This video was originally uploaded to the Silentdork youtube channel on 5/28/15. Tyler told the Internet Detectives the day before that he'd captured this footage while walking home from Kevin's abandoned house. In the subsequent days after uploading the video, Tyler was contacted by the police, and asked to remove the video from his youtube page, and destroy the original copy.


Details such as the description and tags are unavailable as the original video was deleted as requested by the police.


Strange man

Strange man


The video begins with a message from Tyler written in text.

"Hey broskinos"

"I woke up a bit late today, but I still planned on going to kevins."

"It was night time and the streets were pretty empty."

"But I woke up late, around like 6pm and the power had been out all day"

"However on my way there I saw a strange man"

The video then shows a still image of a tall silhouette of a man standing in a window.

"Oddly enough the picture after this came out all messed up."

We are shown another still image, this time the man can barely be seen and the image has noticeable corruption.

"I quickly started trying to take video once it came to mind But my phone began to act strangely"

A quick video is shown of the same shot. The silhouette of the man can be seen standing perfectly still in the window. A strange, corrupted buzzing noise is playing.

"My camera just seemed to cut off suddenly after a few seconds"

"I don't know how he got in there, but he just stood there. Like a statue"

"Then suddenly the lights cut too So I quickly snapped another pic as I ran home"

The video shows an image of the now darkened windows. It's difficult to make out anything at all.


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