rosa are siblings. Ifrit being controlled by Tenebris might be referencing how Ifrit had been invoking Tenebris more and more without the approval of the other elder children.
  • This last one is obvious. The Link is Tyler.
  • An unknown character, Hank, is said to be one of the giants. This is suspicious since we were told Kelbris was one of the giants, yet he is nowhere to be seen. Perhaps Kelbris's real name was Hank?
  • Spencer is confirmed to be a giant. This was hinted at on the Lunar Children forums.
  • Alex is confirmed to be a giant. This was also hinted at on the Lunar Children forums.
  • Douglas is once again confirmed to be a giant.
  • Regiminis is saying Tyler will be consumed by Luna and Luna will then bring everyone to her holy realm.
  • Matt Hubris, Ifrit, is once again confirmed to be the Skull Kid - NOT Majora.

After this, Regiminis confirms that he made the trade with Tenebris. Tenebris now has his old puppet, Drowned, while Regiminis is in possession of his conduit, John. Regiminis ends the video by warning Tyler that they will come for him once again and to not run.

Things were quiet for a while after the Regiminis video. The Lunar Children site had a small update that gave some more information on Helper, or as the Lunar Children knew him, Auxiliatis. Apparently, Helper was originally and Absque Facie who served Luna. Helper's duty was spreading Luna's messages across the parallelos. However, Helper eventually rejected Luna's commands as he wished to spend some time in the human world. Enraged from his disobedience, Luna imprisoned in the human world where he would forever be forced to serve mankind. This explains his supernatural abilities and why he'll always help us.

Things were quiet once more until another big video dropped on Silentdork - 5646.

​‍ ​‍ ​‍

​‍ ​‍ ​‍

This video implies someone played the Minuet of Forest. It also alludes to "someone's birthday", though what this means is unknown. The video has a message that seems to be from John himself.
"That religion Kevin was in, if you can remember, is a cult. I don't understand a lot of what's going on, but that thing is at the top of it all whether or not they know. This thing has walked through time and created a huge mess in its wake. Somehow this all ties to you, a kid who drowned and his father who was killed 14 years ago, and many others. You have to understand this is real. Don't try to explain this away as a "glitch". I have been trying to give you signs for a long time."
The video shows who we can assume is Tyler walking down a boardwalk before coming across a briefcase - it looks like the same briefcase SKM found at the Fishery containing Ben's gas mask.
"I don't know what will happen but you must not let yourself be taken. Whatever that thing is will be unstoppable if you do."
We are shown a lot of images of Matt R.. We can tell it's him because of his signature skull mask. We also see Tyler's necklace.Tyler opens up the briefcase to find the camera that we asked Helper to send him earlier. It's possible that briefcases are merely the packaging Helper prefers to use when delivering things. Tyler turns around and comes face to face with a red John. It's very likely that, now that Regiminis has John's body as a conduit, this is actually Regiminis in John's body.One of the strangest things about this video is the idea that Tyler is his own enemy:
"You are home. You are sleeping. And be careful, you are watching."
After this came a shocking discovery. The Lunar Children site had a very important update.



"Father why couldn’t she make it to the picture? Your Mother? She is sleeping, but worry not Benjamen as her awakening is coming soon, even now ones from beyond these parallels speak to me. They told me not to listen to “kelbris” anymore and to stay with them. I am no longer Kelbris, that was my fools name. As I said before do not listen to the misguided, merely dwell with them. Our time is coming soon, while they flounder about, we shall soon bring the times of the mother to this forsaken land. Now let us go inside, I obtained for you the game device you wanted and a nice game as well, alas the label seemed to be torn. None the less, happy birthday my son. I love you dad. Hurry there is much to be done in the coming days, inside at once."
There is a lot to go over here. Let's take it point by point:

  • This is a photo of Ben and his father Hank, or Kelbris.
  • Ben's mother is most likely dead based on Hank's wording.
  • Hank is giving up on his old name, Kelbris, as it was the name he used while in the Moon Children.
  • Hank tells Ben to dwell among the Moon Children (The Misguided), but to not listen to them.
  • Hank hints at the creation of the Lunar Children.
  • Hank tells Ben that he bought him a copy of Majora's Mask for the N64.

Hank sounds very similar to Patrem. This would make Patrem 'The Father' in more ways than one, being both the leader of the Lunar Children and the literal biological father of Ben.

As for Ben's mother, we may actually have a lead on who she is: Diana. This is a name that has yet to be explained. We've heard it twice before.

The first time we heard it was in the description of a video Ben himself uploaded on Lostmemory423 of himself drowning.

This is Ben being drowned by his father, Hank. "Diana is waiting. You shall be not dead, but an everlasting glory to your mo-", It's not a stretch to assume that Hank was going to say "Mother".

The second time we heard Diana's name was once again from Ben while one user was playing 'Lostmemory.exe'.

Though this doesn't give us as much information, it's still important that it came from Ben himself. "He is not the father." is suspicious, though it could simply mean he is not the true leader of the Lunar Children - similar to how Tenebris often calls Patrem a "Father of Lies".

After this update, it seemed as if Tenebris had completely overtaken

"Were you expecting a reward? A hint? Something to help you in this pointless struggle you have placed yourself in? You are in error, it will be amusing watching you all this time. Just as before you wont understand until its too late."
Other strange updates were found as well that hinted that times were about to 'merge', whatever that meant.


Tenebris taunting players on

Now that Tenebris has retrieved Ben from Regiminis, he seems much more chaotic.

The next day, a new video was posted on Silentdork:

Update june 23rd- More to come

Update june 23rd- More to come

Tyler finally gives players an update after months of silence. He's back in his home after being trapped in Carla's house in Australia. This is the worst state we've ever seen Tyler in - he's clearly shaken and disturbed after everything that has happened to him. He knows now that something very wrong is happening and that he definitely needs help.

He says that he has a backlog of videos saved that he'll slowly be uploading, presumably either from the camera he received from Helper or some that he recorded himself while being captured. This video also has a few corruptions that implies Tenebris is already toying with Tyler - the elegy statue appears over Tyler, multiple clips of Tyler seem to play over each other, and the Skull Kid's laugh plays several times throughout. The video abruptly ends as Tyler notices something behind the camera. He sounds incredibly fearful as he reaches for the camera to stop the recording.

After this, several announcements were posted on the Lunar Children site. We will briefly sum up all of these posts:

  • Matt R. has been missing since a blackout in November.
  • Douglas hasn't been seen in a long time.
  • Liquidsaint was outed as a traitor and has escaped from the Lunar Children.
  • The crescent moon necklace was going to be used in the Lunar Children's plans:
    • When Tyler escaped the Lunar Children via the Song of Soaring it foiled their plans somehow.
    • The necklace ended up back in the hands of the Lunar Children, probably from when we asked Helper to steal it away from Tyler.
    • Hunter, Jarilo's son, apparently had something to do with the necklace before the plan went awry.
  • Father Vincent summoned everyone to the Spire
  • The Lunar Children say they will have a chance at accomplishing their goals near the end of April 2016.
  • Douglas P says it's time for Luna to feed:
    • Vincent is nowhere to be found.
    • The Lunar Children failed once again to capture Tyler on April 23, 2016.
    • The Lunar Children are apparently being 'punished'.
  • A surviving Lunar Child uses Thoth's account to give an update:
    • A large number of Lunar Children went missing after failing to capture Tyler on 4/23/16.
    • Many souls are still stuck within the Fishery and Lunar Children servers.
    • Very few Lunar Children are left.

So, it would seem that the Lunar Children have been nearly wiped out. Some entity, perhaps Lunar herself, was so furious with their continuous failures of capturing Tyler. Matt R. is missing, along with Father Vincent.

After these updates, one more video is found on Silentdork:



We hear the sounds of someone drowning and the familiar face of the elegy statue, implying Tenebris is once again at work. A distorted version of the Song of Time is played as we hear a haunting laugh, bringing a close to the Lunar Children arc.

Character Recap

Image Name Affiliation Status Description
Tinytyler Tyler Harbingers Alive Former Internet Detective and player. Lost his memory and is currently being persued by the Lunar Children. Known as the 'Harbginer's Link' by the Lunar Children.
Currently Safe in his home, though incredibly disturbed.
Tinyjohn John Harbingers Dead Tyler's friend who died in a fire in 2011. He is being used as a conduit by Regiminis.
Currently Unwillingly being used as Regiminis's conduit, sometimes sending messages to Tyler.
Tinyregi Kevin Lunar Children Ascended Former friend of Tyler. Known as 'Regiminis'. Currently using John as a conduit.
Currently Unknown, hasn't been heard from since reaching Tyler in Australia.
Tinyjacob Jacob Unknown Alive Another old friend of Tyler. Went missing in 2009.
Currently Unknown. Missing.
Tinypatrem Patrem Lunar Children Ascended The Father of the Lunar Children. Seems omnipotent.
Currently Unknown.
Tinyvinc Vincent Lunar Children Unknown The unknowing host of Patrem. Patrem takes control whenever he falls asleep.
Currently Unknown, last said to be missing.
Tinybeni Tenebris Himself Active The evil spirit previously known as BEN. Has regained his former puppet, Ben, from Regiminis.
Currently Currently harassing Tyler and causing havoc. Plotting something.
Tinydrown Drowned Harbingers Ascended A mysterious entity composed of both someone named Max and Ben, the son of Hank.
Currently Currently the puppet of Tenebris.
Tinyskm SKM Himself Alive A skilled hacker who hates the Lunar Children. He was undercover using the name Liquidsaint before being discovered.
Currently Unknown, likely still alive.
Tinydoug Doug Lunar Children Transcended One of the four giants. Harassed Tyler at the Fishery.
Currently Unknown, hasn't been seen in a long time.
Tinyalex2 Alex Lunar Children Transcended One of the four giants. The same Alex as 'Thelinkmissing', a former Moon Child.
Currently Unknown, last seen on the Lunar Children forums.
Tinyspencer Spencer Lunar Children Transcended One of the four giants. A former Moon Child named Duskworld23.
Currently Unknown, last seen on the Lunar Children forums.
Tinykelb Kelbris Unknown Transcended One of the four giants. Was the father of Ben.
Currently Unknown, hasn't been seen in a long time.
Tinymatt Matt R. Lunar Children Unknown A high ranking Lunar Child, most likely Ifrit AKA Matt Hubris.
Currently Unknown, has been missing since November aside from a single mysterious post.
Tinythoth Ezekiel Lunar Children Unknown A high ranking Lunar Child. Oversees the website and forums.
Currently Unknown, last seen lamenting what occurred in April of 2016. Possibly dead.
Tinyhand Carla Unknown Unknown Tyler's former girlfriend and former Lunar Child. Is paranoid and attempted to kidnap Tyler to steal him away from the Lunar Children
Currently Unknown, last seen in Australia.
Tinyhand Hunter Lunar Children Unknown A capable Lunar Child who killed his father, Jarilo, to obtain a higher rank.
Currently Unknown.
Tinyjari Jarilo Unknown Dead A cultists who had been in both of the cults. Possibly brothers with the 'Old Man' from the Moon Children.
Currently Dead, killed by his son Hunter.

Arc 4. The Truth Arc


In the previous arc players explored the Lunar Children Forums and regained their ocarina powers. Using these powers, players were able to save Tyler from the Lunar Children on 11/11/15. On these forums the identities of all four giants were discovered: Kelbris, Alex, Spencer, and Doug. Meanwhile, Regiminis had handed Drowned over to Tenebris in exchange for John. This meant that Regiminis was now more powerful as he had John as a 'conduit', and Tenebris now had his old puppet - Ben. It was also revealed that Ben's father was Kelbris, whose real name is Hank. After failing to capture Tyler a second time on 4/23/16, most of the Lunar Children mysteriously vanished.

For more information, please read the brief summary at the beginning of the previous section. We now continue where we left off, with Tenebris seemingly playing the Song of Time.

Brief Summary

Here is a very brief summary of the Lunar Children arc. For more information, read the section below this.

  • Users discover that after many years,, the site used by the Moon Children, is back online.
  • Many old player groups are called out as Tenebris challenges them to another game.
  • starts going through three day cycles once again, though these are the next three days after the original three days from Jadusable's ARG.
  • The timeline seems to be a bit different:
    • Ifrit is talking about a big party he will have on Sunday, the end of the three day cycle.
    • Nekko is still alive, not ascended.
    • Mr D, also known as Tenebris, is sometimes said to not have a physical body based on the timeline.
  • It's revealed that Alex from the Moon Children is indeed Jadusable, and will become one of the four giants.
  • Alex was introduced to the Moon Children by an alternate timeline Tyler who is already a member named SilentDT.
  • Alex was sent to the Fishery as some sort of test. He stole the Libro Lunarus which slowly caused him to go inside.
    • Alex began splitting between timelines, freaking out as people spoke to different versions of himself at once.
    • Alex eventually stopped replying completely.
  • It is revealed that Ifrit/Matt R. was adopted by Hank/Kelbris, making him and Ben adoptive brothers.
  • Ifrit later killed Kelbris as a rite of passage into the Moon Children.
  • Ifrit was approached by the body of his deceased father Kelbris.
    • Kelbris did not kill Ifrit, but instead caused Tenebris to influence him.
    • Kelbris told Ifrit to teach the Lunar Children about the Four Giants, putting Ifrit into a sort of trance.
    • Kelbris proceeded to send Rosa into Luna's parallelos, as we learned in previous arcs.
  • Ryukaki witnessed Kelbris coming for Ifrit, followed by Ifrit acting strangely. He and other Moon Children discuss this over
  • One member of the cult, Jeremy Jarvis, is revealed to have been Jarilo from the Lunar Children Forums.
  • Players go through many different cycles and timelines, slowly learning The Truth.
  • Players discover that Mr. D is simply Tenebris while in possession of Ben, Max, and an alternate timeline version of Tyler.
  • Players discover they can "Kill" Mr. D and stop the Four Giants by getting to the locked page known as The Truth.
  • Throughout all the different cycles and time resets, Kevin is not affected. It is revealed this is actually Regiminis from the future.
  • Kevin tries to control the site but loses control, giving players a chance to enter The Truth.
  • Players enter The Truth, stopping Mr. D and killing the Four Giants.

The First Cycle

To everyone's surprise, a familiar site returned - ( for short), the original Moon Children website from Jadusable's ARG. This site had been inactive for years so seeing its sudden return was a shock. contained a single video:

Again wmv HD, 720p

Again wmv HD, 720p

This video contained some quotes from Tenebris, or BEN. Several player groups that were active during Jadusable's ARG are called out such as the United Alliance, Bomber Gang Kids, and What's Your Mask. It would seem that we truly are going back in time. Soon after this, players found that had changed, now looking just like it did back in 2010.
BenClose"You are not done playing yet. Did you think I would forget?"
Before we go any further, it's important that we have a refresher of overall., or for short, was a website used during Jadusable's ARG. was the main website used for the Moon Children, much like how was for the Lunar Children. This site contained announcements and posts made by Moon Children along with plenty of secret hidden pages. Users were even able to find the emails of various Moon Children and message them directly.

By far the most interesting aspect of was the fact that it operated on a three day cycle. Whenever the end of the third day drew near, players were expected to submit the Song of Time. Doing this reset the cycle. The entire website went back in time with the same posts being made. Small things changed with each cycle, meaning nothing was ever exactly the same.


The banner on the main page of

Cycle 1 Day 1

Now that we have a basic understanding of, we can continue with discoveries found on this new version. Users found a new post by Nekko:

"Hey guys Chris again, it has been a really really REALLY long day. It just feels like today is never going to end. But my complaning aside I have a few things that need to be addressed. I lost our testimonials (I am so sososososo sorry about that) I just don't know how it happened, but we won't be getting that testimonials page up after all. Its ok though, Luna is something that is best ecperianced personally in my opinion (not trying to make excuses or anything though, still really sorry). Also, I see we are already getting more traffic (yaaaaayyy new friends) And I am aware of the problem with the guestbook, but no I still don't know why it is displaying things 6 years in the future (I know I made that future joke before but wow guys did someone get lost in a time machine here, heh). That being said we are trying to work on it. Oh and be sure if you are in the area to stop by Ifrits place on sunday for the big party"
This new post is dated, 9/16/10. This is interesting because the posts made on during Jadusable's ARG were dated 9/14/10 and 9/15/10, with the 15th being the final day. This must means that the new site operates on a three day cycle of the next three days after the original cycles. Explained below:

  • Jadusable's Cycle: 13th, 14th, 15th.
  • New Cycle: 16th, 17th, 18th.

One of the many strange updates discovered on the site.

The exact dates aren't important, though. What's important is that we just understand that the cycle's we'll be seeing on this new site take place after the original cycles.

It's also important to note that Nekko is still alive. During Jadusable's ARG, Nekko's death was an inevitable event that we could not stop. It now appears as if we are in some timeline in which Nekko did not ascend. According to Nekko, Ifrit is going to have some sort of big party on Sunday. In 2010, this Sunday took place on the 19th, meaning that our new cycle is counting down to the party.

Users began scouring the site, searching for new updates. One player discovered Drowned's contact page. Much like on the original, Drowned's contact page displayed an image of Kelbris. However, players found a new hidden message this time around:

"This sheep is blind, its eyes to the one below the blue who's consumed beneath the one through ages. It is flesh sans soul, a once living traitor, a servant and nothing more. The man is smiling."


Kelbris, as he has been depicted on

This is most likely referencing Kelbris, who was often said to be blind. Where exactly the 'traitor' aspect comes into play is uncertain, though it could be a reference to how Patrem (who is also Kelbris as we discovered at the end of the previous arc) left the Moon Children to form the Lunar Children. The title of this page was "g4", likely meaning "4th Giant".

Alex's contact page also had a title that said "g2". This makes sense as it was confirmed in the previous arc that Alex was one of the four giants, though it's still unknown if this Alex is Jadusable or a different Alex all-together. Another page was found with the title "g1". This page played a reversed version of the swamp theme from Majora's Mask titled "D.ogg". This is a clear reference to Doug who, like the others, was also confirmed to be one of the four giants. The swamp theme is fitting too as Doug was often symbolized by Deku Link during the first arc.

All of this implies that the four giants will play a major role in this arc. Currently the only giant unaccounted for is Spencer, who is most likely Duskworld23. For a refresher, here is what we currently know about the four giants:

  • G1 - Swamp - Doug - Deku
  • G2 - Mountain - Alex - Goron
  • G3 - Ocean - Spencer - Zora
  • G4 - Canyon - Kelbris/Patrem - N/A

Users began finding hidden files on One of these files was titled "jintod.ogg", or when solved, "hubris.ogg". This is where the GM's began hiding message in more secretive ways. Players noticed that the audio file wouldn't play for some reason. When players opened up the file's coding using a "view-source" feature in their web browsers, they found hidden messages contained between the lines of code:

"Radio them and tell them what is happening to ifrit"
Something strange must be happening to Ifrit. The last we heard of Ifrit in Jadusable's ARG was an email indicating that Kelbris had come for him and was knocking on his door, though what exactly happened to him was never revealed. Ifrit/Matt seemes to still be alive in this timeline however, as users were able to have conversations with him over email:

Player: "Who Is this?"
Matt Hubris: "How did you find this email?"
Player: "Your contact page." 
Player: "It didn't actually show up on the page, only in the description on the search page, so I was just confirming."
Player: "Also, I think someone messed with all the dates on my laptop." 
Player: "What's the date, if I may ask?"
Player: "PS: Heard from Alex recently?"
Matt Hubris: "It is approximately September 16th 2010 1:29am EST."
Matt Hubris: "Also I have not heard from Alex since the black out, which is a shame, since a certain incident resulting his friend introducing him to our group, he has been one of our greatest warriors."
Matt Hubris: "I hope we can find him again soon as he is a valuable asset."

Matt confirms that we have indeed traveled back in time to the year 2010 shortly after the run of the original Matt also confirms that Alex is still missing in this timeline. Strangely, Matt says that Alex was introduced to the Moon Children by a friend, though we don't know who this is referring to.

Player: "I'm curious, what exactly's going down at the party on Sunday? 
Player: "And if I may ask, how late do you think it'll go?" 
Player: "If I can go, it'll only be until around 10 or 11PM."
Matt Hubris: "It is a revival and prayers to our Goddess."
Matt Hubris: "But my apologies as it is members only." 

The party happening at Matt's place on Sunday is going to be of a religious nature, which is probably a bad sign.

Player: "I'm not sure if any members live nearby. How might initiation work for me, if I join?"
Player: "Thank you so much for answering these, if you can. I'm really grateful."
Matt Hubris: "If you wanted to come to us in the physical world that may be a bit challenging for you in your current condition, I am afraid."
Matt Hubris: "We are much bigger than we were a long time ago but we are still smaller than many "Real", as some might say, religions."
Matt Hubris: "We are mostly on the American east coast (Florida, New york, ect.) however."

The Moon Children are mostly based on the East Coast of the USA. This lines up with the Lunar Children, who were based in Florida.

Player: "By the way, was Kelbris' body ever found?" 
Player: "I heard he was electrocuted, but not much more."
Matt Hubris: "That day in 2002 is something I do not like talking about."
Matt Hubris: "I was young back then and it was a crazy and awful time, but what happened had to be done."
Matt Hubris: "It would have hurt either way. I can't talk about it, to put it short, however you can be sure his body cannot be found anymore."

When asked about Kelbris, Matt makes it sound like he was the one who killed him. He also claims that Kelbris's body can no longer be found.

Players were also able to email two other Moon Children. Below is an email sent to Spencer:

Player: "I was referred to you through Ifrit. I didn't want to swamp him with anymore questions, seems like he got quite a few fairly fast. 
Player: "I just wanted to know what kinds of things you guys do in your position. How does administration for the site go, usually?"
Player: "Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer these."
g3: "Please stop it! I can't breath! Ifrit you just like your father! This ist"

Spencer, aka Duskworld23, confirms through his username that he is the third giant. His message implies that Ifrit drowned him - or will drown him, possibly at the party on Sunday. Another email was sent to Alex:

Player: "Hi. I was wondering if we could talk? I'd like to ask you some questions."

It is unknown if Alex himself actually wrote this message or not - it sounds more like something Tenebris would say. Other cryptic messages were found on

"Matt I thought you were our friend"
"What did he do on sunday?"
More hints that Matt's willing to do something traitorous. This was confirmed when players found this next message:

[03:28:04] .:@rem:. "I can't believe he would go that far"
[03:34:36] .:@rem:. "Are you still there?"
[03:35:18] .:@David:. "yeah sorry, I wonder how Rodney is taking it all, I mean I know they were not related by blood, but fuck thats hard to walk in on, and hard to carry out. Luna help him."
[03:35:59] .:@rem:. "He is young, but he is very strong, I am sure he will be fine."
[03:36:42] .:@rem:. "When told blood must be shed for his rite of passage, he did not hessitate, and he knew exactly of our targets who he wanted to choose."
[03:37:19] .:@David:. "But his own family.. I mean I know it was just his adoptive father but"
[03:38:37] .:@rem:. "He was a very unfit parent I can assure you, do I need to backtrack to what he did to BYOUSHOULDNT BE READING THIS"

Two Moon Children, Rem and David, discuss something Matt had done in the past. It's important to remember that the name "Rodney" is simply a fake name that Matt uses sometimes on Apparently Matt killed his adoptive father as a rite of passage into the Moon Children. Judging by what Rem says at the end, we can infer that this adoptive father of Matt's was also the father of Ben. This means that Matt and Ben were adoptive brothers.

In the previous arc we learned that Ben's father used to be named Kelbris, meaning Kelbris was Matt's adoptive father. Matt killed Kelbris as a rite of passage.

A screencap of the video "Regiminis" from the previous arc.

Cycle 1 Day 2

Players found the word "Skullkid" in Ifrit's contact page, possibly hinting that Matt is being used as a puppet. This once again lines up with what we discovered in the previous arc, with Matt acting as a puppet for Tenebris.

Players soon found another snippet of a recorded IRC chat hidden on

[05:17:43]  .:@rem:. "I told you for the last time I don't know what happened to Rosa, she is just fucking gone ok. You know she barely even had anything to do with us, she was just here for the benefit of Ifrit."
[05:18:19]  .:@Dani:. "Did it do this!? That fucking thing!? I knew this was all terrible, but how!? It did not have a body yet."
[05:18:58]   .:@rem:. "I was not at her house, I don't even know where she lives, what I saw was horrid though. Kelbris, his... body at the door."
[05:19:09]  .:@Dani:. "YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT REM"
[05:19:15]   .:@rem:. "NO I am not lying to you Danielle"
[05:19:45]   .:@rem:. "I do not know how, but he is back ok, but its not like he alive, you and me both know what happened to him"
[05:20:39]   .:@rem:. "I am still trying to piece everything together too, this is fucking horrible"
[05:20:49]  .:@Dani:. "This shit can't be real this is too much this is just a bunch of kids playing pretend."
[05:22:04]   .:@rem:. "I watched from afar, it did not look like a normal living person, his body looked bloated and disfigured, his skin had a green hue. Like he had just crawled out from that pond. I could hear him yelling in a gurgling voice. He was trying to get to ifrit. He wanted to talk to ifrit."
[05:23:04]   .:@rem:. "This IS real Danielle, this living nightmare we have made for ourselves is all to real."
05:25:27]   .:@rem:. "But he did not kill Ifrit he just vanished after going to Ifrit."
[05:25:39]  .:@Dani:. "So who did all of this then?"
[05:26:42]   .:@rem:. Not Kelbris, it was The puppet was merely a medium for the wisdom that must be spread. His borrowed son shall be a tool to bring the four and open the gate. His blood son is the sacrifice to give It form in this realm. Why is he smiling?
Rosa is apparently missing after Rem saw Kelbris. This is most likely the moment Rosa referenced earlier in the ARG when Kelbris sent her to Luna's parallelos. Rem claims that when Kelbris did not kill Matt for some reason. The last message seems to be from another entity, possibly once again from Tenebris. "His borrowed son" is a reference to Ben, who was used as a puppet by Tenebris. "The four" is referring to the Four Giants, of course.
Tinyhand"What I saw was horrid though. Kelbris, his... body at the door."
Players began emailing Moon Children once again. Below is a message sent to Spencer:
Player: "Hey, I'm interested in joining. Where are you guys based?"
g3: "newyork"

The Moon Children have a base in New York, which lines up with what we learned earlier.

Player: "What is the username and pass for The Truth login? What can you tell me about the party on Sunday?"
g3: "I am not the one who can tell you that."
g3: "Kelbris awoke from his sleep. He arrives there no matter what. The song merely showed the world. He spoke to Ifrit, and changed him. Not as himself but under the guide o"

Kelbris will show up at the party on Sunday and confront Matt, "changing" him. Spencer also implies that Kelbris will be under the influence of something else, possibly Tenebris. Another player sends a message to Spencer asking about Mr. D.

Player: "Who is he? Or was?"
g3: "Our leader, a strange creature. Some call It a god, but I know It now to be a parasite of the body and soul. An unstable entity that requires the souls and bodies of others to present itself, It speaks only through displays of the works of mankind, proxy communication. I do not have long."
Player: "Long until what? Is there anyting we can do to help, if you need help?"
g3: "My fate cannot change, I am not as they are. Kelbris, Alex, Do"

Spencer says Mr. D is a "parasite", claiming that he cannot exist on his own and requires a body and soul of another to interact with us. This sounds very similar to Tenebris, meaning the two might be one in the same. During the original run of, we never learned much about Mr. D, only that he used a gas mask avatar, something usually associated with Ben.

Cycle 1 Day 3 suddenly underwent some drastic and strange changes, with many ciphers filling the pages and breaking the site's format. This is very similar to something that happened during the original run of known as "The Glitch", though this time around users decided to dub it "The Distortion" to differentiate the two.

Some very cryptic messages were found during this time:

Of these children
at the end of the game
there was only one worthy to act as messenger for Him

Supposedly, only one of the Moon Children was worthy to act as a messenger for someone.

These "Moon Children" were just a game while I await completion

The Moon Children are only tools for someone awaiting "completion", possibly Mr. D who requires souls and bodies of others to be "complete".


This message is similar to Tyler's YouTube channel, Silentdork. Perhaps SilentDT stands for Silent Dork Tyler?

He is a false prophet? They fear power once it is before them. How amusing.

False prophet sounds like Kelbris, who was a prophet to turned traitorous.

The Distortion soon disappeared, with the site returning to normal, with a new message being discovered:

This meddling in the present has taken my body only for my gain in the past. You are fools.

This sounds like something Tenebris would say, what with the talk of time travel and taking of bodies. There is obviously some sort of trickery happening involving time, though what it is is difficult to make out. Perhaps Tenebris regained Ben in the present so he could use him in the past here as Mr. D? We can't be sure.

This giant is merely a puppet. I require one who may wear the mask.
This also sounds like something Tenebris would say, what with the talk of puppets. Who exactly this giant is referring to is unknown, but it's possible it's Kelbris. It was hinted that the giants were under the control of Tenebris based off some writing on the Fishery walls found in an earlier video.

Speaking of videos, a new one was soon uploaded to the same account that uploaded "Again.wmv". This new one was titled "Wiodu?", or once solved via a caesar shift, "Tyler?".



The description of this video states "I WONT LET IT FALL", while Link fights off Dark Link. In Jadusable's ARG, Link represented Alex, while Dark Link represented BEN, or Tenebris. This video probably symbolizes Alex fighting back against Tenebris's control for a brief moment to help the players, though we cannot be certain.

Running out of time.
Where Is Your “Link” Now
The Moon is Falling
All you can do is watch

The cycle was coming to a close. Players were running out of time and they were being mocked for it. Seeing no other option, players submitted the Song of Time, resetting the cycle and bringing about the second cycle of

The Second Cycle

Cycle 2 Day 1 was now a login page, though something strange began happening. While players discussed things in their Skype group, messages would begin appearing on the login page, as if some entity was speaking to them. Users began asking this entity questions, leading to some interesting responses.

Transcript of Title conversation, the “Sign in to” is removed for ease of reading. “Sign in to” appeared in the front of each post:

Site: "I am It."
Site: "It does not want me to have this power."
Site: "I can see you all as well"
Site: "Gather your journals. My window is short."
Site: "Ask"

We are speaking to "It", though who exactly "It" is is unknown. Whoever this is seems somewhat helpful though, as they are offering to answer our questions.

Players: "Who are you?"
Site: "It."
Players: "But WHO is Mr D"
Site:  "A part, A fraction."
Players: "This is an amalgam?"
Site:  "Father son and spirit. So many to be one. All one but not the same."

It's implied that we're speaking to Mr D, aka Tenebris, or at least a part of Tenebris. The site confirms that Tenebris is an amalgamation of various different "things" at this point, "Father, son, and spirit".

Players: "Who is Tyler"
Site: "Link"
Site: "It"
Site: "Redeemer"
Site: "Destroyer"

Interestingly, the entity tells us that Tyler is both our Link and redeemer, though he is also "It" and our destroyer. "It" is often what people refer to Mr. D as, hinting that Tyler might be a part of it somehow.

Players: "How do I see The Truth?"
Site: "Can you be sure this is what you want? What price may wait beyond the wall?"
Site: "The 4 will open the gate. But at the price of unleashing"

"The Truth" is a mysterious password protected section of that players have attempted to enter. This entity tells us that the Four Giants will open The Truth, but we will have to pay a price once we enter.

Site: "Ask"
Players: "Who is Dark Link?"
Site: "Link"

Dark Link is Tenebris, while Tyler is our Link. This might be another hint that Tyler is now a part of Mr. D.

Players: "What are you waiting for?"
Site: "The end. Void. Oblivion. Freedom, for Us, for you."
Players: "Where are the keys?"
Site: "The children, then and now. g1 g2 g3 g4"

This is another hint that the Four Giants are the keys to open The Truth.

Players: "What is BEN to you?"
Site: "Our hubris, my hubris. Corruption of Innocence. The Father."
Site: "Purity. The sacrifice. The son."

It's difficult to make out exactly what part of Mr. D is saying these things, though it is important read.

Players: "What can be done to change things?"
Site: "Its power is of a dark covenant. It comes not of this realm. She is real, She is all too real. Do not waste this power."
Site: "Time is running out"
Site: "The door is shutting"

Players can change things using their song powers, which was earlier said to have originally belonged to Luna before Tenebris bestowed it to Players to cause chaos.

Site: "g1 is from outside this place in this time, it will come when the time is right. g2 is waiting, suffering for his failure as the false one who has beckoned It. g3 is waiting a victim of g2’s creator, suffering for its stagnance amongst all it took part in. g4 is the flesh of the father of lies, creator of the sacrifice, one to offer its children in hubris, stop it and will be waiting."

The entity gives us some interesting details about the four giants. Doug is obviously the one from a different time, as he came from the future along with the players. The second Giant is Alex, though what exactly "The false one who has beckoned It" means is unknown. Alex apparently 'beckoned' Tenebris, according to this message. It is incredibly difficult to make out what this is implying about the third Giant, Spencer, only that he's apparently waiting for a victim of Tenebris. Kelbris is once again called the "Father of lies", something he has been called quite often in the past.

Players: "g1 Drowned"
Site: "No"
Players: "G4 is Kelbris"
Site: "This is what it was once called"
Site: "Yes"
Site: "His actions were in great hubris"
Site: "He is the father of lies"

Further confirmation of the identities of a few of the giants.

Players: "Why were the BGK burned at the end"
Site: "Final thorn from the days of old. It is displaced Angered"

A player questions why an image of the BGK, a player group, was burned in "Again.wmv". Mr. D replies, claiming that they were a thorn in its side.

Site: "3"
Site: "DECIDE"
Players: "How do we use our power?"
Site: "Presenting to the giants effects them. Presenting at the entrance effects all."

Players are old they only have three questions left. When asked how to use their song powers, they are told that submitting songs directly to the giants will only effect them, while submitting songs on the main page of the site will effect everything.

Site: "2"
Players: "What happens to the spirit after a successful ascension"
Site: "Fodder"
Site: "For the beast"
Site: "Any power gained is false"
Site: "Only an extension of Her"

Ascension seems to be a farce, only something that will cause the ascended to become a slave of Luna.

Site: "1"
Site: "HURRY"
Site: "11"
Site: "What makes you think you decide? 11"
Site: "It has already passed 11 11 1"
Site: "11Are you1 sure?11"
Players: "Where can we learn more information?"
Site: "When the time comes, two R’s. One the seer, one a false prophet. Await R"

Players are told to wait for the seer named R, most definitely referring to Rosa.

Site: "Please"
Site: "Do not be afraid of It"
Site: "In your wake"
Site: "Its power ebbs"
Site: "Its power weakens"
Site: "Its power is your own to command"
Site: "I am close to you all"
Site: "Closer ThAn you Could imagine"
Site: "Remember"
Site: "We"
Site: "Are"
Site: "All"
Site: "Alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll2342342342342342342342343"
Site: "FOOLS"
Site: "This slip up will not occur again"
Site: "Need I remind you who’s game you are playing?"
Site: "You will learn soon."
Site: "Disobedience"
Site: "Has consequences"
Site: "And what are these consequences?"
Site: "What lies beyond the veil?"

Players are told some words of encouragement before the entity is taken over by something malevolent, possibly the helpful side of Mr. D being snuffed out by the evil side.

Shortly after this, comes back online. Nekko's post is on the main page once again, though now a new paragraph has been added:

After we get everything back in order again we gotta talk about getting back in direct contact with Mr.D, for those who don't know we never found it a proper vessel before the blackout (and we are still working on that heh) until then we can still get small messages from him here and there. but i would like to get that done soon, last was heard from it, I was supposed to ascend next xp

Since this was never found in the previous cycle, it can be assumed that this cycle is different because Mr. D no longer has a vessel. This means that, for the time being, Mr. D is incomplete. Players soon discovered Tyler's contact page on the Moon Children site, with an image of the Elegy Statue's mouth titled "It", further hinting that Tyler is somehow a part of Mr. D.


An example of the login page for displaying strange messages.

While this is all very interesting, it's difficult to see how this connects to the Tyler we've known for so long. Back during Jadusable's ARG, there was also a character named Tyler. He was a friend of Jadusable's who was only mentioned a few times. Whether or not these two Tylers are one on the same is uncertain at this point, though it is very likely. Either way, in this current timeline it would seem that Tyler is somehow connected to Tenebris in some way, possibly even having been a physical body and vessel for it.

Cycle 2 Day 2

On the second day of the second cycle, a rogue player decided to submit the Song of Double Time four times. This effectively advanced the cycle to the night of the final day instantly, starting the countdown prematurely. Players, desperate for some help, submitted the New Wave Bossa Nova. This resulted in Rosa messaging several players via Ifrit's email, similar to how she did in Jadusable's ARG.

Rosa: "We have spoken before. Many times, you may not remember."
Rosa: "The game has occurred beyond the life time of one. I am Rosa."
Player: "I'm glad to hear from you. What kind of situation are you in now?"
Player: "How much time do you have to talk?"
Rosa: "Hidden, safe. Unlike yourself."
Rosa: "Someone has used the link. The Cycle will reset very soon. Not long."
Player: "Is someone (It?) after all of us? Or is it specific people? If so, what can we do to delay it?"
Rosa: "The cycle shall reset very soon, someone has used the Link."

Rosa confirms that someone submitted the Song of Double Time and that the cycle will soon reset. She states that she is currently in a safe location, but we are not.

Player: "Very well, how about this one? What kind of sacrifice do you mean?"
Rosa: "It saddens me greatly to know that somethings about my brother cannot change."

Rosa implies that her brother Matt cannot be saved.

Rosa: "I have one final short window in time. Inform the BGK."
Rosa: "Tell them Beeb is wise. The next step for the key to the truth involves Kevin."
Rosa: "Be careful, he is much more insidious than you know."

Messages referencing the rogue player on

"Beeb" is the name of a player. Rosa hints that Kevin is is important, but very dangerous. Much like Tyler, "Kevin" was also a character that appeared in Jadusable's ARG - the Moon Child named Insidiae. Insidiae is latin for "Treason", hinting that Insidiae and the Kevin we know as Regiminis are one in the same, and that Insidiae will soon betray the Moon Children and join the Lunar Children.

As the countdown was nearing its end, players submitted the Song of Time to reset the cycle, starting the third cycle.

The Third Cycle

Cycle 3 Day 1

Players discovered that the "Lunar Prophecy" which described the tale of Kelbris hearing whispers from Luna had been renamed to "Traitor Prophecy", further cementing that Kelbris was seen as a traitor among the Moon Children.

It didn't take long for another rogue player to strike, this time submitting the Song of Healing. The Song of Healing is a very dangerous song to submit, as the Song of Healing reversed (often called the Song of Unhealing) often accompanies Tenebris. Submitting the Song of Healing during Jadusable's ARG also caused Rosa to be captured by Kelbris. The submission of this song caused to begin updating with messages addressing the players, who were currently fighting one another and trying to discern who sent the song.

So soon?
Framing one another? 
You are falling apart already

In a panic to fix the Song of Healing, players submitted the New Wave Bossa Nova once more. This had a surprising effect - Kelbris began speaking on in the comment section. Kelbris told players that he would answer three questions.

Player: "Hello, Kelbris. I will speak for us. Here are our questions:"
Player: "1) What did you want to speak with Matt about?"

It seems Kelbris came to Matt not to kill him, but to pass on knowledge to him and teach him about the Four Giants. This is possibly how Matt became a member of the Lunar Children, later taking on the name Matt R. and donning a skull mask. This is likely what Kelbris wanted to speak to Ifrit about in the discussion with Rem:

[05:22:04]   .:@rem:. "I watched from afar, it did not look like a normal living person, his body looked bloated and disfigured, his skin had a green hue. Like he had just crawled out from that pond. I could hear him yelling in a gurgling voice. He was trying to get to ifrit. He wanted to talk to ifrit."
[05:23:04]   .:@rem:. "This IS real Danielle, this living nightmare we have made for ourselves is all to real."
[05:25:27]   .:@rem:. "But he did not kill Ifrit he just vanished after going to Ifrit."
Player: "What did the traitors do to act against The Order?"

The traitors left with the "Speaker of prophecy", leaving the Moon Children and likely joining the Lunar Children.

Player: "What knowledge from beyond this realm can you pass on to us?"
Kelbris claims that Luna is real and awaits for us all after death.
Shortly after this, players who entered their phone number on the website began receiving strange calls and messages on their phones. Most of the calls consisted of gurgling sounds and the Song of Unhealing, hinting that Tenebris/Mr. D was behind them. However, a few players heard someone on the other end either whispering "You have to get into The Truth", or "Don't open The Truth". These conflicting messages are most likely the result of Mr. D being an amalgamation of various beings.

One player receives a text message from Tenebris:

Player: "What is the purpose of calling us? To instill fear? Or is there something... you want form us."
Tenebris: "speak what you wish to know"
Tenebris: "only one from you"
Player: "The Truth. A way forward."
Tenebris: "SPEAK"
Player: "If you want a question, then fine. Who are you?"
Tenebris: "Ben drowned"
Tenebris: "E"
Tenebris: "N"
Tenebris: "T"
Tenebris: "rlye"

Mr. D confirms that Ben, BEN (Tenebris), and Tyler are all within him.

Cycle 3 Day 2

A new post from Nekko was found on the main page of

Hey guys it's chris again (STILL NOT ASCENDED DX ). Just wanted to chek in with a quick hello! I am still working on the testimonials stuff, a lot harder than I would have been if SOMEBODY would get on the IRC (Ifriiiiiiiit where are youuuuuuuuu????) But a litle bit of focus hleped me find the testimonials (I think) I don't remember us having so few (and all of the ones I found were from traitors Ewwww) so I will have to look around a bit more. IN THE MEAN TIME, for those who are in the know and wanna see them, I put them somewhere for you to go get them. You might wonder WHYYYY I did that, but its so that you can get them out and open them up in a quick zip. From there if you have any trouble, if you are in the know, you should know how to get pass.

Nekko has finally recovered some of the testimonials, but they are only ones from traitors. He says he has hidden them on somewhere. It didn't take long for players to discover them hidden in an audio file on the Creed page. Below are the three testimonials found on the page:

Words from various attendants of the Moon

Jeremy “J”(1998): Hahaha, well what can I say, this group has honestly changed my life for the better in so many ways. It has given me a sense of purpose and adventure. I have both a family of the Moon and a family by the dictionary definition now thanks to The Moon Children hahahaha! When my son  is born next month, I can't wait for him to learn the ways of Her along with his dad! Thank you everyone hahahahaha! My brother has even come around as well (the crazy old man hahaha) so get ready for one more. Hope you are ready for the boys to finally get back together Hanky ol pal, hahahahaha!

A man named Jeremy J. thanks the Moon Children for helping him meet his family and accepting him. He says his son will be born soon (In 1998) and that he will raise him to be a member of the Moon Children as well. He claims that his "crazy old" brother will join the Moon Children too, and implies that he knows someone named Hank who is already a member.

Hank Hubbard (1990): This has been the most enlightening and inspirational experience of my short and yet long life. Even now at age 53 I am but still a child. I spend my more recent days with  my now wife Ana, as she prefers, awaiting the birth of my son later this year contemplating the ways of our Goddess. I hope that soon as a family we may together experience the glory of ascension, the euphoria of flying as gods in the realms beyond. To shape worlds as we see fit.
Glory unto our most exalted Goddess.

This is the aforementioned Hank. Hank Hubbard is a 53 year old man with a wife named "Ana" who is about to give birth. This Hank is definitely Kelbris. In the previous arc, we established that Patrem and Kelbris's real name was Hank, and that he had a wife named Diana. The son Diana is about to have in 1990 must be Ben. It's important to remember that Nekko stated all of these testimonials were from traitors, too, meaning Jeremy must have joined the Lunar Children at some point.

Cycle 3 Day 3

Players discovered that a previously found file, "Get_it_yet.ogg", had been changed. Looking into the code for the file revealed that the IRC chat between Rem and Dani had been extended:

[05:22:04]   .:@rem:. "I watched from afar, it did not look like a normal living person, his body looked bloated and disfigured, his skin had a green hue. Like he had just crawled out from that pond. I could hear him yelling in a gurgling voice. He was trying to get to ifrit. He wanted to talk to ifrit."
[05:23:04]   .:@rem:. "This IS real Danielle, this living nightmare we have made for ourselves is all to real."
05:25:27]   .:@rem:. "But he did not kill Ifrit he just vanished after going to Ifrit."
[05:25:39]  .:@Dani:. "So who did all of this then?"
[05:26:42] .:@rem:. "Not Kelbris, it was Ifrit!"
[05:28:43] .:@rem:. "He was stumbling around and acting like a fucking lunatic, shouting and mumbling to himself. Saying all that shit K used to go on about, but like he was in a fucking trance. I AM NOT LYING TO YOU"
The new section reveals that after Kelbris spoke to Ifrit, he acted as if he were in a trance. He walked around and said a lot of things that Kelbris used to say, confirming that Kelbris went to Ifrit/Matt to "Give him responsibility" and "Pass on knowledge", like we were told earlier.
Tinyhand"It was Ifrit! He was stumbling around and acting like a fucking lunatic, shouting and mumbling to himself. Saying all that shit K used to go on about, but like he was in a fucking trance.
Players also noticed that Ifrit's name on the about page shortly changed from Rodney R. to Matt Hubbard. After this it changed to Matt H., connecting it to another one of Matt's pseudonyms, Matt Hubris. Just for clarifications sake, below are all of Matt's alternate names:
  • Matt Hubbard (Original)
  • Matt Hubris
  • Matt H.
  • Ifrit
  • Rodney R.
  • Matt R.

Another message was found, this time on Alex's contact page:

JHalex? Time splitting?

Though brief, this message actually clears a few things up. First of all, it hints that time is going to get really strange soon, possibly due to multiple timelines somehow merging and splitting. More importantly, however, this confirms that Alex, also known as TheLinkMissing, the same Alex that was a member of the Moon Children and one of the Four Giants is indeed Jadusable. The username JHalex is a clear indication of this - JHalex, Jadusable Hall Alex. This was clear because Alex Hall is Jadusable's name in real life.

Now that we know for sure that Alex is Jadusable, one of the older emails we received from Matt stands out:

Matt Hubris: "Also I have not heard from Alex since the black out, which is a shame, since a certain incident resulting his friend introducing him to our group, he has been one of our greatest warriors."
Matt Hubris: "I hope we can find him again soon as he is a valuable asset."

Jadusable was introduced into the Moon Children by one of his friends. The only friend of Jadusable's that we know of is Tyler, who may or may not be the same Tyler as Silentdork, though it's very likely. This is suspicious because it would mean that not only did Jadusable join the Moon Children at some point, but also that Tyler had been a member of the Moon Children for some time, which contradicts nearly everything that we know about "Our" Tyler. However, Tyler is suffering from some memory loss, so everything is on the table.

Either way, it would appear that Jadusable, at least in one of these timelines, was introduced to the Moon Children by his friend Tyler. Timelines are also apparently "splitting" meaning we'll probably come across various different incarnations of these characters, some of which may be completely different or have made different choices.

Players soon discovered a new post from Insidiae, Kevin, on the front page.

Hello everyone, sorry I have not had time to post as I have been very busy behind the scenes working on many things both in relation to this website, as well as this group overall. However I would like to take this moment of time to say I am happy to see us all back in action nearly 4 days strong now. Short time I know, but given the extended break this group has taken it feels like quite a large sum of activity by comparison. I have finally had the chance to speak face to face with Ifrit amd am glad that we seem to be getting along quite well so quickly. Very happy to see we seem to have a lot in common now. He also informed me of his celebration he plans to have tomorrow, for which I would be very excited to be a part of, however I will be busy elsewhere and will have no choice but to stop in near the end of tomorrows festivities, the items that had been brought over from the residence of the traitors have interested us all greatly and I will be looking further into the business of them during this time. Hope to see you all tomorrow, more information to come.

Apparently some Moon Children have retrieved some "items" from the Lunar Children's residence, possibly from the Fishery itself. The mentioning of the "4th day" had players discussing the possibility of enacting the "4th Day Glitch". The 4th day glitch is a glitch that one can do in Majora's Mask which breaks out of the game's three day cycle and enters a glitchy fourth day. Tenebris must have seen players discussing this and began updating the site with messages:


Players ignored this warning and preformed the fourth day glitch.

Cycle 3 Day 4

The entire site appeared glitched. Most of the news posts had been replaced with ciphers. Below are the news posts, though it's important to note that portions of these remain unsolved.

Sorry Alex, Im actually not gonna be able to pull through on the room SPLITing plan I have some stuff on the internet I am working on with some new friends. It's this weird internet keni we are paeybck together yeah I know thats not a good excuse to skit out, I promise next time for sure thogh. Really looking forward to meeting you gericrps.

This is someone talking to Alex about some sort of room plan. One strange detail in Jadusable's ARG was the existence of Jadusable's roommate, as there is conflicting information surrounding this subject. In Jadusable's video descriptions and 4chan posts, he mentions his roommate several times and even supposedly has his roommate upload some files to the internet for him. However, in Jadusable's notes he mentions living in a single dorm, meaning it would be impossible for him to have a roommate.

These details contradict one another. It's possible that BEN/Tenebris merely obfuscated some facts and is messing with the players, though now there is a new possibility: Time splitting. It's possible that in one timeline Jadusable had no roommate, while in another he did have one. Who this roommate is exactly is unknown, though it could be Tyler, considering this is the only named friend of Alex's that we know of.

acrifice unto thee. I call unto the goddess to grant me power, make me king. For I shall walk as the one to be known as true. Father shall be my true title and gone is the w_W.

This cipher is only half solved, meaning this is only a portion of the whole thing. It's possible that this is a message from Tenebris, though it's difficult to say for certain.

It was a mistake, I know now I needed to be lying, eothe wrong people. We really are children after all eh Tom? We just didn't know what the fuck we were getting ourselves into.

This is a vague message, though it's possible it's from Ryukaki. Ryukaki, real name Kayd Hendricks, was someone who was briefly hunted by what appeared to either be Kelbris or Tenebris. He mentioned a friend named Thomas a few times. It's likely "Tom" is Thomas. If this is true, Ryukaki apparently lied to some people and is now in danger because of it.

Hey Kevin mind if I come over tomorrow? I wanted to hang out before I head off to college. This Alex guy is kind of weird and he is probably going to be my only company the entire time.

Here we have someone who knows both Kevin and Alex, and will be spending an ample amount of time with Alex during college. If we go by our earlier logic, then this person would be Alex's friend and roommate, Tyler. If this is the case, then this confirms that the Tyler mentioned previously on as being a part of Mr. D is the same Tyler as Silentdork, since they both know Kevin. This also would explain the "SilentDT" message found earlier. It's still unknown how this all came to be, though it's likely explained away with "Splitting timelines".

Another cipher was found on the Creed page. This one is also only partially solved:

Dating back to ...both missing after a neighbor reported a loud argument coming from next door. He and his son were living alone after the death of his wife due say hv.lngomn, ",r utyybro was really troubled for the past 12 years since she died. I used to think his religious faith was what was keeping him together but he started getting a little weird 4 years ago and I was honestly thinking about calling child services then, I really should have done that." searches continue for the missing buvpygbw…

This appears to be about Hank and Ben. Considering Hank killed Ben in 2002, four years before that would be 1998, the year Diana died and Hank/Kelbris began hearing whisperings from Luna. This explains why he began acting "a little weird" four years ago, as mentioned above.

Another mysterious message was discovered:

Kevin, bring him to us and be sure the unseen cycle starts no more. We shall end It before It can re start Its game. This shall honor your new title. Glory to the Mother and the path of truth.

Kevin was apparently tasked with bringing someone somewhere, though what exactly this is getting at is unknown.

Players soon discovered a new page on simply named "j". On this page was Jeremy J., the traitor mentioned in the testimonials, waiting to speak to us.

Jeremy: “Glad you could make it hahaha”
Jeremy: "This is hard to pull off but It is not the only one who can do these kinds of things"
Jeremy: "But I gotta keep this hidden, on the down low you might want to say hahahahaha."

Jeremy must be ascended in some way, considering he can do the same sorts of things as Mr. D.

Jeremy: "Who am I? Just some old man, but not a crazy one, he is just dead sad to say. Nope I ain't my brother."
Jeremy: "Time has not been good to me, I have been in this game for a lot of it."
Jeremy: "But I probably should have just stuck around with ol Mr.Drowned. At least then I might be resting hahahahaha"
Jeremy: "Not my brother, my brother is just dead sad to say. Strange though, you would think after all he got mixed up in he would be somewhere in here." 
Jeremy: "Divine coincidence is strange like that hahahaha ."

Jeremy once again mentions his crazy, old brother, who is now apparently dead. He also laments that he wishes he would have stayed with Mr. D in the Moon Children, saying that if he did he'd finally be dead.

Jeremy: "If you have anything to ask a dirty old traitor then ask away. Not long till It sees what I am doing here."
Player: "You call yourself a traitor, but what exactly did you do?" 
Jeremy: "Hahahahaha no no no boy I am not the traitor. They call me that, or they did I think. Back then when I left with hank to follow his words.”

Jeremy confirms that he was labelled a traitor because he left with Hank/Kelbris once he began forming the Lunar Children.

Player: "Jeremy, what happened at the party?" 
Jeremy: "You oughta be calling me sir boy, I'm old enough to be your grandpa hahahaha. I can't be sure if you mean anything past 1998 I left with hank when he started speaking what they called "insanity" at first."
Jeremy: "They sure changed their tune when they saw the kind of power his words could display but they didn't quite wanna say the full truth."
Jeremy: "It's hidden between the lines though, they wanna pretend he died in 1998 but they did not go right out and say it either."

Jeremy doesn't know what happens at Matt's party on Sunday because he left the Moon Children in 1998. He also says that the Moon Children claimed Kelbris died in 1998 because they didn't want to admit the things he said were true.

Jeremy: "Make it snappy, being like this will never compare to when I had skin and bones, but it beats what comes when It get on to you."
Jeremy: "I wanna get my patooty out of here before it catches on hahahaha!"
Jeremy: “4 more question and I am out of here.”
Player: "Why did they claim Hank died in 1998?"
Jeremy: "It was something they wanted to get behind them and try to cover up the movement he had started." 
Jeremy: "They wanted to take credit for his work without pointing anyone else to where that work led on to."

Jeremy reiterates what he said above.

Player: "Sir, how can we get to The Truth?"
Jeremy: "Now that's right polite of you. But I can't really be sure how. But I can say something bad is on the other side." 
Jeremy: "Real REAL bad for all of us, and in some ways even for It. If you manage to get in there you better choose really carefully what you do next."
Jeremy: "The power I sense behind that wall is not nothin I would want sittin by my bed side hahahaha"

Something incredibly powerful and dangerous is on the other side of The Truth, dangerous to both Mr. D and everyone else.

Player: "Jeremy what was the name of the old website for the Moon Children? The one from 1998?"
Jeremy: "It was an old BBS I done went and forgot the name of. This gas masked fella was the one who threw it together." 
Jeremy: "Mr.Drowned he liked to call himself. I never knew why he did though." 
Jeremy: "He said 'A trophy name for my victory in the future.' and some stuff about stealing the flesh of those yet born." 
Jeremy: "But I see someone has been playing around with time in what little ways they could and this time around ol Mr.Drowned lost his body, but I guess he still managed to work things out without one."

Mr. D apparently ran a Moon Children website back in 1998. Jeremy also confirms that Mr. D stands for Mr. Drowned, and he chose this name because he knew he was going to use Ben as a conduit in the future. Jeremy also says it appears that, for whatever reason, Mr. D does not have a body during this timeline.

Player: "Wait how did Jeremy get on this site like he is?"
Jeremy: "Well I was stuck somewhere else for a while, another place where time kept looping, these things seem to happen with the not so dead who just didn't like how they went off, and I suppose you could say I among many am guilty of that hahahaha."
Jeremy: "I just hope my son is ok after all of this. To be sure he is I try to keep up with these unfolding events and maybe change how they turn out. That my boy is the 'why' hahahaha!"
Jeremy: "If you manage to see him again"
Jeremy: “please say hello to my son for me”
Jeremy: “let him know his dad forgives him”
Jeremy: “And I still love him even after what he did”
Jeremy: “his name is h"
This is a very important detail. What other character do we know of who has extensive knowledge of the Moon Children? And is in the Lunar Children? And is a father? And often laughs sporadically? Indeed, Jeremy is actually Jarilo, the old man we met on the Lunar Children forums who was sadly killed by his son Hunter. It would appear that we aren't speaking to a past version of Jarilo either - This Jarilo is already dead, which explains why he's ascended and says he still loves his son, despite having been murdered by him.
Tinyhand"If you manage to see him again please say hello to my son for me. Let him know his dad forgives him... And I still love him even after what he did.”
With that, players submitted the Song of Time, bringing about the fourth cycle of

The Fourth Cycle

Cycle 4 Day 1

Activity began right off the bat. Once again, players were able to speak to an entity on the login page of

Site: “Soon” 
Site: “Soon I will be free” 
Site: “I have escaped once again” 
Site: “for now” 
Site: “but soon” 
Site: “3” 

It seems like one of the entities making up Mr. D has escaped for a short time and is able to speak to us. They give us three questions.

Players: Who is speaking to us?” 
Site: "Tyler"
Players: “How do we help Tyler?”
Site: "By getting to the Truth"
Site: "Kill It"
Site: "Kill me"
Site: "11 11 11"
Site: "1"
Players: “How do we kill you?”
Site: "It has rules it must go by in order to be as It is. All creatures like It seem to. When you pass the wall you will be greeted with Its power only for a brief moment. In this time you will have the chance to stop the game. You will be able to turn It off. If you take this chance, you can stop It forever."

Players were speaking to a Tyler that is trapped within Mr. D. Unfortunately, the only way to save Tyler seems to be killing Mr. D/Tenebris by utilizing whatever is hidden behind The Truth. It's important to note that this Tyler is almost certainly a Tyler from a different timeline, and NOT the Tyler we've been watching on Silentdork.

Cycle 4 Day 2

Nothing too important happened on this day aside from a few minor emails being discovered.

Cycle 4 Day 3

Some interesting details were discovered on, such as the following messages:

Its not nice to pry 
I am no pawn. 
Im glad you opened the door for me.

Along with this, some very important files were discovered. First is another IRC snippet:

[11:42:11] .:@Kev: "Do not worry this is a private ((Unknown)). No one can see what we say here. But yes, I can confirm success. We have Matt with us."
[11:47:19] .:@Seth: "But at what cost? You allowed him to be awoken, and while ((Unknown)) this asset to our movement through this terrible offer?"
[11:50:23] .:@Kev: "The Giant story is a lie. Made and spread by the misguided "moon children" in attempt to ((Unknown)) our glory."
[11:52:43] .:@Seth: "But several of our own remember they had in fact heard whispers ((Unknown)) this very prophecy in ((Unknown))."
[11:59:00] .:@Kev: "Again, I will inform you that whispers that should be heard ((Unknown)) Level of static are the ((Unknown)) from the day our Father ((Unknown))."

Kevin seems to be speaking with another secret Lunar Child named Seth. Kevin managed to pull Matt over to the Lunar Children, though Seth claims that it was risky.

Another hidden message was discovered on, this one seemingly from Kelbris and directed at Matt:

No child this is his body but I am not him. You are to be just like this corpse however. You will bear this mask as well and work for Its will. Know the ways of the 4 and work it slowly into the new covenant. Through your work you will unlock the truth both here and in the world for all. Can you hear it? Those are the whispers of your salvation. Come Matthew, you have a task to complete. 
                         LISTEN TO THE SOUNDS WITHIN

This must be when Kelbris approached Matt, as described by Rem. Kelbris has approached Matt, who is visibly disturbed. Kelbris tells Matt that he is not Hank, but merely his body. This is interesting, as it implies that perhaps Hank's soul is somewhere else, separate from his body, which is now Kelbris. Kelbris tells Matt to follow "Its" will, most likely referring to Tenebris. He then tells Matt to teach the Lunar Children the way of the Four Giants.

After this, Matt begins walking around in a trance while speaking about the Four Giants, just as Rem described. Another IRC chat was soon discovered:

[13:12:13] .:@rem:. "yeah the jeremy guy caused a lot of trouble too on his way out. He was good friends with hank.
[13:15:19] .:@kevi:. "Alex needs to not go snooping around with the traitors again, SERIOUSLY."
[13:17:37] .:@seth:. "What ever happened to Jeremys brother though?"
[13:19:12] .:@rem:. "I dont really know actually, based on alex's description of a things he saw before we went to get him from his ordeal. He met with him unknowingly and was given the item in question by him. We are still trying to peice together what hank was doing. But that cartridge, which alex seems to have lost, is a big part of the puzzle. He really seems to have had a lot more access to power than we are ready for the full order to know."
[13:27:09] .:@kevi:. "Hey Mase did you get the invite to the private dev chat?"
[13:32:31] .:@seth:. "Yeah sorry I did, I'll be on later to discuss our work."
[13:35:33] .:@rem:. "Private?"
[13:36:42] .:@kevi:. "Hey hey just a game we are working on."
[13:37:19] .:@rem:. "Private is a bad work in this chat Insidiae, watch it."
[13:37:59] .:@kevi:. "Don't lose your shit Kayd, its just a game."
[13:38:23] .:@rem:. "Isn't it all? Again, watch yourself Kevin, you are new around here and a lot of people feel uneasy about you already."

Alex/Jadusable has apparently been interacting with the Lunar Children. Seth asks about Jeremy's "crazy old" brother. Rem claims that he gave Alex a cartridge. This means that Jeremy's brother was actually the "old man" who was said to have a glazed over eye from Jadusable's ARG - the same one who gave Jadusable the haunted Majora's Mask cartridge containing Tenebris to begin with. To quote Jeremy from the previous arc:

The most interesting about myself is... well... heck not even about me ha ha. My brother was a conduit for Tenebris link back in 2010 during the first event with the original harbingers link. However the close contact with Tenebris to his physical body, as is with others of the same situation, caused him to go blind in one eye.

If the old man was a conduit for Tenebris, Tenebris must have been controlling him. Tenebris might have chosen Alex himself for whatever reason. Also, it's very important note that Kevin referred to Rem as "Kayd", Ryukaki's real name. This means that Rem was Ryukaki all along, and was apparently a Moon Child to some extent.

Cycle 4 Day 4

The fourth day of the fourth cycle came. Strangely, nothing too abnormal happened, almost as if the fourth day was just a normal occurrence. Players were greeted with a new post on the main page from Kevin/Insidiae:

Hello everyone, I just wanted to give a quick update and a bit of a rant about dear friend Alex, and how he broke a rule that I feel needs to be set for everyone. DO NOT mix with the traitors. This cannot be stressed enough, they are dangerous to you all and filled with insane blasphemers. While the book he obtained from them my be beneficial overall it CANNOT be stressed enough that this needs to be done only with direct consent from Mr.D or not at all. If Ifrit were not busy preparing for the party on Sunday I am sure he would have updated and not even taken the time to point out this mistake Alex made however I will. That being said due to Ifrits absence and us being short a mod I have not had the time to make the updates that should be made as I have been doing a lot of work behind the scenes myself. But if everything goes as planned I actually have just the moderator in mind for our new position, maybe you might already know who he is?

Jadusable/Alex had apparently stolen a very special book from the Lunar Children - the Libro Lunarus. Kevin goes on to announce that they will be gaining a new moderator soon, possibly Tyler.

Unsure where to proceed from here, users submitted Epona's Song. This caused Jeremy to appear on Skype, where he had conversations with may players. Below are the most important snippets from these convos.

Jeremy: "After I left to join the path Hank made"
Jeremy: "Hank did something"
Jeremy: "hahahaha"
Jeremy: "Something very very strange"
Jeremy: "Not like him at all"
Jeremy: "After he did"
Jeremy: "Luna seemed to have chosen my brother to hold on to that small plastic kids game holding his sins."
Jeremy: "The result of Hanks hubris as I heard it."
Jeremy: "Something nasty was moved into that thing"
Jeremy: "Nothing holy about it"
Jeremy: "But she knew where Hank was heading next hahahahaha"
Jeremy: "Someone had to hold it"
Jeremy: "Makes sense, we were all close friends us three. My brother, Hank, and I"
Jeremy: "That thing was so dark it took one of his eyes."
Jeremy: "Our overseers made up terminology for it to call it normal. 'Sacred' they said it was."
Jeremy: "Damn stupid kids hahahaha"

After Jeremy joined the Lunar Children Hank drowned his son Ben. After this, Jeremy's brother was chosen to hold the Majora's Mask cartridge containing Ben's spirit. After this, Tenebris moved into the cartridge where he used Ben as a conduit, calling himself BEN.

Player: "We're aware of that cartridge. I'm not too sure of the whole history of it, but it wounded up in the hands of someone named 'Jadusable', perhaps also known as 'Alex'."
Player: "He caught video footage of him 'playing' it, and whatever is moved onto it seemed fancy calling itself 'BEN'."
Player: "We're chatting here now because of those videos sparking our curiosity, and we've been digging about it ever since."
Player: "I can't quite remember where I heard this, but I think your brother was the one who gave it to this Alex?"
Player: "They say its lost, however."
Jeremy: "I heard he found one Luna chose"
Jeremy: "'Devine coincidence'"

Alex was apparently given the cartridge containing Tenebris because he was "Chosen" by Luna, possibly because she knew he would be one of the Four Giants in the future.

Jeremy: "This kevin individual"
Jeremy: "In some ways like that ol Mr Drowned"
Player: "Mr Drowned doesn't scare you?"
Jeremy: "Seems to be quite ahead of his time"
Jeremy: "Back in my day he was just a very strange but interesting man hahaha"
Jeremy: "Times have changed"
Jeremy: "Many things are not what you expect or want them to be"
Jeremy: "The sooner you learn to handle this"
Jeremy: "The sooner you will all be truly ready when you can reach The Truth"

Both Kevin and Tenebris are "Ahead of their time" in some way. What this means exactly is unknown. It could mean that perhaps Insidiae is actually Regiminis from the future, and not just a past version of Kevin. It could also mean that Kevin is just a skilled individual when it comes to ascension.

Players soon found another IRC chat on

[12:40:00] .:@JHalex:. "yeah I really have to thank Tyler for everything, I was starting to loose my mind in that dorm room."
[12:40:00] .:rem:. "He sounds like a brave and kind man, maybe we should consider him for our ranks as well."
[12:40:00] .:@JHalex:. "Consider??? You said he was a moderator on the site???"
[12:40:00] .:rem:. "No??? Sorry Don't recall that."
[12:40:00] .:@JHalex:. "WHY DID MY USERNAME JUST CHANGE!?"
[12:40:00] .:@JHalex:. "WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING!?"
[12:40:00] .:Dani:. "Calm your shit, forget to read the IRC rules? No ALL CAPSING please."
[12:40:00] .:rem:. "Sorry, I am not seeing what you mean with the whole name change panic here."
[12:40:00] .:rem:. "Tell me more about that game if you can, by the way."
[12:40:00] .:rem:. "You said it was giving you visions? Dreams of some of us?"
[12:40:00] .:@JHalex:. "I dreamt of a woman named rosa giving me warnings earlier just before I came to you."
[12:40:00] .:rem:. "...Your sister?"
[12:40:00] .:david:. "You feeling ok alex?"
[12:40:00] .:rem:. "You still there man?"
[12:40:00] .:david:. "Dude what happened to you during the black out? It has been so long since I heard from you."
[12:40:00] .:@JHalex:. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!?"

Tyler apparently helped Alex out of his dorm room. Ryukaki tells Alex that Tyler sounds like a good addition to the Moon Children. This confuses Alex who claims Ryukaki said Tyler was already a moderator, but Ryukaki denies this. Alex begins freaking out as he sees his username change, but no one else on the site seems to notice anything strange. Ryukaki presses Alex about the haunted cartridge containing Tenebris. Alex says that he dreamed of Rosa warning him about something. Ryukaki calls Rosa Alex's sister and David enters the chat and asks him about what happened during the blackout. This causes Alex to burst out in confusion.

We can't quite be sure what's happening here, but it seems like the "Splitting timelines" aspect is coming back into play. Everyone in this chat seems to be talking to their own Alex. Ryukaki is speaking to a Alex who he believes is the brother of Rosa. David is speaking to an Alex who has been in the Moon Children for a while, since before the blackout. Alex seems to not know anything that's going on, possibly just being an Alex who was just haunted by the cartridge containing Tenebris. There's only one thing we can be certain about, and it's that time is becoming very unstable.
Tinyjad"Yeah, I really have to thank Tyler for everything, I was starting to loose my mind in that dorm room."
Another IRC message was found shortly after:
[12:40:00] .:david:. "Hey Rem keep this in pms but I am going to get a hold of Ifrit to let him know Alex is acting really weird right now."

Cycle 4 Day 5

Not much happened on this day, except for the discover of a rather important message from Kelbris:

Did I in my madness lose sight of whom which I called upon?
Of Whom I requested such power? I wish to be Father,
or did I believe this already to be true?
I knew not of the truth of the beasts vassal until now.
In my hubris I have brought forth not my reign as Father,
to reunite me with my maiden, but the birth of the Father.
I struggle in this wayward void sans sights and sounds,
I struggle to open my eyes. My body is no longer my own,
I have not the vitality. What was I doing all this time,
the testimonies I made, were these words truly my own?
I struggle to open my eyes. Yes and no, the words I spoke
in living were my own, transcribed from this great beast
beyond us all. Some were merely my ramblings but then
the words spoken by my body in death.
I struggle to open my eyes, I cannot. I have no eyes.

Kelbris ponders over what he has done in his past. He says that in drowning his son, instead of becoming the Father and bringing back his wife Diana, all he accomplished was summoning Tenebris. He claims that he has had little control over his own body and words, not sure if he's controlling himself, or if Luna is.

After this, the Song of Time was played once again by a rogue player. Tenebris left the following message:

We think not
Nothing less

And with that, went offline. However, the final cycle did not begin right away. Instead, players had some downtime. During this time, Jeremy began contacting some more players over Skype:

Jeremy: "After the death of Ana he began to delve more into madness. That's what he saw, back when he had skin."
Jeremy: "He began to hear things. I thought he was losing his mind... No."
Jeremy: "He was hearing things from the other side. From her. That creature."
Jeremy: "She taught him things. Bringing back the dead... but that was a lie. What he did was not bring back the dead, but a clever illusion."
Jeremy: "But nonetheless, the Moon Children did not want to believe that this traitor had such power after the display he showed."

Jeremy says that Hank went insane after the death of Diana, and was soon manipulated by Luna.

Jeremy: "They are thinking we will choose not to stop It."
Jeremy: "It is always one stop ahead."
((The player asks about what's beyond The Truth.))
((Jeremy says players will have two options - Stop It, or let It continue.))
((Due to some sort of rules, It must allow us to make this choice, like in a game.))
((For some reason It is thinking we will let it continue.))
Jeremy: "It truly makes me wonder what they know that I don't."

Jeremy reiterates that we'll have a chance to stop Tenebris once we get into The Truth, but Tenebris thinks we'll choose not to stop it for whatever reason. This worries Jeremy because this means Tenebris knows something we don't - Why wouldn't players choose to kill Tenebris? It's likely some sort of sacrifice must be made.

Jeremy: "Strange how this place works... I can see him from here where I'm standing." 
Jeremy: "Your Link in that small room, windows covered... hiding. Makes me wonder, is this really your great hero?"
Jeremy: "Then I understand how it all works. Various splitting time. This just isn't quite the same man."
Jeremy: "Sometimes the rules just aren't quite fair. Take it form me, I'm in a horrible position (laughs)."
((The player asks about where Jeremy is.))
Jeremy: "There are many partitions of this place. The most simplistic thing to call it would be limbo..."
Jeremy: "But it's gone by many names - too many to remember. Some come here with different degrees of control of themselves."
Jeremy: "I myself, my whole life, have been fearing for the time in which I would pass... for fear that I would be somewhere like this."

Jeremy is in some sort of limbo where he's able to see many different times converging at once. He mentions seeing Tyler, stating that he's probably a different Tyler from a different timeline.

Jeremy: "The only reason that I have what some may call a self is that others take a shortcut method."
Jeremy: "I'm sure you want to know what the shortcut method is, boy. I'll tell you. Ascension."
Jeremy: "Through Ascension it is believed you can achieve many degrees of power, but it has been implied that that power is false... merely and extension of that creature."
Jeremy: "Luna, they call her. Or, we call her It, I suppose. Nowhere is it taught that you can get where you are by will alone."
Jeremy: "It's much better than being an organ of that mass... a cog in her machine."

Jeremy says that the only reason he still has a consciousness is because of ascension, though he says he'd rather be dead than a slave to Luna.

Jeremy: "He- Hank, went insane after ana died. He thought initially that she was gone forever... that she had not ascended."
Jeremy: "Through the beliefs of the Moon Children you are not gone forever like in traditional death."
Jeremy: "I was right about the time he went insane... at least that's what it seemed like he showed these displays of power."
Jeremy: "I thought he was insane when he claimed Ana was Luna in the flesh and he was The Father."
Jeremy: "I think that I believe now that that was false. A lie to tell himself."
Jeremy: "I know now as well that she isn't necessarily gone - That if you don't do it like old Jeremy, you might disappear for good."
Jeremy: "Then again, maybe that's for the best... or maybe it's not. Things are very confusing here. Very painful."

Hank went insane after Diana died, believing her to have been Luna in the flesh. This is perhaps why he created the Lunar Children in the first place, simply to worship Luna who he believed to have been his wife. However, Jeremy claims that this was only a lie that he had convinced himself of.

 Jeremy: “One moment I'm standing by the house in the lake, the next I'm standing by where my friend was buried." 
Jeremy: "Something something dogs... Rem was so frightened, he didn't understand what he was getting into."
Jeremy: "He shouldn't have moved into that house. He should've been much more truthful with who he spoke with, but it's not his fault he didn't know who was secretly It in this... game it plays." 

Jeremy is seeing many different points in time in the limbo he's in. He sees Ryukaki being chased by the dog sounds. He laments how Ryukaki moved into Ben's old home, once again mentioning how Ryukaki shouldn't have lied.

Jeremy: "It's a shame those dogs died later... the owner ended up with an animal abuse charge. A shame we didn't know it was ... It”
Player: "How do we contact Tyler?"
Jeremy: “Tyler will be contacting you. Tyler is a very complicated situation... very, very complicated situation." 
Jeremy: "Not quite sure why, but with that creature everything needs to be complicated to work." 
Jeremy: "Tyler will be contacting you, however it won't quite be the same Tyler. But, it will. One that made a different choice."

Jeremy confirms that there are many different Tylers involved from different points in time. The Tyler that will be contacting us will be one that had made a different choice, possibly the one who joined the Moon Children and was selected to be a moderator.

Jeremy: "Would you like to know a secret, no strings attached I promise."
Player: "Yes."
Jeremy: “Very well then, hahahahaha. It... that amalgamation of the boy, the innocent boy, your Link, and... something else that I suppose we can call The Father..." 
Jeremy: "Hmm, do you think it is 3 things? Prominently it is three things, but there is something else in there - Many, many lesser spirits." 
Jeremy: "It takes them like candy, hahaha, like a child. After all, it is one - a child, and also a man, and also something... something else that's just... been for a very long time." 
Jeremy: "BEN for a very long time, hahahaha. But there is one amongst these lesser spirits that some of us, Ryann perhaps, might remember when the time comes."
Jeremy: "It's not something that drowned, hahahaha... but, uh, the word might ring a bell…"

Jeremy basically tells us what Mr. D consists of at this point: The boy is Ben. The innocent boy is Max. Our Link is Tyler, and The Father is Tenebris. Mr. D is also made up of many smaller spirits. Jeremy says 'Drowned' might ring a bell because Max is within Mr. D, and Max and Ben were both called drowned when they were an amalgamation.

Jeremy: "I'm following right behind Mr. Rem. Mister Hendricks here was very reliant on contacting Thomas. Thomas already knew was what was happening, but how could he know."
Jeremy: "This is a very disorganized union, both unions, both organized for making sure only those with the intention of making sure the others know what the next step is."
Jeremy: "Over the fence, as they say."

Jeremy implies that perhaps Thomas was a member of one of the cults.

Jeremy: "If I had this power as I am now, I'd try to find out how I can just... put myself to sleep, hahaha..."
Jeremy: "Not to, uh... sound like one of you silly teenagers but, uh, to be quite frank, I fucking hate this, hahaha..."
Jeremy: "But if I was alive, uh... Well, I'd try to contact as many people like myself as I could, for one..." 
Jeremy: "Even though it's a bit rude, hahaha, for some who do not like to be disturbed... but not old Jeremy."
Jeremy: "I always wanted to be a superstar back when I had skin, hahaha..."
Jeremy: "So, while quite loud, all of this attention is somewhat refreshing in what I'm sure will be infinity from now."
Jeremy: "In short, I really don't have a very useful answer. You've done tricks that have contacted others... Try them again."

Jeremy expresses his wish for death and peace, and tells us to try contacting some other characters.

Player: "Other than Kevin, who should we be looking to talk to?"
Jeremy: "Hmm... If, somehow, you could find a way to speak with Rem, I'm sure it would be quite rewarding."
Jeremy: "He wasn't very trustworthy of anyone in his final moments, but I'm sure whatever position he's in now has probably loosened his lips."
Jeremy: "Ah, here it is... I just got a call from Eulogy, and this time it  told me to wait up. What if he had just waited up..."
Jeremy: "Oh well, that's probably something that can't be changed... It's amazing. Over the fence, as they say..."
Jeremy: "He proceeds through these woods and... he passes right by their base of operations at the time."
Jeremy: "I'm sure you're going to ask 'whose base of operations', but we already had three questions, didn't we?"
Player: "Whose base of operations?"
Jeremy: "Well, at the time, mine. the traitors. Well, at the time then, that, uh, year..."
Jeremy: "For you, uh... six years ago.... somewhere around there - it's much too complicated for me to keep up with, uh, tick tock nonsense on the other side."

While watching Ryukaki run through the woods in the past, Jeremy notices he runs right past the Fishery, hinting that the Orchard and the Fishery were close by.

Jeremy: "I'm sure as well as the question has been asked before, you'll ask 'who are they'. The traitors."
Jeremy: "Who are the traitors, and who are the traitors, hahahaha... It's quite the question depending on the way you ask, so..."
Jeremy: "I have enough time to give you one shot at asking."
Player: "Who are the traitors?"
Jeremy: "Well, at least I don't have to say anything that'll get me in trouble now. Me, Hank, everyone you already know."
Jeremy: "...And just to set the record straight, Kevin. Kevin, most definitely. Kevin at that time, this time, the window you were in, that time, and even before then, he was one of the traitors."
Jeremy: "Even then, when we were both flesh and I was not one with no skin and he was not one who was simply half a creature with flesh, hahaha..."

Jeremy confirms that Kevin was always a traitor, working with the Lunar Children. Interestingly, Jeremy refers to Hank as "Half a creature with flesh", possibly referring to Kelbris. "Half a creature" implies that there's another half of Hank.

Jeremy: "I didn't even like him then, way too shifty for me... always seemed like he had ulterior motives, hahaha."
Jeremy: "I didn't consider myself nor did I consider anyone around me traitors, however anyone to be called a traitor it would definitely be Kevin."
Jeremy: "But in the end, no matter how insidious he is, it amounts to nothing for him. As I've been told, his story is about to come to a screeching halt."
Jeremy: "So, sorry to ruin the end of the book there if you were... hahahaha, excited for the big Kevin ending."
Jeremy: "Regardless, though... before that ending comes, you should get out of Kevin what you need, which is him instructing you on how to get this SilentDT character."
Jeremy: "And with that... I'll give you one more."
Player: "Who is SilentDT?"
Jeremy: "Hahahaha, that was exactly what I was expecting. I always told Rosa that I didn't believe psychic powers..." 
Jeremy: "This just as more fuel to that fire if I can do that which makes her so special... but I suppose, uh, whatever she's doing makes her different."
Jeremy: "But... we better start calling me old psychic Jeremy now, hahaha."
Jeremy: "What do I know about old SilentDT? I know hes's Tyler."
Jeremy: "I know he's... also somewhat dangerous."
Jeremy: "Time in this small section of the story is... ripped quite asunder, and this is a Tyler that seems to have made a different decision in this life and has found himself there at the Orchard."
Jeremy: "...Not all that far a walk from where he lives, either. Amazing, not all that far of a walk where the traitors live. Amazing, hahaha..."

Jeremy says that SilentDT is a Tyler who joined the Moon Children at the Orchard, which he also confirms is very close to the Fishery and Tyler's house.

One final thing that Jeremy told us that wasn't archived was that Kevin is not stuck in the time loop - is only pretending to be. He says we can trust Kevin at first, but once Kevin captures SilentDT, we can no longer trust him. For whatever reason, Kevin is after Tyler.
Tinyjari"Tyler will be contacting you, however it won't quite be the same Tyler. But, it will. One that made a different choice."
After these conversations, the ARG underwent a hiatus for several months. This gave players a chance to reflect on their notes. After a long wait, finally came back online as players entered the fifth and final cycle.

The Truth

Cycle 5 Day 1

After several months, Jeremy finally contacted players once again over Skype.

[2016-12-29 11:40:59 PM] Jeremy J: It has been so long
[2016-12-29 11:41:03 PM] Leliel: Jeremy!
[2016-12-29 11:41:07 PM] ryann foxx: yes it has 8^(
[2016-12-29 11:41:45 PM] ARGdov: are you doing ok, Jeremy?
[2016-12-29 11:44:08 PM] Jeremy J: Turn that frown upside down young one we have no time for sad faces. Soon is the time of action. "are you doing ok, Jeremy?"
8^ ) as good as I can be like this, same as always.
[2016-12-29 11:44:37 PM] Jeremy J: Pay close attention
[2016-12-29 11:45:12 PM] Jeremy J: It has been so long no thanks to that wayward boy
[2016-12-29 11:45:44 PM] Jeremy J: Insidea if I remember
[2016-12-29 11:45:52 PM] Jeremy J: I spoke of him before
[2016-12-29 11:45:59 PM] ryann foxx: Kevin.
[2016-12-29 11:45:59 PM] Leliel: Yeah, that's the name.
[2016-12-29 11:46:21 PM] Jeremy J: Kevin has held things in place
[2016-12-29 11:46:46 PM] Jeremy J: Im not sure what he hoped to gain from this
[2016-12-29 11:47:16 PM] Jeremy J: Maybe he thought he could bend the rules to his will
[2016-12-29 11:47:32 PM] Jeremy J: Get the outcome he wants all by himself
[2016-12-29 11:47:50 PM] Grey: I take it that this didn't work.
[2016-12-29 11:47:53 PM] Leliel: Ah, I see. Be on the side of only himself?
[2016-12-29 11:48:08 PM] Jeremy J: But even She cannot break the rules that hard
[2016-12-29 11:48:20 PM] Grey: She?
[2016-12-29 11:48:23 PM] ryann foxx: Luna.
[2016-12-29 11:48:25 PM] Leliel: What rule was he trying to break?
[2016-12-29 11:49:21 PM] Jeremy J: Take control of that which is behind the wall of truth
[2016-12-29 11:49:33 PM] Leliel: Oh man, that darn mystery.
[2016-12-29 11:49:38 PM] Jeremy J: But he is something like me now
[2016-12-29 11:49:44 PM] Jeremy J: We cannot do this
[2016-12-29 11:49:46 PM] Leliel: Oh no! ):
[2016-12-29 11:50:18 PM] Leliel: Something like you? But not exactly?
[2016-12-29 11:51:06 PM] Jeremy J: The difference between me and him is he killed to last beyond his own life
[2016-12-29 11:51:09 PM] BKG CircleHunter: oh shit
[2016-12-29 11:51:16 PM] Jeremy J: I just worked for it hahaha

Kevin has apparently been trying to get into The Truth all this time, though Luna is preventing him. For whatever reason, Luna seems to follow very strict rules. He also claims that Kevin killed someone to ascend, while Jeremy was killed himself. This possibly means that the Kevin we've been seeing on is actually Regiminis from the future, which would explain how the cycle is not effecting him.

[2016-12-29 11:51:19 PM] Leliel: dark
[2016-12-29 11:51:33 PM] Jeremy J: But you can see what that got me
[2016-12-29 11:51:52 PM] Jeremy J: Death by itself is truly a gift hahaha
[2016-12-29 11:52:33 PM] Jeremy J: I long now for only null and void
[2016-12-29 11:52:46 PM] Jeremy J: But enough of my problems hahahaha
[2016-12-29 11:53:11 PM] Leliel: We'll get you your rest, don't worry
[2016-12-29 11:53:25 PM] ryann foxx: So, Kevin tried to play both sides and betrayed all of them, but it backfired?
[2016-12-29 11:54:13 PM] Jeremy J: It is currently backfiring after a countless amount of trials and failures and loops back to day one
[2016-12-29 11:54:17 PM] Jeremy J: So many
[2016-12-29 11:54:55 PM] Grey: ....How amny times have you guys looped?!
[2016-12-29 11:55:06 PM] Leliel: Oh! Is Kevin responsible for the time loop?
[2016-12-29 11:55:08 PM] ryann foxx: wait wait what if when the title was cycling that was kevin
[2016-12-29 11:55:17 PM] Leliel: Hmm
[2016-12-29 11:55:20 PM] Leliel: There's too many cycles
[2016-12-29 11:55:23 PM] Jeremy J: The ones lost within this place have suffered and those he sought to govern now rebel against him
[2016-12-29 11:57:12 PM] Jeremy J: Those events are but the screaming memories of lost moonchildren. Some stuck by association but not related to your own goal.
[2016-12-29 11:58:15 PM] Jeremy J: Im glad I died in peace
[2016-12-29 11:58:31 PM] Jeremy J: Stabbed in the neck by my own son hahaha
[2016-12-29 11:59:32 PM] BKG CircleHunter: so these people we heard from earlier are dead?
[12:00:12 AM] Jeremy J: But I was hardly awake while it happened so it was not of much a shock until later or earlier or something hahaha
[12:00:39 AM] Jeremy J: circle_hunter - Today 1:59 AM
> so these people we heard from earlier are dead?
To those who are "living"
[12:01:15 AM] Jeremy J: These terms get quite confusing once you are where I have been boy hahahaha

Kevin is apparently 'governing' over some spirits trapped within, possibly even many different versions of the Moon Children from various timelines. This sounds very similar to how he governed over and the spirits trapped there as Regiminis.

[12:01:43 AM] Leliel: Is the word conscious fair game?
[12:02:09 AM] Jeremy J: That covers it best I suppose haha
[12:02:30 AM] Leliel: Does conscious include the ability to think?
[12:02:41 AM] Jeremy J: Sometimes
[12:03:07 AM] Leliel: Hmm, then yeah, it does cover pretty well.
[12:03:29 AM] Jeremy J: When She cant take that much from you or chooses to give it
to you, yes one may think here haha.
[12:04:27 AM] ryann foxx: So they're not like... data ghosts, so to speak? Echoes? They're actually sentient beings?
[12:05:26 AM] Jeremy J: There is every manner of thing in this sudo universe
[12:05:32 AM] Leliel: Isn't Jeremy one of those people, whose sentient right now?
[12:05:39 AM] Jeremy J: This parody of your own reality
[12:05:58 AM] Leliel: Sounds like a fascinating world.
[12:09:03 AM] Grey: So why the run around with the glitch text
[12:11:16 AM] Jeremy J: You can see a little bit of everything from yesterday, today, tomorrow or sometimes more than one or all at once. Its a bit confusing and many things walk through this place besides me. Things from before your world came to be, before She participated in the process of what created it. But NOW I am certainly saying too much and will certainly bring trouble on myself hahahaha
[12:11:27 AM] Jeremy J: That can be a story for another time
[12:11:49 AM] ryann foxx: Right, that weird parallelos you're trapped in.
[12:13:12 AM] Jeremy J: "So why the run around with the glitch text" She has an odd fascination,in what she is in control of, for arbitrary challenges since She cannot outright stop someone like me from going where I please.
[12:15:13 AM] Jeremy J: Most likely due to its fury in the arbitrary process, which prevents her access to what she desires until she may have it completed.

Jeremy further describes his limbo. Luna seems to put restrictions upon herself.

 [12:33:25 AM] Jeremy J: Yes, there is a ceremony of sorts. One that requires the four giants, one who is living and the "mask" that is placed upon him.
[12:34:53 AM] Jeremy J: Kevin believes he shall gain much more power from causing this ceremony to unfold and bring about her time.
[12:35:12 AM] 女佣机器人: when scrying, do some go blind from seeing Her, as it has been said in the past mortals are not meant to do so?
[12:35:17 AM] Jeremy J: Ifrit, in a manner of speaking, still walks your earth.
[12:35:49 AM] Leliel: I have to sleep now
[12:35:53 AM] Leliel: Its nice seeing you again Jeremy
[12:36:03 AM] ryann foxx: Ifrit's... possessed, right? By something?
[12:36:33 AM] Jeremy J: He believes he will make himself the one holding that "mask"
[12:37:14 AM] ryann foxx: Who does, Kevin?
[12:37:28 AM] Jeremy J: But in his state has been blinded from the truth
[12:37:36 AM] Jeremy J: "Who does, Kevin?" Ifrit
[12:38:55 AM] Jeremy J: That one has already been chosen
[12:39:10 AM] Jeremy J: He was chosen then and he is chosen now
[12:39:42 AM] Jeremy J: He is chosen everytime no matter how many "times" it comes to pass
[12:40:11 AM] Jeremy J: And there is no "time" in which this changes
[12:41:10 AM] Jeremy J: That one is Tyler

The ceremony involves the Four Giants, Matt, and Tenebris, who is controlling Matt.

[12:41:19 AM] Jeremy J: But I feel you knew this
[12:42:26 AM] Jeremy J: The ceremony has already occured partially
[12:43:22 AM] Jeremy J: Only due to the ignorance of those involved
[12:43:45 AM] Jeremy J: But the next part involves you all
[12:44:10 AM] ryann foxx: The Ceremony of the Three Elements?
[12:44:16 AM] ryann foxx: Is that the ceremony?
[12:44:47 AM] ryann foxx: "Just as well, one of the most important ceremonies involving the return of mother, involves the gathering of 3 very important individuals representative of the three silver secrets. This ritual is known as the Ceremony of the three elements."
[12:45:47 AM] 女佣机器人: "The magical powers of Thoth were so great, that the Egyptians had tales of a 'Book of Thoth', which would allow a person who read the sacred book to become the most powerful magician in the world. The Book which "the god of wisdom wrote with his own hand" was, though, a deadly book that brought nothing but pain and tragedy to those that read it, despite finding out about the "secrets of the gods themselves" and "all that is hidden in the stars".
[12:46:08 AM] ryann foxx: Book.
[12:46:14 AM] ryann foxx: Book taken from the Lunars.
[12:47:15 AM] Jeremy J: Not exactly sure what three elements are supposed to be, I might have been at some point. But book reminds me, somone actually wrote a book a long time ago hahaha
[12:48:31 AM] ryann foxx: The Libro Lunarus?
[12:48:35 AM] Jeremy J: The book consisted of "whispers" from that evil thing
[12:49:57 AM] 女佣机器人: how old is this book, and where could we find it?
[12:50:20 AM] Jeremy J: The one copy of it was defaced by someone I used to be very friendly with and filled with many of his grief driven delusions.
[12:50:59 AM] 女佣机器人: was that someone Kelbris? I apologize, its been awhile so I cannot recall his true name at the moment.
[12:51:10 AM] Jeremy J: Delusions I mostly followed, if for nothing else, due to my fondness of him.
[12:51:34 AM] Jeremy J: He was a very good friend until the incident
[12:51:50 AM] Jeremy J: But that is not really relevant hahaha
[12:52:10 AM] ryann foxx: The three elements or secrets, would two of those be Power and Wisdom?
[12:55:42 AM] Jeremy J: "was that someone Kelbris?" I apologize, its been awhile so I cannot recall his true name at the moment. Kelbris was a very good friend and it was quite a shame how he was treated by the "family". But naturally as soon as they realize he had some sort of power they go and pretend he was their saint and chase after any crumb they can get from him hahaha
[12:59:21 AM] Jeremy J: Yes Hank was the one who got his hands on that book. From where I cant be sure, but probably from that dark deed he went through with. As a father myself it was hard for me to be understanding. But I stuck by the old fool, guess that was a mistake hahaha

It seems as if Hank got possession of the Libro Lunarus and "defaced" it, writing in his own "grief driven delusions". This is perhaps when Hank began writing his delusions of his wife Diana being Luna into the book.

[1:00:03 AM] ryann foxx: The dark deed... is that referring to what he did to his son?
[1:00:41 AM] 女佣机器人: would you say he was possibly rewarded with this book, by another? Whether a "higher" power, or a normal person with similar beliefs
[1:01:11 AM] 女佣机器人: and if we can trace its origins, is it possible such knowledge could help us stop all of this?
[1:01:32 AM] ryann foxx: I think LiquidSaint/SKM/Alex has the book.
[1:02:25 AM] 女佣机器人: I wonder if there's a way to get it from them, in some sense, but given what Jeremy has said doing so would probably have some pretty dark implications on our part
[1:02:51 AM] 女佣机器人: if so I'm not sure everyone would be on board with what that would probably entail, depending.
[1:07:35 AM] Jeremy J: No need to its use has passed at this point, the knowledge within is muddled with falsehoods. What is true would only make you like me in the end, I promise that is not something to give praise to hahaha. But the ritual occurred in the building where this whole mess started. Tyler has understood what he must do to escape. But I am here now to tell you something
[1:08:21 AM] Jeremy J: Something honestly I am a bit afraid to say, seeing as she can still see what she cant touch haha
[1:09:38 AM] Jeremy J: I told you before you will be given a choice and it is up to you, the ones involved. To finish this little legend.
[1:10:49 AM] Jeremy J: I am not going to go into detail I will be in enough trouble already
[1:11:04 AM] Jeremy J: But that choice will be
[1:11:43 AM] Jeremy J: Will you "turn off the power" so to speak
[1:12:36 AM] Jeremy J: Will you kill it?
[1:12:56 AM] ryann foxx: It?
[1:12:56 AM] Purpleleven: What exactly would we be shutting down?
[1:13:43 AM] Jeremy J: That poor amalgamation of a soul
[1:14:08 AM] Jeremy J: That sick creature trying to control it for her will
[1:14:16 AM] Grey: Amalgamation?
[1:14:30 AM] ryann foxx: Mr. D
[1:14:31 AM] Jeremy J: Ben
[1:14:36 AM] Jeremy J: Tyler
[1:14:39 AM] Jeremy J: BEN
[1:15:09 AM] Jeremy J: Mr.D also works
[1:15:23 AM] Jeremy J: It was one title it went under

Once we enter The Truth, we'll be given the option to kill Mr. D, the amalgamation of Ben, Tyler, Tenebris, and Max.

[1:15:32 AM] 女佣机器人: Better for the world as a whole Better for the tool being used, this implies, to be ended. I would say the answer is definitely to kill it.
[1:15:52 AM] Purpleleven: That seems all to simple a solution though. I suspect that would not actually get rid of the issue that is Luna, just the symptoms as we would have to deal with them.
[1:16:22 AM] ryann foxx: I don't know if Luna is an issue, per se, she seems at most neutral, not benevolent or malicious.
[1:16:52 AM] Jeremy J: I am afraid you are mistaken
[1:17:36 AM] Jeremy J: That thing most certainly would love nothing more than to have you by the neck
[1:17:54 AM] ryann foxx: Probably. Right, so Luna is an issue.
[1:18:04 AM] Jeremy J: "That thing most certainly would love nothing more than to have you by the neck" This is a very laughable understatement hahaha
[1:18:19 AM] ryann foxx: And Mr. D gets her, or it, power?
[1:18:26 AM] Purpleleven: So, what would removing BEN do to efforts on stopping Luna?
[1:19:33 AM] ryann foxx: I believe it acts as a power source, or something?
[1:25:22 AM] Jeremy J: Tyler while under the control of the "mask" acts as a sort of way point for her from this world. The giants shall then make the way for her to enter(which is and always has been their only true purpose as the giants are not who they inhabbit but beings from long before your time). However those who granted this rite power made these conditions final.
[1:26:14 AM] ryann foxx: A waypoint. Like a link?
[1:26:23 AM] ryann foxx: Hence why he was called the Harbingers' Link.
[1:26:45 AM] Jeremy J: You could say he is a link if you like hahaha

Jeremy says that the ritual will allow Luna to enter our world. He also says that the Four Giants are not the ones they inhabit, but beings from ancient times. This perhaps means that Kelbris, Alex, Spencer, and Doug are simply vessels for ancient beings who are loyal to Luna.

[1:27:19 AM] Jeremy J: I need to get going
[1:27:42 AM] Jeremy J: I have put myself in danger for my loud mouth as usual
[1:28:01 AM] Jeremy J: Would not want the mess to spill over to you hahaha
[1:28:13 AM] ryann foxx: Good luck, Jeremy. Stay safe, if there's any semblance of that thing wherever you are.
[1:28:51 AM] Purpleleven: So we shut off BEN, completely removing Tyler, but we stop Luna from gaining any more power? Good luck with whatever goes on where you are.
[1:29:10 AM] ryann foxx: Or free Tyler from the mask, maybe?
[1:29:20 AM] 女佣机器人: idk, it might be too late for that.
[1:29:33 AM] 女佣机器人: However those who granted this rite power made these conditions final.
[1:30:08 AM] BKG CircleHunter: Are there others like you willing to help?
[1:30:13 AM] BKG CircleHunter: Able to give advice?
[1:30:54 AM] Jeremy J: If you can somehow at some point get to that nice young lady for me
[1:31:04 AM] Jeremy J: Tell her I said hello again

Cycle 5 Day 2

An email was received from Matt.

Matt Hubris: "This horrible man wishes to hold everything hostage until he finds himself in full control. but I still have some degree of control here in the domain of my brother." 
Matt Hubris: "Soon he will lose his grip on it all, he is but one soul amongst so many. Once he does, begin searching quickly then for the truth. Time is very short."
Player: "What should we do? And is this Rosa?"
Matt Hurbis: "Just wait a short while longer, Kevin is losing control more and more. Can you access any of this places inner workings? Surely you can find something below the surface?"

Matt tells us to begin searching for The Truth once Kevin loses control of However, nothing new would be discovered until the following day.

The Final Day appears as a login page. The following message appears:

"Dawn of the Final Day"
Users are then allowed access to the site. A message is found hidden within the source code:

the server online, yeah what a disgusting place to have it set up, reeking of dead animals and fish. They tried to call us sick but some of the shit in there was just awful

This sounds like a couple of Moon Children discussing their findings at the Fishery. Players find a new post on the main page from SilentDT that simply says:

"Trapped. home."
A new IRC snippet was found:

[12:44:23]  .:@rem:. So he just wont talk at all anymore?
[12:46:21]  .:@david:. nope nothing
[12:47:03]  .:@david:. as much as I hate it we have beaten him fucking sensless now but he thinks we are all "part of his nightmare" or something
[12:47:45]  .:@david:. what the hell did that book do to alex? [12:48:01]  .:@rem:. The one from the traitors?
[12:48:13]  .:@rem:. Did he read it or fuck with it somehow?
[12:48:55]  .:@david:. nothing happened to anyone else who handled it
[12:50:23]  .:@david:. this is so fucking stupid, it was a stupid fucking test to send him there, I know we didn't ask him to bring shit back but fuck
[12:51:11]  .:@david:. now he is talking all this insane shit about time splitting and Tyler never having went to collage with him.

Alex was apparently sent to the Fishery as some sort of test. While there he grabbed the Libro Lunarus, which messed with his mind. This must have been when Alex began freaking out, now to the point of not even responding. David says that Alex denies ever meeting Tyler, hinting that he is either seeing or crossing over from various different timelines.

Another hidden message was discovered:

All I know is that it seems to involve some time travel related magic that is out of our control. Its very body in other instances of this loop beyond us came from some time about 5 or 6 years from now. The body of someone who was given that gas mask that the traitors use for their initiates. But he had alternate motives. It does not matter however, that is his story not that of our Father. Since now something has changed we should not be able to know this, but alex in his lunacy is correct, the end is coming and it is causing a disruption of our times.

This is speaking about Mr. D. In certain cycles, or timelines, Mr. D's body came from the present, referring to the previous arc. Mr. D's body is said to have come from someone who was given a gas mask by the Lunar Children who had ulterior motives. This does not sound like Ben, and it sounds more similar to SKM, who also had a gas mask and ulterior motives, though there's no way to confirm this. What's important is that Mr. D has gained his conduit and body from the future in some cycles and that all of this distortion of the timelines is causing ramifications.

Soon, certain pages began deleting themselves. Ryukaki managed to give us one final message:

.:@rem:. Do you ever wonder what this website is?
.:@rem:. Why its still online
.:@rem:. We are kept in the same place as them.
.:@rem:. Such a web of lies spun by a man grieving for the loss of family. He could not have understood what suffering he would give way to.

All of this was caused by a man mourning his late wife. Hank killed his son because he believed that it would bring her back, but he didn't know, or didn't care about the suffering that he was causing everyone around him.

Rem - Kayd H.I know what you want and I kept it hidden in fear during my time, but now I have learned that it did not matter, she only gave me the one half as a test
user:mhftt        AUJu/Yewq]MwY5(n-m-%'P:st":d)“ Rem - Kayd H.Can you really be sure that killing It will make it stop though?
In his final moments, Ryukaki had given the players the other half of the password needed to enter The Truth so that they could end it all. The first half of the password was given to players long ago during Jadusable's ARG.
Tinyryu"Can you really be sure that killing It will make it stop, though?"
The final login for The Truth was the following:
Username: MHFTT
Password:  AUJu/Yewq]MwY5(n-m-%'P:st":d)“8NcszZ?[:')wz@CRdJ58J*P9Z`A,~<AvL7=

Once players entered The Truth, they were given a simple poll. The question was "Kill", with the options of Yes and No. Players unanimously voted "Yes", killing Mr. D and all those who exist within him. This caused a video to be posted on simply titled "It".



A simple black screen with the sounds of someone drowning. It would appear as if Mr. D was finally being killed.

Images of the Zora Mask, Goron Mask, Deku Mask, and Kelbris all apear on The Truth page, all representing the giants. One by one they all disappear, except for Kelbris. Now all alone, Kelbris begins speaking.

Kelbris: "I was foolish. In her death I was driven to insanity. We longed greatly for a child of our own."
Kelbris: "When we thought it was impossible we adopted... but we could only afford one."
Kelbris: "I am sorry for this, Rosa."
Kelbris: "When she was to give birth I was so proud and so happy, but I did neglect my first son."
Kelbris: "Matthew... I am so sorry. She... It. That thing lied to me."
Kelbris: "That's why I did it. I thought it would only be for a short time, that's why I killed you Ben."
Kelbris: "I'm sorry."

An image titled "Truth.png" appears on the page. This image is a photo of a newspaper clipping dated April 30th, 2002.

Body Found In Fishery 

The body found in the Hubbard fishery was identified as its owner, Hank Hubbard. Last Tuesday there was a noise complaint coming from a home near the building dismissed by the local police. When questioned on the matter commissioner Jarvis explained "He regularly held religious events in the building and some would in fact be for shot times a bit louder in volume. But nothing we need to get involved in, most of the town find themselves to be followers of this faith, some of my relatives included. Such complaints are the minority, not the majority." an explanation that will surely lead to more scrutiny from county representatives.

The Hubbard fishery, as reported in previous articles, was the home of Hank and the late Diana Hubbard as well as their children Mathew Hubbard (Still missing as of the investigation). The site was home to a small but growing religious organization known simply as Lunar Children for the last 4 years, said to have splintered off from the teachings of an allegedly larger yet unheard of group.

[Just stop writing right here, because we cannot publish this shit just like we cant publish the other articles you keep trying to assemble about the group that owns this town. If you try this again we will be forced to let you go. Besides, the official report does not talk about a body being found and no one will officially believe this shit in a town that already knows. This is not coming fro me, its coming from Jarvis 
  - Randy]
This is shortly after Matt killed Hank. While this article claims a body was found, Matt says it never was. After killing his adoptive father, Matt was "missing", though in reality he was simply with the Lunar Children.
Tinykelb"I'm sorry."
Following this, Jeremy enters the Skype for one more, short message:
Jeremy: "You did it.  I knew you could."
Jeremy: "Not the best it could have went, but nothing’s perfect."
Jeremy: "Tell me, what will you do now that your game is over?"
Jeremy: "She is not dead, she’s only closed her entryway."
Jeremy: "She’s still out there, waiting."
Jeremy: "Waiting to claw into this reality."
Jeremy: "But when she does, it will be a long time after you all are dead."
Jeremy: "So that’s it, then."

Luna is not dead, but her entryway into our world has been closed. The attempts of using the Four Giants to worm her way into our parallelos has failed, and the Moon Children can finally be put to rest. However, the story wasn't over yet. There were still several key players still alive, and players hadn't heard from Tyler from the present in some time...

Character Recap

Image Name Affiliation Status Description
Tinytyler Tyler Harbingers Alive Former Internet Detective and player. Lost his memory and is currently being persued by the Lunar Children. Known as the 'Harbginer's Link' by the Lunar Children.
Currently Safe in his home, though incredibly disturbed.
Tinyjohn John Harbingers Dead Tyler's friend who died in a fire in 2011. He is being used as a conduit by Regiminis.
Currently Unwillingly being used as Regiminis's conduit, sometimes sending messages to Tyler.
Tinyregi Kevin Lunar Children Ascended Former friend of Tyler. Known as 'Regiminis'. Currently using John as a conduit.
Currently Recovering from his failed attempts at controlling
Tinyjacob Jacob Unknown Alive Another old friend of Tyler. Went missing in 2009.
Currently Unknown. Missing.
Tinypatrem Patrem Lunar Children Ascended The Father of the Lunar Children. Seems omnipotent. Formerly named Hank Hubbard.
Currently Unknown.
Tinyvinc Vincent Lunar Children Unknown The unknowing host of Patrem. Patrem takes control whenever he falls asleep.
Currently Unknown, last said to be missing.
Tinyskm SKM Himself Alive A skilled hacker who hates the Lunar Children. He was undercover using the name Liquidsaint before being discovered.
Currently Unknown, likely still alive.
Tinymatt Matt R. Lunar Children Unknown A high ranking Lunar Child, formerly known as Ifrit and Matt Hubbard, Ben's adoptive brother.
Currently Unknown, has been missing since November aside from a single mysterious post.
Tinythoth Ezekiel Lunar Children Unknown A high ranking Lunar Child. Oversees the website and forums.
Currently Unknown, last seen lamenting what occurred in April of 2016. Possibly dead.
Tinyhand Hunter Lunar Children Unknown A capable Lunar Child who killed his father, Jeremy, to obtain a higher rank.
Currently Unknown.
Tinyjari Jeremy Harbingers Dead An old friend of Hank's. Helped the players after being killed by his son, Hunter.
Currently Dead, last seen messaging players over Skype.
Kelbris Killed because he was one of the Four Giants.
Alex Killed because he was one of the Four Giants.
Spencer Killed because he was one of the Four Giants.
Doug Killed because he was one of the Four Giants.
Ben Killed because he was one of the spirits within Mr. D.
Max Killed because he was one of the spirits within Mr. D.
Tenebris Killed, though it's implied he will return.

Arc 5. Greth Arc

In the previous arc, The Truth Arc, players were sent back in time and forced through the same three day cycles of, slowly uncovering many dark secrets. It was revealed that Matt R. was actually adopted by Hank Hubbard, who is also known as Kelbris. This meant that Ben and Matt were brothers. When Ben's mother Diana died, Hank slowly went insane. This was when Luna began manipulating him, causing him to form the Lunar Children and leave the Moon Children.

Matt, who was still loyal to the Moon Children at the time, killed Hank as a rite of passage, accidentally causing him to Ascend into one of the Four Giants. Hank then hunted Matt down and forced him to join the Lunar Children with the help of Tenebris. Meanwhile, many different timelines began merging. We witnessed another version of Tyler who was a member of the Moon Children. It was revealed that Tyler was actually a friend of Alex (Jadusable), even having introduced Alex into the Moon Children in some timelines.

Kevin was also present on He possibly traveled back in time alongside the players. Though he tried to use the site for his own powers, he eventually lost control of the spirits held within it, allowing players a brief moment to access The Truth, a protected part of It was here where players were finally able to "Kill" the Four Giants and Tenebris, foiling the plans of the Lunar Children and sealing Luna out of our world. Before disappearing, Kelbris expressed his regrets, apologizing to his children who he had hurt so much. However, despite the seemingly happy ending, one remark from Ryukaki lingered in the backs of everyone's minds:

"Can you really be sure that killing It will make it stop though?"

Brief Summary

Here is a very brief summary of the Greth arc. For more information, read the section below this.

  • ((This will be added at a later date))

Time Flowing Once More

After dealing with the countless time loops of, players were relieved to finally return to the present and see how Tyler was doing. Players had noticed that once again displayed an image of a foggy road, just as it had when it was first discovered in 2015.

Players soon discovered a new video on Tyler's YouTube titled "4‍/23​‍/2017 ebuTouY -" featuring the sounds of someone drowning. This was very similar to "It.wmv", the video uploaded near the end of the previous arc. Whether this meant that either Ben or Tenebris was returning or was just a warning for users to be alert for the coming 4/23 is unknown.

Shortly after this, a YouTube channel that had been inactive for quite some time suddenly uploaded a few new videos - Vincent Adams. The last we heard from Vincent was him calling fellow Lunar Children to the Spire shortly before something terrible happened there, though it's likely this happened while he was being possessed by Patrem, meaning he still doesn't have any knowledge of the Lunar Children himself.

The first video from Vincent is titled "Show me", one of the lyrics heard in the Lunar Children theme that played on their website. This video is simply Vincent playing the Lunar Children theme on his piano, possibly even the original version of the theme that was mentioned on the Lunar Children site:

"This song is a lyricized version of a piano melody created by Father Patrem in honor of Luna, just prior to the creation of our group."
The second video is titled "Foolish child", with a description reading "Did you think you would remember this?", possibly hinting that Vincent is recording himself in hopes that he'll be able to remember what he's doing when he falls asleep.

This video appears to be a recording from 2015, showing Vincent returning to his apartment after we spoke to him on Within Hubris. Back in 2015, Vincent told us he woke up in a random park with Within Hubris opened on his phone. He said some kid was asking him about a "Purple Man", referring to Vincent when he was possessed by Patrem a few moments earlier. We can hear Vincent muttering about these things under his breath in this video, meaning this is probably an old recording that is just now being uploaded.

After a few weeks, 4/23 finally arrived, along with a new video uploaded to Tyler's YouTube channel - "going to kevins". The description read "oct 11th 2015. never made it. shouldnt have went outside", meaning this was Tyler's recordings of what happened to him when he was captured by the Lunar Children in 2015 after being instructed by to visit Kevin's house.

We are shown Tyler stumbling around a dark room, possibly somewhere inside Kevin's house. Doug appears and startles him while we see someone holding a sign saying "She told you not to open it", referencing one of Rosa's many warnings. A distorted voice can be heard saying "We need to lock him up. Just don't let him kill himself", before cutting to another clip of Tyler in some sort of room where chanting can be heard. The room is completely dark aside from a single lamp in the center. Every time Tyler walks off in some direction he somehow ends up right back in front of the lamp.

Tyler is then suddenly transported to a room with a spinning fan and metal door as Doug appears yelling, "HURRY, STOP THE HARBINGER'S LINK". Another staticy voice is heard saying, "Did you get Douglas up here? …Good. Take the Harbinger’s Link to the interrogation chamber. I have a few questions...", Tyler is then thrown into some sort of walk in freezer. He attempts to find a way out, filming the fans blowing. A distorted voice is heard, saying "You’re wasting your battery. Really, you should listen to yourself. Just this once," The last thing we see is Tyler lying on the ground as someone picks him up by his hair.


Awaken.jpg, the image appearing on

After this, things went quite for many months. It wasn't until November 11th, 2017 when a video was found on Silentdork, though this video wasn't exactly new. This video was titled ".", and was originally uploaded back in 2013, two whole years before Johnisdead first began. This video was footage of one of the Remember.exe games, featuring John and Tyler commentating over some gameplay. It was a short video of the player walking around the bottom of a giant pool. The video abruptly ends when the pool's drain comes into view.


A distorted image of John from

In hopes of spurring some more activity, players submitted the Sonata of Awakening. Surprisingly, this resulted in updating with images and audio titled "Awaken". This meant that players had their song powers once again.

New pages were discovered with hidden messages. "What's lost can be found," leading players to pages titled "John" and "Memory", along with an audio file of a deep voice saying "Did you forget me?". It would appear that John is attempting to contact Tyler still, despite being under Regiminis's control. Around this time, one player received a strange email from, simply asking, “Where did that suitcase go?” 

The suitcase in question is most likely the suitcase seen near the end of the Lunar Children Arc, the one that contained the Libro Lunarus. Alternatively, it could be the suitcase that contained the camera that we asked Helper to give to Tyler, which was last seen in "5646". The next day another video was uploaded to Silentdork, "Hello again".

This video features Tyler speaking into the camera, giving a general update about what's been happening in his life. The important details of this video will be listed down below.

Hello again

Hello again

  • Tyler seemed to be in a coma of sorts, waking up right after the Kill Switch from The Truth arc on January 1st, 2017.
  • He believes he is no longer being perused by the Lunar Children or harassed by the local police forces/services.
  • His amnesia seems to have gotten worse.
  • He now has a bullet necklace that he wears, though he has no idea where it came from.
  • Tyler remembers the suitcase at the very end of the video, questioning what happened to it.

After this video was uploaded several other videos on Silentdork began changing. "Paranoid knocking" was renamed "Did you think I would just vanish?", and the thumbnail changed to an image of Regiminis. "Regiminis", ".", "3", "5646", "calling john", "stuck at work", "found a cool thing" and "now i am gonna go to work i guess" were all made unlisted. The videos continued changing the next day. "5646" was renamed to "Its Tyler", with the description becoming "YOU MUST KEEP MOVING TYLER. DO NOT LET YOU WHO. WE ARE LATE FOR SOMEONES BIRTHDAY. HAPPYBIRTHDAYBEN", then changing to "Whats a few more moments to the man from the dawn of time? Who am I? The liar? The child? The Governor? The first son? The liars body?", and then changing once more to "You know who you are."

Though we can't be sure, the "Man from the dawn of time" only fits the description of one character - Tenebris. Tenebris has been described as having existed since long before man many times. It would seem that the Kill Switch didn't fully destroy Tenebris, it may have only destroyed the amalgamation he was controlling known as Mr. D.

Videos continued changing as the week went on. "I am not safe in my home" became "Daniel was a short lived tool, so many have I used. Closer closer and closer", with the description now reading "Who is he?". Stranger still, captions were discovered on this video that contained hidden messages. "They want you to forget over and over stalling tactics. but what is a few more moments to us. Why did you do that Daniel? He was not supposed to see you! We see. Regiminis is not ready to be brought to him yet we are not ready. Impatient. I flick the domino. Awaken. You know who you are".

Daniel was the Lunar Child seen in "I am not safe in my home", the one who harassed Tyler outside of his home. He later went missing, according to the Lunar Children. Based on what is being said here, it would seem as if he was possessed by something, having been a "shot lived tool", possibly even for Tenebris.

Things were quiet for a long time after this. It wasn't until March of 2018 when users found another update on, this time with a message saying "Enemies will attack even if you're not ready!", implying that there were still dangers out there that we needed to watch for. However, the next character we met wasn't an enemy, but a friend. The Lunar Children site was discovered to have a new post by someone who players would dub the "Archives Guy".

"You may not know me, and that is fine. I am the current owner of this website “Lunar Children”. Some of my friends knew people a part of this cult. I wish to help them out by reconstructing this website. I discovered this server in a fishery that had no power. Hell, the system must of been running on battery power or something. Wires were coming out of the ground connecting to the server room. I must of done something wrong cuz as soon as I got the server home, most of the files were lost or encrypted. I also linked another domain to this one by the name of “” which also acted strange once I got this server home… It’s been a long day, just finding this thing was a hassle. I will post the encrypted files here for anyone to solve. I see am getting some traffic, so if anyone is able to solve anything, send me an email to “”. I will be uploading some files once I get my Internet working better. fucking 10 MBPs right now…"
Archives guy seems to have retrieved the servers from the Fishery, now owning both and The Archives guy gave users a way of contacting him - This is the same email that had been used several times before in the ARG. When users attempted to contact the Archives guy, he seemed to be just as clueless as us, asking us if we knew anything about the cult. It would appear that we are both just trying to find answers.

On 4/23, Tyler uploaded a new video to Silentdork named "The usual". Below are the important details from this video.

The usual

The usual

  • Tyler is browsing and on his computer.
  • Tyler knows that 4/23 is important because Ben drowned on that day.
  • Tyler is having difficulties discovering more about the Lunar Children because information is so scarce.
  • He feels as if he is under some sort of trance that is making his mind hazy, presumably this is caused by Patrem.
  • Tyler visited the Fishery two times recently, both times the Fishery was empty, though the second time he visited he noticed the servers were gone (Because the Archives guy retrieved them).
  • Tyler hears a loud bang coming from outside.

Shortly after this, Tyler uploaded another video - "Unusual".



  • Someone has thrown something at Tyler's house, just like in "I am not safe in my own home".
  • Tyler notices a random Detour road sign in his yard. He walks up to it and inspects it.
  • Tyler attempts to walk away from the sign only to somehow end up walking directly up to it once again.
  • Tyler touches the sign as the parallelos symbol appears, indicating that he has teleported to a different location.

Tyler has been transported to some random location after touching the sign. At the very end of the video, Patrem's voice can be heard: "Consider yourself fortunate that I have allowed your friend to present this gift to you." We can't be sure who this friend is, it must be either Regiminis or Tenebris.

Soon after this, a strange video is uploaded to Tyler's YouTube - "AI,RETURNS".



This is a very short video with a distorted voice. The voice seems to say "Can you hear me? Is this bloody thing working?" along with some cut up clips of Max Headroom's laugh with the text "File Corrupted". This all seems to indicate that SKM is attempting to contact Tyler for some reason. Stranger still is the description: "Scarcely have we begun to acquire a little information when death arrives before we can put it to use." This is a quote from "Micromégas", a short story written by Voltaire. The significance of this isn't known, but it's important to note that Micromégas's plot is about an alien visiting Earth conversing with humans.

New Enemies, New Victims

While users were attempting to make sense of these new videos, something strange had been developing, something right under the noses of all the players. One player in particular had began uploading their own vlogs. This player was someone who had been in the community for a long time, someone who submitted one of the first videos to Jadusable's ARG, reviving Alex whenever he was slain by Tenebris. This player's name was Greth.

Greth had began uploading several vlogs to his new YouTube channel "Greth Vlogs". Players assumed that this was simply a normal vlog channel for Greth to express his own thoughts, but it didn't take long for strange things to begin cropping up.


The avatar used for Greth Vlogs.

The first four videos seemed fairly normal. They consisted of Greth simply giving the audience a tour of his new home and discussing things within the player's community. However, with the upload of "Greth Vlogs 6(?)", things began taking a strange direction. In this video, Greth explains that one of his videos wouldn't upload to YouTube for whatever reason, explaining the question mark in the video title. He says the video was "Nothing but bullshit, anyways", so he isn't too concerned. What is concerning is what can be seen at the very end of the video. For a brief moment, what appears to be a masked figure in a dark room can be seen ducking out of frame.

Greth Vlogs 6(?)

Greth Vlogs 6(?)

In his next vlog, "Greth Vlogs 7", Greth says that he noticed the strange oddities with the previous video, but simply explains them away as errors. He repeatedly says he's just feeling incredibly tired, too, having trouble sleeping in his new home.
Tinygreth"Uh... Some weird shit was happening last night. Uh, I don't really know what that was about. Um... I don't know what to say. I think it was probably just some kind of error."
We see why he's so tired in his next video, "Heard something outside", where he claims to have heard something directly outside his window, despite being on the second floor. More strange corruptions are found in this video, too.
Heard something outside

Heard something outside


Greth, surrounded by darkness.

In "Greth Vlogs 8" it becomes painfully obvious that something is very wrong with Greth. He begins worrying that he starting to go crazy, saying that he's very nervous and uncomfortable when in his new home. At the end of the video we see Greth sitting in his car alone, as the footage becomes darker and darker, almost as if Greth himself is being engulfed by it.

The next video found on Greth Vlogs appears to have been created by an unknown entity. We see the same masked figure seen before in the video titled "happy birthday". The description of this video is yet another quote from Micromégas, "NOT ONLY IS THE ORIGIN OF MY THOUGHT UNKNOWN TO ME BUT THE ORIGIN OF MY MOVEMENTS IS EQUALLY HIDDEN I DO NOT KNOW WHY I EXIST".

Happy birthday

Happy birthday


"The Watcher", as dubbed by players.

The players have decided to dub this masked figure "The Watcher". It isn't exactly known whose birthday it is, as this video was uploaded on May 7th. However, what's interesting is that this video was uploaded on the same day as "AI, RETURNS", the Silentdork video that also had the Micromégas references. The ciphers in this video solve to "TIME IS UP. WE KNOW YOUR SECRET."

It seems that Greth is being pursued by an unknown entity who claims he has some sort of secret. Whether this person is a Lunar Child or a Moon Child is unknown, though the existence of a mask hints at a relation of some sort.

The next video shows Greth in an even worse state. He's incredibly stressed out, claiming that someone else uploaded a video to his channel - "happy birthday".

Greth vlogģgghhghhhhhhhhhhhhggggģ

Greth vlogģgghhghhhhhhhhhhhhggggģ

We are shown brief clips of Tyler's video "Unusual" and a few clips of some of Greth's old videos he submitted for Jadusable's ARG. In his next video, he described not getting very much sleep, with a cipher reading "C O N T R O L"

By now, Greth is up to "Greth Vlogs 10". This video has him walking to the store to grab some breakfast. He once again describes having some sleeping problems, having to smoke weed to simply fall asleep now. However, what's more interesting about this video is that someone seems to be walking behind Greth.

Greth Vlogs 10

Greth Vlogs 10

The person trailing behind him is pretty far back, so it's difficult to get a good look at them. Something important to note is that whenever they come into view, a green filter overtakes the footage as the video zooms in on them. This may be a hint that they are transcended. Remember, transcension is a more powerful form of ascension in which the ascended person retains their physical body. All four of the giants were transcended, though they were thought to have been destroyed from the Kill Switch in the previous arc. However, Tenebris has seemingly survived, so perhaps the giants survived as well. His continued insomnia continues in "Greth Vlogs 11", where he believes he's truly going insane from the lack of sleep.
Tinygreth"...I think I'm losing myself. Just... I'm going nuts here. Fuck..."
It seems that Greth has finally had enough. In his next video, "Escape", he is seen boarding a plane and heading somewhere.


After this, things go quiet. After a month of inactivity, we are finally given the missing video, "Greth Vlogs 5". This video shows someone filming inside of Tyler's house. We see them recording Tyler who is staring at some computer screens displaying only white noise. At the end of the video we see Tyler turn around, finally noticing the person filming them.

Greth Vlogs 5

Greth Vlogs 5

For many, this was the final nail in the coffin. There was debate among the players whether or not these videos were connected to Johnisdead, but after seeing Tyler in this latest one, there was no question. Someone, presumably this "Watcher" entity, was stalking Greth, who was suffering from insomnia.

After another month of inactivity, we are given an update video from Greth. He seems to be doing a bit better, as he's now getting out of his home more often. He is seen hiking through some woods to clear his thoughts. Surprisingly, at the very end of the video, we see Tyler falling over in the background next to the Detour sign, presumably having just teleported from touching it.

Greth Vlogs 12- General Update

Greth Vlogs 12- General Update

Two days later, another video featuring Tyler was uploaded to Greth Vlogs, this one titled "RWBN RWBN".



This video is a recording of someone watching Tyler sleep. Tyler seems to wake up and notice the person watching him as the video corrupts, only for him to fall back into slumber at the end of the video. It's uncertain what exactly is happening here, though it's likely that whoever is recording Tyler here is the some person that was watching him in "Greth Vlogs 5".

The next video found is equally as disturbing. In "Experimentations" see Greth sitting in a dark room. He's changed drastically from how he was in his earlier videos. He now accepts that something is terribly wrong, and instead of trying to change things, he copes with it by using drugs. The tags found on this video are "i'm,still,here", hinting that whatever entity is tormenting him is familiar to us.




A new video is uploaded to Silentdork - "A guest". This video is a fairly relaxed video showing Greth and Tyler hanging out in his trailer. Greth and Tyler have some small talk about various things such as Vaporwave and Odin before discussing the Lunar Children. Below is everything we can learn in this video.

A guest

A guest

  • Greth has been visiting Lunar Children and watching videos to try to learn more about them.
  • Tyler asks Greth if he knows what happened on 4/23.
    • Greth thinks he's referring to Ben drowning in 2002, but Tyler was talking about in 2016.
    • Greth asks if this is about the house fire, but Tyler says no, that was his friend John dying.
  • Tyler says that on 4/23/16, everyone in The Spire vanished because they failed to capture him too many times.
  • Greth attempts to get Tyler to join a discord of people who want to talk to him, most likely referring to the Internet Detectives/players. Tyler seems interested in this.
  • Greth tells Tyler that he believes the events of have something to do with what's happening to the two of them.
    • When Tyler hears the name, the video glitches.
  • Tyler says he's never heard of, but the phrase sounds familiar.
  • He says he heard the phrase from the person who retrieved the servers from the Fishery.
    • He says the Archive Guy's real name is José.
    • He probably heard the phrase from "", the site used in the first arc of Johnisdead.
  • Tyler explains to Greth who Patrem is.
    • He tells Greth Patrem was named Greth and ran the Lunar Children.
    • He says most of the cult members moved to Ohio for The Spire.
    • He says he still believes the local police service is involved with them.

So, Greth and Tyler discuss many things, mostly going over information that we've already known. What's interesting is that we finally have a name for the Archives Guy who retrieved the Lunar Children servers - José. Another oddity about this video are the tags, which say "hidden in plain sight Kevi", meaning that Regiminis might be somewhere close by.

Things go quiet for a few months, until another strange video is uploaded to Greth Vlogs. "never sleeping" shows us Greth's continued insomnia. Greth is seen reading a book titled "Moon Magic" while looking incredibly tired. We are then shown him attempting to fall asleep as a hand suddenly reaches out and grabs his face. We then see The Watcher followed by some disturbing images of a menacing looking Greth. Something clearly is wrong with Greth, he might even be a danger to Tyler at this point.

Never sleeping

Never sleeping

Players were starting to seriously worry about Greth's mental and physical health. In an attempt to help him sleep, players submitted the Goron Lullaby. Surprisingly, this worked incredibly quickly, as a new video was uploaded to Greth Vlogs that very same day.

"J J S K K N V G H" shows Greth finally falling asleep, though this seems to have some unexpected consequences.



As Greth falls asleep, the video undergoes some disturbing corruptions. Greth's face almost appears to morph into a frowning face. The video then shows us someone wearing a mask in a dark room. It's important to note that this most likely isn't The Watcher, as this mask is completely different from theirs. Instead, this person removes their mask only to reveal themselves as a manically laughing Greth. A purple moon is shown in the background with Greth's face overlayed. Though it had been often speculated among players, it was now obvious. Greth was the new host for Patrem. The previous host, Vincent, showed many of the same signs that Greth is now showing. Vincent often suffered from insomnia and sleep deprivation, only to be controlled by Patrem whenever he did fall asleep, and now the same exact thing seems to be happening here. This also explains the multiple instances of purple filters found in various Greth Vlog videos, as purple is a color that has always been associated with Patrem.

The description of the video stated the following: "by which a new vessel' may then be obtained. The flesh must be made weak. the mind must be made weary. the upon one who ye hath chosen shall descend lunar wisdom. Exalt him upon the hour of choosing and then through worldly works father thine children anew" This hinted that Patrem was going to create yet another cult of followers using Greth.

However, this raises one question. How does Patrem still exist? In the previous arc, the Four Giants were seemingly destroyed by the Kill Switch. Even if they survived, Kelbris, aka Hank, seemed to have a change of heart before disappearing, expressing remorse for his actions. While there is no way to currently know for sure, it is possible that Kelbris and Patrem are two separate entities that both originated from Hank Hubbard. Let's go over some evidence for this.

First, we have this line from Jeremy: "Even then, when we were both flesh and I was not one with no skin and he was not one who was simply half a creature with flesh, hahaha...", This is in reference to Hank. If Hank is "Half a creature with flesh", then there must be another half of him. Another telling line is what Kelbris told Matt: "No child this is his body but I am not him. You are to be just like this corpse however. You will bear this mask as well and work for Its will." Kelbris tells Matt that he is not Hank, but he is merely his body, implying that the real Hank is somewhere else.

It's possible that when Hank ascended, or transcended, his body became Kelbris, one of the Four Giants, while his soul went on to become Patrem, completely independent from his body. This would explain why he requires a vessel despite being transcended, when one of the major differences between being ascended and transcended is the fact that one keeps their body after ascending.

What's important is that Patrem is still "alive", and he's using Greth as a new vessel. We aren't sure what became of Vincent Adams, his previous vessel, but now Patrem is closer than ever to Tyler, putting us all in a very dangerous situation.

The Astral Observatory


The front page of, a distorted image of Tyler.

After being down for a very long time, finally came back online on October 22, 2018. It is assumed that José has finally gotten it up and running, though it's still as strange as ever. It's very likely that there are still many spirits trapped within Johnisdead.

Not long after this, more changes were discovered on The main page was found to have changed back to what it was in 2017, featuring the image "Awaken.jpg". Attempting to go to a page that does not exist also redirected players again, taking them to various canon websites and YouTube channels.

However, two new links were added to the list of redirects - Greth Vlogs, and a brand new website named Astral Observatory seems to be a blog based around paranormal and supernatural conspiracies. Two posts were found on the front page:

"Welcome to the Astral Observatory.
This is a website dedicated to sharing news, opinions, and thoughts from an underground collective that believe in what some may call paranormal or supernatural. We believe in that modern society has pulled a warm blanket over our eyes, trying to lull us into a false reality in which the masses, now imperceptible to the greater machinations of the universe, are more malleable for cooperation.
We have been exposed to some of the truths that shattered that illusion, and now we seek more.
If you are interested in joining us on this journey, bookmark this webpage for further updates, and head on over to our forums for new community of people like us, and we believe, yourself."
The owner of Astral Observatory claims they've been "exposed to some of the truths",meaning they've seen something otherworldly, possibly even something related to the Lunar Children.
"Dearest believers,
I have some news you may find unfortunate. On Sunday morning, around 12am, this site was taken offline. I do not know how or why, but during that time our bandwidth was temporarily re-purposed for another website, ‘’. While I’m not sure why this has happened, I can only conclude it was some form of malicious hack. Please stay patient while I work to get my previous posts on this website back up, and work to restore the forums to their former glory. For now the forums are locked.
We will get through this."
This is incredibly strange. For whatever reason, somehow caused Astral Observatory to go offline. The author of these posts claims that it is a hack, though it's more likely that some rogue spirits from Johnisdead had connected to Astral Observatory in some way.

As mentioned in the above post, Astral Observatory has some forums. Unfortunately, players could not access them because they were down.

((This is the end of the story summary. This will be update once Johnisdead is updated.))

Extra Story Content

The story of Johnisdead is very expansive. Because of this, many smaller side stories have cropped up throughout the ARG that weren't necessary to understand the main bulk of the story. Below is a list of these side stories and other extra content.

Helper's Hat

Though Helper's Hat was touched upon above, the full story of this sidequest goes a bit deeper. The full story involves one of the players secretly working alongside the GM to give the rest of the community another side goal.


Fakeworld was the name of a significant page on Once players reached this page, they were instructed to download a VR internet browser called JanusVR. With JanusVR, developers could create 3d virtual worlds that were connected to different webpages. Though these 3d worlds were interesting, they didn't contribute enough to the story to be included above.


Pididoip is the email address commonly used on While some important emails were received throughout the ARG, most of them consisted of nonsensical conversations between players and random spirits trapped within Johnisdead.

Project Returner

Project Returner was a scrapped arc that never saw the light of day. The original idea for Project Returner would involve one of the players, Mugen Kagemaru, returning to the community as a canon character.

April 1st Update

The April 1st Update was a joke update that the GM claims is canon. The update consists of a surviving Lunar Child named Sheepdog recounting what Tyler went through when he was captured, along with an explanation of Helper's origins.

Hope and the Survivors

Hope and the Survivors is a side story that began at the tail end of The Truth arc. This story followed a surviving Moon Child named Hope following the events of This story took place on after The Truth arc.

Jordi Wild / Girogio

Jordi Wild is a popular Youtuber who stumbled across Johnisdead. Jordi has an incredibly large playerbase, causing Johnisdead's fanbase to suddenly burst with activity. Though it wasn't covered above, the GM addressed Jordi Wild and other YouTubers directly several times throughout the ARG.

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